WAR OF 1812

The names on the following  lists were compiled from:

American Revolution Veterans on this list include those who are buried in Readfield, in addition to those who died in military service, and many who claimed Readfield as residence at some time prior to their deaths in another town. There are several who probably died in Readfield, but their place of burial is unknown. Nineteen men from Winthrop age 14 to 46 volunteered in 1775 upon receiving news from Lexington. Notations are made below on four of the nineteen who were from the part of town that later became Readfield. Notations are made on the veterans who also fought in the French & Indian War.  All towns mentioned are located in Maine unless noted otherwise.
Names are listed here alphabetically for the most part,
but some names have been added at the end out of sequence.
The names on these lists were compiled in 1990 by Dale Potter Clark from:
Albee Obadiah Readfield 1828 Hallowell 1852
Alden Silas Readfield 1797 Jay 1842
Allen Thomas Readfield 1814 Case Cemetery
Armstrong, Sr. William Readfield 1777 unknown
Atkins Charles Mt. Vernon 1817 East Readfield
Ayer Moses Readfield 1770 Solon 1823 
Baker Joseph Readfield 1784 Moscow
Bean Joshua Readfield 1814 Readfield Corner
Bradford Peter Readfield 1832 1834 unknown
Brainard Timothy Readfield 1832 unknown
Brown Jeremiah Readfield 1832 Case Cemetery
Brown Jacob Readfield 1828 Case Cemetery
Burgis Edward Readfield 1814 ? Case Cem.
Capen Lemuel Readfield 1834 Case Cemetery
Carleton Joseph Readfield 1814 East Readfield
Carleton Joseph Readfield 1839 Readfield Corner
Case Issac Readfield 1852 Case Cemetery
Clough Jabez Readfield 1824 Dudley Plains
Coombs John Readfield 1835 Readfield Corner
Cochrane James Readfield 1814 Readfield Corner
Day John Readfield 1820 Case Cemetery
Dudley Daniel Winthrop 1811 unknown Son Benjamin bur Dudley Plains
Dudley Eliphalet Readfield 1836 Dudley Plains
Dudley Jeremiah Readfield 1775 Bath, 
New York 1838
One of the original 19 who marched from Winthrop to Cambridge on the alarm 
Dudley Micajah Readfield 1774 Durham 1798
Dudley Stephen Readfield 1774 unknown One child, Eliphalet, above
Dutton Jesse Readfield 1816 Huntoon Cemetery
Evans John Readfield 1784 Harmony 1806
Fifield Ebenezer Readfield 1834 Case Cemetery
Fillebrown James Readfield 1838 Readfield Corner
Ford James Readfield 1857 Kents Hill Cemetery
Ford Nathaniel Readfield 1834 Kents Hill Cemetery
French John Readfield 1785 unknown unknown Sold land for the Case Cemetery
Fuller Francis Readfield 1775 Case Cemetery
Gage, Capt. John Readfield 1807 Case Cemetery
Gorden Ithiel Readfield 1828 unknown Also served in French & Indian War
Gorden Josiah Readfield 1786 North Fayette 1843
Green Daniel Readfield 1835
Hall Jabez Readfield Canaan 1839
Hankerson William Readfield 1830 Unknown
Howes Issac Readfield 1815 Unknown
Hoyt Peaslee Readfield 1827 East Readfield
Jewett John Readfield 1837 Case Cemetery
Johnson James Readfield 1775 New York 1830 One of the original 19 (see above)
Johnson Joseph Readfield 1794 East Readfield
Jones Stephen Readfield 1775 Unknown
Kent Charles Readfield 1825 Kents Hill
Kent John Readfield 1835 Unknown
Lane James Readfield 1819 Kents Hill
Low Robert Readfield 1832 Livermore 1858
Luce Shubal Readfield 1819 Winthrop
Lyon, Sr. Eliab Readfield 1814 Case Cemetery
Lyon, Jr. Eliab Readfield 1784 Case Cemetery
Mace Andrew Readfield 1845 East Readfield
Mitchell Josiah Readfield Jay 1819
Monk Benjamen Readfield 1786 East Readfield 1816 Case Cemetery
Neal Thomas Readfield 1835 East Readfield
Nickerson Moses Readfield 1818 1842 Unknown
Packard Caleb Readfield 1833 Kents Hill
Packard Joshua Readfield 1800 Readfield 1835 Kents Hill
Page Robert Readfield 1765 Readfield 1825 East Readfield
Prescott Elisha Readfield 1813  Hill Cemetery, North Manchester
Shed, Jr. John Readfield 1832 Vienna 1842 Seavey Corner Cem, Vienna Shed Pond named for this man
Sherburne Job Readfield 1847 Dudley Plains
Smith, Sr. Mathias Readfield 1806 Unknown Also served in French & Indian War
Smith, Jr. Mathias Readfield 1812 Readfield Corner
Southward Constant Readfield (30 Mile River Gore) Corinna 1826
Stain John Readfield 1772 Mt. Vernon 1818
Stevens Jacob Readfield 1840 Case Cemetery
Taylor, Sr. Elias Readfield 1773 Ticonderoga, New York Died in military service
Taylor, Jr. Elias Readfield 1773 Belgrade 1845
Taylor John Readfield 1773 Ticonderoga, New York Died in military service. One of the original 19 volunteers.
Taylor Simeon Readfield 1818 1823 Unknown
Thomas Nathan Readfield 1834 Case Cemetery
Vance William Readfield 1841 ? Vance tomb at Readfield Corner
Veazey Samuel Readfield 1832 Unknown
Waugh Robert Readfield 1769 Readfield 1821 East Readfield
White Moses Readfield 1828 Unknown
Whittier Abel Readfield  c1765 St. John Canada 1776 Died in military service. One of the original 19 volunteers.
Whittier Moses Readfield 1798 East Readfield
Whittier Nathaniel Readfield 1798 East Readfield
Whittier William Readfield c1765 
Mt. Vernon 1814
Woodford Joseph Readfield 1840
Wyman Henry Readfield after 1790 Unknown
Yeaton Jonathan Belgrade Readfield 1839 
(home of son)
Sampson Luther Readfield 1799 Readfield 1847 Kents Hill Founder of Kents Hill School
Hains, Capt. Dudley Readfield 1824 Kents Hill
Simmons, Lieut. Ichabod Readfield 1800 Kingfield 1833
Unknown East Readfield Old granite stone of RW Vet sunken into the ground & unreadable
Hunt Ephraim b.1744 Falmouth
Gorham 1775
Portland 1832 Readfield
Stone Thomas b. 1751 Southbourough, Mass.  Readfield

