Aroostook County Cemeteries





Aroostook County Cemeteries

Cemetery and Tombstone Data Sites

Below is a listing of the cemeteries of Aroostook County, sorted by cemetery name. The eventual goal in listing these is to provide pointers to listings of tombstone information. If you have transcribed Aroostook county tombstones, or know of any additional cemeteries, please let me know.

The rightmost column contains information and links specific to that cemetery:

indicates the cemetery is recognized by the US Geological Survey.
clickable link to transcriptions of the stones .
indicates the cemetery inscriptions have been recorded by the Maine Old Cemetery Association (records are at the State Library).

Cemetery Location Notes and Related Sites
(see key above)
Adams Presbyterian Cemetery Foxcroft Road, Houlton  
Alieff Cemetery Ashland
Alley Cemetery Ashland
Alward Grave Cemetery Portage
Aroostook Valley Cemetery Washburn
Ashland Municipal Cemetery Ashland
Ashland Sheridan Cemetery
Babcock-Snow Cemetery Haynesville
Bates Cemetery Hersey
Bates Cemetery Island Falls
Bean Cemetery Parkhurst Siding Road, Presque Isle
Blaisdell Cemetery Haynesville
Bolton Cemetery Allagash
Brackett Cemetery Weston
Braley Cemetery Chapman
Brannen Cemetery Mapleton
Bubar-Forbes Cemetery Caribou
Buffalo Cemetery Portage Lake East
Butterfield Cemetery Weston
Caldwell Cemetery Limestone
Clifford Cemetery Reed
Cooper Cemetery Moro
Crouseville Cemetery Crouseville  
Darling Cemetery Moro
Dudley Cemetery Castle Hill
Dunn Cemetery Ashland
Eastman (Benjamin) Cemetery Glenwood Plantation
Eastman-Sellers Cemetery Glenwood Plantation
Ellis - Trafton Cemetery Ashland
Estabrook Cemetery Ten Mile Lake
Evergreen Cemetery Houlton  
Fairmont Cemetery Houlton Road, Presque Isle  
Fairview Cemetery Washburn
Goodblood Cemetery Portage
Greenridge Cemetery Caribou
Grendall Cemetery Chapman
Henderson Cemetery Foxcroft Road, Littleton (same as Old Foxcroft Cemetery?)
Hews (Benjamin) Cemetery Township # 85
Hodgdon Cemetery Hodgdon
Hoffses Cemetery Mapleton
Holmes Cemetery Wade
Holy Rosary Catholic Cemetery Caribou  
Houghton Burial Ground Fort Fairfield (also known as Old Riverside Cemetery)
Jemtland Cemetery Mud Lake
Jewell Monticello
Johnson Cemetery Caribou Road, Presque Isle  
Karns-Gellerson Cemetery Haynesville
Kearney Cemetery Limestone (Hwy 1A, across from St. Louis Catholic Church) (courtesy of Charlotte Shorey-Bromley Croshaw ([email protected]))
Kings Grove Cemetery Mars Hill
Knight Cemetery Fort Fairfield
Ladner Cemetery Easton
Linneaus Cemetery Linneaus
Lyndon Cemetery Caribou
Maple Grove Cemetery Ft. Fairfield
transcriptions of WEBBs and HOYT/HOITs tombstones
Marley-Bradford Cemetery Moro
Marshall Cemetery Westfield
McCormack Family Cemetery Portage
McCormack Cemetery Nashville
McDonald Farm Cemetery Glenwood Plantation
New Sweden Cemetery New Sweden  
Oakfield Cemetery Oakfield
Old Foxcroft Cemetery Old Foxcroft Road, Littleton (same as Henderson Cemetery?)
Old Mill Cemetery Mapleton
Old Riverside Cemetery Fort Fairfield History and Record (this is a huge PDF file; you might prefer to first check out the surname index)
Old Soldiers Cemetery Houlton
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Cemetery Portage
Oxbow Cemetery Oxbow
Perry Cemetery Houlton
Peters Cove Cemetery Orient
Pierce (Isaiah) Cemetery Glenwood Plantation
Pierce Cemetery Mars Hill
Pierce Cemetery Wytopitlock Lake
Portage Municipal Cemetery Portage Lake
Riverside Cemetery Haynesville
Riverside Cemetery Fort Fairfield
Burial Records 1884 to 1925
Riverview Cemetery Haynesville
Robinson Cemetery Ashland
Robinson Cemetery Blaine
Robinson Cemetery Squa Pan
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery Van Buren Road, North Caribou a lot of early settlers when it was called Connor, Maine
St. Agatha's Cemetery Saint Agatha  
Saint Etropus' Cemetery Saint Agatha
St. Joseph's Cemetery Wallagrass  
Saint Louis' Cemetery Limestone  
St. Mary's Cemetery Houlton  
St. Mary's Cemetery Presque Isle  
St. Monica's Cemetery Amity
Selden Cemetery Haynesville
Seldon Cemetery Weston
Sherman Mills Cemetery Patten
Silver Ridge Cemetery Silver Ridge
Silver Ridge Cemetery Monarda
Smith Cemetery Bridgewater
Smith Cemetery Haynesville
Smith Cemetery Masardis
Smith Graves Cemetery Garfield
Snow Cemetery Mars Hill
Spurr Cemetery Amity
Stewart Cemetery Smyrna
Sutherland Cemetery Portage
Swett Cemetery Oxbow
Tapley Cemetery Houlton Road (US#1), Blaine  
Tarbell Cemetery Smyrna
Tarr Cemetery Mapleton
Toule-Bean-Spinney Cemetery Bancroft
Trout Brook Cemetery Weston
Trout Brook Cemetery Jimmey Mountain
Tuck Cemetery Haynesville
Twombly (Nathaniel) Cemetery Glenwood Plantation
(unnamed cemetery) Masardis
Village Cemetery Monticello
Walton Cemetery Fort Fairfield
Watson Cemetery Foxcroft Road, Houlton  
Webster Cemetery Limestone
Weed Cemetery Littleton
West Jemtland Cemetery Mud Lake
Whitaker Cemetery Presque Isle
Whited Cemetery Bridgewater
Wilcox Cemetery Ten Mile Lake
Willard Cemetery Oxbow
Winslow Cemetery Squa Pan
Woodland Cemetery Woodland Road, Woodland (mailing is Caribou)  
Yerxa Cemetery Ludlow
Yorkville Rd. Cemetery Ashland