Special 1837 Maine Census

Special Maine 1837 Census

This is a Special Maine State Census or enumeration of the inhabitants on the 1st Mar 1837 taken pursuant to an Act of the Legislature of Maine passed 8 Mar 1837.
The law directed:

  1. All inhabitants would be counted excepting,

(N.B. The incorporated towns & cities where done on the local level. We have located the 1837 Special Census for Bangor, Portland, Dennysville and Roxbury, Maine. The townships of Maine were enumerated by the State of Maine.)
(Designations in parentheses are those used in the census)


  1. Adamstown (T4 R2) Oxford, Co.
  2. Andover North Surplus Oxford Co.
  3. Aroostook River, along the in Aroostook Co.
  4. Ashland (T11 R5 WELS) Aroostook Co.
  5. Bangor (Coming soon, to be transcribed by David C. Young)
  6. Benedicta (T2 R5 WELS Catholic Township) in Aroostook Co.
  7. Big Lake (Tp. 21 BP) Washington Co.
  8. Bowerbank (Between the Piscataquis River and the West Branch of the Penobscot River)
  9. Bowtown. (TI R4 WKR) Somerset County
  10. Bradford (Tl R5), Penobscot Co.
  11. Bridgewater (Bridgewater Academy Grant), Aroostook Co.
  12. Brookton Township (T9 R3) Washington Co.
  13. Burnham annexed part of Clinton Gore, Waldo Co.
  14. Caribou, Aroostook Co
  15. Carrabasset Valley (T3 R2 WKR), Franklin Co.
  16. Carratunk Plantation, (TI R3 EKR) Somerset Co.
  17. Carroll Plantation (T6 R2), Penobscot Co.
  18. Carrying Place Plantation (1 R3 BKP WKR) Somerset Co.
  19. Cary Plantation (T11 Rl)
  20. Clifton (Jarvis Gore), Penobscot Co.
  21. Clinton (annexed part of Clinton Gore) Kennebec Co.
  22. Coplin Plantation, Franklin Co.
  23. Dallas (T2 R2), Franklin Co.
  24. Danforth (Danforth's half township) Washington Co.
  25. Dead River (T3 R3 WKR BKP), Somerset Co.
  26. Deblois# (17) Washington Co.
  27. Dennistown, (T5 R2 state land) Somerset Co.
  28. Devereaux #(29) Washington Co.
  29. Drew Plantation (T7 R4), Penobscot Co.
  30. Dyer (Tl R2) Washington Co.
  31. Eaton (T9 R4) Washinton Co.
  32. Eustis (Bath Academy Grant), Franklin Co.
  33. Flagstaff (T4 R4 WKR BKP), Somerset Co.
  34. Forest City (T9 R4) Washington Co.
  35. The Forks (TI R4 EKR) Somerset Co.
  36. Fowler (part of Dyer Tp TI R2) Washington Co.
  37. Glenwood,2 R3 WELS, Aroostook Co.,
  38. Grafton, (TA No. 2), Oxford Co.
  39. Greenbush (Upper East Indian Township?)., Penobscot Co.
  40. Hampden
  41. Haynesville (Dole Township Tp. 9?)
  42. Highland Plantation (T2 R2 WKR BP) , Somerset Co.
  43. East and West (Hopkins Academy Grants near Millinocket), Penobscot Co.
  44. Jackman, (T4 R1, state land), Somerset Co.
  45. Kilgore11 R3 NBPP, Washington Co.
  46. Lakeville Plantation (T4 Rl), Penobscot Co.
  47. Lewiston, Maine (1837 County Tax list)
  48. Lincoln Plantation(T5 R2), Oxford Co.
  49. Littleton (Part of Williams College Grant) in Aroostook County
  50. Ludlow(Belfast Academy Grant), Aroostook Co,
  51. Magalloway (T5 RI) , Oxford Co.
  52. Mapleton (T12 R3 WELS), Aroostook Co.
  53. Masardis (T10 R5 WELS), Aroostook Co.
  54. Mason (Part of Fryeburg Academy Grant) of Oxford Co., Maine
  55. Matinicus, Knox Co.
  56. Mattawamkeag(Lower East Indian Township? Lower West Indian Township #2?), Penobscot Co.
  57. Medway (TA R6), Penobscot Co.
  58. Miscellaneous papers
  59. Monhegan, Lincoln Co.
  60. Moose River (T4 R2 state land), Somerset Co.
  61. Mount Chase Plantation(T5 R6 WELS), Penobscot Co.
  62. Muscle Ledge, Knox Co.
  63. (New Gloucester, annexed part of the Eighty-rod strip) Cumberland Co.
  64. Northfield , (24 ED BPP) Washington Co.
  65. Oakfield (T5 R3 WELS)
  66. Orient (Orient Gore) Aroostook Co.
  67. Parlin Pond (T3 R7 WKR BKP)
  68. Passadumkeag (Lower East Indian Township #l?)
  69. Patten, (T4 R6 WELS) Penobscot Co.
  70. Plantations (Washington Co.)
  71. Pleasant Ridge Plantation Somerset Co.
  72. Portland, Cumberland Co.
  73. Rangeley, town of (T3 R2) Franklin Co.
  74. Raymond (annexed parts of Gray Surplus, Eighty-rod strip, the Cape) Cumberland Co.
  75. Reed (Tl R3 WELS) Aroostook Co.
  76. Richardsontown (4 R1 WBKP) Oxford Co.
  77. Riley (TA No, 1) Oxford Co.
  78. Roxbury Oxford Co.
  79. Sandy Bay, (T 5 R3 Sandy Bay Co.) Somerset Co.
  80. Sherman, Golden Ridge Township, (T3 R5 WELS), Aroostook Co.
  81. Catholic Township, T2 R5 WELS Aroostook Co
  82. Smyrna, (T6 R3 WELS) Aroostook Co.
  83. Standish, The Cape Cumberland Co.
  84. Stoneham (part of Fryeburg Academy Grant) Oxford Co.
  85. Talmadge (Talmadge Tp. No. 3 R2) Washington Co.
  86. Topsfield (T8 R2) Washington Co.
  87. Townships:
  88. Unity Plantation (Plantation north of Albion) Kennebec Co.
  89. Upper Molunkus, Penobscot Co.
  90. Upton (Twp. B) Oxford Co.
  91. Waite (Waite Twp. T2 R2) Washington Co.
  92. Washburn (T13 R3 WELS) Aroostook Co.
  93. West Forks Plantation (Tl R5 WKR BKP) Somerset Co.
  94. Weston (Monroe Gore) Aroostook Co.
  95. Willimantic (T8 R8 NWP) Piscataquis Co.
  96. Winn, (River Twp. 4 R 3), Penobscot Co,
  97. Woodstock (Twp. 2 now a part of) Oxford Co.
  98. Woodville (Lower West Indian Township #2?) Penobscot Co.
  99. Wyman (T4 R3 WKR) Franklin Co.

  • Arooostook County, Maine 1837 Census (Courtesy of Linda Allen)
  • 1837 Census Records of a few Penobscot County Townships (Courtesy of the Penobscot County GW Project)

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