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Welcome to Cape May County

James P. Hand and Dr. Daniels Stite's list of Early Wills

The Omega Symbol (Ω ) annotates 1714, a year in which over 40 individuals (out of 200-400) died from a plague.

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1687 Oct 28 Storer (Storey), John late of Cape May, now of Burlington mentions Daniel England sailor
1690 Dec 4 Brigs, John Yeoman of Cape May (Elizabeth Brigs exc.) real & personal estate Witness Joseph Holdin planter, Henry Gray, George Taylor, inv. J. Jervis, J. Holdin. George Taylor, Yeoma & Peter Resniere, ship carpenter of Burlington [Huguenot] Bondsmen
1693 April 8 † Parsons, John (Elizabeth) Parsons, widow & relic of John Parsons, late of this county, presents inventory of estate of deceased (51 pounds) inv. John Shaw, John Richardson
1693 Aug 5 Carmen, Caleb Sr. (wife Elizabeth) inv. Jacob Dayton, Shamgar Hand, Jonathan Pine of CMC bondsman.
1693 Dec 30 † Else, John of Cape May, glover "my well beloved friend, Samuel Mathews Sen, sole exc. & most of estate, bequest to Thomas Gooing [Goodwin,Golding?] inv. Tim Branreth & Jonathan Osborne
1694 Jan 19 † Raynor, Thirston of Cape May inv. Tim. Brandreth & Ezekiell Eldredge, includes Cows & "a share of crafte"
1694 Dec 14 † Pyne, Jonathan of Cape May (wife Abegall) sole exc.overseers faithful friend, Joseph Holden, my loving brother in law, Jonathan Foreman "if my son Jonathan decease with out heirs, if ye child unborn be a son, to be his heir, other wayes, my dauter Abigall to be his heir. inv. two acres of land up ye river, the house& town lot, 300 acres at ye Cape & improvements, the shallop & rigging & all belonging thereto
1694? † Bancroft, Thomas "Being all impanieled & attested on a jury concerning the death of Thomas Bancroft, they give this report that they haveing vewed the dead corps & made diligent enquiery into ye cause of his death they find yt the sd Bancroft, being sick & weak, went forth of the house where he was, & went to the waterside, put of his clothes, went into the sea and was drounded But whether wilfully as intending to dround him selfe, or intending only to wash himself, & so was acsidentally drounded, they cannot understand."
1695 Apr 9 † Huit, Randall Sr. of Cape May (wife Doritey) "Randall, my eldest son, one dark brown horse with an "R" on the near shoulder & buttock, Doritey, my dear & well beloved wife, my house & improvements upon ye Cape Island" witn. William Jacox, Sarah Jacox
1695/6 Mar 17 † Huitt, Doritey, deceased, letters of administraion to Randall Huitt, son & heir granted by Joseph Holdin, & John Jervis
1695 Apr 22 † Fish, John, late of this county, deceased (wife Elizabeth) letters of adm. to Elisabeth Fish, widdow & relict granted by John Jervis, Samuel Crowell, Justices of the peace
1696 Jan 12 † Fish, Elizabeth, deceased exc. William & Lidey Shaw letters of adm. granted by Mr. Samuel Crowel & John Jervis
1696 Jan 16 † Goodin [Goodwin], Thomas, deceased letters of adm. to Deborah & Oliver Russill excs. by Saml. Crowel & John Jervis
1696 Mar 17 † Badcock, Easter, deceased letters of adm. to John Townsend by Mr. Samuel Crowel & John Jervis
1696 Sept 15 Carman, John, deceased, (wife Elisabeth) letters of adm. to Elisabeth Carman, widdow & relict granted by Mr. Samuel. Crowell & John Jervis inv includes: "cattle, a shear of a mill at town [New England Town], shear of a mill apon the mill kreek, buildings, land, his sheare of a whale craft"
1696 Dec 15 † Holden, Joseph, deceased (Hanah) letters of adm. to Hanah Holden, widdow & relict granted by Mr. Samuel Crowell & John Jervis inv. includes"plantation where Gandey lives,.. a negro sarvant, etc.
