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Hector Union Cemetery
Town of Hector, Schuyler co., NY
A thru H       J thru Z

List composed by William E. Fenton.
This is considered the most up-to-date list which is
kept on file in the local historical society.

Cemetery Superintendent: Clyde Switzer

Located on the north side of Rt 79 Between Burdett and Bennettsburg.
All stones checked by W. E. Fenton in May 2002.
If two names were on one stone or two stones were side by side &
appeared to be husband /wife then “his wife” was assumed and put in (   ).
 * denotes names of people from old lists where the stones were not found.
Any information in (   ) is not on the stone and should be checked.
Names that are underlined came from the Town of Hector death records.
Only those records that said “Bennettsburg” or “Hector Union” were added.
Names that said “Union” are not necessarily in Hector Union.
Underlined names were from obituaries that said Hector Union.

Abbott, Amos  b.1862  d.1932

Adams, Carolyn Keep b.1898  d.1985

Albright, Abigail  d.9-16-1916 age 44-0-23
Albright, Eustatia wife of Isaac  b.1852  d.1911
Albright, Floyd W  b.1910  d. ?
          Sarah E  b.1892  d. ?      [from 1920 census, it appears that Sarah (nee Coon) was mother of Floyd]
Albright, Harry R   b.1876  d.1930
          Olive Dean (his wife)  b.1881  d.1948
Albright, Isaac M  b.11-28-1924 age 73-11-11
Albright, John  b.1-10-1812  d.10-10-1886
          Catherine his wife  b.2-13-1816  d.1-13-1888
Albright, John  b.1877  d.1918
          Mary Warren (his wife)  b.1877  d.1919
Albright, Lincoln A  b.1892  d.1915
Albright, Vincent J  b.1888  d.1945
Albright, William  b.4-2-1847  d.6-9-1930

Aldrich, Edith Sharpe  b.1869  d.1944

Aldridge, Edward E  d.11-18-1885 age 21-4-8
Aldredge, Elizabeth  d.9-24-1885 age 59-7-6

Allen, Annabelle  b.1860  d.1950
Allen, Anna Gertrude  d.5-23-1918 age 4mo 13d
Allen, Arnold  d.9-21-1906 age 3mo 8d
Allen, John G  b.1921  d.?
       Jean Markley (his wife)  b.1928  d.1964
Allen, Oakley A  b.1887  d.1963
       Harriette Fisher (his wife)  b.1891  d.1986
Allen, Seth B  b.1854  d.1925
       Elizabeth Hager (his wife)  b.1866  d.1912
Allen, William  b.1839  d.1911
       Louise his wife  b.1840  d.1922
Allen, William  d.11-1-1891 age 62

Allison, Grace Caward  b.1918  d.1947

Ameigh, Kathy M  b.1960  d.1993
Ameigh, Lewis D  b.1921  d. ?
        Erma R (his wife)  b.1921  d.1967

Ames, Edmond F  b.1850  d.1936  CO C 5TH NY H ART
      Hannah A Kingsley (his wife)  b.1850  d.1927
      Ella M their dau - no data
Ames, Howard M  b.3-31-1898  d.11-1-1971
                NY PFC BTRY A 17 FLD ARTY WWI
Ames, Richard L “Infant Son”  8-13-1940 only date
Ames, William W  b.1908  d.1983  F1 US NAVY WWII
      Hazel M (his wife)  b.1911  d.1989
      Richard L “Infant Son” (their son) 8-13-1940 only date

Andia, Joseph G  b.1900  d.1959
       Frances Williams his wife  b.1907  d.1957

Andrews, Lee B  b.1899  d.1978
         Flora C (his wife)  b.1901  d.1976

Arcangeli, Joseph  b.1916  d.2000
           Elma (his wife)  b.1919  d.1967
Arcangeli, Sante J  b.3-17-1905  d.7-4-1988
           Myrtle E (his wife)  b.6-13-1911  d.3-16-1990

Archer, Frank N Jr  d.8-28-1913 age 13-4-20
Archer, Lovina  d.3-24-1910 age 83-10-28

Argetsinger, J Cameron  b.1883  d.1953
             Louise W (his wife)  b.1886  d.1973
Argetsinger, LaFayette W  b.1858  d.1937
             Eulalia R (his wife)  b.1863  d.1956
Argetsinger, LaFayette W Jr.  b.1890  d.1972
             Clytia N (his wife)  b.1908  d. ?
Argetsinger, Lafayette III  b.1921  d. ?
             Carol L (his wife)  b.1937  d.2000

Arnold, Bruce W  b.1-2-1944  d.8-15-1999 HM3 US NAVY VIETNAM
             (Son of Clyde/Alma)
Arnold, Clyde A  b.11-30-1918  d.3-26-1982  RM3 US NAVY WWII
        Alma King (his wife)  b.1921  d. ?
Arnold, Donald L  b.11-21-1919  d.12-8-1998  US ARMY WWII
        Helen C his wife  b.1922  d.1999  Married 6-19-1941
Arnold, Elmer A  b.1877  d.1960 (local undertaker for years)
        Carrie Lou Wyckoff his wife  b.1882  d.1974
Arnold, Elroy  b.1880  d.1969
        Lillie A (his wife)  b.1884  d.1953

Arnold, Harold D  b.1873  d.1944
Arnold, Jason P  b.5-18-1978  d.2-18-2002
Arnold, Leland C (Deke)  b.1899  d.1971
        Madge E (his wife)  b.1911  d.1999
        Veronica M (his wife)  b.1902  d.1940
Arnold, Roland A  b.1904  d.1971
        Inez L (his wife)  b.1908  d.(2-14)-1997
Arnold, Stanley W  b.1896  d.1951
        Maude (Jaquish)(his wife) b.1897  d.1993
            married a Simpson after death of Stanley
Arnold, Willard E  b.1864  d.1925
        Emma L Wixson his wife  b.1862  d.1929
        Willard W Jr (their son)  b.1903  d.1921

Auble, Arthur C  b.1873  d.1942
       Ethel C Velie his wife  b.1881  d.1912
       Arthur R Jr. (their son)  b.1904  d.1931 (died in fire)
Auble, George  b.1832  d.1920
       Elizabeth Huston his wife  b.1839  d.1925
Auble, H Greeley  b.1876  d.1912
       Luella his wife  b.1875  d.1967
Auble, Harry H  b.1883  d.1884
Auble, James M  b.1848  d.1922
       Eliza J Baldwin his wife  b.1846  d.1916
Auble, Janice R  b.1943  d.1959
Auble, Kenneth C  b.1910  d.1993
       Josephine A (his wife)  b.1904  d.1968
Auble, Kenneth R  b.7-5-1935  d.3-25-2000  Married 10-12-1963
       Marion E his wife  b.10-7-1940  d. ?
Auble, Richard V  b.1941  d.1994
Auble, Stella Sherrer Updike  b.1879  d.1959

Austin, Charles B  b.9-12-1857  d.12-17-1911

Ayres, Ananis  b.1855  d.1915
       Ida J Thomas his wife  b.1861  d. ?
Ayres, Charles B  b.1878  d.1954
       Jennie L (his wife)  b.1878  d.1952
Ayres, George R  b.1846  d.1920
Ayres, H Monroe  b.1851  d.1897
       Mary Gardner his wife  b.1854  d.(9-20)-1921
Ayres, Henry  b.1825  d.1898
       Sally A Thompson his wife  b.1828  d.1911
Ayres, James Monroe  b.2-19-1910 d.2-19-1910

Bailey, Alanson  b.1835  d.1910  CO B 21ST NY CAV
Bailey, Burt E  b.1875  d.1924
Bailey, Clifford T  b.1884  d.??
        Helen A Erway his wife  b.1884  d.1918
Bailey, Faye Kellogg  b.1888  d.1939
Bailey, Harlow J  b.1910  d.1990
        Shirley V (his wife)  b.1917  d.1995
Bailey, Leslie C  b.1918  d.1994
        Beth S (his wife)  b.1928  d.?
Bailey, Leslie S  b.1879  d.1964
        Rosa S (his wife)  b.1890  d.1970
Bailey, Lyman  b.1898  d.1967
        Gertrude L (Lott?)(his wife)  b.1896  d.1976
Bailey, Ralph C  b.1900  d.1986   married 2-7-1924
        Ella G (Granger) his wife  b.1907  d.1989
Bailey, Salina (Carr)(wife of John G)  b.(2-26)-1857  d.(8-11)-1934
Bailey, William S  b.1874  d.1959
        Estella W (his wife)  b.1881  d.1966

Baker, Cass L  b.1870  d.1890
Baker, Charles E  b.1922  d.1951
Baker, Ezra Llewellyn  b.1885  d.1959
       Lula B (his wife)  b.1889  d.1959
Baker, Floyd S  b.1881  d.1881
Baker, Jesse  b.1909  d.1993
       Anna L (his wife)  b.1909  d.1999
Baker, Maggie R  b.1875  d.1898
Baker, Moses  b.11-25-1815  d.11-18-1899
Baker, Samuel F  b.1836  d.1916
       Mary G Burritt his wife  b.1846  d.1927

Bale, Robert O Sr. b.1883  d.1977
      Cora B (his wife)  b.1888  d.1959
Bale, Robert O Jr.  b.1912  d.?
      Marie S (Sackett) (his wife)  b.1914  d. ?

