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Books, Maps and other Helpful Things

For places to purchase books, check our list.
Irish Records: Sources for Family and Local History by James G. Ryan, Ancestry Press, Salt Lake City, 1997. (hardback; 40.00 IRP / 60.00 USD)

This book is designed to facilitate Irish family history research by providing a comprehensive listing of the record sources available in each country in Ireland.

In this revised edition, the author has included many new sources. In particular, the sections for each county on "Census and Census Substitutes," "Miscellaneous Sources," and "Research Services" have been expanded. The details of the Prebysterian, Church of Ireland and Catholic records have also been extensively amended. This new edition also lists all of the heritage centers which prvide search services, and it specifically indicates which parish registers, gravestone inscriptions, and other sources have been indexed by each. The growth of these centers is the most important development in Irish family history research in the last 10 years, and this book shows how this new resource can be used to greatest effect.

*** Remember, the etymology of a surname is NOT a means of proving
*** genealogical descent.***

"The Surnames of Derry" is interesting. Published by the Genealogy Centre of Derry (They are ON THE NET: do a search) in 1992. These folks appear to have had too much of the stuff you drink out of a bottle one night and under its inspiration embarked on an astonishing project: They vowed to trace the origins of every surname in the Foyle Commmunity Directory . Only 1,860 unique surnames.They found most of them in books but 102 they could not. SO they called up the folk or wrote them letters and asked them.

The book lists the number of instances as as well. It is possible to see all the recent emigration into Derry: A Cheung (now a "Scots- Irish" name ;), some Pakistanis, an Aquino who came with the US Navy in 1960 and settled down. It is Spanish in origin, but the family came to the US from the Philipines where the grandfather had immigrated [try tracing THAT].

In some cases they appear to have looked the surname up in all the phone books in Ireland and can report a single instance of the name in all of Ireland. Though Prasad is more common: 4, two in NI and 2 in the Republic. Here's Pulis -- only one in Ireland and it's in Derry. There's only one Grimsey in NI (in case you wondered).

Burke's Irish Fammily Records

There are several points to note about Burke:
1. There are several editions, so it is always important to note the date of publication. Families came and went between different editions, and they were only published at lengthy intervals.
2. Burke's editorial powers were somewhere between nil and minimal, with a tendancy to the bottom of that scale. They sent out a form, the family filled it in, no checking was done, and they published it. This means that while contemporary data is often reasonably accurate, many of the claims to early ancestors are in error and sometimes downright bogus.
3. The family described will be the blood relatives of the person who owned the land at the time that the book was published.
The last edition of Burke's Irish Family Records was published some time around 1972. It's now quite a rare book and sells for upwards of 250 pounds/punts if you can find one.
Barney Tyrwhitt-Drake

Here's what the Oxford Companion to Irsh Literature has to say: "Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland (Ist edn. 1899), a genealogical dictionary of Irish landowning families, published by the company established by John Burke (I787-1848), compiler of A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the United Kingdom (1st edn. 1826). The sole criterion was ownership of 1,000 acres in Ireland. Most of the names listed belong to *ascendancy families, though not all were Protestant and not all were titled. Following the *Wyndham Land Act in 1903 the editors were forced to ask if there were still a landed gentry, as noted in the 1912 Preface. After a fourth edition in 1958 the work was reissued as Burke's Irish Family Records (1976), listing the descendants of `500 interesting dynasties', whether living in Ireland or settled abroad."

Burkes's Peerage and Baronetage comes in several editions also, each one including newly created peers and leaving out those who no longer qualify. The usual way of using Burke is to find a library that has a selection, usually incomplete, and try to photocopy the relevant pages.

Some other valuable SURNAME books include:

Bell: The Surnames of Ulster, a paperback published by Blackstaff Press.

Black: The Surnames of Scotland

Bolton: Scotch Irish in Ulster and America

Hanna: The Scotch-Irish (2 volumes)

MacLysaght: The Surnames of Ireland; Publisher:Irish Academic Press ISBN 0-17165-2364-7

Matheson: Special Report of the Surnames of Ireland

O'Hart: Irish Pedigrees
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore 1976 Fifth edition, in two volumes. Original printing, Dublin, 1892 Out of print. Found in many LDS Family History Centers and some library reference sections.