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WAR OF 1812
This list is taken from the chapter on military history in the  HISTORY OF KENNEBEC COUNTY, published 1892, H.W.Blake Co., New York. Names were checked against Readfield Historical Society files to ascertain which of these men were residents of Readfield. Notations are made where residence is verified. Where there is no notation further research is necessary.  I have included places of burial if that information is available.
Lieut. Col. Sweet's regiment had three Readfield companies. Capt. Waugh's Co. was later enlarged, which explains why his company appears twice.


Last Name First Name Town of Residence Place of Burial Additional Information
Waugh, Capt. George Readfield 38 privates in this Company
Harris, Ensign Herman
Whittier, Sgt. William Mt. Vernon
Bachellor, Cpl. Gilman
Josselyn, Lieut. Alden Readfield
Marston, Sgt. Elisha
Hubbard, Sgt. Richard
Tuck, Cpl. Samuel Readfield
Last Name First Name Town of Residence Place of Burial Additional Information
Smith, Capt. John Readfield Readfield Corner 59 Privates in this Company
Benjamen, Lieut. Samuel
Adams, Ensign Eli Readfield Readfield Corner
Philbrick, Sgt. Nathan Mt. Vernon
McGaffey, Sgt. James Mt. Vernon
Gilman, Sgt. Joseph
Heselton, Sgt. Joseph
King, Cpl. Benjamen
Crocker, Cpl. Warren
Philbrick, Cpl. Walter W. Mt. Vernon
Huntoon, Cpl. David Readfield
Bacon, Musician Josiah Readfield
Shaw, Musician John M. Readfield
Bartlett, Musician Joshua Readfield
Abbott, Musician Stephen Readfield Wife bur East Readfield cemetery
Last Name First Name Town of Residence Place of Burial Additional Information
Waugh, Capt. George Readfield 44 Privates in this Company
Page, Lieut. Samuel Readfield East Readfield
Smith, Ensign Rueben Readfield East Readfield
Taylor, Sgt. William Readfield
Hutchinson, Sgt. Joseph Readfield
Adell (Adle), Sgt. Christopher Readfield East Readfield
Page, Sgt. John Readfield
Page, Cpl. Seward
Coy, Cpl. Nathan Readfield Hill Cemetery, N.Manchester
Simmons, Cpl. Moses Readfield
Clough, Cpl. Elijah Readfield Case Cemetery
Tucker, Musician William
Carleton, Musician Henry Readfield
Morrill, Musician Levi Readfield
Last Name First Name Town of Residence Place of Burial Additional Information
Smith, Capt. John Readfield 45 Privates in this Company
Campbell, Lieut. Daniel Readfield
Adams, Ensign Eli Readfield Readfield Corner
Bacon, Sgt. Lory Readfield Died in Augusta
Smith,Sgt. James Readfield
Fillebrown, Sgt. James Readfield Readfield Corner
Hillman, Sgt. Jethro Readfield Readfield Corner
Huntoon, Cpl. David Readfield Readfield Corner
Stimpson, Cpl. William
Turner, Cpl. John Readfield
Cochran, Cpl. Jacob Readfield
Pierce, Musician Thomas Readfield Readfield Corner
Pierce, Muscian Charles Readfield
Turner, Muscian John Readfield
Last Name First Name Town of Residence Place of Burial Additional Information
Jose Joel H.B.   Readfield Corner
Craig, Ensign Thomas Readfield Corner
Adams, Ensign Eli Readfield  Readfield Corner
Williams Joseph Readfield Corner
Haines, Capt. John Readfield Corner
Davis, Capt. Benjamen Readfield Corner
Davis Francis Readfield Corner
Thompson Samuel Readfield Corner
Smith Rueben Readfield East Readfield
Gorden Daniel Mt. Vernon East Readfield
Brown Henry Case Cemetery Died in service 11/1/1813 in Chatteaugua, New York ae 21yrs.
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Readfield, Maine sent 160 men off to the Civil War.
Govenor Israel Washburn from Livermore was Maine's Civil War govenor.
Our state sent more men (per capita) to fight in the Civil War than any other state in the Union.
The following names were compiled from the Adjutant General's office and Readfield town cemetery records.
There are 4 tables included here so keep searching if you don't find who you are looking for on the first one!

 Following is a list of 27 Readfield men killed or wounded in the Civil War
Table # 1