Ball, Donald P  b.1925  d. ?
      Mildred N (his wife)  b.1931  d.1983

Banker, J Melville  b.1847  d.1905
        Josephine Osborn his wife  b.1850  d.1933
Banker, William O  b.1874  d.1938
        Jane Harvey his wife  b.1881  d.1973

Barnes, George - no data
Barnes, Huldah Jones  b.1831  d.1914

Barocco, Francesco  b.1872  d.1935

Barnum, Eli  b.8-14-1828  d.12-12-1903
        Eunice B Smith his wife  b.11-30-1834  d.3-23-1929
        ???  their son  b.1-11-1872  d.2-8-1872
Barnum, Legrand M  b.1906  d.1972
        Jessie G (his wife)  b.1900  d.1982

Barrett, Elbert C  b.1876  d.1930 (son of Newman & Mary)
         Bernice A (his wife)  b.1880  d.1952
Barrett, Floyd D  b.1871  d.1947 (son of Newman & Mary)
         Martha J (his wife)  b.1870  d.1945
Barrett, Newman  b.1842  d.(8-11)-1920
         Mary E Carpenter his wife  b.1847  d.1915
Barrett, Rose A  b.1867  d.1919

Bauman, Gary Paul  b.6-24-1985  d.6-25-1985 (on Usher Lot)
Bauman, Gary Paul  b.12-22-1957  d.8-14-1989

Beard, Adelbert W  b.1-14-1917  d. ?    Married 3-20-1937
       Alma Erway (his wife)  b.8-13-1917  d.6-18-1990
Beard, Elmer L  b.1921  d. ?
       Pauline M (his wife)  b.1919  d.?

Beardslee, Charles E “Husband”  b.1903  d.1961
           Iola E “Wife” (his wife)  b.1902  d.1969
Beardslee, Eugene  b.1-11-1936  d.7-11-1936 “Our Little One”
Beardslee, George H “Father” b.1877  d.1937
           Jessie H “Mother” (his wife)  b.1877  d.1934
Beardslee, Howard W  b.6-28-1917  d.11-8-1944
               NY SGT 112 INF 28 DIV WWII
Beardslee, Kenneth R  b.1902  d.1976
           Sadie L (Board)(his wife)  b.1904  d.1981
Beardslee, Mary E  b.1-8-1832  d.9-28-1890
Beardsley, Morris C  b.1864 d.1936
           Helen V L Kelley his wife  b.1872  d.1926
Beardsley, Philo  d.1-17-1903 age 64
                CO K 3RD & 22ND REG MICH VOL INF
           Emma E “Mother” his wife  b.1851  d.1927
Beardsley, Sherman  b.1-13-1823  d.1-7-1891
Beardslee, Willard A  b.1869  d.1927
           Maggie B (his wife)  b.1869  d.1965

Beary, Eli  b.1840  d.1930
       Emma Lewis his wife  b.1852  d.1936

Becker, Allen G  b.1831  d.1906
        Lydia M Vaughn his wife  b.1833  d.1924

Beckwith, Delbert David N “Dad”  b.1878  d.1940
          Flora E Armstrong “Mom” (his wife)  b.1866  d.1954
Beckwith, John J  b.1922  d.1946
Beckwith, Waldo A  b.1909  d.1968
Beebe, Gordon C  b.1909  d.1997
       Bess O (his wife)  b.1906  d.1999
Beebe, Nelson P  b.1853  d.1941
       Catharine Snyder his wife b.1853  d.1924
       Fred N their son  b.1886  d.1909
Beebe, William H  b.1881  d.1934
       Geneve Coats his wife  b.1886  d.1921

Bell, Charles Robert  b.9-20-1929  d.8-29-1977  US ARMY WWII
      Shirley Mathews (his wife)  b.1932  d. ?
Bell, Genevieve M  b.1917  d.1940
Bell, John G  b.1865  d.1927
      Emily R (his wife)  b.1866  d.1924
      Lena M Palmer Allen (his wife)  b.1870  d.1941
Bell, John G  b.3-31-1951  d.8-18-1998
Bell, William H  b.1894  d.1959
      Martha R (his wife)  b.1893  d.1994
Bell, William R  b.1920  d.1951  LT CDR US NAVY

Bement, Harold  b.1937  d.1965
        Joan Thomas (his wife)  b.1935  d. ?
          Stone says “Their children James E 1956; Teresa B 1959;
          Roxanna K 1960; Grant D 1962 , Jessi L 1963-1996”
Bement, Leslie  b.1-16-1878  d.9-27-1946
        Nettie B his wife  b.11-8-1879  d.11-19-1936
Bement, Nancy L  b.7-12-1817  d.5-10-1885
Bement, Otis D  b.8-21-1843  d.3-9-1892
        Araminta C his wife  b.10-25-1842  d.7-18-1918

Benjamin, J Henry  b.1837  d.1918
          Rhuby M Smith his wife  b.1836  d.1902
          Lena their dau  d.8-22-1870 age 4mo 23d

Bennett, Elmer D  b.6-25-1852  d.1-2-1918
         Ella Etta Wheat his wife  b.2-21-1858  d.3-4-1924
Bennett, William  d.5-21-1916 age 61-9-25

Benson, Belle C Bailey wife of George H  b.1872  d.1916
Benson, Charles  d.8-27-1906 age 87-11-20
Benson, Charles H  b.1873  d.1954
        Margaret L (his wife)  b.1867  d.1965
        Leolin H their son  d.12-2-1900 age 2-7-5
Benson, Elizabeth Allen wife of Chester  d.5-9-1881 age 56
        Philena dau of C & E  d.1-5-1873 age 23
Benson, John Wesley “Father”  b.7-9-1813  d.5-23-1873
        Laura Ann “Mother” (his wife)  b.4-11-1820  d.7-8-1904
Benson, Solomon C  b.1851  d.1930
        Anna Minier (his wife)  b.1846  d.1913

Berry, Arthur J  b.1882  d.1952
Berry, Edward E  b.1879  d.1963
       Lelia R (his wife)  b.1879  d.1938
Berry, George W  b.1940  d.1999  Handmade Cross
Berry, Timothy George  b.10-11-1966  d.10-30-1966
Berry, William Henry  b.1851  d.1926
       Maggie H wife of W H Berry   b.6-3-1854  d.10-19-1882
Berry, William Sewart  b.3-30-1903  d.3-16-1988   Married 11-7-1933
       Agnes N Gould his wife  b.10-9-1915  d. ?

Billings, Emmett L  b.6-15-1861  d. ?
          Alzina H his wife  b.8-30-1860  d.5-15-1918
Billings, Stephen N  b.1-16-1830  d.9-8-1866
          Sarah E his wife  b.3-28-1839  d.1-26-1908

Black, Florence L “Mother”  b.1906  d.1974

Blanchard, Chester R  b.4-9-1896 d.2-27-1968 NY PVT CO D 49 INF WWI
           Cora E (his wife)  b.1906  d.1992  married 9-7-1965
Blanchard, Evelyn A dau of Chester & Lena  b.1921  d.1925

Bodle, Loeser W “Father”  b.1865  d.1895
       Frances E Bodle Morris “Mother” (his wife) b.1863  d.1907
          (see Isaac Morris)

Bond, Charles D  b.1908  d.1976
      Marjorie E his wife  b.1911  d.1986
Bond, Charles D  b.1875  d.1962
      Elizabeth Davis (his wife)  b.1878  d.1941
Bond, David C  b.8-23-1851  d.4-30-1932
Bond, Edward F  b.1902  d.1983
      Laura E (his wife)  b.1892  d.1977
Bond, Frederick D  b.1880  d.1938  MD CAPT 59TH INF
      Lelia M (his wife)  b.1881  d.1968
Bond, Freeling C  b.1846  d.(8-5)-1923 (son of Jacob)
      Eva Dean (his wife)  b.1854 d.1930_
              (dau of Samuel & Maria Hine Dean)
Bond, Jacob  d.7-24-1877 age 59
      Annie D his wife  d.8-20-1887 age 72-2-21
      Rosella J their dau  d.4-19-1860 age 2-6-19
Bond, James H  b.1832  d.1925
      Lottie Couse his wife  b.1840  d.1918

Booth,  Frank B  b.1896  d.1959
        Dorothy A (his wife)  b.1898  d.1978
Boothe, Gen. Ransom E  d.1-13-1870 age 74
        Sally his wife  d.3-18-1839 age 37-11-18
        Matilda their dau  d.2-15-1832 age 8d

