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  • In progress

    The technical update of the English pages has started.
    • Update not finished for:
      • Site Map (must wait until most of the pages are updated)
      • Copyrights (text not yet written)
      • E-mail (suspended until my ISP changes his domain name)
      • Data Output page (to update end this year, after TMG5 has produced his first GEDCOM with proofreaded data)
  • 16 August 2003

  • 15 August 2003

    • The page for the Surname BAELE created.
    • The family page updated with the birth of Dries, our second grand-son. And also some data about my professional life.
    • Some content of page Read Me updated and/or moved to other pages.
    • Created the page Copyrights with some info about fair use, copyrights, privacy, etc ... on this site.
  • 14 August 2003

    The long awaited version 5.09 of TMG has arrived. It's now possible to upgrade from TMG4 to TMG5, without loosing important features. So we have started to make the Website ready for a new set of pages, generated with TMG, Second Site and IMatch. The Dutch set of pages has already been updated. Only minor changes of the content.
  • 19 May 2001

    All pages are reviewed and repaired where needed (broken links, ...). The link to the pages of Roger Theys will be restored once the pages are available again. No real change of content, but the content is more reachable. This update hasn't been done yet for the Dutch version of this site. Priority has been given to the BELGIUM-ROOTS site, until now.
  • Jul 2000

    The planned upload of the much needed corrections is interrupted, due to major problems with my former ISP.
  • 01 March 2000

    First upload of this version. Is in the same time a trial version for the new version of the BELGIUM-ROOTS site.
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