Died or Wounded
Additional Information
Adams, William H. H. d. April 18, 1863 buried Kents Hill
Albee, Freeland N. wounded
Brown, Charles C. w. July 18, 1861 d. Hilton Head Dec. 5, 1861
Brown, John F. d. Hilton Head Dec. 5, 1861
Brown, Lewis F. d. at Little Washington, VA August 4, 1862
Brown Samuel d. March 18, 1863 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Caldwell, William P. d. July 4, 1862 Buried Readfield Corner
Caldwell, Lewis P. Lieut. d. 1864 killed bef. Petersburg Buried Readfield Corner
Craig, William W. d. March 15, 1865 age 20 yrs.
Craig, Daniel Col. d. July 10, 186?
Chapman, Charles H. d. March 19, 1863
Clough, Albanus w. June 3, 1864
Fairbanks, Elnathan S. d. July 7, 1863
Foster, Enos w. ? date d. Sept. 4, 1863
Gilman, John w. September 30, 1864
Gove, Elias H. d. July 13, 1863 ae 22 yrs Co. B 8th Regt. Me Vol.
Gove, Melvin Jr. d. April 30, 1864 ae 19 yrs. at Rappahannock Station Regt. Me. Volunteers
Hanscom, Lewis d. Oct. 1, 1862 ae 21 yrs in Philidelphia buried Readfield Corner with his parents
Graves, George w. d. of wounds
Haskell, Charles B. Lieut. w. Fair Oaks d. June 12, 1862
Ladd, James M. d. March 7, 1863
Lacroix, Franklin M. KIA
Luce, Roscoe W. d. Dec. 15, 1864 ae25 yrs in Salisbury, North Carolina prison bur Readfield Corner
Morrill, Jacob P. w. Fair Oaks d. 1902 buried East Readfield
Morse, Charles S. d. in prison at Florence, South Carolina 1864 ae 37 yrs
Torrey, Charles H. d. April 28, 1865
Civil War TABLE # 2
Place of Burial
Place of Burial
Allen, George Lane, George Maddocks Co. F. Coastguard Readfield Corner
Armstrong, George L. Readfield Corner Libby, William H.F. Navy
Atwood, Rueben Little, John
Barnes, James 1st Calvary Lisherness, Samuel
Bean, Milton A Readfield Corner Lovejoy, Samuel H.
Bethen, Edward McKeen, F.R.
Bodwell, George B. Private Co. E 9th Reg. Manson, Frank
Boynton, Walter C. Martin, Levi 5th Battery
Brown, Benjamen B. U.S.W.E.B. Res. Corps Dudley Plains Morrill, William East Readfield
Bubier, Charles H. Norton, Frank. J. Private 7th Battery Readfield Corner
Clark, Lewis E. Palmer, Charles E.
Clough, Francis D. Readfield Corner Perkins, Ansel B.
Coakley, William Peva, Nathan
Cobb, Charles B. Philbrick, Charles H.
Craig, John S. Pooler, Henry
Cram, Edwin H. Spring Hill Rd. Mt. Vernon Putnam, John. 
Crowell, Charles S. 2nd Calvary Putten, C. V.
Cunningham, Robert M. Robbons, William L.
Dalton, Hiram A. Capt. Robertson, A.A.
Davenport, Charles L. Rogers, Joseph F.
Devins, Thomas Russell, George A. Lieut. Readfield Corner
Diplock, George Russell, Michael
Dudley, J.P. 7th Battery Me. East Readfield Sanborn, Nahum Q. C.E. 2nd Calvary Family in Monmouth in 1871
