NP6: Chute Family Notes: Notes 6-67 through 6-85

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Relative listed as: Isaac Ouderkerk.


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"Lived and taught school near home before the war, Huntsville, Alabama after the war, and then for 15 years in Lincoln and other places in Nebraska, returning home 1885."


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Verify her birthdate vs. father's date of death - one is incorrect. She and Amanda may be same person? Twin sister of Arminda Ann.


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Also listed as Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.


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Also Alice Alicia


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Relative listed as Martha Ann Townsend Lufkin.


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DOB also listed as 6-18-1826.


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Also Alzinah


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Also spelled Amaret.


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Notes on Philip Chute and (Given name unknown) Britton Chute:

3. Ccthbert, in time of Edward II, 1308, m. Christian, da. of Sir John Chideake, Knt
4. i. James, m. da. of Richard Grenfield.
ii. Philip, in time of Edward III, 1332, m. da. of Sir John Britton, Kt.
iii. Anthony, m. Anne Treforth.

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page 9

"Cuthbert Chute, who m. in the reign of Edward II Christian, daughter of Sir John Chideoke, knt. and had (with two other sons, James who espoused the daughter of Richard Grenfeld; and Anthony, m. to Anne Treforth), Philip Chute, flourishing temp. Edward III, who m. a daughter of Sir John Britton and left, at his decease, a daughter Joane, the wife of Sir John Carmine, and a son and successor, George Chute, lord of the manor of Taunton in 1334; this gentleman wedded a daughter of Thomas Tirrell and was s. by his son."

Source: A Genealogical and Heraldic History of Great Britain and Ireland, Enjoying Territorial Possessions or High Official Rank But Uninvested with Heritable Honors, John Burke, Esq., Volume I. Published for Henry Colburn by R. Bentley, New Burlington Street, London. 1833.

HISTORICAL TIMELINE: "In the time of Edward III..." (Reigned 1312 - 1377). Edward III, King of England was born 13 NOV 1312, Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England and acceded 1 FEB 1327, Westminster Abbey, London, England. He died: 21 JUN 1377, Sheen Palace, Surrey and was interred: Westminster Abbey, London.

Edward assumed effective power in 1330 after imprisoning his mother and executing her lover Roger de Mortimer who had murdered his father; thereafter his reign was dominated by military adventures. His victory in Scotland, especially at Haildon Hill 1333 encouraged him to plan (1363) the union of England and Scotland. Through his mother he claimed the French throne thus starting (1337) the Hundred Years War. His son John of Gaunt dominated the government during his last years. Died of a stroke.

King Charles V (�The Wise�) of France (1337-1380) is mentioned as one of the monarchs experimenting with the most up-to-date time keeping instrument of this period: a candle clock, which kept track of time by the amount of oil it consumed. As expensive as oil was, only the very rich could afford such a luxury...."


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Notes on Daniel Chute, Rachel McGiffin Chute and Sarah Waters Benjamin Chute:

"Born in Boxford, June 4, 1787; married Rachel, daughter of Thomas McGiffin, Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 27, 1813, and lived in Cincinnati, O., about seventeen years; he graduated from Dartmouth College, 1810, and taught school many years; he was also justice of peace, postmaster and an elder in the Presbyterian church. In 1830 he moved to Madison, Indiana, and to Evansville, 1836; his wife died Sept. 21, 1840, aged forty-five; he married 2nd, Mrs. Sarah (Waters) Benjamin, Oct. 20, 1842, and died June 20, 1859; his wife died Feb. 4, 1873, aged seventy."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Pages 74-75.

"Daniel Chute, b. 1817, went to New Orleans and supposed killed by Indians; George Hale Chute, b. 1819, went to St. Louis, Mo., John McGiffin Chute, b. 1821, a printer in Memphis, Tenn, d. Mar 4, 1858; Elizabeth Chute, b. Feb. 14, 1824; m. Sept 10, 1843, Samuel T. Jenkins, he d. Apr 15, 1852, 2 sons; Charles Bartlett Chute, b. 1828, lived in Shawneetown, Ill.; Walter Tracy Chute, b. Dec. 30, 1843, stove dealer in Evansville, Ind."

Brown Thurston, compiler, Thurston Genealogies, 2nd Edition, Portland, Maine, 1892, Additions to Page 41, No. 452, Line 4


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Marriage date also listed as 9-21-1836, and 9-22-1836 in Penobscot, Maine.