"Irish Pedigrees" by O'Hart

"A Census of Ireland, circa 1659 with supplementary material from the Poll Money Ordinances (1660-1661)" edited by Seamus Pender, M.A. It is available on microfilm through the Family History Library (film # 0924648)

"The Cromwelliam Settlement of Ireland" by John P. Prendergast, which was first published about 1878, reprinted 1922 and is available in some libraries, probably also FHL. You might get a copy through Inter-Library loan, but it has also recently been reprinted. Many lists of names. Fascinating book.

The Annals of the Four Masters were translated into English by John O'Donovan well over 100 years ago. The six volumes contain Gaelic and English texts on opposite pages and copious notes by O'Donovan. It is an outstanding work of scholarship. It was reprinted a few years back and was available at a cost of about seven or eight hundred pounds, still available, perhaps, from the Four Masters Bookshop in Donegal Town.

Family History Library has it FHLC1009490 on 1 microfilm. The annals of the Four Masters, translated from the original Irish by Owen Connellen, with annotations by Philip MacDermott and the translator.

There is a 6-volume series of books by Arnold Kludas titled "Great Passenger Ships of the World."

Here is a break-down by volume...

Volume 1: 1858 - 1912 ISBN 0-85059-174-0
Volume 2: 1913 -1923 ISBN 0-85059-242-9
Volume 3: 1924 - 1935 ISBN 0-85059-245-3
Volume 4: 1936 - 1950 ISBN 0-85059-253-4
Volume 5: 1951 - 1976 ISBN 0-85059-265-8
Volume 6: 1977 - 1986 ISBN 0-85059-747-1

These volumes give the kind of information you're seeking, including the line or lines each ship sailed for and technical information about the ship. Pictures are included for most ships or their sister ships.

Visit Andrew J. Morris' Web page at

Below is a msg. from Andrew..................

Four Masters???
To those interested in this wonderful Irish resource -- I sell the complete 1854 edition, (O'Donovan's translation) which has the text in both Irish and English (on facing pages, a great aid to those learning Irish) with extensive footnotes and index, all on 41 microfiche for $123.

I think O'Donovan did his translation in 1850.
Parts of the Four Masters Annals are on a Web site, but are in Latin and Irish. Much of what was in the Annals was included in the two vols. of Irish Pedigrees, by John O'Hart, found in many LDS libraries and others, in their reference sections. These two vols. are out of print.

Here are some other history sources. I forgot where I found this list though;

Translated into English:
The Annals of Clonmacnoise: Being Annals of Ireland from the Earliest Period to A.D. 1408. tr. Connell Mageoghagan. 1896. Dublin: University Press.

Annals of Connaught. Ed. Alexander Martin Freeman. 1944. Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

Annals of Innisfallen (M.S. Rawlinson B. 503). Ed by Sean Mac Airt. 1988. Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

The Annals of Loch Ce. A Chronicle of Irish Affairs from A.D. 1014 to A.D. 1590. William M Hennesy. 1871. London: Longman & Co.

Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the Four Masters, from the Earliest Period to the Year 1616. John O'Donovan. 1856. Dublin: Hodges, Smith, and Co., Grafton-Street.

The Annals of Tigernach. 2 Volumes. Whitley Stokes. reprint 1993. Felinfach, Wales: Llanerch Publisher.

Annals of Ulster, Otherwise, Annals of Senat: A Chronicle of Irish Affairs AD 431-1131, 1155-1541. ed. B Mac Carthy. 1893. Dublin: Alex Thom & Co. FHL 6026313.

The Annals of Ulster (To A.D. 1131). Ed. by Sean Mac Airt and Gearoid Mac Niocaill. Part I. 1983. Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

Cogadh Gaedhel re Gallaibh (The War of the Gaedhil with the Gaill), or The Invasion of Ireland by the Danes and other Norseman). ed. James Henthorn Todd. 1867. London: Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer.

Other Primary Sources:
Linea Antiqua Nobilitas. O'Farrell

Fiants - Elizabeth. The Eleventh Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records in Ireland. 1879. Dublin:Alexander Thos. 87 & 88 Abbey-street.

Irish Patent Rolls of James I. Facsimile of the Irish Record Commission's Calendar Prepared Prior to 1830. 1966. Dublin: Dublin Stationery Office.

Other Secondary Sources:
Annals of Derry, Showing the Rise and Progress of the Town from the Earliest Account on Record to the Plantation under King James I. 1613 - and thence of the City of Londonderry to the Present Time. Simpson, Robert. 1847. Londonderry: Hempton.

The Highland Clans. Sir Ian Moncrieffe and Design Yearbook Ltd. 1967. New York: Clarkson N Potter Inc.

