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The purpose of our research is to describe the family history of some of our ascendants, and that related to the period, their cummunity and place of residence/migration.

To do that, we will collect data, put them in one or more databases, analyze them, decide what's relevant, and publish with those data one or more printed and/or electronic documents.

The books will be published in Dutch, in a edition with limited diffusion.

Electronic extracts will be available on this site (or on the internet) in English and on my primary site in Dutch. Some text will be available later in French on a other site, for our French speaking part of the family.

Research done ...

The collection of my data started in 1965 (ahnentafel of 6 generations) and was mainly based on the research of my father. It slowed down in 1973 when I leaved for Germany until 1986. I started to use Roots III as database package, some years after my move to Brussels and an active use of the LDS micfrofilms now available. I did collect enough data for an ahnen tafel of 12 generations. Mainly from the LDS Microfilms, but also the Population Registers of Lokeren and the 18th century census of Sint-Niklaas.

A draft of my first family book was ready for the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents in 1998, but a major disk crash caused (with the help of Murphy's Law) some problems. As a result I've decided to re-enter all data. About 6000 records of the 7000 are already done, and 1000 new records added.

and to do ...

Some professionnal obligations (Y2K, ...) until my retirement begin 2000, a major conflict with my former ISP in 2000/2001, the problem of condominium management in Brussels (new legislation of 1995 not yet "really in use"), the problem of plagiarism in the genealogical community, the recent changes of archive locations and availability of microfilms and the repercussion of all this on my volunteer work within the BELGIUM-ROOTS Project slowed also down my research. We hope to be in a normal situation again in 2003/2004.

And will make more detailed plans at that moment.

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