1697/8 Jan 19 † Short, Nathaniel, letters of adm. to Joseph Whildin, exc. granted by Saml. Crowel & John Jervis
1697/8 Jan 19 † Hoell [Howell], Edmund, deceased letters to son Edmund Hoell granted by Saml. Crowel & John Jervis
1697/8 Jan 19 † Guilyard, John, deceased letters to Nichlas Martinau [Huguenot], exc.granted by Saml. Crowel & John Jervis
1698 Dec 21 † Johnson, Oliver, deceased letters to William Seagrave granted by Mr. Saml. Crowel & Jacob Daiton [Dayton]
1701 Sept 9 † Taylor, George, [Sr.] inv. by John Crafford, William Golding includes: Cattle, fore [4] guns,for [4] negroes
1702 Aug 29 Stubs, John mariner of Cape May his vessel to Rich. Downs, legacies to Richard Carr, Deborah Hand Peter Proeter. Execs. John Taylor, Thomas Hand, John Hickman 1704 Shamgar Hand administratior & principle creditor. (John Stubs is a mariner & trader holds no land in the county but his inventory shows that almost everone in the county owed him money.)
1705 Apr 17 Hill, Philip of Cape May (widow Bridjet Hill) inv. John Cresey, Josiah Stansbrow
1705 June 7 Dayton, Richard, Richd Downs adm. Fellow bondsmen Thomas Hand, Peter Corson
1705 June Gilbertson, Lubert (Giberson) bondsman James Steelman of Cape May inv. William Golden Jr. John Taylor
1705 Dec 11 Crawford, John son George Crawford adm. Son George Crawford) who paid out…for two coffins one for the father and the father's wife, who died a month before him. 14 shillings for wine for the funeral of Ezekell Eldridge
1707 Apr 15 † Dayton, Jacob, deceased, letters of adm. to Richard Downes, granted by Shamgar Hand, Arthur Cresse
1707 May 22 Swain, Richard formerly of Nantucket, late of Cape May, husbandman. Adm. Eldest son Jonathan
1707 June 4 Hand, Shamgar, (Jr.) of Cape May cooper (wife Abigail ) sons: Cornelius, William, etc. wife exc, with father-in-law Peter Corson & brother Cornelius as overseers
1707 Nov 24 Pulford, John (Mulford? but orig. will says Pulford) Cape May Co. inv. Sam Mathews, Wm. Shaw
1709 Aug 30 Badcock, Joseph of Cape May shoemaker (wife Mary) witn. Sylvanus Townsend appr. Richd Townsend Joseph Ludlow (Ludlam, Lydlow)
1709 June 13 Gareson, Jacob inv. of the estate made by John Townsend , all personal
1710 June 6 Eldridge, Ezekial. Capt. of New England Township of CMC, planter of Cape May mentions Joseph Yard will of made in Phila (wife Sarah) five sons and three daughters, not named. Wife sole executrix.