The History and Antiquities of the County of the Town of Carrickfergus. From the Earliest Records to 1839. Also, A Statistical Survey of Said County. McSimkin, Samuel. 1909. Belfast:Mullan & Son.

The History of Ireland, from the Invasion by Henry the Second to the Present Times. William Dolby. 1884. New York: George Virtue.

Pat Traynor

" The Irish Americans " is the actual name of the book. At the bottom of the front cover it says 'The Immigrant Experience'. ISBN 0-88363-125-3. Cost $60 US, $84 Canada.

THE FAMINE SHIPS by Edward Laxton, ISBN 0-8050-5844-3.

The following pertinent resources were found at the Indiana State Library:

Title: Emigrants from Ireland to America, 1735-1743: a transcription of
the report of the Irish House of Commons into enforced emigration to
Author: McDonnell, Frances
Published: Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1992
Note: Indexed by surname

Title: Ulster emigration to colonial America, 1718-1775
Author: Dickson, R. J.
Published: Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation, 1976
Note: Includes map of Ulster showing which towns had
emigration agents; newspaper accounts of the Sally,1762, and
the Lord Dunluce, 1773.

Title: Immigrants from Great Britain and Ireland: a guide to archival
and manuscript sources in North America
Author: Weaver, Jack W.
Published: Westport, Conn,: Greenwood Press, 1986
Note: Listed by repository (library, historical society, etc.)

Title: Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750:
with early history in Ireland/ c1994, 1902
Author: Myers, Albert Cook, d 1874-1960
Published: Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1994

Title: Irish passenger lists, 1847-1871: lists of passengers sailing
from Londonderry to America on ships of J & J Cooke Line/ compiled
under the direction of Brian Mitchell
Published: Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., c1988

Title: Irish passenger lists 1803-1806: lists of passengers sailing
from Ireland to America/ extracted from the Hardwicke papers; compiled
under the editorial supervision of Brian Mitchell
Published: Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., c1995

Title: Passengers from Ireland: lists of passengers arriving at
American ports between 1811-1817/ transcribed from the Shamrock or
Hibernian chronicle
Author: Schlegel, Donald M.
Published: Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1980

Title: Passenger Lists from Ireland by J. Dominick Hackett and Charles
Montague Early
Author: Hackett, James Dominick, 1877-1936
Published: Knightstown, Ind.: Bookmark, 1977



NATURALIZATION: Historical Overview and "How-to" Books:

Hoffpauir, Corinne Graves. Naturalization Records: Escape the "Run Around!"
The Genealogical Helper, p. 11, March/April 1985. Everton Publishers, Logan,

Kansas, Sidney. Immigration, Exclusion, Deportation and Citizenship of the
United States of America. 3rd edition. 1948. Matthew Bender Co., New York, NY.

Kettner, James H. The Development of American Citizenship, 1608-1870. 1978.
University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC.

Neagles, James H. & Lila Lee. Locating Your Immigrant Ancestor: A Guide to
Naturalization Records. Revised edition. 1986. Everton Publishers, Logan,
Washington, DC.
Location of naturalization records for every state in US; history of
naturalization; explanation of naturalization process; guide to determining
date and place of ancestor's naturalization.

Newman, John J. American Naturalization Processes and Procedures, 1790-1985.
1985. Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, IN.
History of naturalization, procedures required, who could be naturalized,
and records.

Schaefer, Christina K. Guide to Naturalization Records of the United
Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD.

Smith, Marian L., U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration, and Naturalization
Service. An Immigrant Nation: United States Regulation of Immigration,
1798-1991. 1991. U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC.

U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration, and Naturalization Service.
Directory of Courts Having Jurisdiction in Naturalization Proceedings. Revised
1979. Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

U. S. Department of Labor. Historical Sketch of Naturalization in the United
States. 1926. Department of Labor, Washington, DC.


Oszakiewski, Robert Andrew, (Compiler) Maryland Naturalization Abstracts,
volume 1: Baltimore County and Baltimore City 1784-1851. 1995. Westminster,

Oszakiewski, Robert Andrew, (Compiler) Maryland Naturalization Abstracts,
volume 2: The County Court of Maryland 1779-1851, The U. S. Circuit Court for
Maryland 1790-1851, Covering all of Maryland except Baltimore City and County.
1996. Westminster, Maryland.