Borden, Katherine M  b.1884  d.1932

Bowen, Howard F  b.1915  d.1989
       Dorothy M (his wife)  b.1924  d.1977

Bower, I N  b.1834  d.1881

Bowers, Charles  b.1875  d.1932 (son-in-law of Geo H Stillwell)
Bowers, Clara E  d.4-28-1872 age 4-9-10
Bowers, Ebebezer  d.7-26-1857 age 64-9-20
        Susan Bennett his wife  d.9-3-1880? age 80-1-8
        George N (their son)  d.7-26-1868 age 3mo
Bowers, Gilbert J  b.1-26-1825  d.5-8-1905
        Mary Kingsley his wife  d.4-17-1901 age 70yr 11mo
        Mary Lovina their dau  d.4-21-1893 age 17
Bowers, Oliver A  b.1917  d.1993
        Marie F (his wife)  b.1922  d.1992
Bowers, Oliver H “Father”  b.1887  d.1954
Bowers, William Harrison  b.1853  d.1917
Bowers, William W - no data  CO A 5TH NY H A
        Mary A Lewis his wife  b.1843  d.1923
        Albert their son  b.5-4-1874  d.3-6-1896
        Bertie their son  d.3-10-1875 age 1

Boyce, Patrica A  b.1933  d.1984

Boyd, Alpha V  b.1922  d.2000
Boyd, Carlton R  b.1913  d.1972
Boyd, Clair M  b.1895  d.1920
      Mabel Warren his wife  b.1899  d.1950
Boyd, Doris E “Elsie”  b.1925  d.1989
Boyd, Earl P  b.1889  d.1954
      Winifred F (his wife)  b.1892  d.1971
Boyd, George  b.1862  d.1924
      Georgia A Palmer his wife  b.1864  d.1943
Boyd, John  b.1822  d.1864
      Eliza his wife  b.1823  d.1905
Boyd, John A  b.1856  d.1920
      Ida F (his wife)  b.1858  d.1920
      LeElla their dau  b.1881  d.1901
Boyd, William J  b.1882  d.1968
      Elva L his wife  b.1888  d.1966

Boyne, Kate  b.1868  d.1914
Boyne, Luella H (dau of Mr/Mrs M J Boyne) b.9-2-1895  d.8-6-1899 *

Bradley, Donald S  b.1907  d.1974   married Jun 1947
         Gertrude Camp his wife  b.1919  d.1955
Bradley, Grover S  b.1883  d.1951
         Mattie E (his wife)  b.1881  d.1950
Bradley, Sarah E  b.1909  d.1978

Bridge, Edward P  b.1855  d.1931

Brink, Harriet  b.1839  d.1923

Brock, Blanche Martin - no data
Brock, Emily Catheryn  d.2-18-1931 age ?
Brock, Jennie Grant  b.1881  d.1962
Brock, T Hunt  d.10-21-1931 age ?

Brockway, Amber J  b.9-19-1984  d.8-5-2000
Brockway, Eugene F  b.4-24-1936  d. ?
          Joanne Smith (his wife)  b.3-28-1948  d. ?

Brodrick, Alfred Isaac  d.10-3-1907 age 7mo 24d

Brooks, Milton G  d.8-1-1942 age ? UTAH WAGONER 346 MG BN 91 DIV

Brown, A D  d.4-7-1863 age 53
Brown, Amos J  b.5-15-1926  d.7-16-1985  CPL US ARMY POW WWII
       Beatrice M (his wife)  b.1928  d.?
Brown, Ansel  b.1845  d.1927
       Sophia Niver his wife  b.1845  d.1917
       Sarah E their dau  d.3-13-1884 age 2-2-13
Brown, Charles Fred  b.7-15-1905  d.2-16-1975  S SGT US ARMY WWII
Brown, Charles H  b.1852  d.1922
       Stella I (his wife)  b.1855  d.1940
Brown, Clinton G “Father”  b.1882  d.1940
       Fanny D “Mother” his wife  b.1885  d.1960
Brown, Daniel  b.1849  d.1917
       Alice A Tyler his wife  b.1858  d.1939
Brown, Daniel J  b.1840  d.1929
       Rebecca J his wife  b.1845  d.1917
Brown, Duane L  b.1874  d.1952
       Ada May (his wife)  b.1880  d.1958
Brown, E M  d.11-7-1883 age 70-7-8
       Mary Ann his wife  d.4-16-1876 age 64-4-8
       Albert their son  d.3-28-1848 age 2-7-19
       Philo J their son  d.8-15-1881 age 34
       Sarah J their dau  d.4-19-1853 age 13-9-27
Brown, Elizabeth F  b.1881  d.1978
Brown, Eveline  d.1-29-1916 age 2d
Brown, Fred O Jr.  b.1942  d.1985
Brown, Harrison J  b.1888  d.1952
       Addie D (his wife)  b.1892  d.1959
Brown, Israel  d.12-31-1839 age 65-4-2
       Rhoda (his wife)  d.4-1-1866 age 82
       Richard (their son)  d.8-3-1833 age 21-11-1
       Rhoda Ann (their dau)  d.7-4-1841 age 21-3-5

Brown, James  b.1853  d.1942
       Margaret R his wife  b.1859  d.1950
       Florence S their dau  b.4-2-1894  d.5-1-1908
Brown, Nathan  b.11-5-1817  d.6-3-1884
       Mary E his wife  b.10-5-1816  d.5-21-1888
       Mary his wife  d.12-2-1847 age 30-5-27
       Harriet B his wife  d.3-21-1841 age 27-1-6
Brown, Oscar M  b.1854  d.1928
       Almeda M (his wife)  b.1858  d.1929
Brown, Ruth Eleanor  b.1896  d.1996
Brown, Stephen E  b.1867  d.1953
       Winifred S (his wife)  b.1875  d.1957
Brown, William S  b.1873  d.1944
       Mary Secor (his wife)  b.1876  d.1951

Buchan, Frederic S  b.1910  d.?
        Deana A (his wife)  b.1910  d.1990

Buck, Frank S  b.1872  d.1940
      Mary E (his wife)  b.1878  d.1975
      Frank S Jr. (their son)  b.1909  d.1909
Buck, Stanley  b.1907  d.1929
Buck, Seeley E  b.1914  d.2000
      E Margaret (his wife)  b.1908  d.1980

Buckley, Elmer T  b.1926  d.?
         Betty J (his wife)  b.1930  d. ?
Buckley, Joseph C  b.1860  d.1942
         Emma Sharpsteen his wife  b.1860  d.1935
Buckley, Nathan W  b.1907  d. ?
         Gertrude R (his wife)  b.1910  d.1966

Burk, Clarence W  b.1907  d.1988

Burritt, John G  d.6-22-1886 age 62-11-6
         Margaret his wife  d.4-1-1896 age 69yr 6mo
         John LeRoy (their son)  d.1-3-1856 age 2-2-9

Bush, Benjamin J  b.1874  d.1944
      Theresa Leonard (his wife)  b.1881  d.1920
Bush, Charles H “Father”  b.1874  d.1946
      Rosa DeLeury “Mother” (his wife)  b.1893  d.1929
Bush, George  b.8-6-1869  d.12-7-1939
      Jane B (his wife)  b.3-12-1845  d.11-30-1922
Bush, George D  d.12-25-1915 age 2mo 22d
Bush, Glenn  b.1902  d.1966
      Ruth M (his wife)  b.1910  d. ?
Bush, Kenneth L  b.1918  d.1966
      Irene K (his wife)  b.1913  d.1995

Bush, Otis C  b.1918  d.1995
      Gladys W (his wife)  b.1923  d. ?
      George W “Our Son” (their son)  b.1958  d. ?
Bush, William  b.6-27-1923  d.5-12-1981  US NAVY WWII
      Dora E (his wife)  b.1926  d.1997
Bush, William H  d.9-13-1891 age 43

Canfield, George M  b.1863  d.1924
          Ida M Slaght his wife  b.1867  d.1946
Canfield, Harold S  b.7-6-1910  d.7-16-1955  NY S1 USNY WWII

Carley, John  b.1827  d.1891
        Jane his wife  b.1833  d.1905

Carman, Thomas J  b.1879  d.1953
        Anna King (his wife)  b.1882  d.1975

Carpenter, Harry  b.1882  d.1965
           Edith W (his wife)  b.1884  d.1964
Carpenter, Howard  b.1872  d.1934
           Emily A Hausner his wife  b.1874  d.1947
Carpenter, Millard W  b.1893  d.1981
           Ruth T (his wife)  b.1892  d.1974
Carpenter, William E  b.1846  d.1927
           Isidora R (his wife)  b.1857  d.1946
Carpenter, William H  b.1841  d.1917
           Harriet Savercool his wife  b.1845  d.1910

Carr, John S  d.3-31-1918 age 88-11-24

Carrigan, Ann Elizabeth  d.4-1-1906 age 76-1-15
Carrigan, Bonnie Jean “Baby”  b.2-6-1940  d.3-27-1941
Carrigan, Comfort  b.1832  d.1909
          Amy K Knapp his wife  b.1837  d.1907
Carrigan, Fred  b.1911  d.1966
          Nettie F (his wife)  b.1914  d.1970
          Judith E (their dau)  b.1952  d.1959
Carrigan, James O  b.1861  d.1922
          Hattie T Aldridge his wife  b.1860  d.1916
          William son of James & Hattie b.1887  d.1958
Carrigan, John Curry  d.2-11-1894 age 4-0-4
Carrigan, John R  b.2-17-1918  d.4-2-1960
                 NY PFC CO F 120 INF WWII  BSM - PH