Dunham, William H. Private Co. J. Reg 11 Sawtelle, Thomas
Estes, Orrin C. Smith, Gustavus 29th Reg. 30th Infantry Readfield Corner
Fogg, Dudley S. Readfield Corner Smith, Lucius 5th Battalion Mt. Art.
Folsm, Francis J. Smith, Nathan
Freeman, Edwin Starville, Asa V.
Galvin, John Wife bur. Dudley Plains Sullivan, Daniel
Getchell, Stillman P. Tarr, John B.
Goding, Martin 4th Battery Taylor, Dexter
Gordon, Daniel E. East Readfield Thomas, H.C.
Goss, Joel H.B. Thomas, Silas C.
Hall, Charles E. Tinker, Fernand Jr. Readfield Corner
Hamlin, Charles W. Turner, James Readfield Corner
Hicks, Alba C. Waugh, George W.
Holmes, Henry Webber, Lewis
Howe, Jonathan Wentworth, Nathan
Hunt, William H. East Readfield Williams, George R.
Hunton, Emery L. Readfield Corner Williams, John M. Readfield Corner
Hunton, Dudley J. Readfield Corner Wing, Eben
Hutchins, William Wing, Leonard L.
Jackson, George W. Woodworth, Thomas J.
Jewett, Dennis B. Yeaton, Horace G.
Jewett, Noah II Kents Hill
Johnson, Joseph P.
King, Moses
Knowlton, Frederick S.
Lancaster, Frank

Civil War Table # 3
List of soldiers mustered in prior to December 31, 1861, from Adjutant General's office

Additional Information
Additional Information
Blake, Henry G. Moran, Michael
Brown, Lemuel S. bur Readfield Corner Morrill, Joseph S.
Cram, Benjamen J. bur Readfield Corner Morse, Charles S. bur Readfield Corner
Eaton, Hamlin F., Lieut Newell, Hugh S. wife in Vassalboro 1861
Gordon, Robert Packard, Thomas A.
Gove, Elias H. bur Readfield Corner Perkins, Anson B.
Hains, Dudley Lieut. bur Readfield Corner Pierce, Thomas H. B. bur Readfield Corner
Handy, George bur Readfield Corner Putnam, Christopher C.
Holden, George H. Robins, Oscar E.
Howard, William H. Thomas, Bradbury H. went west 1868
Howes, John M. Thomas, Henry C.
Hunton, Emery L. bur Readfield Corner Thomas, Zadoc H. bur North Manchester Cem.
Hunton, Herbert Wentworth, Hebron M.
Hunton, Samuel bur Readfield Corner Whittier, Alvaro S.
Jewett, Dennis B. Whittier, Cyrus B.
Jewett, Noah, Lieut bur Kents Hill Williams, Charles H.
Kittredge, Charles bur Readfield Corner Wright, Elbridge
Lacroix, Franklin KIA Wright, George W.
Linscott, Melville C. Capt.
Linscott, William H.
Lyons, George
Mace, Elijah A.
Merrill, Auburn
Merrill, Joseph S.
Table # 4
The names below are Civil War soldiers buried in Readfield who may not appear on the Readfield  list compiled by the Adjutant General's office. These  names were compiled from the Readfield cemetery records by Dale Potter Clark. Some are listed only because they have a G.A.R. marker on their grave, and further research seems warranted in some cases.


