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Online Treasures
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Treasures on the WEB !

From Fianna

Fianna's Favorites (many were on the guide page before)

GenUKI       Ireland GenWeb

North Ireland GenWeb
     British Isles GenWeb Logo

GENUKI Ireland
To volunteer to help with GENUKI  :)
WGW Ireland GenWeb Think about volunteering !
British Isles GenWeb World Gen Web


Sweet Irish Rogues another county by county site!

International Irish Genealogical Society (IGSI)

TIARA: The Irish Ancestral Research Association

CD Lookups PLEASE, follow the rules and be thoughtful!

Awesome page for email lists! Surnames too! Look around :)

Alta Vista Translation Service
Cemetaries, World Wide - Internment Net
World Wide Cemetary Photos
Latin-English Translation of Genealogical Terms

DORAS Directory to Irish Sites

Cyndi's List, Ireland

British Isles Family HistorySociety in America A WEALTH of information !!

Linking to Lives A series of pages for how to do genealogy on the Internet. Take a look :)

A new site that is "no-frills" and LOTS of good stuff
A Thousand Genealogy Links

over 5,000 links to ships passenger lists, cemeteries, 
censuses & military records for UK & Ireland, USA,
Europe, Canada, Australia & NZ

Online Genealogy Library is another source of folks who'll do lookups.

LDS's FAMILYSEARCH SITE. Through its "Custom Search" you can access the Family History Library Catalog, search the International Genealogical Index for a specific event and year, or search Ancestral File using any combination birth year, christening year, marriage year, death year, or Ancestral File number. And see Fianna's helps for searching this site and/or at your local FHC!

Vocal Local ie

FREE Parish Locator program (approx 1.1mb) which can be downloaded and used totally free of charge. Over 15,000 parishes are listed in the United Kingdom and Ireland. For each parish the county and the map reference is given. Counties are identified using Chapman's county codes.

If you've ever wondered about a site's credibility sometimes it helps to find out who has the domain name for a particular website (plus name, address and phone number). You can go to the Whois Web Directory to find out!

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness Movement A movement, Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, has begun. The goal is to enlist volunteers to do look-ups, etc. in the area where they live for family history researchers in other areas.

Helplist for Ireland

**Births, Deaths, and Marriages Exchange for Ireland **
The goal of the Ireland** Births, Deaths and Marriages Exchange is to provide to genealogists a free resource for sharing information about details contained on birth, death and marriage certificates registered in Ireland**.
Remember that for our purposes the word certificate includes, but not limited to:

certified copies
photographic or Xerox copies
inspections of birth, death and marriage registrations
**Only the Republic of Ireland is listed on these pages.

Northern Ireland is a part of the UK BDM

Banks and other institutions build small biographical files on their "members", at least in areas that seem necessary to help them identify those whose money they care for. While today's privacy laws rightly keep that information from the general public, in some cases it is possible to see some of these "historical" files on our ancestors. One such set of financial/biographical records is the file of depositors at the Emigrant Savings Bank in New York. Copies of the original records are on file in various libraries, including the New York Public Library and the Huntington Historical Society.

While the original file contains upwards of 70,000 names, the online index only contains about 3,000 names to date. The online entries include each person's full name (including variants), date and place of birth, contemporary residence, occupation, relatives, date of arrival in the United State, the name of the ship, and the bank account information. In some cases, even Civil War service information is given, including regimental and company data.

Also, the NY Public Library has information on this resource.

Irish Search sites

Irish A-Z has a wealth of Irish genealogy links.

Local and Parish Histories of Ireland [need to go partway down the page to find the link]

British Telecom UK Directory

Calculating Cousins

A very interesting site The first files are in German but as you scroll down you will find information about Civil war units, records from churches in England, a lot about Australia, Ireland and Canada among other things.

Genealogy Links Galore

Try Genealogy Pages to help you find your ancestors. It's a growing Yahoo!-style search engine with categories by state, surname, general resources, and many more. Be sure to add your link and post a query on the board or even chat in a real-time chat room with fellow genealogists!