Carson, Delores Reynolds wife of Roy Carson Sr.  b.1912  d.1933
Carson, Russell  b.1889  d.1919

Cauthers, Ella L Evans wife of Robert  b.1879  d.1931

Caward, George C  b.1885  d.1954
        M Esther (his wife)  b.1888  d.1988
Caward, George C Jr.  b.1916  d.1986

Chadbourne, Ernest L Jr.  b.1920  d.1995
            Irene E (his wife)  b.1920  d. ?
            Ernest L 3rd (their son)  b.1945  d.1966

Chaffee, Howard George  b.1921  d.1974  PVT US ARMY WWII

Champion, Arthur B  b.9-19-1926  d.5-18-1995  US ARMY WWII
Champion, Eugene H  b.1881  d.1942
          Alice E (his wife)  b.1892  d.?
          Howard M (their son  b.1912  d.1972
Champion, Ezra C  b.1893  d.1963
          Esther M (his wife)  b.1901  d.1992
Champion, Everett L  b.1914  d. ?
          Erva B (his wife)  b.1915  d.2001
Champion, Joseph A  b.1872  d.1948
          Lela May (his wife)  b.1875  d.1965
Champion, Raymond  b.1903  d.1929

Chapman, Amanda  b.1820  d.1890
Chapman, Nathaniel  b.6-5-1828  d.9-2-1894
         Lydia Ann Ganung his wife  b.1837  d.1927

Chase, Abner  b.1836  d.1911
       Cynthia Everts his wife  b.1835  d.1903
       Anne E (their dau)  b.1872  d.1936
       George S (their son)  b.1862  d.1942
       Lauren D (their son)  b.1869  d.1890
Chase, Rev. D S (Daniel S) b.11-27-1813  d.2-1-1879
       Emeline his wife  b.1810  d.1892
       Caroline E (their dau)  b.1834  d.1904
Chase, Edwin L  b.1879  d.1955
       Orrilla M (his wife)  b.1885  d.1957
Chase, Fred W  b.1864  d.1947
       Adella Lord (his wife)  b.1862  d.1947
Chase, George A  b.1907  d.1991
       Pauline D (his wife)  b.1920  d. ?
Chase, Hamlin  b.1848  d.1907
Chase, Orville F  b.9-26-1910  d.4-25-1964 NY TEC 4 ORDNANCE DEPT WWII
       Helen T (his wife)  b.1915  d. ?
Chase, Sofia C  b.1912  d.1958

Chesley, Alonzo B  b.1837  d.1919
         Sarah J his wife b.1840  d.1904
         George S their son b.1879  d.1904
Chesley, Charles  b.1859  d.1931
Chesley, George W  b.1816  d.1870
         Alvira his wife  b.1821  d.1911
Chesley, Helen  b.1853  d.1869
Chesley, Jehiel C  b.1861  d.1900
         Dolly M (his wife)  b.1860  d.1923
         “Our Baby” (theirs)  d.9-25-1889 age 28d
Chesley, Jehiel Levi  b.1863  d.1944
Chesley, J B  b.1859  d.1928
         Ella E Sharpe his wife  b.1864  d.1903
         Isabel Hopper his wife  b.1858  d.1887
         Mary E Waite his wife  b.1861  d.1893
         Edith E dau of J B & E E  b.1903  d.1904
Chesley, William W  b.1845  d.1865

Childs, Bessie Drew  b.1883  d.1923
Childs, Mabel R  b.1887  d.1921
        John H son of John & Mabel  b.1906  d.1907

Chrisjohn, Rev. A D  b.1867  d.1929
           Bertha G Duvall his wife  b.1873  d.1913
Chrisjohn, Esther B  b.1896  d.1989

Churcher, Gladys Auble  b.1902  d.1995

Clawson, H Robert  b.5-22-1942  d.12-11-1982 SP4 US ARMY VIETNAM
Clawson, James B “Husband”  b.1876  d.1965
         (his first wife Almeda B Slaght is buried in Valois)
         Grace Compton “Wife” (his wife)  b.1882  d.1952 (she was
         first married to Oliver Mathews and then Arthur Curry)
Clawson, John W  b.2-17-1935  d.4-14-1972 NY A3C US AIR FORCE KOREA
Clawson, Paul W  b.1909  d.1997   married 7-7-1931
         Beulah R (Granger) his wife  b.1911  d.1990

Clock, George E  b.1838  d.1926
       Eudora Lewis his wife  b.1847  d.1933
       Adaline Louise their dau  b.1872  d.1941
       William C their son b.1868  d.1916

Coats, Abigail b.12-14-1840  d.6-18-1907
Coats, Clyde H  b.2-27-1887  d.11-5-1965  NY SFC CO D 93 ENR WWI
Coats, Dean S  b.1893  d.(11-14)-1980
Coats, Emmett P  b.1888  d.(9-26)-1952
Coats, Frank W  b.1894  d.1969
       Anna M (his wife)  b.1890  d.1977
Coats, Fred E  b.3-27-1860  d.11-23-1916 (son of Peter & Maria)
       Elizabeth his wife  b.1866  d.(5-27)-1956

Coats, Howard L  b.2-15-1863  d.11-2-1943 (son of Peter & Maria)
       Georgiana A his wife  b.1858  d.(5-16)-1936
Coats, Isaac M  d.3-19-1864 age 24-0-17
Coats, Joseph  d.2-12-1864 age 76-10-13
       Jane his wife  d.10-12-1857 age 65-7-15
Coats, Lyman F “Father”  b.1858  d.1927 (son of Peter & Maria)
       Phildelia “Mother” (his wife)  b.1858  d.1943
       Doney (their son)  b.1899  d.1900
       Irene (“Rena” on stone) E their dau d.3-14-1914 age 19
       Ward their son d.11-15-1913 age 12 (accidental gunshot)
Coats, Peter A  d.4-19-1875 age 56-10-2
     (wife was Maria Whitney who married Wm Saylor when Peter died)

Cody, Leon L  b.1926  d.1975
      Geraldine E (his wife)  b.1929  d. ?

Cogswell, Ruel W  b.1854  d.1939
          Alice his wife  b.1860  d.1935

Colbert, William S  d.6-2-1894 age 71-3-9

Cole, Frank “Father”  b.1881  d.1948
      Jennie L “Mother” (his wife)  b.1868  d.1963

Colegrove, Silas G  b.1829  d.1913
           Emma S his wife  b.1850  d.1914
           Mary E his wife  b.1829  d.1892
           Walter W (son of Silas & Mary) b.1870  d.1913

Coleman, Matilda B dau of W A & Alpha E  d.8-31-1887 age 2-16-3

Collins, James W  b.1857  d.1929

Compton, Frank  b.1849  d.1914  CO I 1ST REG NY VET CAV
         Elva Rogers his wife  b.1863  d.1897
Compton, George H  b.1891  d.1968
         Rosa A (his wife)  b.1888  d.1942
         Maggie L (their dau)  b.1925  d.1927

Coney, Liston I  b.1908  d.1999
       Sarah A (his wife)  b.1908  d.1995

Conger, H G “Father”  b.1858  d.1941
        Eva M “Mother” (his wife)  b.1865  d.1929

Conners, Anna E dau of M J & Eva M  d.8-30-1892 age 6mo 5d

Coolbaugh, Rose  d.7-29-1919 age 52-1-12

Coon, Alva A  b.1834  d.1917
      Roxanna S Bond his wife  b.1841  d.1908
      Vernie their son  d.5-2-1881 age 0-9-6
Coon, Andrew C  b.1874  d.1949
      Matie E (his wife)  b.1873  d.1957
      William W (their son)  b.1895  d.1918  CORP WWI
Coon, Andrew W  b.1838  d.1912
      Adella (his wife)  b.1841  d.1903
      Clara their dau  b.11-9-1869  d.10-16-1882
Coon, Bertha A  b.1911  d.1978
Coon, Charles F  b.1899  d.1966
Coon, Clarence J  b.1861  d.1943
      Anna H (his wife)  b.1864  d.1935
Coon, Edith M  b.1885  d.1966
Coon, Floyd S  b.1865  d.1952
Coon, Fred Wellington “Father”  b.1866  d.1950
      Hilda M Burgquest “Mother” (his wife)  b.1875  d.1956
      Ray Leon their son  b.1901  d.1980
Coon, Hattie F Hubble wife of Fred W Coon  b.1868  d.1909
Coon, John M  b.1831  d.1920 age 89
      Sarah A his wife  d.10-2-1886 age 48-5-14
Coon, Lawrence B  b.1895  d.1968
Coon, Mary G  b.1900  d.1951
Coon, Myron M  b.1863  d.1926
      Augusta his wife  b.1861  d.1911
Coon, Ruth  b.1897  d. ?
Coon, Thelma V  b.1903  d.1997
Coon, Timothy Owen  b.1850  d.1932
      Frances Manning (his wife)  b.1856  d.1944
Coon, Viola  b.1867  d.1928
Coon, Walter S  b.9-8-1893  d.3-31-1970  NY PVT CO K 308 INF WWII
      Nellie G (his wife)  b.1915  d.?