1711 Sept 5 Cresey, Arthur, Sr. yeoman proved (1714-15) (wife Mary) children John, Arthur, David, Seejah?, Lewis,Abigail, Sarah Elizabeth, Deboraw, Pathegah. Witn. Richard Downes, Thomas Hand, Christopher Church
1713 Sept 28 Osborne, Jonathon of Cape May Co. cordwainer [shoemaker] (wife Mary)
Ω 1714-15 Jan 21 Hughes, Jedediah of Cape May Co. brothers: Humphrey, Constant, John,
Ω 1714 Jan 25 Mathew, John yeoman of Cape May (wife Charity) daugher Lishabe, sister Elizabeth Mathews, cousin William Mathews, brother Sameul Mathews exec. Of real & personal estate witn. George Crafford, Henry Stevens, John Taylor
Ω 1714 July 3 Brandreth, Timothy (wife Sarah) children Timothy, a minor, Mary Hughstis, Sarah Midlton, Daniel Margrate, Penelope and Elizabeth Brandreth. Sons-in-law Benj. Shaw, Obediah Shaw bo't of John Lad dwelling house & land between Joseph Ludlow & Richard Townsend. cousin Martha Hughes witness: John Hand, Benj. Crafford, Sarah Hand exc. John Page, Joseph Ludlow, Daniel Wells
Ω 1714 Nov 3 Hand, Thomas (proved)( dated 1707) of Cape May yeoman (wife Kathron) children Deborah, Alice, Prudence Crowel, John, Recompence, two others (George,Thomas, Jeremiah) 5 slaves adm. Recompence Hand, fellow bondsmen Richd.Downs, Christopher Church
Ω 1714-15 Crowel, Joseph of CMC yeoman (wife Ann) exec. Son Edward all land and tenaments at Goshen daughter, Mary, all land at New England (Town), witn.Yelverton Crowel, Tho. Smith Feb 14
Ω 1714-15 22 Feb Mason, William of Cape May " son-in-law principle heir legacies Daniel Brandreth, daughter-in-law Mary Raynor, Debberah Russel Tim. Brandeth, Mary Townsend
Ω 1714-15 16-Feb Mason, Sarah yeoman (sic) mentions Joseph Weldon (Whilden) sons: Jonathan Swain, Ebenezer Swain, Joshua Jacocks, James Jacocks, granddaughter Joanna Swain
Ω 1714- 15 Mathews, Samuel yeoman (wife Mary) etc children William, John, Samuel, Margaret, Elizabeth. land at Long Neck at Henry Stephens other real and personal
1714-15 Ω Hand, Abraham children: Abraham, John, Jeremiah, Sarah, Rachel, Elizabeth, Ezekial, (Martha Corson nurse of son Ezekial) exc. father-in-law John Corson, &
Ω 1714 Dec 10 Huitt, Joseph (widow Esther) 5 children brother Benj. Hand, inv. Richard Downes, Nathaniel Jenkins. Petition of widow, Esther, left with 5 children, one born after her husbands death, unable to travel, asks for letters of administration sent by Richard. Downes
Ω 1714 Dec 29 Reaves, John of Cape May yeoman(wife Sarah) exec. Daughter Sary, legacy to John Ingrum when his time is up. Personal estate, witn. Daniel Wells Henry leonard (56 yr. old) & Hannah Lenord.
Ω 1714 Dec 31 Cresse, A Mem., Zebulon, above named, has changed his name to Arthur at the father's desire Arthur, Jr. weaver " land at indian neck " (wife Mary) sole exec. Children James, Zebulon Elizabeth, Lydia, Mercy, all except Zebulon under age witn. Nath'l Jenkins, John Bradner, John Taylor
Ω 1714-15 6 Feb Goulding, Samuel of Cape May Co. ( wife Sarah ) sons: Joseph, Daniel, dau.Margaret
Ω 1715 Apr 29 Garison, (Garretson) Reman Cape May (wife Rebecker) sons: Jacob, Daniel, Garot, Joab, daugh. Mary, Elisabeth, Rachel. Exectrix wife real and personal estate Witn. Robert Townsend (27 years) Henry Linard and Abraham Benor
Ω 1715 Nov 24 Townsend, John (wife Mercy) mentions Andrew Godfrey
1717 May 29 Holden, Benjamin Cape May Co. yeoman (wife Mary) land: 200 ac. between John Hubbard & Will. Golden, " brother Joseph Golden is to pay for "
1718 Johnston, William (Johnson) Of Cape May yeoman daughter (Catren) “land between John Cresse & Benj. Hand Jr. at the lower side of Cape May, exc. Son William, with brother Benj. Leonard
1720-21 Jan 30 Smith, Samuel C. M. C. shipwright (wife Elizabeth) sole exec. real & personal estate. children Armstrong Samuel, Katherine, Elizabeth, Sarah. Witn. Joseph Whillden, Joseph Whillden, Jr. George Oatway
1720-21 15 Mar Mulford, Ezekil C. M. C. (wife Abijah) sole exc. children: Jonathan, Ezekiel, Mary. real & personal estate (silver shoe buckles) Witn. Ebenezer Norcott, William Mulford, John Bradford Martha Carman of CMC, spinster, 17 years old, though not a subscribing wittness, also swears to the execution of the will.