Note    N79         Index
Spelled Choot.


Note    N80         Index
Relative listed as "Nelson W.W. Tiffany"?


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Notes on Elias Chute and Sarah Abigail Hamer Chute:

"Born in Clements, Feb. 9, 1839; taken to Bayham, Ont., October 1850, learned to be a cabinet maker at Iona; to Michigan 1860; and was in a battery of artillery in Tennessee in the war; went to Blue Earth City, Minn., 1866 and to Maysville, DeKalb Co., Mo., 1868; married Sarah A. Hamer (born Feb. 10, 1847), Oct. 8, 1869; was a carpenter and wagon maker there, but since 1880, moved to Lathrop, Clinton Co."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Pages 157-158.

Letters and Family Data Worksheet, Selesta Ann/Anna Selesta ("Lessie") Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

[Jackie's comment] One aspect of this brief correspondence I particularly enjoyed was Lessie Chute (as she called herself) initially assuming that the Chute family was so large and wide-spread that we were something like the Smith Family � she thought Grandpa George was researching only his particular small branch of the humongous Chute family tree. In fact, she obviously expected that her family had not been included in the Chute Genealogies as she'd never heard of it - and wished she could call him a relation, again assuming the entire family was that gigantic.

Grandpa George�s reply has gone missing, but it was evident that neither she or her sister Hazel were aware that if you had the last name of Chute, there was an excellent probability you were related to anyone else you ran across with the same last name � and that Grandpa George was recording all North American Chutes. He evidently sent her a page covering her specific branch of the Chute family from William Edward Chute�s book. By the happy surprise in her reply, it appears she wasn�t expecting to see her family�s names recorded anywhere at all.

Reverend Roger Allen Chute's calling card. Given to Selesta Ann/Anna Selesta Chute sometime before June, 1957

Also of interest: her inclusion of the calling card for the Reverend Roger Allen Chute (right). This section of her letter cleared up the mystery of the two "unidentified" Chute relatives Roger mentioned in his letter, and although they had somewhat different versions of their first meeting, we now know who those relatives were. While they didn't think they were related, Grandpa George also proved to Lessie and Hazel that they were.

Finally, she clears up the mystery surrounding the versions of her name. Born Selesta Ann (not Celesta), and named after a friend of her mother's, she began calling herself "Anna Selesta" about the time she graduated from high school, but couldn't remember why. She was generally known by friends and family as "Lessie".

Monday, June 17, 1957

Dear Mr. Chute,

I am sorry indeed that I have not answered your nice letter at an earlier date - only the rush of things at this time prevented my doing so. However, we were both delighted to know of the work you are undertaking. Indeed, it is most commendable in you for giving your time and effort collecting the necessary data for a permanent record of your branch of the Chute family. Congratulations and all good wishes. Ours is a most unusual name � however, there must be many families I this big country of ours who are answering to the same name. Only wish we knew to which one we belong. I do not know of the book �Chute Family in America�. For those whose families are included, this would be a prized possession. I have answered the questions you asked for as best I could although I know so little of my father�s family and the information I have may be of little assistance to you. However, I was very happy to give whatever help I could. Only wish we could claim relationship with you and your family. Indeed, we would be most fortunate in knowing such fine people as I�m sure you are. Now right here I might say we are pretty nice folks, too. Ha! Ha! Ha! At least we are so regarded by our friends and acquaintances.

We have lived in St. Joseph most of our lives. I have been connected with our schools for a number of years but my sister Hazel has never taught. For quite some time she was employed in the office of Armour and Co., later in the Employment Office of the Western Tablet and Stationery Company. Our brother was a well-known banker of our city. He was an Elk and both he and my father were Shriners and 32-degree Masons. My Sis and I belong to the Eastern Star and to the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem. All of our family were members of the First Christian Church. Here you have a little sketch of my family � hope I haven�t bored you too much.

No doubt you are wondering why I enclosed the little card. Well, one morning quite some time ago � over a year now, perhaps � our door bell rang. I answered and there stood a man. He handed me the little card. He said he had seen our name in the telephone directory and since ours was the same name as his, thought he�d make a call to ascertain if possible, if we were any of his relatives. He was most pleasant and we had a nice little chat but somehow we didn�t seem to make much headway. He was in St. Joseph for a time conducting a series of meetings at the Copeland Baptist Church. It seems he was sent out by the Baptist Church as a supervisor. His territory included quite a large number of counties in Missouri and Kansas with headquarters in Coffeyville, Kansas. I thought you might contact him � he may be of help to you in obtaining the information you need for your records.

