I started sharing a newsletter with family in February 1997. I have now converted the issues to postscript data format. They are linked to this page and can be viewed with the free Adobe reader.

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Vol 1 No 1 9 Feb 1997 The genealogy research trail leads in many directions
Vol 1 No 2 9 May 1997 The efforts of many help develop those important links
Vol 1 No 3 19 Aug 1997 Family Trees Keep Growing and Growing.......
Vol 2 No 1 10 May 1998 A lot has happened this year
Vol 2 No 2 10 Jul 1998 The more you discover, the more questions you have
Vol 2 No 3 30 Nov 1998 Preserving your heritage
Vol 3 No 1 March 1999 Hooray, We're Going To America!


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