Cooper, Albert W  b.1840  d.1925
        Sarah C (his wife)  b.1840  d.1921
Cooper, Charles L  b.1875  d.1945
        Viola E (his wife)  b.1868  d.1956

Couch, Joel S  b.1872  d.1958
       Lucile P (his wife) b.1877  d.1959

Covert, Adrian J “Skip”  b.1946  d.1973
Covert, Arden M  b.1906  d.1979
        Voleta M (his wife)  b.1924  d. ?
Covert, Elke G  b.1955  d.1974
Covert, Elmer M  b.1886  d.1965
        Myrtie A (his wife)  b.1888  d.1966
Covert, Gerlinde M  b.1934  d.1972
Covert, Leroy D  b.1906  d.1986
        Leone G Clyde his wife  b.3-17-1907  d. ?
Covert, Mary J  d.8-15-1908 age 66 (Entry in records is hard to read)
Covey, Sharon L “Mother”  b.1951  d.1999

Cox, Seabring W  b.1909  d. ?
     H Lucille (his wife)  b.1908  d.1989

Cramer, Gerald V  b.1906  d.1961
        Marian S (his wife)  b.1904  d.1992
Cramer, Lewis R  b.1933  d.?
        Ruth E (his wife)  b.1935  d.1964

Crandall, William R  d.9-9-1872 age 31

Crane, Noah M son of --- & Esther L  d.9-9-1839 age 1mo 1d

Crawford, Albert  b.1824  d.1908
          Hannah Smith his wife  b.1841  d.1923

Creighton, George B  b.1892  d.1957
           Gladys M his wife  b.1894  d.1990
Creighton, W Henry  b.1890  d.1971
           Mary M (his wife  b.1894  d.1996
Creighton, William C  b.1866  d.1950
           Marian B (his wife)  b.1870  d.1935

Cummings, Moses  d.2-21-1924 age 73-4-14

Cure, Amos B  b.7-10-1815  d.12-1-1900
      Lettie Jane his wife  b.4-4-1822  d.9-3-1896
Cure, Cecil O  b.1889  d.1960
      Catherine Velie (his wife)  b.1890  d.1944
               (dau of Charles & C Adelia Velie)

Curry, Arthur L  b.1870  d.1932
       Sarah J Fish (his wife)  b.1870  d.1922
Curry, John F  b.12-8-1832  d.10-8-1896
       Susan his wife  b.12-24-1840  d.10-15-1890
Curry, Ralph E b.1892  d.1966
       Mary S (his wife)  b.1893  d.1979

Darling, Albert H  b.1855  d.1930
         Flora C (his wife)  b.1858  d.1927
Darling, Capt. Andrew  b.9-20-1803  d.5-29-1887
         Eliza (Minor) his wife  b.5-18-1806  d.2-8-1881
         George W their son  d.(3-1)-1850 age 9-9-10
         James A their son  d.12-22-1848 age (23)
Darling, James  d.4-11-1867 age 92yr 9mo
         Margaret (Misner) his wife  d.5-15-1865 age 84
         Ann Eliza their dau  b.4-21-1825  d.2-11-1833

Darling, Margaret  b.10-31-1815  d.10-7-1894
Darling, Mary  b.12-18-1807  d.4-1-1885
Darling, William  b.1861  d.1948 *
         Augusta M (his wife) b.1861  d.1935 *

Dates, Carolyn  b.3-18-1913  d.5-5-2000

Davies, Homer W  b.1892  d.1910
        Emma M (his wife)  b.1895  d.1918
Davies, Mary A wife of David C  b.1840  d.1903
Davies, Nicholas F  b.1866  d.1925
        Ninetta B (his wife)  b.1874  d.1960

Davis, C W  b.4-21-1834  d.10-3-1901
       Mary A (his wife)  b.6-23-1836  d.8-2-1905
Davis, Charles  b.8-18-1864  d.7-11-1923
       Susie T (his wife)  b.11-24-1872  d.4-24-1923
Davis, Levi P  b.6-12-1931  d.7-16-2000  CPL US ARMY
       Beverly Dean his wife  b.6-26-1933  d. ?   Married 3-15-1952
Davis, Mary  d.11-11-1888 age 60yr 5mo
Davis, Michael Allen  b.10-30-1953  d.2-7-1955
Davis, Myrtie A  b.4-20-1861  d.5-3-1907

Dean, Beattie C  b.1908  d.1990
      Mary E (his wife)  b.1906  d.1990
Dean, Charles H  b.1869  d.1912
      (Stone for “Mother” by Charles’s but no data)
Dean, Cory C “Father”  b.1881  d.1947
Dean, Donald M  b.2-15-1927  d.3-6-1999  SGT US ARMY WWII
      Margaret A (his wife)  b.1940  d. ?
Dean, Earl P  b.1934  d.2000
      Dorothy M (his wife)  b.1934  d. ?
Dean, Earl W  b.1896  d.1961 (see Laura)
      Laura Fox his wife  b.1901  d.1927
      Lillian R (his wife)  b.1910  d.1967
Dean, Elmer A “Baby”  b.1910  d.1912
Dean, Floyd M  b.1881  d.1936
      Sarah (his wife)  b.1894  d.1934
Dean, Fossie D  b.1889  d. ?
Dean, George Ira  b.1849  d.1916
      Marietta his wife  b.1851  d.1888
Dean, John W  b.1912  d. ?
      Gladys A (his wife)  b.1900  d.1972
Dean, John W  b.1934  d.1982
      Letha A (his wife)  b.1936  d. ?
Dean, Ralph M  b.1898  d.1967
      Mary G Boyd his wife  b.1911  d.1946

Dean, Samuel G  b.12-28-1810  d.2-15-1886
      Maria J (Hines) his wife b.7-9-1823  d.1-25-1903
      Ira J their son  b.5-24-1850  d.4-12-1851
      William their son  b.9-18-1866  d.10-2-1866
Dean, Steven Raymond  10-6-1983 only date
Dean, Walter S  b.1878  d.1959
      Isa Beattie his wife  b.1889  d.1974

Decker, James III  b.6-1-1991  d.6-1-1991

Degroff, George W  b.1838  d.(2-22)-1922

DeHayes, Mary Smith “Daughter” b.1899  d.1958 (dau of T Olin Smith)

DeLeury, John E  b.1905  d.1958
         Charlien E (his wife)  b.1919  d.1998
DeLeury, William G  b.1861  d.1933
         Ella C (his wife)  b.1866  d.1929

Deming, (Lucinda) K  b.1850  d.(10-3)-1892 *

DeMunn, Burr V  b.1874  d.1927
        Elizabeth B (Montgomery)(his wife)  b.1885  d.1964
        Hollen B (their son)  b.10-26-1918  d.1-25-1999
            TEC4 US ARMY WWII
        James D (their son) b.1920 d.1976 MSGT US ARMY WWII & KOREA
        Madge (their dau)  b.1902  d.1909
DeMunn, Carl A  b.1904  d.1986
        Inez (his wife)  b.1907  d.1974

Denson, Frank  b.1851  d. ?
        Eva his wife  b.1853  d.1919

DePew, Bela A  b.1860  d.1948
       R Anna (his wife)  b.1862  d.1931

DeSarno, Marie B  b.1924  d.1972

Dick, Benjamin  d.3-30-1892 age 92

Dickens, Fred L  b.8-28-1905  d.7-21-1978  M SGT US ARMY WWII
Dickens, John H  b.1854  d.1927
         Addie C (his wife)  b.1863  d.1944
         Stewart L their son  b.4-19-1884  d.3-16-1885
Dickens, LaVerne  b.7-2-1892  d.7-21-1957  NY ENG US NAVY WWI
         Ada M Parr his wife  b.1898  d.1966
Dickens, Millard E  b.4-15-1917  d.3-15-2002
         June Van Loon (his wife)  b.1918  d.1979
Dickens, Milton E  b.12-12-1907  d.11-30-1946  PVT US ARMY WWII

Dickens, Robert  b.1870  d.1956
         Blanche (his wife)  b.1884  d.1962
Dickens, ??? baby  5-19-1951 only date

Dilts, H Leland  b.1905  d.1974
       Pearl S (his wife)  b.1905  d.1972

Dingledein, Louis B  b.5-11-1941  d.5-18-1995

Diston, Michael  d.6-28-1916 age 76-6-6

Doane, Carol M  b.1943  d.1999  Funeral Plaque
Doane, Maynard P  b.1910  d.1991
       Pearl L (his wife)  b.1914  d.1981

Donnelly, Alexander Graham  b.1837  d.1926
Donnelly, Andrew J  b.3-12-1845  d.5-14-1909
          Lydia B (his wife)  b.2-3-1849  d.5-11-1942
          Henry Delos their son  d.10-19-1885 age 4-5-23
Donnelly, Cara Elliot  b.1870  d.1939
Donnelly, Henry Delos  b.8-12-1840  d.5-28-1923
          Abigail Martin his wife  b.9-27-1835  d.3-16-1925
Donnelly, Howard A  b.1905  d.1952
Donnelly, Mary A  b.1912  d. ?