1721- 22 7-Feb Leaming, Thomas C. M. C. (wife Hannah) chldren Christopher (eldest son, under 14), Jane, Easter, Mercy, Phebe, Priscillah, Thomas real and personal estate (a negro man and due. Woman whose respective six children are disposed of) Executors the wife and brother Aaron Leamyng
1721 Dec 27 Norton, Nathaniel C. M. C. yeoman (wife Mehitabel) children: Daniel, Nathaniel, Hannah, Mary real and presonal estate. Exc. Father in law John Parson & Christopher Church witn. Ebenezer Nuton, John Taylor, Abiah Mulford
1723-4 Jan 10 Crowell, Yelverton of CMC yeoman (wife Elizabeth) adm.
1724 June 17 Searle, John laborer (widow Joana) (he ran off to East Jersey), mentions Robert Perryman yeoman of Cape May
1725-26 Johnson, Samuel yeoman of C. M. C. (wife Abigail) Children Ebenezer, (underage), Josiah, Phebe, Abigail. Homestead, land in C.M.C., and in Darby Township, New Haven County, Conn. Wife sole exc. John Persons and Nathaniel Rusco overseers
1727-28 12-Feb Hand, Shamgar, (Sr.) of C. M. C. yeoman children: Zelophehad, Josiah, Shamgar(deceased), Martha Hubbard, Hester [ Hewitt ] Seagrave excs. Aaron Leaming & Nath. Jenkins Mar 16
1728 Nov 21 Johnson, Samuel yeoman of C. M. C. (wife Charity exc.) Children Samuel (under 21), Sarah, Hannah, Phebe, Charity, Susannah, real and personal estate witn. Daniel Walker, Benjamin Mareux, Henry Stites Jr.
1728 Sept 28 Taylor, John of C. M. C.bondsmen Debray Taylor, Henry Young. Debrah Taylor, late widow of Cornelious Hand, now wife of Jeremiah Hand debts paid to Jacob Garrison Jude Clarkson, William Hand, Saml. Richardson inv. Includes negro boy
1729 Mar 31 Cresse, John, yeoman of CMC children Robert, John, Hannah. Penlope, Comfort, Eunice, Josiah, (under 20) real and personal. Son Robert exc. Aaron Leaming as trusty & overseer witness: David Hildreth, Nath. Jenkins, Ester Jenkins
1729 May 27 Page, John, yeoman of CMC (wife Elizabeth) children Joseph, James, John, Hannah, Mary, Lydia, Elizabeth, Hulda 7 tracts of land & personal, exc. Sons James & John, Rich. Townsend of Cape May overseer & advisor. Witn. Joseph Whillden, Andrew Erickson, Rice Peters, Joseph Breitnall
1729 July 4 Church, Christopher of Phila. (later Cape May) saddler (wife Alice Hand) Church, (will written 1710) acct. of estate Alice Church, now wife of John Flowers children: Rode (Roda),Nathan, Silas, Patience, Susannah
1729 Nov 28 Osborne, Belaziel of C. M. C. brother Ananias , sole exc. and all my lands forever, movables to sister Ruth, brother Nathan
1729 Dec 29 Savage, James, of C. M. C.sons John & Joseph both undr age, the first given into the care of Benj. Hand the other of Henry Stites, and both made exc. Legacy to Ruth, wife of Benj. Hand
1730 ? Swain, Zebulon yeoman of Cape May, brother Henry Stites, exc. Of the "worldly" estate and guardian of son Zebulon whom he is "to larn read rite & sifer" to the rule of three, the daughter to be placed in charge of mother Hanah Stites
1730 Apr 14 Crandol, John blacksmith fellow bondsmen: William Johnson with Elizabeth Crandol
1730 Holding, Jane of C. M. C, inv. Will. Johnson, George Taylor bond: Joseph Holden of Cape May
