Horsch Families in Wisconsin

Horsch Families in Wisconsin

The Horsch families in Wisconsin came from three main lines. One line descended from Michael Horsch, who was born in 1818 in Wiesbaum, Germany to Peter Horsch and Helen Stein. Michael settled in Fond du Lac County, and married Elizabeth Horsch. Some of their children remained in Fond du Lac County, while three of their sons moved to Kansas.

Michael's brothers, Christian and Johann also came to Wisconsin. Christian came with his wife, Ursual Miegel. After Ursula died, Christian married Catherine Maier. After Christian died, Catherine married John Meyer, and they moved to North Dakota. Johann Horsch married Elizabeth Zirbes in Racine, and they moved to Minnesota.

Another Horsch line descends from Philip Horsch and Elizabeth Schimmel. Philip came from Baden, and Elizabeth came from Hesse Darm. They came to America, where they were married, and they settled in Milwaukee. Some of their descendents continue to live in Milwaukee, while other descendents live in and around the town of Slinger in Washington County.

The third Horsch line descends from Thomas Horsch and Alvina Andre. They lived in the Duchy of Berg, which was located East of the Rhine river in what is now North Rhine-Westphalia. They were married in Germany, and then came to America where they settled in Milwaukee. Most of their descendants continue to live in Milwaukee.

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