Mt. Vernon, Kennebec County, Maine War Veterans

Mt. Vernon, Kennebec County, Maine
War Veterans 1775-1865


The names on the following lists were compiled from:
* Soldiers, Sailors & Patriots of Revolutionary War, Maine by Fisher & Fisher. pub.1982
by Sons of the American Revolution
* Mt. Vernon, Maine Cemetery Records
* Illustrated History of Kennebec County 1625-1892, Chapter on Military History
Kingsbury & Deyos, pub.1892

All towns on this list are located in Maine unless noted otherwise.
Maine was a part of Massachusetts until 1820.

ALLEN, JOHN, Sgt., Mass. Enlisted in Edgecomb Capt. Blunts' Co. 
ATKINS, Charles, Drummer, Mass.
BEAN, John, Cpl., New Hampshire Capt. McClary's N.H. Co. 
BISHOP, Squire, Jr.  Capt. Blunt's Co. 
BLUNT, Andrew, Drummer, Mass. Capt. Blunt's Co.
CHESLEY, Sawyer, New Hampshire Col Poor's N.H. Regt. 
CRAM, Samuel, New Hampshire Col. Nichol's Co. Substitute for father
CREASEY, Caleb, Mass. Resided Newcastle ? if same Caleb Creasey that settled in Mt. Vernon
FOLSOM, Benjamin, Capt., New Hampshire Col. Waldron's N.H. Regt. 
FRENCH, Obidiah, New Hampshire Capt. Prescott's N.H. Co. 
GREELEY, Noah, New Hampshire Capt. Brown's N.H. Co. 
HALL, Josiah, Mass. Capt. Colburn's Co. 
JONES, James, Cont., Mass. Col. Brewer's Regt., Capt. Fuller's Co. 
JACOBS, John, Jr. Cont., Mass. Capt. Hill's Co.
LADD, Joser, Lieut.
MARSTON, Theodore, Cont., New Hampshire Capt. Moore's N.H. Co. 
BEAN, Josiah, New Hampshire Capt. McClary's N.H.Co. 
FOLSOM, Nathaniel, New Hampshire Enlisted Deerfield, New Hampshire Col. Waldron;s N.H. Regt. 
PEARL, Simeon, Lieut., MA Capt. Langdon's Co.
POOL, Samuel, Sgt., MA
PRESCOTT, Jonathan, Sgt., NH Col. Scammell's NH Regt.
ROGERS, John, Sgt., Cont., NH Capt. Cherry's NH Regt.
SCRIBNER, Stephen, MA Capt. Badger's NH Co.; Capt. Taylor's Co.
SMITH, Laban
THING, Levi, Cpl., NH Capt. Sanborn's NH Co.
WELLS, Henry, Capt.
WELLS, Joshua, MA, NH Capt. Dearborn's NH Co.; Capt. Gage's Co.

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