Kents Hill Cemetery Crosley, S.M. 2nd Lieut., U.S. Navy, d.1893 ae 52 yrs.
Russell, Sidney F. Born in Coventon, Georgia, d. 10-14-1876 ae 26 yrs. Escaped from slavery and followed General Sherman's Army north. Friends in Boston became interested in him, and sent him to Maine Wesleyan Seminary (Kents Hill School) to fit him for ministry in the south.
East Readfield Cemetery Merrow, Seth b.1833  d.1916
Brainard, Richard d.1904 ae 71 yrs
Gordon, John H. no dates. A special veteran stone Co. F 10 Maine Infantry
Stevens, Elijah G. 1843-1925
Morrill, George
Holmes, William b.3-21-1834  d.2-08-1904
Morrill, Jacob Plummer b.9-22-1843  d.2-22-1902
Preble, Sidney T. 1842-1892
Dudley Plains Cemetery Brown, Currier Jr. d.6-24-1866 ae 59 yrs.
Gordon, Harrison T. 1839-1909
Readfield Corner Cemetery Rowe, Hanson 1849-1875
Porter, William 1818-1901
Whittier, Alvin 1825-1872 (Soldier 1861-1865)
Nickerson, H. O. 1833-1891
Hunton, J. Dudley 1844-1914
Davis, L. E. d.5-30-1862 ae 30 yrs.
Gove, Melvin S. Jr. Regt. Maine Volunteers. Died at Rappahannock Station 4-30-1864 ae 19 yrs.
Gove, Elias H. Co. B. 8th Regiment Maine Volunteers. Died 7-13-1863 ae 22 yrs.
Harvey, Franklin Son of William & D.A. Harvey d.10-22-1864 ae 19 yrs.
Craig, Lewis J. 1835-1899
Taylor, Horace d.1876 ae 45 yrs.
Ladd, Dudley 1844-1924
Collins, Charles H. d.1887 ae 46 yrs.
Jones, Joseph 1846-1893
Laughton, William 1833-1926
Jose, Joel H.B. 1830-1886 Co. H. 11th Maine Regiment
Clifford, David S. 1818-1898 4th Maine Battery
Giles, Sylvannus W. 1836-1893
Phinney, Frank 1839-1893
Douglass, George W. b. Litchfield, Maine 1826-1908
White, Franklin B. d. 1893 ae 82 yrs.
White, H. O.  d. 7-21-1870 ae 46 yrs.
Hunton, Emery 1840-1914
Hanscom, Lewis d. 10-1-1862 ae 21 yrs. in Philidelphia
Williams, Emmon 1831-1917
Palmer, Gorham 1820-1899
Morrill, Phineas Capt. b. Berwick, Maine 11-27-1796 d. Readfield 3-22-1880
Masterman, John R. 1837-1910 Co. B 2nd Maine Calvary
Shaw, Resolvo 1841-1900 Corp. Co. A 20th Maine Vol. Infantry
Crockett, William A. 1841-1908 P of H on stone
Bean, Charles C. 1828-1901 Pvt. Co. C 15th Maine Volunteer Infantry
Leighton, Timothy 1839-1931
Brown, Sylvester C. 1838-1917
Craig, William W. d.3-15-1865 ae 20 yrs.
Craig, Daniel Col. d.7-10-1867 ae 66 yrs.
Robie, Joseph d. 1871 ae 71 yrs.
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Names on the following two tables were obtained from the office of the Adjutant General and Defense & Veteran Services. Burial sites compiled from Readfield burial records.

