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In 1990 the Pointe de l'Eglise Historical and Genealogical Society began a project of compiling a listing of tombstone inscriptions from one old cemetery. The project grew to five volumes over the following ten years and includes almost all known cemeteries in the parish. Volume V includes a supplement to the previous four volumes.

The purpose of the project has been to provide a source of information for persons doing genealogical or historical research, or both, as well as for those interested in keeping family records. Among their goals was to identify as many unmarked burials as possible.

The listing in each volume is arranged in alphabetical sequence by name of the deceased and includes:

  1. Name of deceased
  2. Title
  3. Dates of Birth and Death
  4. Military Information
  5. Grave Location (Cemetery Code, Section, Row and Plot)
  6. Miscellaneous Notes
Moving into 2009, we began to receive requests for listings of individual cemeteries. We saw this as potential for obtaining outside cooperation from those making the request (e.g., respective cemetery committees). Also, we had an opportunity to expand upon the range of information contained in the listing (e.g., maiden name, names of parents and spouse), as well as to incorporate names of those who passed on since we last recorded the cemetery. As such, we have researched obituaries, funeral records and other sources in an effort to develop a more complete picture of the deceased, in many cases.

  1. Grave Location (Cemetery Code, Section, Row and Plot)
  2. Name of deceased, including Maiden Name, if applicable/available
  3. Title
  4. Dates of Birth and Death
  5. Age at Death (If calculated, could be +/- one year of actual age at death)
  6. Name of Parents
  7. Name of Spouse
  8. Military Information
  9. Miscellaneous Notes
There is always more to be done. Meantime, we decided to present the information in the same order as the sites in the cemetery; and, we included an alphabetical cross-reference from name to grave location to help users locate the respective grave sites. Reports on our expanded efforts have been favorable. So far, we have published the following individual cemetery listings:

  1. April 2009 - St. Leo IV Catholic Cemetery, Roberts Cove, was published.
  2. November 2009 ' Estherwood Memorial Cemetery was published and includes marked burials through 1 September 2009.
The Acadia Parish Cemetery Listings, Volumes I through V, as well as St. Leo IV Cemetery book and Estherwood Memorial Cemetery book are available for sale. Please see the order form for price and availability. Revenues from sales support the Society's programs which include the purchase of genealogy-related research equipment and material for placement into the Acadia Parish Library system. Additionally, copies have been donated to the Acadia Parish Library for use in the reference library of the larger Acadia Parish libraries -- Crowley, Rayne and Church Point.

For those interested in one or more cemeteries found in our original five volumes of Acadia Parish Cemetery Listings, the table below cross references the cemetery name to Cemetery Volume. (Following the cemetery name is a date that suggests the most recent gravesite found at the time the cemetery was inventoried when the listing was published.)