--------? Heuett, Joseph of Cape May Co. ( before 1730 ) adm. William Seagrave
1731 Dec 31 Hildreth,David, Sr. of C. M. C. yeoman ( wife Elizabeth ) children Joshua, Jonathan, Joseph, James, David, Noah,& Mercy
1731 Apr 8 Crafford, Joshua of C. M. C. " I give my house & land unto my brother Benj. Crafford's son Eleser ". witn. John Flower, Jonathan Fourman, Thomas Hand. inv. Richd. Downes, Elisha Hand
1731 April 29 Corson, Peter Upper C. M. C. yeoman adm. Deborah Corson spinster, inv includes bonds of Peter Corson Jr. & Christian Corson
1731 Dec 28 Smith, Thomas of C. M. C. yeoman ( wife Abigail ) sons Thomas & Christopher Smith, my lands equally when of age. son Anthony, a double portion of my moveable estate when of age. daughters: Margery, Jerusha, Ruth, Alathare. Exc friends & brother William Smith & Henry Young, witn. Elizabeth Crowell, John Thomson, John Thompson Jr inv. half a shalop & a cannew appr. Benj. Hand, John Ingrum
1732 Mar 30 Lupton, Christopher of C. M. C. int. (adm. Abigail Lupton) fellow bondsmen Rich. Downs Esq, witn.:John Eldredge, Jacob Spicer Jr., Francis Bevis
1732 Sept 6 Stites, Benj. of C. M. C. yeoman (wife Elizabeth) sons: George, Benj., Jonathan. Fishing Creek, except two apple trees and land under them, which I have given to my two youngest sons, also debt due to me from Shamgar Hand. Daughters Deborah Paig and Martha. Exec. wife and George Stites
1732 Nov 4 Spicer, Jacob of C. M. C. yeoman including fishery on my plantation in Gloucester (wife Sarah) heirs: son Jacob & brother Thomas Spicer, all lands in West Jersey Co. excs. wife Sarah & son Jacob
1732 Dec 1 Eldredge, Elisha of C. M. Ezekiel sole exc.and whole estate, he to pay legacies to brothers Samuel, William, John, Jacob, and mother, sisters Lydia Eldredge, Bethia Parsons, Sarah Stites
1732 Dec 3 Richardson, Samuel of C. M. C. ( wife Elizabeth ) to my brother Benj. Richardson all my lands, but if my wife be now with child, and it comes to age, then said land to belong to the child. brothers John, Jacob Richardson, exc. wife & bother Ben
1732 Dec 4 Parsons, John, Sr. of C. M. C. (cooper) (wife Elizabeth ) sons: John & Robert,land in C. M. & L. I. witness: Joshua Stites, Jacob Spicer Jr., Jacob Spicer
1732 Dec 11 Smith, Abigail of C. M. C. widow of Thomas Smith int. adm. Aaron Leaming, witness Samuel Bustil, Robert Davis. " Ebenezer Johnson, Phebe Johnson, & Abigail Johnson, children of the said deceased by her former husband, Samuel Johnson, have renounced their right in favor of Aaron Leaming
1732 Parsons, John, Jr. of C. M. C. yeoman (wife Bethia) wife personal estate, brother Robert Parsons real estate provided he pay my daughter Sarah Parsons 150 pounds upon her marriage day
1733 Jan 4 Edwards, William of C. M. C. yeoman (wife Anne) sole exc. and to have real and personal estate
1733 Apr 3 Robinson, William of C. M. C. yeoman int. (adm. wife Dinah [Fortescue] Robinson) fellow bondsman John Smith, witn. Daniel Norton, Jacob Spicer, Jacob Spicer Jr.
1733 May 1 Cresse, Lewis of C. M. C. (Abigail Cresse adm.) fellow bondsmen Ephraim Edwards. witn.: John Jones, Will. Barlow, Jacob Spicer Jr.