Table #1 An * appears beside names of those who were killed in military service.
Abbott, Edwin W. * Readfield Corner
Adams, William A.
Bamford, Hobart M.
Briggs, Leon P.
Burnell, Eli W. Readfield Corner
Bowen, Ralph H.
Catland, Hollis B.
Collins, Parkman A. East Readfield
Dow, Carl B.
Dow, Harlan K. Readfield Corner
Dow, Maynard W.
Dudley, Elwood P. ? died in Arizona
Dunn, Clyde L.
Emerson, Ivan D. Glenside Cemetery, Winthrop, Maine
Farnham, Alton J. Wilton, Maine
Fogg, Samuel Sr. Readfield Corner
Galouch, Freeman M. Readfield Corner
Gay, Harold (Harry)
Gorden, Ralph N. * Readfield Corner
Greeley, Charles J. Readfield Corner
Hall, Roger F.
Hanson, Hjilmar C.
Hutchinson, Edwin M. Jr. East Readfield
Jackson, Charles E.
Jackson, Harry H.
Kendall, Kenneth M. ? Florida
Kendall, Frank L.
Ladd, Walter A. b.1892 d.1974 bur. Readfield Corner
Lambert, Donald G.
Libby, Charles H.
Lane, Ralph E. Readfield Corner
Luce, Linwood N. East Readfield
Lambert, Frank E.
McCausland, Herbert A.
Merrifield, T. F.
Milliken, John S.
Morgan, Ernest B. Readfield Corner
Morrill, Jack
Newton, Robert D.
Newton, Ronald W. * Kents Hill Cemetery
Patterson, Lyle S. B.
Randall, Leon M.
Robbins, Trueman
Sands, Ralph E. b.6-11-1897 d.4-23-1982 in Beverly, Mass. buried in Puritan Lawn Cemetery, Peabody, Mass. (info from Marguerite Sands, sister-in-law)
Sherburne, Eugene Readfield Corner
Stevens, Guy M. East Readfield
Stevens, Lorin A.
Trefethen, Henry Readfield Corner
Walters, Philip H., Sr. Readfield Corner
Washburn, Frank A.
Whitemore, Everett C.
Whittier, Donald L. Whittier Cemetery (no marker)
Wing, Ralph H. Readfield Corner
Winters, Cyrus D. Readfield Corner
 The following WW1 Veterans are buried in Readfield. These names were compiled from Readfield burial records, and are listed here by the cemetery.

Table # 2 An * appears beside the names of veterans killed in military service.
Readfield Corner Southern, William
Bickford, Charles W.
Elliot, Guy C.
Goodwin, Charles E.
Giffin, Raymond R.
Willey, Walter
Dodge, Edward Donald
Woodsome, Everett
White, Ernest E. Sr.
McFall, George W.
White, Robie F.
Hunton, Oramell E. *
East Readfield Cemetery Stevens, George A.
Frost, Forest H.
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The names on this list were taken from the 1946 Readfield Town Report, Readfield Service List. Revised to February 1, 1946.

An * appears beside the names of those veterans killed in action
Adams, Milan Macomber, Arthur
Adams, Otho Macomber, Harold
Adell, Clinton Macomber, Robert
Adell, Gerald Maloney, Joseph
Adell, Thomas Mooer, Joseph
Armstrong, Rodney Moore, Carleton
Bailey, Harold Moore, Maurice
Beaulieu, Bernard Mulligan, Frank *
Berry, Nelson Myers, Clayton
Berry, William McAllian, Charles
Berry, Albert McDougald, Ernald
Bishop, Charles McDougald, Frank
Brisbin, Howard McElman, Richard
Bryant, Albion McKenney, William
Bullock, Hermon Newton, John
Butman, James Nobis, Arthur
Carter, Frederick Nottage, Roland
Carter, Ralph McKenney, Max
Cates, George Jr. McKenney, William
Clark, Elton Parker, Clyde
Clark, Lowell S. Peterson, Nils
Cleaves, Royal Peura, Wilho
Coffin, Almond Pickett, George
Coffin, Perle Pierce, Lawrence
Conley, Edward Jr. Pinkham, George
Cotton, Clifton Potter, Donald
Chapman, Neil Potter, Lorin
Dalbeck, James Phillips, Irving
Dow, Ralph Rolfe, Ernest Jr.
Dudley, Almont Rolfe, Kenneth
Dudley, Kenneth Rolfe, Robert *
Fifield, Shirley Rose, William
Fish, Lawrence Shelton, Guy
Fogg, Chase Shorey, Lloyd
Fogg, Leo Sivret, Robert
Fogg, Samuel Jr. Smith, Donald
Gay, Burton Smith, Ezra
Gay, Lewis Smith, Isaac
Gay, Carleton Swift, Lawrence
Gay, Parkman Stiles, Herbert
Gillette, Jesse Townsend, Marion
Gordon, Lawrence Turner, Kenneth
Hanson, Bernard Walker, George
Hanson, Ramon Walters, Donn
Harris, Ray Walters, Philip
Hasty, James Wein, Dalton
Hincks, Edward Jr. Webber, Kenneth
Jones, George Webber, Olie
Killam, robert Wells, Irving Jr.
Ladd, William Williams, Lucille (Gordon)
Lane, Lawrence Wills, John
Lane, Thomas Whitten, Wilbur
Labar, Gene *
Lewis, George Jr.
Lewis, Richard
Lord, Ervin
Lucas, Lawrence
Luce, Rex

