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Each county has important addresses on its main page.
National and provincial addresses, as well as other important addresses are on
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At one time there were five provinces. The Kingdom of Meath - Midhe - was the fifth province of ancient Ireland (the Irish word for a province is 'cuige', pron:'coo-igga', meaning a fifth). The Kingdom of Meath featured prominently in the political turmoil of the 11th and 12th centuries, and was recorded as a 'shire' or county in 1297 but it was eventually 'shired' into two counties by Act of Parliament of King Henry VIII in the year 1543 - the counties so formed being known as Meath and Westmeath - which simply means the western portion of the ancient Kingdom of Meath. The ancient kingdom of Meath was comprised of the present(1892) counties of Meath, Westmeath, with parts of Dublin, Kildare, King's County (Offaly), the greater part of Longford, and small portions of Brefney and Orgiall on the borders of the present counties of Cavan and Louth and was created by taking a portion or "neck" of the other four provinces. Midhe "mee", which signifies a neck. Northern Ireland is still considered part of the province of Ulster.

From early times each province of Ireland appears to have had its own king. According to legend these kings were subject to the ardri, or monarch, to whom the central district, called Meath, was allotted, and who usually resided at Tara, a hill in present-day county Meath.

flag of Republic

Connaucht - Connaught

Connaucht flag


Leinster - Laighin

Leinster flag


Munster - Mumha

Munster flag


Ulster - Ulaidh which included Dalriada, Ailech and Airgialla

Ulster flag


Northern Ireland (Ulster)

North Ireland flag


Chapman County Codes

Map of Ireland showing counties and their Chapman Codes - by Brian Randell, based on a map obtained from Paddy Waldron.

Below are listed the abbreviations of Irish Counties
that are generally accepted and which are used on the
SURNAME lists for Rootsweb.
NIR=Northern Ireland, IRL=Republic of Ireland.

ANT, NIR - AntrimARM, NIR - Armagh
CAR, IRL - CarlowCAV, IRL - Cavan
CLA, IRL - ClareCOR, IRL - Cork
DON, IRL - DonegalDOW, NIR - Down
DUB, IRL - DublinFER, NIR - Fermanagh
GAL, IRL - GalwayKER, IRL - Kerry
KID, IRL - KildareKIK, IRL - Kilkenny
LDY, NIR - Derry / LondonderryLET, IRL - Leitrim
LEX, IRL - Leix / Queens / Laois / LaoighisLIM, IRL - Limerick
LOG, IRL - LongfordLOU, IRL - Louth
MAY, IRL - MayoMEA, IRL - Meath / Navan
MOG, IRL - MonaghanOFF, IRL - Kings / Offaly
ROS, IRL - RoscommonSLI, IRL - Sligo
TIP, IRL - TipperaryTYR, NIR - Tyrone
WAT, IRL - WaterfordWEM, IRL - Westmeath
WEX, IRL - WexfordWIC, IRL - Wicklow

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