1733 May 16 Mackey, John of C. M. C. int. adm. James Hathorn, fellow bondsmen William Johnson, both of C. M. witn.: Humphey Hughes, Samuel Swaine, Jacob Spicer
1733 July 15 Garlick, Joshua Jr. of C. M. C. yeoman int. adm. Joshua Garlick Sr.,fellow bondsmen John Garlick, witn. Jacob Spicer, Silvanus Garlick
1733 Sep 21 Swaine, Lemuel of C. M. C. whaleman (wife Jerusha) sons: Samuel, Reuben, daughters: Abigail, Elizabeth, Marcy, Lydia, Phebe
1734 July 17 Buck, Joseph (wife Lydia sole exc) brothers Thomas & John Buck
1735 Jan 10 Simkins, Ruth of C. M. C. " By these presents do cut off all former wills or deeds and appoint my son,William Simkins, sole executor & heir to all my moveable estate (8 pounds)
1736 Dec 12 Corson, Jacob Of C. M. C. yeoman ( wife Amy ) sons: Jacob, Peter, Jeremiah Corson. daugh. : Rachel, Amy, Martha, ( minors ) exc. wife Amy, son Jacob. witn. John Willets, Joseph Badcock, Rich. Hoe Letters granted to Naomi Corson widow
1737 April 30 Townsend, Richard of C. M. C. yeoman (wife Millicent) sons: John, Richard, Isaac, Silvanus, Jacob, Samuel, Daniel, daughters: Hannah Gregory, Millicent Townsend. (Grist mill to be shared by first four sons mentioned)
1738 Feb 9 Richardson, Benj. of C. M. C. yeoman (wife Elizabeth) to have use of all my lands until my son Samuel will be 21, she to bring up & maintain my two children unless she marries before that time, then I desire my brother Jacob Richardson, to take immediately my lands and to have use of my other estate, which is hereafter given to my children. son Samuel to have all lands I live on, and to pay 20 pounds to his brother John, when of age
1738 Aug 11 Taylor, George of C. M. C. yeoman (wife Lydia) children: William, George, John,Matthias, Daniel, Lydia all underage) exc. wife and son William (now very ill) plantations to William and George
1739 Feb 11 Pratt, Jonathan of C. M. C. int.( inv. 11 pounds ) adm. Benj. Laughton [ Layton ] of Cape May
1739 Oct 30 Eldredge, Ezekial of C. M. C. Intestate administration granted to widow Elizabeth and son Ezekial
1740 Mar 31 Corson, John of C. M. C. int. ( Susannah Corson adm.) witn. Henry Young, John Willets
1740 July 9 Crowell, Barnabas of C. M. C. yeoman ( wife Abigail ) son Barnabas, all my lands, daughter Martha Havens, rest to my six children: Barnabas, Elisha, Daniel Crowell, Marey, Lydia, Sarah Crowell witn: Nathaniel Hand, Joanna Hand, Abiah Ross
1740 Sept 1 Stites Jr., Henry of C. M. C. cousin Zibulon Swaine, son of Zebulon Swaine, late of Cape May deceased, sole executor and to have all my estate, real & personal inv. of " Henry Stites Esq. " includes livestock and whaleboat
1740 Nov 1 Church, Jeremiah of C. M. C. yeoman Int. (Rebecca Church adm) bondsmen Elisha Hand, John Stites
1741 July 4 Downs, William of C. M. C. mariner uncle Richard Downs Esq. of Cape May allreal and personal estate " but if my brother should come to this country, my will is that he should have and enjoy my house and land " witn. Robert Edmunds, Abigail Daggs Fras. Taylor inv. includes 1/4 of a skooner (49 pounds) appr.John Dagg, Francis Taylor
1742 Oct 16 Parsons, Elizabeth of C. M. C. daughters: Elizabeth Hand, Charity Mulford, Abigail Stites, and grand daughter Mary Edwards to have my estate equally. Sons Jonathan Foreman & Robert Parsons to have 10 shillings apiece. son (in-law) Joshua Stites, sole executor
1743-44 Smith Sr., William of C. M. C. yeoman sons: John, William, " I have given each a plantation before ", Richard, Jonathan, Daniel, Jeremiah. daughter: Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Foster. inv. includes negro man
1743 June 20 Stites, John of C. M. C. yeoman ( wife Prisilla ) land to cousin, Abisha Stites, son of Richard Stites of Cape May deceased, when twenty, & wife & daughter Margrit when twenty
1743 Oct 15 Leaming Sr.,Aaron of C. M. C. yeoman (wife Lydia) [land throughout C. M. C] including saw mill at Manantico at Prince Maurice's River, exc. my three children: Aaron Jr., Jeremiah, Elizabeth, [not his wife Lydia Parsons Shaw Leaming who had children from her first husband William Shaw as well] inv. 1174 pounds, includes 12 negroes, 192 cattle, law & medical books etc.
