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The content of this site is created from the result of my genealogical research. I'm focused on the research of the roots and the family history of my own family, with origins mainly in the region between Ghent, Antwerp and the Scheldt, situated in the province East-Flanders (Belgium).

Map of this region between Durme and Schelde
This map has as center Laarne, Callestraat, the home of my ancestors MATTHIJS around 1800, and probably from around 1500 on.

To research our roots, we must also gather data that do become irrelevant for family research once our ancestor is determined. But these surname data could be useful for others. In this context I do actively support the research about the following surnames (and their variations): MATTHYS, CLAEYS, VAN DEN BERGHE and DE THAYE (in fact the surnames of my grand-parents). And will also support research (if time permits) about the surnames AELTERMAN, DE BRUYNE, DE COCK, DENIS, DE VREEZE, DE WILDE, DE WITTE, NAUDTS, STEVENS, STOCKMANS, VAN PETEGHEM, ... localized in the province East-Flanders (Belgium).

To write a real Family History, one must also collect data about places, occupations, ... . Some of this data will be submitted to the BELGIUM-ROOTS Project, if it's useful in the context of that project. Or uploaded to this site if it's more specialized.

As we know where we want to arrive, do have time and the experience, we have decided to construct first the framework of our "virtual" presence on the Internet. This results in the fact that much of what's now presented don't have content, is far from complete, etc ... . But we believe, based on our professional experience, that once this framework is finished we will be able to concentrate on the content.

In this context we will only follow new trends, if they are accessible for every one and do add some real value.

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