Doty, LeRoy  b.1880  d.1919

Dougherty, Alma L wife of John  d.8-25-1877 age 27-8-28

Dove, Blanche R  b.1884  d.1948  sister of Walter C
Dove, Walter C  b.10-13-1894  d.9-14-1963
              NY CPL CO F 309 INF 78 DIV WWI
      Josephine H (his wife)  b.1903  d. ?

Downey, Margaret  b.1911  d.1965

Drake, Howard H  b.1893  d.1984
       Anna M (his wife)  b.1894  d.1975

Duff, James H  b.12-19-1892  d.1-29-1957
             NY WAGR BTRY B 58 ART CAC WWI
      Mabel M Mosher his wife  b.1899  d.1990

Drum, Howard  b.7-8-1921  d.6-13-1974  PVT US ARMY
      Helen (his wife)  b.2-22-1922  d.9-9-1996 Funeral Plaque

Dunham, Alexander  b.1842  d.1915
        Olive A Ellis his wife  b.1836  d.1915
Dunham, Charles  d.11-17-1889 age 62
        Martha his wife  d.7-31-1908 age 74
Dunham, Charles J  b.1885  d.1916
        Grace B Mickel (his wife)  b.1887  d.1969
          (second stone for Grace says “Slocum”)
Dunham, David  b.3-11-1833  d.5-24-1905
        Emily C Aldridge his wife  b.8-27-1831  d.1-1-1917
Dunham, Frank  b.1858  d.1911
        Belle Grant his wife  b.1858  d.1938
Dunham, George  b.1884  d.1935
Dunham, Harry Raymond  b.1895  d.1947
        Hazelle Fordham (his wife)  b.1895  d.1981
Dunham, Ira  b.7-18-1830  d.6-26-1905
        Martha A Wickham his wife  b.1-4-1833  d.2-14-1915
Dunham, Irvin b.1867  d.1924
        Lydia B Ervay (his wife)  b.1886  d.1967
Dunham, Jay T  b.1856  d.1919
        Eva L Aldridge his wife b.1856  d.1934
Dunham, Leo Erway  b.1887  d.1975
Dunham, Munroe  b.1851  d.1939
        Alice Coon his wife  b.1871  d.1949
Dunham, Sylvester  d.7-3-1895 age 73
        Catharine H Wickham his wife  d.3-15-1909 age 86
Dunham, William  d.2-13-1885 age 36
        Ella C Osborn (his wife)  d.10-29-1912 age 54
Dunham, William E  b.1863  d.1936

Dunn, Mott  b.1890  d.1960
      Mabel (his wife)  b.1897  d.1973

Duryea, W J  b.1840  d. ?
        Elizabeth his wife  b.1840  d. ?

Dusenbury, Edwin A  b.1853  d.1915
           Delphine (his wife)  b.1855  d.1937
Dusenbury, Ernest  b.1857  d.1912
          Zelda his wife  b.1856  d.1903
Dusenbury, Reuben  b.2-6-1815  d.6-26-1884
           Maryette his wife  b.1828  d.1911
Dusenbury, Samantha - no data - child

Dwello, Johnny D  b.1963  d.1967

Eaton, E Virginia  b.1923  d. ?

Egan, Alonzo D  b.1858  d.1938
      Flora N Beardsley his wife  b.1860  d.1936
Egan, Bert A  b.1884  d.1964
      Mary E (his wife)  b.1889  d.1972
Egan, Boyne - no data
Egan, Charles  b.1856  d.1927
      Susie E his wife  b.1867  d.1907
Egan, Donald  b.8-6-1924  d.7-15-1991  S SGT US ARMY WWII
Egan, Florence  b.1882  d.1965
Egan, George Earl  b.1891  d.1966
      Pearl A Curry (his wife)  b.1893  d.1947
Egan, Kenneth  b.2-25-1923  d.12-11-1923
Egan, Llewellyn B  b.7-25-1917  b.4-9-1986  US ARMY WWII
Egan, Michael “Father”  b.1830  d.1909
      Lydia A “Mother” (his wife)  b.1836  d.1912
Egan, William A  b.1861  d.1936
      Ella A Sayler his wife  b.1865  d.1947

Eichmeyer, Ethel Stilwell b.1905 d.1993 dau of Melvin/Anna Stilwell

Eldred, Charles B  b.1888  d.1950
        Bessie Kelly his wife  b.1892  d.1965
Eldred, Eugene S  b.1883  d.1910
Eldred, Frank C  b.1853  d.1924
        Clara Stilwell (his wife)  b.1852  d.1939

Elias, Maurice G  b.1884  d.1956
       Florence M (his wife)  b.1893  d.1963

Elliot, Fred V  b.1864  d.1901
Elliot, George W  d.5-7-1888 age 72
        Mary his wife  d.1-27-1886 age 70-9-12
Elliot, Hiram B  b.1835  d.1905
        Catherine Vaughn his wife  b.1837  d.1907
        Ovanda Mathews his wife  b.1834  d.1862
Elliot, Kathleen E  Nov 1948 only date
Elliot, Nellie  b.1927  d.1973

Erway, Archie M  b.1889  d.1967  born in Knoxville, Pa
Erway, Benjamin C  b.9-9-1811  d.1-29-1890
       Mary his wife  b.1-20-1818  d.11-28-1889
Erway, Benjamin J  b.1848  d.1917
       Sarah J (his wife)  b.1849  d.1933
Erway, C Eugene  b.1852  d.1923
       Arabelle J Henry his wife  b.1852  d.1936
Erway, Carl J  b.1921  d.1945
Erway, Frank  b.4-17-1853  d.7-24-1878
Erway, George A  d.7-21-1911 age 12-5-20
Erway, Grover M  b.1885  d.1957
       Florence M (his wife) b.1886 d.1980

Erway, James M  b.11-20-1812  d.10-7-1886
       Elsy his wife  b.9-10-1820  d.8-3-1892
Erway, Martha C  b.1877  d.1897
Erway, Mary L  b.1909  d.1925
Erway, Sarah J  b.1849  d.1933
Erway, William  b.8-31-1840  d.4-25-1920
       Mary A his wife  b.7-11-1844  d.12-30-1909
Erway, (Florence Grace) “Baby” d.(9-22)-1927

Evans, Charles A  b.1856  d.1937
       Mary Eliza (his wife)  b.1855  d.1939
Evans, Clyde W  b.1913  d.1985
Evans, Delbert M  b.1863  d.1934
       May R (his wife)  b.1864  d.1937
Evans, George L  b.1883  d.1970
       Ida Mae (his wife)  b.1886  d.1960
Evans, June dau of Louis & Vesta  6-3-1918 only date
Evans, Mott E  b.1874  d.1949
       Lena A McCoy his wife  b.1874  d.1946
       Cleon L their son  b.1910  d.1916
Evans, Solomon B “Father”  b.1832  d.1899
       Sarah J Hubbell “Mother” his wife  b.1834  d.1902

Evens, Sally Myers  b.1838  d.1870

Everts, Charles F  b.1819  d.1883  CORP CO E 107 NY INF
        Marie H D (Dusen) his wife  b.1822  d.1894
Everts, Ira R  b.4-18-1864  d.1-21-1905
Everts, James L b.1-23-1923 d.5-1-1960 NY PVT CO E 368 ENGR GS REGT
Everts, Judson  b.1872  d.1942
        Helen M (his wife)  b.1887  d.1967
Everts, Nora L b.1909 d.1957    [Terri Everts Camp says she is
           Nora Lucy Patterson Swick Everts, sister of Duane Patterson]

Faulkner, George W  b.1874  d.1957
          Lena B (Beardslee)(his wife)  b.1880  d.1936

Fennell, P Robert  b.1916  d.2002
         Doris S (his wife)  b.1916  d.1981

Fenton, Ellsworth  b.1871  d.1955 (son of John & Catherine)
        Mary E (his wife) b.1874  d.1958 (dau of Geo/Eliz’ Auble)
Fenton, Ray F  b.1903  d.1953  (son of Ellsworth & Mary)
        Dorothy R (Rathbun) (his wife)  b.1910  d. ?

Field, Helen L  b.1907  d. ?
Field, Richard W  b.4-10-1928  d.1-29-1978  F2 US NAVY WWII

Fink, Cameron B  b.1888  d.1959
      Alma E (his wife)  b.1896  d.1951
Fink, Lewis W  b.1853  d.1932
      Margaret B (his wife)  b.1855  d.1934
Fish, Eugene  b.1868  d.1939
      Cora Mackey (his wife)  b.1866  d.1930
Fish, Jay B  b.1858  d.1906
      Helen E Chase his wife  b.1859  d.1938

Fisher, William G  b.4-14-1926  d.7-22-1975  S2 US NAVY WWII

Fitch, Charles V “Father”  b.1875  d.1952
       Ann McCarty “Mother” (his wife)  b.1874  d.1930
Fitch, Wayne P  b.1908  d.1961
       Viola V (his wife)  b.1926  d. ?

Fitzgerald, Charles H  b.1879  d.1951
            Blanche D (his wife)  b.1887  d.1967

Fletcher, James E “Son”  b.1938  d.1954
Fletcher, Laurie E “Daughter”  b.1955  d.1957

Foote, Walter  b.1859  d.1942
       Rosetta (his wife)  b.1877  d. ?

