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Our work on the Huckell family of the Loyalsock Valley has provided us with a growing amount of information on both the specifics of the families of the Loyalsock Valley and general information on Sullivan County.

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The Sullivan County (PA)  Genealogy Project
Information concerning the settlers of Sullivan County, its rich history, the Endless Mountains, and a lot of useful resources to research family surnames. A very rich collection of family history resources including photos, maps, letters, search engines and links to other sites.
Sullivan County Historical Association
1933 History of the Endless Mountains
Streby History of Sullivan County (1905)
Joseph Priestley House

On This Site
The Susquehanna Settlement, 1794
A brief essay on the abortive attempt to sell land to English settlers on 300,000 acres north of Northumberland in 1794. Of interest to families such as the Molyneux, Birds, Warrens, and Huckells of the Loyalsock.
Susquehanna Technical School Autographs
A collection of inscriptions from Sullivan County students at the STS in Towanda (usually referred to as the "Institute") from 1879 found recently in an autograph book. Other signatures are also listed from other county residents of that  period.
Priestley Family Land Sales in Lycoming County
Index pages from the Lycoming County Record Office. Shows listing of land transactions where a Priestley (almost always Joseph Jr.) has sold land to settlers. Page 221  Page 222  Page 223
Sullivan County Maps
Map S1 Relative location of early farm settlers: Huckell, Bird and Molyneux farms.
Map S2 The Loyalsock Valley in 1797
Map S3 Susquehanna Rver and Northumberland, showing access to the Loyalsock, 1797.
Forksville Area Maps
Map F1 Current roads in the Forksville area
Map F2 Forksville street detail
Map F3 Forksville aerial photo


Huckell Family Specific Information

List of all documents found July 2003
A list of Huckell-related documents held in Lycoming, Northumberland and Sullivan counties

Transcipt of Sarah Huckell 1825 will
Sarah was the widow of Thomas Huckell. She identifies surviving children and spouses from the Forksville area

Transcript of Thomas Huckell land deed, Forksville 1797
Land purchased by Thomas Huckell in 1797 (he died in 1798) from Joseph Priestley Jr. A good example of a deed and survey detail from that era.1933 History of the Endless Mountains1933 History of the Endless Mountains Of interest to the Molyneux family for the mention of William.

Transcript of Joseph Huckell 1845 will
Hillsgrove resident Joseph Huckell describes his holdings and heirs.

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