Genealogy Tools



The Master Genealogist -- my software of choice

Treepad  (6/99)

    This "freeware" program is a very intuitive database program, outline text editor and
    information manager that allows you to store all e-mails, notes, and texts in an "information tree".

    I have a copy on individual zip disks where I collect everything I can about a surname.

    For more information and to download, go to Treepad

Books on My Shelf

How To Books

"Unpuzzling Your Past, A Basic Guide to Genealogy", Emily Anne Croom

"Beyond Pedigrees, Organizing and Enhancing Your Work", Beverly Delong Whitaker

"Genealogy Starter Kit, 2nd Edition", William Dollarhide


"Evidence, Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian", Elizabeth Shown Mills

"Cite Your Sources", Richard S. Lackey

"If I Can,You Can, Decipher Germanic Records", Edna M. Bentz

"German English Genealogical Dictionary", Ernest Thode

Family Histories

"Devolt-Tevault 1782-1982", June Ricketts

"Spivey Family History", Nathan Matthews




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