Foster, Rev. M D  b.1871  d.1950
        Ida May his wife  b.1873  d.1916

Fox, Betty P  b.1917  d.1980

Fuchs, Frank A  b.1885  d.1947
       Mary B (his wife) b.1882  d.1958

Fuller, Mark L  d.9-23-1925 age 72-7-8

Funk, Louis  b.1917  d.1997
      Delphine L (his wife)  b.1929  d. ?

Gaige, Roland A  b.1921  d.1999
       Grace C “Mother” (his wife)  b.1920  d. ?

Gardner, Charles  b.1899  d.1980
         Eva (his wife)  b.1908  d.1985
Gardner, Frank  d.5-14-1882 age 32-9-15
Gardner, Frank  b.1907  d.1972
         Helen (his wife)  b.1914  d.1976
         George (their son)  b.1934  d.1935
Gardner, Fred  b.1860  d.1926
         Clara Smith his wife  b.1866  d.1908
Gardner, George W  b.1869  d.1945
         Jessie E his wife b.1866  d.1951
Gardner, Mitchell “Father”  b.1842  d.1920  SGT CO K 74 NYV
         Sarah Barrows “Mother” his wife  b.1843  d.1912
         ???  their son  d.2-?-1882 age 6mo 29d

Gardner, Olin D  b.1905  d.1972
Gardner, R H (Ranthus) b.1845  d.(1-14)-1925
         Belle D (Belva) Thompson his wife  b.1848  d.(1-22)-1925
Gardner, Rosa L dau of Sylvester/Salina  b.5-8-1876  d.3-8-1896
Gardner, Westlake  d.4-6-1886 age 69-4-6
         Harriett Morris his wife  d.3-25-1873 age 49-5-3
Gardner, Wilfred E  b.1938  d.1979
Gardner, William  b.1814  d.1910
         Permona Gibson his wife  b.1819  d.1881
Gardner, William F  b.1927  d.1995
         Geraldine E (his wife)  b.1926  d.1992
Gardner, William S  b.1876  d.1925
         Addie T (his wife)  b.1875  d.1962

Gee, Michael Joseph son of James/Jeanne  b.3-36-1976  d.6-29-2000

Germain, Daniel Caten  b.1901  d. ?
Germain, E Arthur  b.1863  d.1934
         Agnes A (his wife)  b.1870  d.1952
Germain, William Ross  b.1893  d.1955
         Edna E Gaunt (his wife)  b.1901  d.1959

German, Harvey  b.1807  d.1900
German, Anna    b.1804  d.1892
        [Note from a relative: Anna was Harvey's sister. They were the
         children of Henry GERMAN & Rebecca TALLMAN. Neither one ever married.
         In their later years they lived together in a house in Bennettsburg,
         Town of Hector, NY.  Information is from the wills of Harvey, Anna &
         Henry GERMAN and various deeds.]

Gerowe, G F  b.1812  d.1895
        Elizabeth Reynolds his wife  b.1815  d.1902

Gibson, Elizabeth  b.8-23-1799  d.10-23-1887
Gibson, Sharon (Arnold)  b.1948  d.1989

Gifford, Stuart L “Stu”  b.1908  d.1973
         Sara E (his wife)  b.1910  d. ?

Giles, Frank H  b.1878  d.1966
       Harriett L (his wife)  b.1881  d.1961
Giles, Merle L  b.1905  d.1992
       Barbara H (his wife)  b.1908  d.1983
Giles, Russell  b.1933  d.1981

Givens, Anna Clark  b.1-12-1886  d.5-1-1972
Givens, C Earl  b.1907  d.1977
        Winifred E (his wife)  b.1907  d.1970
Givens, C Earl “Sonny”  b.1929  d.1994
        Ruth J Carrigan (his wife)  b.1931  d. ?

Glenn, James K  b.1914  d.1990
       Sara A (his wife)  b.1918  d.1982

Goble, Robert A  b.2-12-1931  d.8-10-1984  FN US NAVY KOREA
       Jacqueline J (his wife)  b.1933  d. ?

Goltry, Gary L  b.1930  d.1997  2ND LT US ARMY
Goltry, Glenn F  b.1908  d.1991
        Blanche E (his wife)  b.1911  d.1970

Goodrich, Edward M  b.1934  d. ?
          Carol A (his wife)  b.1945  d.1997

Goosen, Fred  b.1899  d.1979
        Thelma (his wife)  b.1911  d.1983
        Freddy (their son)  b.1935  d.1986
        Kay (their dau)  b.1950  d. ?

Gould, Anna  b.1867  d.(10-20)-1917 (dau of Alva Coon)
Gould, William W  b.1800  d.1873
       Sarah his wife  b.1802  d.1886

Grace, Charles A  b.1877  d.1925
       two stones “Mother” & “Father” no other data

Grady, John C  b.1-21-1937  d.8-6-1985  SP3 US ARMY

Graham, Augustus W  b.1826  d.1851
        Henry A son of Augustus W & Mary A  b.1850  d.1852
Graham, George S  b.10-26-1915  d.3-31-1978 TEC5 US ARMY WWII
        Adelaide W (his wife)  b.1912  d.1982
Graham, Richard M  b.1804  d.1848
        Augustus son of Richard M & Emily K  b.1838  d.1838
Graham, Richard M son of Alexander & Abigail  b.1844  d.1845
Graham, Sarah M  b.1841  d.1889 *
Graham, Willard B  b.1885  d.1951
        Verna C (his wife)  b.1891  d.1965
Graham, Willard Donald  b.4-13-1919 d.1-5-1982 S SGT US ARMY WWII

Granger, Horace J  b.1903  d.1984  married 8-31-1924
         Alida B (Bailey) his wife b.1902  d.1993

Grant, Andrew S  b.1861  d.1939
       Fannie B (his wife)  b.1867  d.1961
Grant, Cereal  b.1840  d.1936
Grant, Charles S  b.1845  d.1917
       Margaret (his wife)  b.1859  d.1941
       Charles H their son  b.(10-5-1891)  d.3-27-1892
Grant, Christina B  b.1890  d.1964
Grant, Delos H  b.1893  d.1961
       Ethel S (his wife)  b.1893  d. ?
Grant, Eva M  b.1891  d.1978

Grant, Fred L  b.9-20-1908  d.11-12-1967
       L Frances (his wife)  b.6-1-1911  d. ?
Grant, George  b.1861  d.1920
Grant, John P  b.1825  d.1904
       Sarah A Adee his wife  b.1838  d.1913
Grant, Marguerite  b.1902  d. ?
Grant, Robert W Sr.  b.1930  d.1990
       Helen M Barrow (his wife)  b.1934  d. ?
Grant, Simon S  b.11-17-1808  d.8-1-1885
       Elizabeth his wife  b.11-20-1818  d. ?
       Franklin G their son  b.10-22-1841  d.11-10-1863
       Helen Gertrude their dau  b.8-26-1847  d.9-9-1849

Gray, Francis  b.3-30-1826  d.5-10-1901
      Marcia A his wife  b.4-2-1829  d.11-27-1894
Gray, Mary J - no data

Greene, Charles M PhD.  b.1933  d.1994
Green,  Elizabeth Mills  d.2-20-1886 age 48yr 1mo (Wife of Erastus)
Green,  H Otis  b.1899  d.1964
        Eva B (his wife)  b.1900  d.1991
Green,  Melvin A  b.1871  d.1927
        Grace S (his wife)  b.1871  d.1949
Green,  Melvin B  b.1919  d.1979  US NAVY WWII

Greening, Albert W  b.12-5-1903  d.12-7-1903

Greis, Samuel  b.1933  d.2002  Funeral Plaque

Griffith, Harry A  b.1881  d.1950
          Carrie B (his wife)  b.1888  d.1980

[Grover, Bertha - see Richard E. Smith in this cem.]
Grover, Elberta J - no data
Grover, Harley G  b.1900  d.1972
        Kathleen L (his wife)  b.1897  d.1968
Grover, Lawrence - no data  [see note under Myrtle Grover, below]
Grover, Miles (Mike) K  b.6-23-1920 d.1-24-1989  TEC 4 US ARMY WWII
        Dorothy M (his wife)  b.1913  d.1980
Grover, Myrtle P - no data
        [Doug Rumsey of Davison, MI writes:
         Lawrence GROVER b: 31 May 1905 in NY  d: 29 Oct 1988
         Burial: Hector Union Cem., Schuyler, NY
         + Myrtle (PETERS) GROVER  b: 28 Oct 1909 m: 21 Jul 1926
         d: 15 Sep 1959 Burial: Hector Union Cem., Schuyler, NY.
         Info from Soc Sec Death Index.]
Grover, Shirley N - no data
Grover, Willard L  b.1933  d. ?
        Betty A (his wife)  b.1938  d.1990

Guinnip, Frank E  b.1867  d.1956
Guinnip, Mary Mame G  b.1877  d.1955

Gunning, David  b.1885  d.1956
         Hattie Kirtley (his wife)  b.1892  d.1971
Gunning, John F  b.1915  d.1984
         Margaret L (his wife)  b.1915  d. ?
Gunning, Scott D  b.1968  d.1974
Guyett, Charles Walter  b.1934  d. ?
        Priscilla Wickert (his wife)  b.1935  d.1966