Please accept my best wishes for success in your worthwhile endeavor.

Most sincerely,

Anna S. Chute

Family Data Worksheet

1. Father�s name: Elias Chute, born in Nova Scotia, Feb 9, 18431. He came to Michigan when a boy. Served in Civil War � was mustered out of army June 30, 1865. Came to Missouri in summer of 1867.

2. Mother�s maiden name: Sarah Abigail Hamer, daughter of Sarah Jane and Lewis Hamer. Born Feb 10, 1847, near Peneton, Madison County, Indiana.

Marriage: On October 4, 1868 Elias Chute married Sarah A. Hamer at Maysville, Mo. They have lived at Winston, Mo, Marysville, Mo, Plattsburgh, Mo., Latthop Mo., and St. Joseph, Mo.

Deaths: Sarah A. Chute died Sept 24, 1905 � St. Joseph Mo. Elias Chute died Sept. 15, 1916 � St. Joseph, Mo.

3. Grandfather Chute�s name: This I cannot answer � I know very little of my father�s family. When speaking of my grandmother, it was always Grandmother Cummings. Evidently, she married Mr. Chute and at his death she was married to a Mr. Cummings. She was a widow when she came to live with her daughter Mrs. Mina Gray on a farm near Clarksdale, Mo. Mrs. Gray was my father�s half sister.

4. Selesta Ann Chute, born at Winston, Mo. Hazel Blaine Chute born at Plattsburgh, Mo. We are the youngest and the only survivors of our immediate family.

5, 6, 7 [Combined for clarity]. Brothers and sisters� names and spouse/children data:
(1) James Chute � Aug. 8, 1877 � Winston, Mo. Died Nov. 3, 1878 � Winston, Mo.
(2) Frank M. Chute � born Oct. 7, 1869 at Maysville, Mo. Died March 17, 1890 at Maysville, Mo.
(3) Milo Lenons Chute � born March 19, 1872, Maysville, Mo. Died July 9, 1928 in St. Joseph, Mo. Milo L. Chute married Miss Amy McGuire in St. Joseph, Mo. Her home was in St. Louis, Mo. They had no children.
(4) Ella Ethelan Chute, born Feb. 15, 1874. She married Herman Frederick Vogel in St. Joseph, Mo. Their children: Harold Milo Vogel born Dec. 29, 1911 in St. Joseph, Mo. Lives in Kansas City, Mo.
(5) Elba Chute, born June 3, 1881 at Winston, Mo. Died Apr. 23, 1908 in St. Joseph, Mo.
(6) She neglected to include information on Hazel Blaine Chute, with whom she lived.

8. Names of Chute uncles and aunts
(a) Our Uncle Levi Chute, my father�s brother. He had one son, Edward Chute, living in Minnesota, I think. He may not be living now. He was married � do not know if they had children. (b) Mrs. Mina Gray � my father�s half sister. She had one daughter, Mrs. Ora Leeper � Clarksdale, Mo. She had one son, George Leeper, in county near Clarksdale.

9. Names of cousins. I do not know of any cousins. [As she has just named two cousins, above, possibly she means she has no further information on them, or has never communicated with them.]
Thursday, October 24, 1957

Dear Mr. Chute,

We were both pleased and surprised to have your nice letter. I felt that the little information I had concerning our branch of the Chute family would not be much value to anyone and would no doubt be cast aside. But no! When I brought in the mail one day I had your lovely letter - we did enjoy it so very much. It was indeed kind and thoughtful of you to take time from your busy life to write us and both Hazel and I thank you sincerely. It brought us much pleasure - time and time again we have referred to it. I realize however that such an interesting letter deserved an earlier acknowledgement and I am sorry indeed that I did not get around to answering it sooner.

We thoroughly appreciate the effort and time you gave in copying that portion of the old book which concerns our branch of the Chute family. I'm sure that in no other way could we have had this information. So please accept our heartiest thanks. I assure you we shall treasure this record and read it and be reminded of your goodness to us.

