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Mt. Vernon, Kennebec County, Maine

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Settlers from New Hampshire began coming to this area about 1774. This town was called Washington Plantation at first, but in 1792 it was incorporated as Mt. Vernon. We are located 20 miles from Waterville and Farmington, and 20 miles northwest of Maine's capital city, Augusta. The current population is approximately 1,500.  Lakes, hills, streams and open farmland provide pleasant scenery. Mt. Vernon was the location for Elizabeth Arden's seasonal home & spa where many well known celebrities retreated in the summer months.
This HomePage is designed for those who are interested in Mt.Vernon history and our founding fathers and mothers.

The Chimney" stands 101 feet tall.
Located at the outlet of Taylor Pond into
Echo Lake, on route 41,  it is one of
Mt. Vernon's best known landmarks.
Wesley Babula photo"

Pictured here is the Elizabeth Arden estate. Beautiful flower gardens adorned these grounds during the summer months. Many local people were employed by Ms. Arden. Elizabeth Arden's Maine Chance Farms bred and raised race horses. Her world reknowned Maine health spa catered to the rich and famous from all over the country.

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