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Census Records

The US Constitution requires that a federal census be conducted every ten years; the federal census has been conducted since 1790. The records from 1790-1920 are made publicly available by the US National Archives; later census records are inaccessible for privacy reasons. (In addition to the federal censuses, Maine also conducted its own special census in 1837.)

The USGenWeb Census Project is undertaking the task of transcribing the census data from every available Federal census and making it available on the web. There are also some individuals who have transcribed parts of censuses for their own use, and generously shared it with us.

Here are the available sites on census records:

Aroostook County Census Records

The sites related to census records are of two types: scanned images of the records, and transcriptions of those records. These are related to Aroostook County.

Scanned images of original census records of Aroostook County

Transcriptions of census records of Aroostook County

See also the Aroostook GenWeb's Towns page for links to census records, sorted by town.

Maine Census Records

General Census Records -- Commercial Sites

The following commercial sites provide census records for a fee. They have records for Aroostook county.  
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