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Acadia Parish Query Message Board

If you need additional help researching your Acadia Parish connections, you will receive broader coverage if you use the Rootsweb Acadia Message Board and submit your request for assistance through the message board.  If you subscribe to the board, you will then receive notification of message traffic coming across that board from other researchers.    

Tips For Creating a Good Query

Whether you use a Query Message Board, or directly contact a research volunteer for help, here are a few basic guidelines that will increase possibilities for a successful result.  They include:

  • In the subject of your message, type: Acadia Parish Query.
  • Include the SURNAME(s) in UPPER CASE letters in the appropriate block (if using the Query Board), as well as in the body of the message.  If using regular email, include the applicable SURNAME in subject line.
  • If possible, include the full name of the person.  Show the SURNAME in UPPER CASE letters; and, the given name in lower/mixed case.
  • Include known dates of birth, marriage, and death, as applicable, for the person and family members.
  • Most specific location known on this person.
  • Mention county (parish) by name.
  • Names of person's parents, spouse(s), siblings and children.  
  • Any specific question(s) about this person.

By focusing on a single request and by providing sufficient detail, you will enable the researcher to focus and assist, as well.  This will improve odds that someone will volunteer to answer the call and provide the information.   Remember, the volunteer is also doing research.  It would also be helpful, in the spirit of sharing, if you provide the researcher with information to indicate how you are connected to the person who is the subject of your query.

There should be no doubt that researchers will do their best to share information with you, provided you give them the necessary information for a successful search.  Don't be one who submits an extremely cryptic or guarded query by failing to offer worthwhile information.  You can't expect the researcher to blindly search volumes to find information on an individual or group, when the requestor is unwilling to offer even their own given name.  Do your part to help them help you.  Time is a valuable resource.  Share the essentials.

Project Coordinator:     Bryant W. Walker
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