1743 Dec 3 Camp, John of C. M. C. int. adm. Elenor Camp, Daniel Ingersol, fellow bondsmen Peter Scull, all of C. M. C. inv. includes 44 galens of rum, 7 galens melases, 14 pnds. Sugar mentions John & Elias Champion, Elyas Gandy.
1744 Apr 1 Shaw, Benjamin of C. M. C. (wife Margatt ) sons: Benj., Obidiah, Joshua, William daughters: Sarah & Mary exc. wife & John Shaw witn. Elisha Hand, Robert Edmonds, Marah Edmonds
1745 May 22 Page, James of C. M. C. int. (adm. Mary Page) fellow bondsmen, Joseph Page, Elisha Hand, all of said county witn: John Eldredge, James Whilldin
1745 May 24 Cresse, John of C. M. C. int. (Priscilla Cresse adm) fellow bondsmen Jeremiah Hand. witn. Robert Cresse, Nathl. Jenkins Jr
1746 Apr 20 Garlick (Sr.), Joshua of C. M. C. yeoman (wife Lucy), "to have wool & leather at Elisha Hands's if she lives in Cape May" son John, grandson Richard Stites, (son of dau. Abigail Stites) daughters Abigail Stites, Phebe Smith, Rebecca Johnston (had children) & grandson Abenor Church (under age) mentions cattle at Cohansey, exec. daughter Abigail
1746 May 21 Stites, Zeruiah of C. M. C. int. adm. Richard Stites, fellow bondsmen Elisha Hand
1746 May 21 Stites, Joshua of C. M. C. int. adm. Abigail Stites fellow bondsmen Henry Stites witn. Cornelius Schillinks
1746 July 31 Crawford, Benj. of C. M. C. yeoman son Richard, 100 acre plantation where I live, also 40 acres adjoining Chris. Lupton, [ Richard to bring up daughter Elizabeth until 18 ] legacies to son Eliezer, daughters Rachel, Sarah, Mary, Priscilla, Judith, Elizabeth exc. son Richard & Elisha Hand
1747 Mar 16 Whilden,Joseph of CMC yeoman (wife Abigail) land to sons Matthew & James to David, cedar swamp & also price of my negro man "Asse" and a negro woman. Legacees daughters Hannah, Rachel, Loes and my deceased daughter Mercy's children Ellis and Judith (Hughes) grandson Memuken Hughes, Willman and Isecar Crafford. Exec. James Whilden Richard Crafford. Inv. Includes 3 slaves (100 pounds) appr. Thomas Hand Elisha Hand
1747 Mar 28 Downs, Richard of C. M. C. ( wife Elizabeth ) unto Downs Edmunds, grandson, all lands & tenements forever, he pay 20 pounds to his brother Richard Edmunds, legacies to daughter Mary Edmons and the rest to grandchildren , Robert Edmons children and Randal Hute's (Hewitt) children that he had by his first wife Hannah Downs exec.Cresse Elisha Hand Nathaniel Foster, Esq. Witn. Joshia Benj. Shaw. Obed. Shaw.