Chute Family Notes: Notes 80-1391 through 80-1445

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Notes on Camilla Rae Chute (Gordon) Nutter Chute, James Edward Gordon, Jr and George Harold Nutter:

James Edward Gordon, Jr. was in the U.S. Navy, and Camilla worked both in different offices and in a Nursing Home. They met while in highschool. Geoge Nutter has worked at a tannery, driving a cattle truck, and also at a canning factory, where he and Camilla met. They are both active in the Sno-Devils Snowmobile Club.

Son Dale Russell worked in both tanneries and in chicken barns; his wife Angela was a neighbor; he met Brenda in Newport. He is also active in the Sno-Devils club.

Rodney Cecil Chute, 12 DEC 2002, Family Data Worksheet


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Notes on Thomas Valentine Sullivan & Jean Marlys Chute:

The full name of 'Thomas Valentine Sullivan' is an unusual one, as it is also the name of the sea captain credited with founding the YMCA in the United States. Further research will possibly reveal that the two were connected in some fashion.


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Notes on Ralph MacDonald Chute & Peggy Charlotte Hankin Chute:

Letter to George M. Chute, Jr., 25 July 1954

8061 Robindale
Dearborn, RR3, Michigan
July 25, 1954

I enjoyed very much my brief conversation with you some time ago at the U. of D. [University of Detroit, where George M. Chute, Jr. was a Professor]. I have come to realize what a very formidable task you are facing in bringing up the Chute genealogy to the present day.

From Aunt Lilian's keepsakes, I found the following list which will seem to confirm your dates. You probably have them already:

  • Sidney Chute, born Nov 20, 1824, Bear River, Nova Scotia, died 1901 in St. Thomas.
  • Harriet Ann (Markle) Chute, born March 29, 1840, in West Flamborough, Ancaster, Ontario. Died February 8, 1925. (Wife of Sidney). Children
  • Priscilla Anna, born May 3, 1861, died - ? [Note: Based on her birthdate, Priscilla is the daughter of Sidney and first wife Phoebe.]
  • Abraham Chute, born March 18, 1865, died in infancy
  • Robert Sidney, born September 30, 1867, died December 25, 1939
  • Sarah Ann, born June 15, 1869, died March 15, 1930
  • Alice Livonia, born Bayham May 28, 1871, died December 28, 1943 in Hammond, Indiana
  • Hattie May, born June 1, 1880, died in infancy
  • Frank Merley, born October 24, 1883, died June 11, 1942
  • Lilian Chute, born January 13, 1878, died Mar 1, 1954

    My own data is as follows. My first wife, whom I married July 15, 1940, was Patricia Marie Elizabeth. We were divorced March 29, 1951. Married present wife, who is Peggy Charlotte (nee Hankin, of Southhampton, England) on July 27, 1953.

    Roger (the Rev. Roger Allen), my brother, is now in Santa Monica, California, Pastor of the First Baptist Church. His address is 2422 32nd Street.

    With kindest personal regards,

    Ralph Chute

    PS: My trip to Boston has been delayed somewhat. I will be off any day now. Peggy is meeting me there Aug 6, and we will spend 3 weeks in Nova Scotia.


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    Notes on Frank Merley Chute & Mary Jane MacDonald Chute:

    WEC gives his birthdate as 24 AUG 1883; son Ralph MacDonald Chute, in a letter to George M. Chute, Jr., dated 25 JUL 1954, gives his birthdate as 24 OCT 1883. Ralph says his data is drawn from a list found in the possession of his Aunt Lillian Chute. Text of letter can be found in his Notes section.


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    Notes on William Macready Chute and Elizabeth Ellen ("Bessie") Davis Chute:

    According to the 1881 British Census, William Macready Chute worked as a clerk, in the Legacy Duty Department (in Revenue). His younger sister, Ellen Maud Chute, was living with them in 1881. The household in 1881 consisted of William Macready Chute, wife Elizabeth E. Chute, son William H. Chute, sister Ellen M. Chute and a 16-year old servant, Edith A. Leggett.