Project Coordinator:    Bryant W. Walker
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Name of Cemetery Code Geographic Location Cemetery Volume
Arabie Cemetery ARAB near Church Point, LA IV
Arceneaux Cemetery (Jan 1993) ARCN near Rayne, LA II
Bethel Cemetery (Mar 1942) BETH near Duson, LA II
Bluff Cemetery (Dec 1993) BLUF Evangeline, LA IV
Carron Family Cemetery (Jul 1989) CARR rural Eunice, LA I
Church of the Assumption Catholic Church (Jun 1921) MIRE Mire, LA II
Daly Property Cemetery (Dec 1929) DALY SW of Opelousas, LA II
Duhon Family Cemetery (Oct 1991) DUH near Mermentau, LA II
Dupre Family Cemetery (Aug 1992) DUP Richie Community, near Eunice, LA II
Ebenezer Church Cemetery (Jun 1999) EBNZ S. of Crowley, LA V
Elizabeth Memorial Baptist Church BRB Branch, LA I
Estherwood Cemetery (Aug 1999) ESTH Estherwood, LA V
First Baptist Church (Mar 1990) CPB Church Point, LA I
Fisher-Miller Cemetery (Oct 1902) FISH Iota, LA II
Francois Family Cemetery (Nov 1989) FRAN near Pitreville, LA I
Frey Cemetery (Oct 1992) FREY near Mowata, LA II
Gatte Cemetery (Aug 1993) GATT north of Evangeline, LA II
Good Shepherd Deliverence Revival Center (Oct 1991) SHEP Branch, LA II
Gow Family Cemetery (Feb 1942) GOW off Hwy 13, North of Crowley, LA II
Hebert Family Cemetery (Jun 1891) HEB rural Acadia Parish, LA I
Hebron Cemetery (1918) HEBR SE of Crowley, LA V
Hookman's Cemetery (1934) HOOK near Roberts Cove, LA II
Huckaby Family Cemetery HUCK near Acadia Baptist Academy, N. of Richard, LA I
Iota Protestant Cemetery (Dec 1997) IOTA Iota, LA IV
Istre Cemetery (Jun 1999) ISTE S. of Mermentau, LA V
Johnson Hanks Cemetery (May 1999) JHKS SW of Crowley, LA V
Kie Hebert Memorial Cemetery (Sep 1997) KHEB Roberts Cove, LA IV
Klumpp Cemetery (Mar 1992) KLMP near Iota, LA IV
Kutsch Family Cemetery (Dec 1971) KUTH Riceville, LA V
Langley Cemetery (Jun 1997) LANG NW Acadia Parish near Basile, LA IV
Lantz-Miller Family Cemetery (Nov 1900) LNTZ NE Acadia Parish V
LeBlanc Cemetery (Jun 1999) LeBL Midland, LA V
Leckelt Cemetery (1925) LECK near Evangeline, LA IV
Leger's Community Cemetery (Jan 1993) LEGE South of Rayne, LA II
Leger Family Cemetery (Feb 1944) LEG2 near Egan, LA II
Lutheran Cemetery (May 1914) LUTH off Hwy 13, btwn Crowley & Eunice, LA II
Maignaud Family Cemetery (Mar 1920) MAIG Mermentau, LA II
Maryland Chapel, Christian Episcopal Church (May 1989) BRMB Branch, LA I
Maxie Methodist Cemetery (Aug 1993) MAXI off Hwy 13, btwn Crowley & Eunice, LA II
McBride Family Cemetery McB1 rural Church Point, LA I
McBride Family Cemetery (No. 2) (Jul 1978) McB2 rural Church Point, LA I
McCain Cemetery (Sep 1973) CAIN NW of Crowley, LA II
Mermentau Memorial Cemetery (Jun 1998) MERM Mermentau, LA V
Miers Cemetery (Apr 1928) MIRS near Crowley, LA V
Miller French Baptist Cemetery (Oct 1993) MLFB near Gotts Cove, LA IV
Millerville Cemetery (Dec 1997) MILL North of Evangeline, LA IV
Mowata Baptist Cemetery (May 1998) MOWB near Mowata, LA IV
Mt. Calvary Baptist Church (Dec 1993) MCAL Branch, LA II
Murphy (Taylor) Cemetery (Oct 1893) MRFY near Roberts Cove, LA IV
North Hanks Cemetery (Aug 1993) HANK north of Crowley, LA II
Odd Fellows Road Cemetery (May 1992) ODD Crowley, LA III
Old Crowley Cemetery (Jun 1995) CROW S. Ave B, Crowley, LA III
Olivier Family Cemetery (Feb 1989) OLIV rural Church Point, LA I
OLSH Catholic Church Cemetery (Old Section) (Sep 1990) CPC1 Church Point, LA I
OLSH Catholic Church Cemetery (New Section) (May 1990) CPC2 Church Point, LA I
Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church (Old Section) OMM1 Church Point, LA I
Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church (New Section) (Jul 1990) OMM2 Church Point, LA I
Parsley-Ravey Cemetery (Jan 1990) PAR near Evangeline, LA II
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church PRB near Richard, LA I
Prudhomme (sometimes Hundley) Cemetery (Nov 1950) PRUD near Pitreville, LA I
Quaker Cemetery (1937) QUAK near Evangeline, LA IV
Quebodeaux Cemetery (Mar 1999) QUEB near Midland, LA V
Rayne Cemetery, Inc. (Dec 1992) RAYN Rayne, LA II
Reed Cemetery (Sep 1996) REED near Iota, LA IV
Resthaven Cemetery (May 1995) REST Hwy 90E, Crowley, LA III
Rhode Cemetery (1901) RHDE near Mermentau, LA V
Riverside Cemetery (Jun 1995) RVSD West edge of Acadia Parish, north of Evangeline, LA IV
Savoy Family Cemetery (Acadia) SAV1 rural Eunice, LA I
Savoy Family Cemetery (St. Landry) (Dec 1983) SAV2 rural Eunice, LA I
Sensat Cemetery (May 1999) SENS Hwy 100, Egan, LA V
Simon Family Cemetery (1941) SIMN near Lyons Point, LA V
Soldier Road Cemetery SOLD near Mire, LA V
Spears Family Cemetery SPEA near Higginbotham, LA I
St. Edmund's Catholic Church (Oct 1989) BRC Branch, LA I
St. Edwards Catholic Church Cemetery RICH Richard, LA I
St. John the Baptist Cemetery (Jun 1999) SJBA Lyons Point, LA V
St. John the Evangelist Cemetery (Oct 1998) SJEV Mermentau, LA V
St. John's Chapel (Jun 1989) LSB Lewisburg, LA I
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery (Mar 1998) STJO Iota, LA IV
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery (Old Cemetery) (Dec 1992) SJ1 Rayne, LA II
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery (New Cemetery) (Jul 1993) SJ2 Rayne, LA II
St. Jules Cemetery (Dec 1993) STJU North of Evangeline, LA IV
St. Lawrence Catholic Church (Oct 1993) MOW Mowata, LA II
St. Leo Catholic Church (Aug 1992) RC Roberts Cove (btwn Rayne & Branch, LA) II
Steen Cemetery (1902) STEE near Richard, LA II
Trahan Family Cemetery (1856) TRHN near Lyons Point, LA V
United Methodist Church BRMW Branch, LA I
United Methodist Church (Aug 1988) CPM Church Point, LA I
Wainright Cemetery (Jan 1907) WAIN Midland, LA V
West Crowley Cemetery (Sep 1999) WCRO Crowley, LA V
Woodlawn Cemetery (Sep 1995) WOOD Extension of S. Ave F, Crowley, LA III

A follow-up project which involves researching local newspapers for obituaries, is also ongoing. Please see the Obituary Project page.