Hager, J Francis  b.1900  d.1969 (son of Wm & Mary Hager)
       Clara B (his wife)  b.1896  d.1975
Hager, Oakley P  b.1844  d.1911
       Orpha S Gerowe his wife  b.1843  d.1927
       Johnie H (their son)  b.1868  d.1869
Hager, Oscar  b.1839  d.1914
       Louise his wife  b.1836  d.1904
Hager, William S  b.1867  d.1937
       Mary S Kimball his wife  b.1870  d.1960

Hagerty, Harriet W wife of William H  d.7-12-1887 age 61-5-4

Hall, Elizabeth Purdy wife of E O Hall “Daughter” b.1870  d.1957
           (Daughter of Elias & Sidna Purdy)

Hamilton, George  d.3-12-1886 age 50yr 8mo
Hamilton, Mary wife of Alex  d.9-6-1881 age 79-5-21

Hand, John E  b.1829  d. ?
      Mary A his wife  b.1826  d.1899

Handsom, Fred A  b.1910  d.1988
         Leona G (his wife)  b.1918  d.1973

Harrington, Floyd C  b.1943  d.1993 *
Harrington, Henry  d.12-30-1887 age 13-9-22

Harris, Frank L  b.1868  d.1948
        Martha B (his wife)  b.1879  d.1953
Harris, James R  b.1891  d.1975
        Georgia A (his wife)  b.1897  d.1985

Harvey, Floyd J  b.1878  d.1927
Harvey, George W  b.1847  d.1931
        Olive E (his wife)  b.1855  d.1931
Harvey, Phebe wife of Charles P  d.6-27-1891 age 72 (broken)

Haskins, Roscoe C  b.1-11-1899  d.11-10-1969  NY F3 US NAVY WWI
         Anna B (his wife)  b.1909  d.1997

Hatch, William C  b.6-13-1872  d.5-28-1942
       Flora B his wife  b.8-12-1873  d.6-20-1965
       Ernest their son  b.5-23-1896  d.11-26-1896

Hathway, B Lee  b.1873  d.1937
         Augusta his wife  b.1875  d.1927

Hayes, Cecil E  b.1892  d.1926
Hayes, Clyde E  b.1922  d.1923
Hayes, Leneta C  b.1894  d.1920
Hayes, Maurice M  b.1918  d.1929

Heller, Isabel L  b.1896  d.1967 (Dau of Minnie Lafferty)

Henderson, Mary E wife of J A  b.9-10-1835  d.3-5-1926

Hendrick,  D Margaret  b.1906  d.1972
Hendrick,  Della M  b.1884  d.1968
Hendricks, Henry S  d.10-24-1891 age 71-8-22

Henry, Ralph S  b.4-29-1833  d.12-26-1912
       Mary Brooks his wife  b.2-2-1836  d.4-28-1902

Hensen, James  d.2-4-1892 age 7mo

Henyan, Clarence E  b.1898  d.1982
        Helen E (his wife)  b.1908  d.1988
Henyon, Orpha  d.6-5-1914 age 57-4-4

Herforth, Russell J  b.1955  d.1974

Hermans, ?? Unnamed  d.3-15-1892 age 9d

Hess, Ivan C  b.1916  d.1982
      Myrtle B (his wife)  b.1912  d.1994

Hevaner, James S  d.5-31-1924 age 69-4-11
Hevener, William J  d.8-10-1908 age 56

Hickey, Gary G  b.3-11-1953  d.3-9-1992  PFC US ARMY VIETNAM
Hickey, John Carl  b.1917  d.1987

Hill, Charles S  b.1872  d.1887
Hill, C Fitch - no data
      Mary J his wife - no data
Hill, Frank O  b.1859  d.1941
Hill, Jack W  b.3-19-1922  d.8-18-1978  US ARMY
Hill, John  b.1888  d.1958  (On Weber lot)
      Aurora his wife  b.1901  d.1988
Hill, Mabel E “Mother”  b.1891  d.1936

Himrod, David  d.11-26-1911 age 74-11-10
Himrod, William  d.1-21-1894 age 84

Hoag, Edith L  b.1867  d.1946
Hoag, Roy E  b.1902  d.(12-16)-1918

Hodge, Harriet C Simpson  b.1913  d.1999

Holden, Edward D  b.1872  d.1932
        Carleane D his wife  b.1871  d.1945

Holmes, Emily Maude  b.1873  d.1930
Holmes, Frederick Marion  b.1869  d.(3-29)-1944
        Josephine (his wife)  b.1896  d.1988
Holmes, Marian Myrtle  b.1918  d.1918

Homan, Edward G  b.1918  d.1963

Hopkins, Charles H  b.4-28-1879  d.3-19-1925
Hopkins, Frank Clark  b.1853  d.1936
         Georgianna B Henry his wife  b.1857  d.1940
Hopkins, James G  b.2-29-1808  d.5-24-1879
         Margaret Bodine his wife  b.12-15-1816  d.4-1-1896
Hopkins, Rufus A  b.11-23-1849  d.8-29-1925
         Gussie Jackson his wife  b.4-19-1853  d.10-10-1889
         Julia A Cooper his wife  b.6-16-1872  d.5-28-1937

Horn, Fred  b.1870  d.1946

Horton, Elmer E  b.11-13-1940  d.6-15-1996  US ARMY

House, Alan Jeffery  b.1965  d.1965
House, Ambrose A  b.1840  d.1918
       Catharine O his wife  b.1846  d.1914
House, Robert W  b.1926  d.2000
       Dorothy P (his wife)  b.1931  d.1996
       Robert W Jr. (their son)  b.1961  d.1961
House, William M  b.1874  d.1964
       Mary H (his wife)  b.1890  d.1988

Housworth,  Arthur M  b.1874  d.1957
            Lucy Covert his wife  b.1874  d.1907
            Clara Covert (his wife)  b.1884  d.1952
Houseworth, Chester R Sr.  b.1901  d.1980
Housworth,   Hanna  b.1874  d.1945
Housworth,  Monroe  b.1850  d.1929
            Mary Ella his wife  b.1854 d.1904

Hovencamp, William  b.1836  d.1910
           Jenny Darling his wife  b.1820  d.1908

Hovey, Jonathan  b.1887  d.1956
Hovey, Jonathan P  b.1844  d.1914
       Cora A Frydendall his wife b.1859  d.1926
       Sarah L his wife  d.3-12-1884 age 45-8-19

Howard, Harry B  b.1885  d.1969
        Olive K (his wife)  b.1890  d.1975

Howell, Clyde M  b.1885  d.1927
Howell, DeWitt C  b.1855  d.1928
        Emma J his wife  d.3-2-1887 age 30
        Marian B (his wife)  b.1866  d.1940
Howell, Emerson R  b.1902  d.1977
        Lucille J (his wife)  b.1907  d.1961
Howell, Ermina  b.10-17-1862  d.8-29-1864
Howell, Harold A  b.1929  d.1976
        Mabel G (his wife)  b.1939  d. ?
Howell, Harry B “Father”  b.1871  d.1951
        Addie P (Proper)(his wife)  b.1875  d.1950
        Clinton (their son)  b.1899  d.1916
        Luella (their dau)  b.1904  d.1921
Howell, Howard  b.1900 d.1985
        Ruth his wife  b.1913  d.1985
Howell, James D  b.6-25-1932  d.1-17-1998  PVT US ARMY KOREA
        Shirley A (his wife)  b.1944  d. ?
Howell, Laviron M  b.1854  d.1937
        Alice Eudora Purdy his wife  b.1859  d.1892
        Alletta A Matthews his wife  b.1858  d.1927
        Sarah N Longcoy his wife  b.1875  d.1919
Howell, Robert E  b.7-9-1927  d.10-25-1998  US NAVY WWII
        Mary M (his wife)  b.1926  d. ?
        Richard M (their son)  b.3-13-1942  only date
Howell, Wellington  b.4-2-1830  d.10-7-1908
        Esther R Wickham his wife  b.7-15-1829  d.1-9-1914

Hubbell, Herbert G  b.7-5-1861  d.2-22-1942
         Lulu D his wife  b.7-31-1872  d.2-11-1956
Hubbell, James H  b.1877  d.1958
         Bina Wickham (his wife)  b.1873  d.1963
Hubbel,  Oliver  d.1-2-1885 age 7mo
Hubbell, Oliver C  b.11-25-1828  d.1-19-1893
         Lydia Ann his wife  b.6-11-1833  d.12-10-1926
Hubbell, William S  b.1847  d.1913
         V Gertrude Smith “Mother” his wife  b.1846  d.1890
         Eliza A Adee his wife  b.1843  d.1928

Hubbs, Leon A  b.1898  d.1974           Married 55 years
       Nellie T his wife  b.1893  d.1973

Hughes, Shirley I Patterson Strong  b.1940  d.1976

Hyatt, Frederick D “Father”  b.1867  d.1926
       Maude A “Mother” (his wife)  b.1874  d.1956

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