No doubt there are any number of differences and errors in the data I submitted and I had very little information upon which to base my answers to the questions you asked. In a few cases I had to resort to guess-work which is not always reliable. The first statement you marked was that of my father's birth - this I did not know. I can't remember that I ever heard him speak of the year in which he was born. I have often heard my mother say she was born in 1847. I felt that he was at least a few years older than she so I had to guess at the year which no doubt was incorrect. I do recall, however, the month and day of their births as one followed the other (Feb 9th and Feb 10th). We always celebrated this event with a dinner at which several of their long-time friends were invited.

Another difference you marked was the year of my parents' marriage. I have no record of this - I thought it was 1868 but no doubt it was 18692. This being true (1869) then the year of my brother Frank's birth would be 1870 as recorded in the old book. In my deposit box at the American National Bank I have a list of the names and date of birth of each of the children in our family - also deaths. According to this record, my sister's name is spelled Hazel and my sister Elba had no middle name. My name was spelled Selesta Ann while the old book has it Celesta A. These are all minor differences, no doubt. I was named for a very dear friend of my mother, who was called "Lessie", rather than Selesta Ann. From the primary grades through Central High, I too used this name.

When it came time for graduation we were asked to sign our names the way we would like to have them appear on our diplomas. For some reason I gave mine as Anna S. When I received my Univ. degree and accepted my position in the St. Joseph Schools I was still Anna S. The same is true of my New York Life and Hospitalization Insurance. Now I'm so tied up with Anna S. that no doubt this will cling to me to the end. However, my friends still know me as "Lessie".

I do wish I knew who sent in the information recorded in the old book which concerns our branch of the Chute family - especially the date of birth and death of the children. I have no idea who would have this information and it would be most interesting to know the source.

Thanks so much for letting us know about the Rev. Roger Allen Chute. He was a very pleasant visitor and seemed quite capable. After conversing for quite a while he finally said he didn't think he could claim relationship with us. Little did he know that we were a bit akin.

Hazel and I are so alone - no grandparents, uncles or aunties and if we have any cousins I know not where are. I do have, however, a second cousin on my mother's side - she lives in Denver and is a dear. Some day, I hope, it will be my good pleasure to have a peek into the book "Chute Family in America" although I can't see that I would enjoy it any more than I did your most interesting letter.

My brother Milo's wife had not been well for some time so I'm surprised that she wrote you at all. Hers was a senile condition - she died a few years ago in the State Hospital.

If you or any member of your family happen to be in St. Joseph at any time, do look us up - we'd be so pleased to have a little visit with you.

Thanks again for your kindness and interest.

Most sincerely,

Lessie Chute
132 Park Lane Apts
St. Joseph, MO

1This date is incorrect. He was born in 1839 not 1843; she was guessing at the date.
2Lessie had the day wrong, but the year correct. According to the State of Missouri, the marriage date between Elias and Sarah Hamer Chute was 8 OCT 1868.


Note    N82         Index
AKA Catherine Western. 10 children.


Note    N83         Index
7 children.


Note    N84         Index
"Lived on the old Chute farm in Windham, which he inherited from his father and grandfather. George was unmarried and had no issue."


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Notes on Joseph Clement Chute and Sarah Sylvester Winslow Chute:

"Born in Portland, Me., Aug. 22, 1823; lived there until he was sixteen, then went to sea, and was off several voyages; to Livepool, London, West Indies, Florida, etc. In 1846, he enlisted in Captain Bradfute's Co. of Tennessee Volunteers and went into the Mexican War. On his return, while nursing some yellow fever patients in New Orleans, in the hot summer of 1847, he received a sunstroke, which disabled him very much. He got home, however, and lived twelve years with his mother and his uncle George W., in Windham, married Sarah Sylvester Winslow7 (James6, James5, Nathan4, James3, Job2, Kenelm1, over in 1629), sixth in a family of eight, Oct. 27, 1859; lived five and a half years on the Mark Knight place, which he bought, and in the spring of 1865 - having sold his place again - he moved on to his father-in-law's farm, near Windham Center. He was of an amiable disposition, fond of good company, much given to hospitality and a worthy member of the Masons and Orthodox Friends. He died Jan 7, 1886."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Pages 144-145.

Joseph and Sarah lived on the farm that was owned by her father "The Winslow Place", and died there. Their son Edwin lived on his father's farm.

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