Horsch Families in Minnesota

Horsch Families in Minnesota

There are four main lines of Horsch families in Minnesota. These four lines settled in Wright, Stearns, Dakota, Scott, Rice and LeSeur counties. Today, many of the Horsch families in Minnesota now live in and around Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Most of the Horsch families in Minnesota are descendents of Johann Jacob Horsch or Johann Friedrick Horsch, of Wright Country. They were both sons of Georg Adam Horsch and Catharina P. Selig, and were born in Baden, Germany. Johann Jacob, or Jacob, came to America in 1853, and lived in Bordertown, New Jersey. Jacob married Elizabeth Erhmann in Bordertown, and they moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1854. They then bought a farm in Franklin Township, Minnesota in 1858. Johann Friedrick, or Fred, married Caroline Welk, and also lived in Illinois for a few years. They moved to the Howard Lake area sometime between 1865 and 1870.

Most of the Horsches in Dakota county are the descendents of John Horsch and Anna Bauer. John Horsch was born in Germany in 1819, and Anna Bauer was born in Germany in 1841. They were married in New York in the eary 1860's, and they settled in Dakota Co., Minnesota around 1875. Their descendents lived in the Hastings, Marshan, Vermillion and Coates townships.

Another line of Horsches lived in the Hampton township of Dakota county. They are the descendents of Christian Horsch and Anna Margaret Mueller. Christian Horsch was born in Walsdorf, Germany in 1826, and was the son of Joannes Horsch and Anne Catherine Becker. One of Christian's sisters, Margaret, married Johann Hoffman and settled in Scott county, which is located next to Dakota county. Other descendents of this line lived in LeSeur and Rice counties, which are located adjacent to Scott and Dakota counties.

Johann Horsch and Elizabeth Zirbes settled in Stearns county, in the St. Joseph and St. Cloud area. Johann was the son of Peter Horsch and Helen Stein, and was born in Wiesbaum, Germany. Wiesbaum is located within a few miles of Walsdorf in the Eifel area of Germany. Johann originally settled in Wisconsin in the mid 1840s, and he married Elizabeth there in 1850. They moved to Stearns county, MN sometime between 1855 and 1858. Johann's sister, Catherine Anna Horsch, married John Peter Rothstein in Wiesbaum, and they settled in the Munson Township in Stearns Country.

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