    They resided at 19 Victoria Grove, London, Middlesex, Great Britain in 1881.

    Family History Library Film 134018
    Public Records Office Reference RG11
    Piece/Folio 0080 / 15
    Page Number 24


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    Notes on Julia Mevington ("Kitty") Chute:

    According to the 1881 British Census, she lived with the Leacy Family (Charles, Agnes and children Charles, Jr., Agnes M., George F., and Susan M.) on Oriel Bath House Road in Cheltenham, Gloucester, as a lodger, with a stated profession of "teacher of pianoforte". Also lodging in the home was Susan Warren, a seamstress.

    Family History Library Film: 1341621
    Public Records Office Reference RG11
    Piece/Folio: 2577/72
    Page Number 5


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    Notes on Georgina Fanny Chute:

    In the 1881 British Census, she was not at home, but visiting a family in Allanbay Cottage, Binfield, Berkshire, Great Britain.

    The family is recorded as the "Niggett" family, consisting of James Alan, Caroline F., and children Mary C., Grace H., and Edith A, as well as a governess and three domestic servants.

    I suspected that this may have instead been a branch of the Wiggett family, and not "Niggett" (despite her being identified as a "visitor", and not as a "cousin" or other relation), and this was confirmed by Francis Chute, a direct descendant, with the comment that "James Alan was a nephew of William Lyde Wiggett Chute, my great-grandfather. Alan's father was the Reverend James Samuel Wiggett, WLWC's elder brother, who kept the name Wiggett because he was not made heir to the Chute estates in 1827."

    James Alan was identified as a farmer of 300 acres, employing 5 men and 1 boy. Edith A. Gates of Lewes, Sussex was the governess, Martha Bridge (Wraysbury, Buckingham), Alice Maskell (Reading, Berkshire) and Annie Huges (Marston, Wiltshire) were the domestic servants.

    Dwelling: Allanbay Cottage
    Census Place: Binfield, Berkshire, England
    Family History Library Film: 1341320
    Public Records Office Reference RG11
    Piece/Folio 1318/74
    Page 4


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    Notes on George Chute and Edith C. (maiden name unknown) Chute:

    Located in 1881 British Census records. George recorded his profession as "Agent for Landed Property". In addition to George, Edith and daughter Violet, the household also consisted of a general servant, Agnes Smith, of Arrington, Cambridge. The record is as follows:

    Dwelling: Upper Station Road Grey Stones
    Census Place: Finchley, Middlesex, England
    Family History Library Film: 1341333
    Public Records Office Reference RG11
    Piece/Folio 1371/50
    Page 93


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    Notes on Reverend Theophilius Dacre Chute:

    Attended Eton, Keble College, Oxford (M.A.).

    According to 1881 British Census, was the Curate of Earls Colne, in 1881, residing on Colchester Road, White Colne, Essex, England.

    Family History Library Film: 1341435
    Public Records Office Reference RG11
    Piece/Folio: 1803/29
    Page Number 7

    From 1891 through 1926, he was the Rector of Great Moulton, Norfolk, Great Britain.


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    Notes on Reverend Edward Russell Chute and Mary Nina (or Nina Mary) Firth Chute:

    "iv. Edward Russell, b. July 11, 1840, ma. 1874, Nina Mary, da. of F. Firth, Esq., and had Fred Russell, and Edward Lennard."

    Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page 13.

    Marriage Registration:
    ~JUN 1874, Marylebone, Great Britain,
    Civil Registration Index,
    Volume 1a, Page 847, Marylebone District

    1881 British Census
    Moulton St. Michael, Norfolk, Great Britain

    Household consisted of Edward Russell (34), Mary Nina (28), Frederic Russell (6), Edward Lennard (4), Lawrence Vere (2) and Mervyn Lyde (1).

    Also: Mary Ann Gunhilda Hard...nty (23), Governess, Susannah Elizabeth Brooks (22), Cook, Ellen Elizabeth Andrews (22), Housemaid and Susan Snell (62), Monthly Nurse.