Distant Cousins has some interesting tidbits!

Archives for Eastman's Newsletter

Emigrant Savings Bank These transcribed accounts contain many surnames, and many of them not in New York City, helping to find elusive ancestors who were thrifty :)

GenLinks has links to several sits for searchable indexes, surnames, royalty, genealogy societies, Mayflower links, states & counties, european countries,government sources, and many others.

The Genealogical Advisory service is staffed by the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland. This is a walk-in, free service provided by the National Library and is proving very popular among visitors to Dublin. Unfortunately, there is no facility to deal with written queries.

These may be useful to you if you wish to calculate birthdates:

Dear Myrtle.Com Has the Dear Myrtle columns and is quite helpful.

Monthly newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland

For a FEE

[Fianna Does NOT endorse any commercial entity.
These links are for your information only, and you would be wise to
check it out carefully before you send any funds.]

This is one of the best places to rent microfilm/fiche to use in your own place on your own equipment. There's a name change and a new web site, but you'll happily recognize it when you arrive!

"Our new website New England Ancestors has an online searchable database for the entire collection of the Circulating Library. This site is available to members and non-members alike. Click on Borrow a book found under the heading Library Index. When you have your search result, click on the title and the call number will appear. To ensure your selection is in the Circulating Library, look for the words "also loan" following the call number."

This is quite interesting:

"I believe we here at have a service which may be of great interest to you. As an extension to our own genealogical resources, we are providing, in conjunction with the Irish Family History Foundation, a free searchable database of Irish surnames. It will offer a brief political, social and geographical history of the most popular Irish surnames."

Together, Marthe Arends and Karen Clifford have written a total of 45 informative self-paced genealogy lessons, with topics ranging from "Genealogy Data Online" to "Immigration Passenger Lists."

Irish Family History for a fee they obtain Irish certificates.

Digging Up Irish Roots - Family Chronicle Article

All you have to do is give them the year that relates to which ever transcript you want, the names of the parties involved, and if you can, the reference numbers from the films that are at the local LDS centres. They will send back a photostat of the transcript within a couple of weeks. This saves a lot of hassle and gives you all the information you need. You may also pay by credit card in any currency. All record requests cost AUS$18 or equivalent (approx US$11.50, NZ$21 . Approximately Please allow for slight variations due to daily fluctuations in currency.

The following article is from Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter and is copyright 1999 by Richard W. Eastman. It is re-published here with the permission of the author.

Searching for Ancestors on just got easier. The advanced search page on has been redesigned to give users more control. Before today the advanced search allowed users to search by given name, surname, and keyword. Searches could be made more specific by setting the proximity search feature, limiting how close keywords could appear together, by specifying a geographic location, and/or by searching only a specific type of record.

As the number of databases on Ancestry grows ever larger, the need for researchers to focus their searching also increases. To this end, the redesigned search page allows users to:

You can perform advanced searches at:

You can also click on "Advanced" just below the "Search" button on the home page, or select "Search Center" on the menu just below the Ancestry graphic at the top of the page.

GenPageFinder is now available on GenPageFinder also appears as part of the GlobalSearch results. Some of the pages GenPageFinder will find are quite large. If your keywords are not immediately visible on the page GenPageFinder finds for you, try pressing Ctrl F and entering your keywords again. This should take you to the spot on the page where your keywords appear.

Whatever your research interests and whatever searching you've already done, chances are that a search on GenPageFinder will yield fruitful new sources.

The Irish At Home and Abroad web site has been updated with many new features that are designed to help the family historian tracing Irish roots. These include a 1999 listing of parish registers and vestry minutes of the Church of Ireland available in Dublin; an on-line database of an 1803 agricultural census of County Antrim; a database of the Irish origins given in the 1860 census of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; updated addresses for Irish repositories and heritage centres. And their links are AWESOME!

Global Gazette has a monthly colum called IRISH ORIGINS which is interesting and often helpful.

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