My Genealogy by Tracy L. Garrison

I have started where my father has left off.  I must carry the torch until it is my turn to pass it on to the next brave sole who is willing enough to take it on.  I started getting into our family history in the 1980's when I tagged along with my father to New Jersey to visit the area where our Garrisons had come from.  We (my father and I) have come a long way since then.  We actually have taken our Garrison line back to the formation of the name (i.e. our line's very first Garrison).  My father John Wesley Garrison Jr passed away in 2007 so I am left with the torch.

This site is not just about my Garrison line. It is a place to tell the genealogical story of MY family history both paternal and maternal.  There will be seperate sections devoted to each of the family lines that I have information on.

Throughout the genealogy section of this site I have all names bold and I have my direct ancestors underlined.  This makes it easy if you are searching the text to find a name or searching through the text to see how the author is related down through the family lines.  I will use interactive maps whenever possible to show the places where my ancestors lived.

The name of this site: "RABBITS ROW" comes from a story that my father, John Wesley Garrison Jr,  had written about growing up in a northend neighborhood in Springfield, Illinois.  They called it Rabbits Row because of the abundance of children along a few blocks of Reservoir Street.  It is one of my favorite stories ever!  Click the link above to read it for yourself.

While there are separate sections on this site devoted to the different types of DNA tests you will find some references and examples throughout the different family pages and used as supporting examples.