Maryland & Delaware Genealogist, v. 18 (1977), #2-4, v. 19 (1978) #1.
Naturalization records for New Castle County, Delaware, court - 1826-1858

Richard J. Wolfe, "Early New York Naturalization Records in the Emmet
Collection; with a List of Aliens Naturalized in New York 1802-1814," Bulletin
of The New York Library LXVII (1963) 211-217
Contains the names of 115 aliens, Mostly Irish, naturalized in New York
during the period covered. Gives name, place of birth, age, allegience,
country from which the alien emigrated, place of intended settlement, and

Wyand, Jeffrey A. and Florence L. Colonial Maryland Naturalizations. 1975.
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD.

From: North Carolina Research, Genealogy and Local History. Second Edition, by Helen F. M. Leary

Chapter 16: Superior Court Records

The North Carolina General Assembly of 1806 passed "An act for the more uniform and convenient administration of justice within this state", establishing a superior court of law and a superior court of equity in each county. The county superior courts have functioned ever since, although their law and equity functions were unified in 1868; additional changes were effected in 1966.

Superior court minutes, also called Minute Dockets and Minute Books, consist principally of notations concerning civil and criminal proceedings. Entries in these bound volumes, which were entirely handwritten until the twentieth century, are generally concise and technical so that some knowledge of the law and its language will be needed to understand......Most nineteenth century superior court minutes are in the State Archives........

Records of three types of activities usually appear in superior court minutes:
1. Internal affairs of the court. (impanelling jurors, etc.)
2. Criminal actions
3. Civil actions, which includes Records of aliens and naturalizations.

These records of aliens and naturalizations generally gave the petitioner's name, age, birthplace, and length of residence in the United States, with renunciation of allegiance to a foreign ruler. An 1831 example read:

Court records are rarely indexed (I've never found them to be). The collection at the State Archives in Raleigh is mind boggling! A wonderful place to go! I guess you'd have to have a fairly good idea )about) when an ancestor would have approached the court! I've been known to struggle thru page after page myself!!

Scots-Irish, Ulster Scots, and their American presence.

There are a number of books on the Scotch-Irish culture. Probably the most often cited is
The Scotch-Irish: A Social History. By James Leyburn. 377 pages. paperback. This is one of the most readable and reliable studies of those people who came through Ireland on their way to North America. It is divided into three sections: The Scots in 1600, The Scots in Ireland, and The Scots-Irish in America.
Another you should take a look at if you haven't already is ALBION'S SEED: FOUR BRITISH FOLKWAYS IN AMERICA by David Hackett Fischer. If you are looking for information on the Scotch-Irish in the Carolinas then you need to take at look at CAROLINA CRADLE: SETTLEMENT OF THE NORTHWEST CAROLINA FRONTIER, 1747-1762 by Robert W. Ramsey and THE GREAT WAGON ROAD by Parke Rouse, Jr. If its the American Revolution in the South and the involvement of the Scotch-Irish in the conflict then you will want to take a look at THE ROAD TO GUILFORD COURTHOUSE: THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION IN THE CAROLINAS by John Buchanan.

There are also a number of books available (although you would probably have to special order tham as they come from the United Kingdom) on different aspects of Scotch-Irish culture. One of the best is TWO CENTURIES OF LIFE IN DOWN, 1600-1800 by John Stevenson

The University of Ulster has an on-line catelog:

It has the following books on Ulster Emigration . You might be able to find these in a US library.

Adams, Ian H. (Ian Hugh), 1937-. - Cargoes of despair and hope : Scottish emigration to North America 1603-1803. - Edinburgh : John Donald, 1993. - 0859763676

Bumsted, J. M., 1938-. - The people's clearance : Highland emigration to British North America, 1770-. - Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 1982. - 0852244193

Devine, T. M. (Thomas Martin). - The great Highland famine : hunger, emigration and the Scottish Highlands in. - Edinburgh : Donald, 1988. - 0859762017

Handley, James Edmund. - The Irish in Scotland, 1798-1845 / (by) James Edmund Handley. - (Cork) : Cork University Press, 1943. - 44047029

The Huguenots and Ireland : anatomy of an emigration / editors, C.E.J. Caldi. - Dun Laoghaire : Glendale, 1987. - 0907606431

Erickson, Charlotte. - Invisible immigrants : the adaptation of English and Scottish immigrants in. - Coral Gables, Fla : University of Miami Press, 1972. - 087024213x

For those interested in a copy of "Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research," by Margaret Dickson Falley, originally published in 1962, the Genealogical Publishing Co., 1001 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21202-3897, tel: 1-800-296-6687 has just republished this work. It consists of two volumes, 813 pp and 354 pp., indexed, cloth, for $70.

