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Aroostook is the northernmost county in Maine. It is bordered on the south by Somerset, Piscataquis, Penobscott, and Washington counties; on the north and east by the Canadian province of New Brunswick; and on the west by the province of Quebec.

Ranges, Townships, and Plantations

Aroostook county is laid out in a grid-like fashion. Ranges run north and south, and are numbered westward from the eastern border of the state (up to range 17). Each range is made up of townships, which are numbered from south to north (up to township 20, although, because of the irregularity of the shape of Aroostook county, not all ranges contain 20 townships). The township numbers for the ranges in Aroostook county are:

A specific township in a specific range may have been named a plantation. Some plantations were given names (such as Range 6, Township 9: "Oxbow Plantation"), while others (in ranges 1 and 2) were given simple letter designations (such as "Letter D Plantation"). Oftentimes these names were derived from villages that were established within them, which can cause some confusion -- Van Buren village, for example, is different from Van Buren Plantation. All others are referred to (in census records, etc) simply by their range/township numbers (such as Range 9, Township 16).


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