Ian Spivey's Genealogy Connections

Ian Spivey's Genealogy Connections


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Welcome to Ian Spivey's Genealogy Connections

The purpose of this web site is an archive of my bookmarks of genealogy sites on the Internet. I also share a minimal amount of my research efforts and information exchanged among our families. Links from here lead to resources for further exploration and documentation of our shared family trees.

The information follows four family branches, Ian's grandparents, Herbert B. Spivey married to Marguerite Fielding and Charles L. Lippoldt married to Anna Beth Fink.



"What's New" This is a list of  what is new and the resources added to this site since our online presence of 2 January 1999. A sincere thanks to the RootsWeb Cooperative for providing the space for this home page. 


The "Families" link takes you to five different pages; one each on the four family branches and one, a list of family researchers. There are 5-generation charts and links to surname resources particular to the families. There are no GEDCOMS on this site.


The "Resources" are my bookmarks of genealogy sources of individual counties, states and countries where the families have lived. There are also genealogy surname search engines, genealogy tools and other comprehensive links on these pages.


The "Documents" include links to biographies, cemetery records, census information, charts, newsletters, and recipes.


The "Photo Album" is a place for keepsake family photographs. 

    Here is a link to a larger collection of our photos, many of which are unidentified.  

Privacy issues and copyright of genealogy information is a concern in this technology oriented time. I have found the links at this Roots Web site to be helpful and recommend your taking the time to check it out.  GenConnect - Visitors Center - Hints and Tips  - Internet Sources for Copyright Information



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