    Source: Family History Library Film 1341474
    Public Records Office Reference RG11
    Piece/Folio 1970/5
    Page Number 3

    Frederick Russell Chute, the eldest of the couple's four sons who were, according to nephew Francis Chute, "dispersed to far places" by their mother's second marriage to Colonel A.D. Smith, R.M., attended secondary school in Hertfordshire, Great Britain, as he appears on their register for 1888-1889, and as one of the school's alumni lost in "The Great War". Later, he was a pioneer in Alaska, where he worked as either (or both) an engineer or a "husky dog trainer".

    That may have been where he would have volunteered for military service in World War I, for he fought not in a British unit, but with the Canadian Machine Gun Corps, the 17th Motor Machine Gun Coy (Army). He was subsequently killed on August 14, 1917, suggesting that he was part of the offensive of the Third Battle of Ypres. For further detail on his military service, see his entry in the Special Events in History: World War I section.


    Grave Reference courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

    Chute, Francis. The Chutes of the Vyne, 2005. Page 702.


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    Notes on Reverend Devereaux Wiggett Chute & Mary Henrietta Hunter Chute:

    The Reverend Devereaux Wiggett Chute was Rector of St. John's 1866-1926, and R.D. Basingstroke 1878-1882.

    Correspondence between Emerin Semple Chute and George Chute mention only two daughters, Maud Eleanor and Norah Madeleine. However, the 1881 census lists a "Maria L. Chute" and does not mention Maud Eleanor. While it is possible that the elder Maud was in a boarding school in 1881, and Maria did not survive childhood, it is also possible that Maria L. is a transcription or recording error. Until definitive proof is found that Maria did not exist, she will remain recorded with the notation that, thus far, the only record of her is the 1881 British Census.

    The full 1881 British census household record is:

    Devereaux W. Chute, 41, Rector of Sherborne St. John
    Mary H. Chute, 39, born in Mauritus, British Subject
    Maria L. Chute, 9, born Sherborne St. John, scholar at home
    Norah M. Chute, 6, Sherborne St. John, scholar at home
    Emily Loverack, 22, Newborough, Stafford, Cook
    Elizabeth Oliver, 20, South Warnborough, Hampshire, House & Parlor Maid
    Mary A. Lersson, 26, Christchurch, London, Nurse, domestic
    Family History Library Film 1341307
    Public Records Office Reference RG11
    Piece/Folio 1256/102
    Page Number 16


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    Notes on Donald Allen Chute and Marian Buell Chute:

    OBITUARY: Donald A. Chute

    "POLSON -- Donald A. Chute, 75, died of cancer at his home here on Dec. 13, 2002. Donald was born in Aitkin, MN, on March 30, 1927, to Clarence Chute and Sarah Congdon. Donald was the youngest of five children; he was preceded in death by his parents and four sisters. Don worked for the Great Northern Railway in St. Paul, MN, before joining the armed forces. Don served in the U.S. Army Paratroopers. After the service, Don returned to GNR in St. Paul, then transferred to Havre in 1950 where he worked as a machinist. Don met and married Marian Buell in Havre in 1950. Don was an avid motorcycle lover who also enjoyed fly fishing, fly-tying, writing poetry and songs, swimming, sailing, woodworking, roller skating, ice skating, and woodcarving. Don served as commander of the Bear Post VFW in Havre in 1967. Don and Marian retired to Columbia Falls then moved to Polson in 1996 where they could enjoy the lake and sailing. Don is survived by his wife of 52 years; his children and their spouses: Christine A. and Walter Perry (Salem, OR), Timothy A. and Marie (Hebness) Chute (Missoula), Paul T. and Melissa Chute (Havre), Mary K. and Ronald Dalke (Havre), Mark J. and Rose Chute (Clinton), and Toni M. and Joel Bell (Havre); eight grandchildren; a great-grandson; numerous nieces and nephews; and one pretty kitty, Cee Cee. Per Don's request, no services were held and in lieu of flowers please send donations to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Spokane, WA."