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The names on this list are from records in the Adjutant General office. Some of these veterans resided in Mt. Vernon, but were included on the Readfield list (presumably because mailing address was Readfield.) Notations are made to clarify town of residence, but this is not a complete listing of veterans from Mt. Vernon.


Korean War Veterans from Readfield and partial list of Mt. Vernon, Maine
Adell, Harold Jr. Havey, William
Adell, Wendell Stevens Lane, Hayward
Berry, Richard Lucas, Kenneth
Boutilier, John Luce, Harland
Boutilier, Malcolm Morton, Paul Standish
Bradford, Milton Jr. Nason, Clayton
Bruen, Richard Olson, Louis
Cadarett, David Phelps, John  - Mt. Vernon
Carl, Robert  -  Mt. Vernon Pinkham, Carlton
Carlson, David Pinkham, Merton
Cates, Gleason Piper, Carolyn
Cates, George Piper, Granville
Cowperthwaite, Gerald Piper, Maynard
Doughty, Anson  -  Mt. Vernon Potter, Hubert
Downs, Granville Ricker, Norman
Dunn, Ronald  -  Mt. Vernon Struck, William  -  Mt. Vernon
Elias, Richard Strout, John
Elliott, Delos Sullivan, John Jr.
Elvin, Arthur Totten, David Jr.  -  Mt. Vernon
Frost, Annie Walters, Roger
Galouch, Berton Welch, Robert Cony
Gay, Robert Downs, Robert
Goucher, Gerald  -  Mt. Vernon Greene, Leroy Donald  - Mt. Vernon
Goucher, Phillip  -  Mt. Vernon
Goucher, Theodore  -  Mt. Vernon
Greene, John  -  Mt. Vernon
Griffin, George
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This list of names was taken from records in Adjutant General's office. Some of these veterans were from neighboring towns - probably because their mailing address was Readfield at the time of enlistment. Notations are made on those veterans known to be Mt. Vernon residents.

Bailey, Leon Morgan, Arthur
Barter, Leroy - Mt. Vernon Notis, Andrew
Barter, Warren - Mt. Vernon Patridge, Frederick
Butman, William Perkins, Max  - Mt. Vernon
Buxton, Anthony Pettingill, Daniel - Mt. Vernon
Cadarett, James Pinkham, George
Caouette, George Pinkham, John
Cates, Gilbert Piper, Maynard
Clark, Thomas Frederick Potter, Gary Donald, U.S. Marines
Clark, Thomas George, U.S. Army 
Mt. Vernon 
1955-1988 buried Kents Hill
Rhea, Luella (Carter)
Crocker, Eugene Roberts, Kenneth - Mt. Vernon
Crocker, Melvin Jr. Roberts, Paul - Mt. Vernon
Crocker, Richard Roberts, Rene - Mt. Vernon
Crommett, Craig  - Mt. Vernon Russell, Nancy
Cullins, Roscoe Jr. Sharpe, Sidney
Currier, Richard  - Mt. Vernon Sirois, Gary
Cushing, Muriel Turner, Kenneth Michael
Cushing, Patrick Wadleigh, Charles - Mt. Vernon
Damren, Glenwood  - Mt. Vernon Wadleigh, Jon - Mt. Vernon
Galouch, Jeffrey Weymouth, Theodore - Mt. Vernon
Gramlich, Robert Wood, James
Gramlich, Theodore Ellis, Mark
Harriman, Benjamen Stratton, Ronald
Harris, Robert Smart, Annie
Hillier, Chester Williams, Burton Jr. U.S.A.F. 
1943-1975 buried Readfield Corner
Jacobs, Mark  - Mt. Vernon Merrill, Steven
Lancaster, Stephen - Mt. Vernon
Lewis, Gregory Stephen
Lewis, Robert
McLaughlin, Henry

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