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The Book Nook

Interesting Reading Ideas from hither and yon


Some Interesting Genealogy Magazines:

1.    Ancestry    $21/yr. published bi monthly
PO Box 476
Salt Lake City, UT 84110-9859

Articles of general genealogical interest, various ethnic features, how to�s, case studies. Prior issue: internet search engines, book reviews, case study - tips for tracing surnames, Ellis Island, research methodology, organization of German archives, etc.

[I have a subscription to and receive the ancestry hometown daily. However, I think you can subscribe without subscribing to the Ancestry. Most of the databases they introduce are free for a while so this would give you a chance to view the databases before they become subscriber only. Frankly I consider my subscription a good bargain, but you can't get everything. Believe me I know!
Anyway I do enjoy the hometown daily. There is some pushing of their new products, but not too bad. Then they usually have research tips. Sometimes they are taken from some of their products (like the Source) or list etc.] opossum

2.   Genealogical Computing

$25/yr. quarterly
PO Box 476
Salt Lake City, UT 84110-9859

published by Ancestry
[email protected]

(discount on Ancestry & Genealogical Computing if a member of the Ancestry Research Club - entitles member to discounts on their extensive book club, research, supplies, etc.)

Specialized computer genealogy journal. Spring issue contained articles on: Microfilm on CD-ROM, software/shareware reviews, beginners articles (multimedia, scanners, GEDCOM), data extraction and indexing, looking for quality on web pages, data presentation tools, Corel Family Tree Suite, GenBook, Family Forest Software, biography database and Australian chronicles, hot web sites, surfing for genealogy, etc.

3.    Ireland of the Welcomes $21/yr. bi monthly
PO Box 54161
Boulder, CO 80328
published by Bord Failte - Irish Tourist Board
[email protected]

Tourism and travel, wonderful pictures, some history and short articles on various areas/interests in Ireland. Recent issue: Folklore of St. Patrick, Plough Memories - Leitrim farm boyhood, Castles in the Air, Cavan, Leitrim Railway, Ardagh, Irish Families - �Barry� Family, book reviews.

4.    Irish Roots     $18/yr. quarterly
(Irish Books & Media also offer books on Ireland for sale - quarterly catalog)

Irish Books & Media Inc.
1433 Franklin Ave East
Minneapolis, MN 55404-2135
[email protected]

Recent issue: Heraldry in Ireland, Australian Notebook, Future of Irish Genealogy, review of recent publications, problems page, St. Patrick�s Day in New York, First Guard, Surnames of Co. Wicklow, Irish Archives - Franciscan Genealogy, New Discoveries at the National Archives, Kings of Redonda, Rural Crafts, classifieds, Irish in the Canaries, current archeology, books for sale.

5.    The Septs      $15/yr. quarterly
Irish Genealogical Society, International
PO Box 16585
St. Paul, MN 55116
[email protected]

April 1997 issue: featured county - Co. Wexford, The Luck of the Irish Researcher, the Irish Standard Newspaper, Gleanings - Notices of genealogical interest, book reviews, computer talk, Immigration to Canada, Irish Settlements in Minnesota, Irish Surname List (extensive pull out section in each volume of names being searched and those searching them - 38 pages this issue), library news, queries, books for sale.

6.    The Irish at Home & Abroad      $21/yr. quarterly
PO Box 521806
Salt Lake City, UT 84152
editors Dwight A. Radford & Kyle J. Betit

1st Quarter 1997 issue: feature article - Royal Irish Constabulary Service Registers, letters and questions to the editors, Sources for Tracing Immigrants (District Pension Records of the British Army), 3rd Irish Genealogical Conference, Focus on Canada - Irish in Manitoba, Heritage, County Focus - Co. Sligo, news & events, Focus on Britain - Irish on the Isle of Man, Focus on Australasia - Old Age Pensions in New Zealand, book reviews.

I would be hard pressed to pick which publication is my favorite - each serves a different research purpose. I have gotten some great research ideas from the articles in Ancestry whether they have been about an area I am researching or a different area - the suggestions apply to any area. Ireland of the Welcomes, while it is not a genealogy publication, has good articles on various locations in Ireland and has wonderful pictures. The Septs, Irish at Home & Abroad and Irish Roots all consistently have quality articles on Irish research. Probably my favorites are The Septs and The Irish at Home & Abroad - the quality of their articles is excellent.


Find a library with Ryan "Irish Records: Sources for family and local History". This will REALLY help. It'll identify records in LDS and PRONI as well as what has been indexed by various heritage societies. Even gives email addresses for the ones with an email address. Published by Ancestry.

The two volume set of Margaret Dickson/Falley's work is also VERY good. (Can't remember the name right now!) One should probably start with Ryan's and later add Falley.

The difference is the approach. While Mr. Ryan's (a very good writer and researcher) is obviously less expensive, Mrs. Dickson/Falley's work is more thorough in what it covers. There is some overlap, but not much. He spends more of his efforts on parish records/histories etc. Hers is more concentrated on what is located in the libraries and archives.

For the more serious researcher both of them are 'must haves'. Ryan's is about $US 40 and Falley's is about $US 60.

Don't overlook the microform department of your favorite major library. The NYS Library, for instance, will copy fiche & film.

The details are at:

Aside from copying select pages, you can order entire reels of film or entire books if the library [or the state archives] is the author of the microform.

The cost for film is $25 a reel & a sheet of fiche is $.50. (sometimes fiche can even be ordered on a permanent basis via ILL.)

On-Line Book Initiative A good place to find many things, including Irish authors! An FTP site, don't panic at the way it's arranged... no fancy pages here, just good reading!

"Going to Ireland: A Genealogical Researcher's Guide," by Sherry Irvine and Nora M. Hickey, is a must if you are planning a trip to the Emerald Isle. Even if you are an armchair traveler, it will help you better to understand Irish research and the records, jurisdictions and repositories in Ireland. Full addresses are provided for libraries in Ireland, North America, and England, including all the regional heritage centers in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

This is a practical guide and easy to read. If you have Irish roots, you need it. It is available from: Interlink Bookshop and Genealogical Services, 3840A Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria, BC, V8N 4G2, Canada ($15.30 postpaid via VISA or $16.30 if payment by U.S. check). Toll-free: 1-800-747-4877; email: [email protected]

From Myra Gormley's newsletter


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