    Char-Koosta News, Pablo, Montana, Dec 2002
    Official Newspaper of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Indian Reservation

    OBITUARY: Marian Buell Chute

    DALLAS, Ore. � Marian B. Chute died in her home of natural causes on Veterans Day, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012, at the age of 83. She was born in Williston, N.D., on Sept. 27, 1929, daughter of Gus T. Buell and Mae McManus Buell. She married Donald A. Chute in Havre in 1950.

    Marian graduated from Havre High School and attended Northern Montana College. She worked as a bookkeeper for a motor parts supply house, but her passions were archaeology and politics. She enjoyed reading about Egypt and other ancient civilizations and about philosophy, and loved novels by Montana writers. She was interested in Native American culture and was a charter member of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian.

    Marian was a lifelong member of the Democratic Party and a proud "Yellow Dog" Democrat. She was active in politics in Montana before moving to Oregon to retire. She supported feminist causes and volunteered at a crisis shelter in Missoula. She also loved cats, Barbie dolls, teapots and driving fast.

    She is survived by her six children, Christine Chute (Walter Perry) of Polk County, Ore., Tim Chute (Marie Hebnes) of Missoula, Paul Chute of Havre, Mary Chute of Havre, Mark Chute of Missoula and Toni Chute of Coos Bay. Her grandchildren are Kate Perry of Beaverton, Ore., Chelsea Hains of Juneau, Alaska, Beth Hains of Havre, KayCee Poulson of Havre, Sasha Chute of Nevada, Chase Chute of Idaho, Lily Chute of Las Vegas, and Matthew Bell and Sahri Engelhardt (Stevie) of Havre. She has five surviving great-grandchildren and one brother, Donald Buell of Ogallala, Neb. She was preceded in death by her husband, Donald Chute; and sister, Cecelia Anderson.

    A private graveside service will be held by the family at Willamette National Cemetery, where Marian will be inurned with her husband Donald. Memorial contributions are suggested to the Salem Friends of Felines or the Shriners Hospital for Children, in care of Dallas Mortuary Tribute Center, which is handling the arrangements.

    Source: Missoulian, 22 Nov 2012


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    Notes on Richard Harry Chute and Shirley Ann Green Chute:

    Richard Harry Chute served in World War II; He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn Poly Institute (Auburn University) in Auburn, Alabama and later moved to Wellesville, New York.

    Obituary: Richard Harry Chute

    Richard H. Chute (1926 - 2012)

    WELLSVILLE - Richard H. Chute of 3266 Proctor Road passed away Sunday (May 20, 2012) at Rochester General Hospital in Rochester.

    He was born Sept. 22, 1926, in Irvington, N.J., to George A. and Alice Gieseke Chute.

    Richard was a longtime resident of Wellsville who served in the U.S. Army during World War II, stationed in the Philippines. After the service, he graduated from Auburn University with a degree in mechanical engineering. He took a job in Ridgway, Pa., at the Elliott and later retired in 1995 from Dresser Rand in Wellsville after working there for 42 years.

    Richard enjoyed watching sports, especially his grandchildren's sporting events and the Buffalo Bills. In his early 50s, Richard began riding a bicycle and rode until his mid-70s. He rode thousands of miles, including a 90-mile-trip to Victor to visit family while in his 70s.

    Richard will be remembered for the support he gave his family.

    Survivors include a son, Richard R. (Kim) Chute of Victor; a daughter, Marsha (Joe) Schettine of Elmore, Ohio.; six grandchildren, Jeffery (Melissa) Neugent, Michael (Heather) Neugent, Joseph Schettine II, Leigh Ann Chute, Lisa Chute and Richie Chute; a sister, Nancy (Don) LaFave of Stratham, N.H.; and several nieces and nephews.

    He was predeceased by a sister, Alyce Chute.

    There will be a graveside service with full military honors in the Woodlawn Cemetery.

    Memorials in Richard's name may be made to HomeCare & Hospice, 118 N. Main St., Wellsville, NY 14895.