Gray, Malcolm. - Scots on the move : Scots migrants 1750-1914 / Malcolm Gray. - Edinburgh : Economic & Social History Society of Scotland, 1990. - (Studies in Scottish economic & social histor.. - 0951604406

Hanna, Ronnie. - Land of the free : Ulster and the American Revolution. - Lurgan : Ulster Society, 1992. - 1872076114 Inside Babylon : the Caribbean diaspora in Britain / edited by Winston James. - London : Verso, 1993. - 0860914712

Letters back to Ballymena & district / compiled by Eull Dunlop. - Part 1 : Insights into the emigrant experience 1804-1902. - Ballymena : Cambridge House Boys' Grammar School, 1991. - (Bro.. - 0950988677

MacCarthy-Morrogh, Michael. - The Munster plantation : English migration to southern Ireland, 1583-1641. - Oxford : Clarendon, 1986. - 0198229526 (In University of Ulster)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. - 18th century emigration. - Belfast : H.M.S.O. for the Northern Ireland Public Record Office, 1972. - (Education facsimiles ; 121-140). - 0337022925

Perceval-Maxwell, Michael. - The Scottish migration to Ulster in the reign of James 1. - London : Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1973. - (Ulster-Scot historical series). - 0710075936

Robinson, Philip S. (Philip Samuel), 1946-. - The plantation of Ulster : British settlement in an Irish landscape, 1600-16. - Belfast : Ulster Historical Foundation, 1994. - 0901905623

Roche, Thomas William Edgar. - The key in the lock : a history of immigration control in England from 1066. - London : J. Murray, 1969. - 0719519071

Scottish Historical Studies Seminar )1990-1991 : University of Strathclyde). - Scottish emigration and Scottish society : proceedings of the Scottish Histo. - Edinburgh : J. Donald, 1992. - 0859763706

Ulster migration to America : letters from three Irish families / Ronald A.. - New York; London : P. Lang, 1991. - (Irish studies ; Vol.2). - 0820416355

The Scotch-Irish: A Social History. By James Leyburn. 377 pages. paperback. This is one of the most readable and reliable studies of those people who came through Ireland on their way to North America. It is divided into three sections: The Scots in 1600, The Scots in Ireland, and The Scots-Irish in America. $16.95

Ulster Emigration to Colonial America, 1718-1775. By R. J. Dickson. 320 pages. paperback. Long an imported and very expensive work, this history of the migration of almost 250,000 settlers from northern Ireland to the Americas now is available from a US importer at a much more reasonable price. It is a modern, readable study, and one which will give a great deal of information to the historian and genealogist eager to understand those who came to America via Ireland from Scotland. $29.95

"Peoples of the Maritimes: Irish" by Peter T. McGuigan, Nimbus Publishing Ltd., Halifax, N.S., 1997 ISBN 1-55109-181-X


Trinity college Library Dublin, Map Library
Cost of Photo copy of map used in Griffith's Valuation �2.50 a sheet four sheets to a map
Min pr order �10
E-mail [email protected]

We have a WHOLE PAGE about maps, too.

Maps can be ordered from the Library of Congress.

The Irish Ordnance Survey sheets are quite large, over 3' x 4'. The best means of reproducing them is as oversize xerox copies which will provide you with a very clear, full-size reproduction of the sheets. The charge is $2.00 per linear foot. Each map will be $8.00.

To place an order, please write to the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service, Washington, DC 20540 and request oversize xerox copies of Irish Ordnance Survey Sheets #___ from County ________. (Be sure to indicate the county). Please enclose your payment plus $3.50 for postage and handling with your order. Orders normally take four to six week from the time your payment is received.

The Survey Sheet # can be found in General Alphabetical Index TO THE TOWNLANDS AND TOWNS, PARISHES AND BARONIES OF IRELAND

BOOK SOURCES ON THE WEB (Fianna does not endorse any commercial enterprise, these URL's are merely for your convenience.)

Irish Books & Media, Inc.
1433 Franklin Ave. East
Minneapolis, MN 55404-2135
612-871-3505   fax: 612-8713358

Here's a link to convenient and relatively inexpensive history-book study for those so inclined: This is Hoenstine Rental Library, a private library in PA which has many reference/history books.

Some periodicals and other things or go back to the Guide

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