    Published in The Olean Times Herald on May 22, 2012


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    Notes on Benjamin Chute:

    1881 Bridgetown, Nova Scotia Census:
    Chute, Benjamin, Male, ~1834, 47, NS, Baptist, English
    Chute, Charles, Male, ~1836, 45, NS, Bapt, English
    Chute, Henrietta, Female, ~1848, 33, NS, Bapt, English
    Chute, Minetta, Female, ~1854, 27, NS, Bapt, English

    Page 1, Family #2
    Note: Minetta Chute was probably the Minetta who married James M. Gilliatt, so this would suggest that their marriage did not happen until 1881 or later. There is also a Minetta Jane Chute, with a birth year of 1854, but records indicate she was already married by 1881, and was further away on the Family Tree.


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    Notes on Gilbert Fowler Chute, Eliza Jane (Chute) Chute and Helen Starrett Chute:

    "Born in Granville, Feb. 27, 1813; married Eliza Jane, daughter of Ezekiel Chute, Oct. 14, 1847; she died Sept. 19, 1848; aged 26; he married 2nd, Helen, daughter of John Starrett, and widow of John Phinney, Nov. 1848, and is a vessel builder and tailor at Hampton, Annapolis Co., N. S. She died 1892, aged eighty."

    Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page 108.

    1881 Bridgetown, Nova Scotia Census:
    Page 3, House #16
    Chute, Gilbert, M, 68, NS, Quaker, English
    Chute, Margaret, F, 75, NS, Can Meth, English
    Fash, Joseph, M, 38, NS, Advent, English
    Fash, Lorenzo, M, 41, NS, Bapt, English
    Fash, Lavenia, F, 35, VT?, Bapt, English
    Fash, Zenas, M, 14, NS, Bapt, English
    Fash, Mabell, F, 6, NS, Bapt, English

    Lorenzo Dow Fash and Lavenia Chute Fash had four children; two of them appear on this census. It is unclear what happened to the other two.


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    Notes on Wesley Barclift, Blanche Marie Hetrick Barclift and Lillys Marie Barnes Barclift:

    Letter to Maud Chute from Wesley Barclift

    Dayton, Oregon
    (Sun) Jan 20, 1952

    Maud Chute
    Hillsboro, Wisconsin

    Dear Cousin:

    Received your letter and request. As you say, it is quite an order for me because I haven't kept a record myself. But we went down to Eugene Oregon Thursday night (17 JAN 1952), to Harriett's, to see them, and Jayce who was there to attend Preacher's Parliament. James and Olive were there for the occasion also, so I presented your letter and each did their bit towards helping us out ...

    [List of data transcribed to family records]

    ... Well, Maud, I started this the 20th, but here it is the 31st of January (Thursday) 1952. I had to wait for some information.

    James and family live in Albany, Oregon, close to 50 miles from here. He has a good job with the Mt. States Power Co., so we get to see them often. Charles is living in Seattle, Washington, 200 miles away and working at the Boeing Airplane Co. Jayce is in Columbia Falls, Montana, preaching at two different places each Sunday morning. He said when they were here they had 60 inches of snow and the season had just started.

    We have had a little snow here and lots of rain. A very good winter though, so far.

    I'm working in a cabinet or furniture shop, trying to keep the wolf from the door. At least it isn't quite as bad as one of the men at the shop said. He said the old wolf he had been fighting away had had pups!....

    Wesley Barclift


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    Notes on Robert T. Curtis and Patricia Ann Chute Curtis:

    Letter from Patricia Ann Chute Curtis to George M. Chute, Jr., 18 OCT 1966

    " ... We expect our residency in Lewiston to be permanent. My husband is a funeral director and we purchased an establishment here about a year ago. There is a Chute family living in Brewer, Maine, owner of a drapery company, and a teacher in Boston. Including you, those are the only ones with that name I've ever heard of.

    Very sincerely,

    Patricia Curtis
    (Wonderful name isn't it?)


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    Notes on Robert Boyd Swindell and Jenny ("Jennie") Love Chute Swindell:

    Letters from Jennie Love Chute Swindell to George M. Chute, Jr., 12 MAR 1951 - 12 JUN 1951

    March the 12th, 1951

    Dear Mr. Chute -

    I was very glad to hear from you again to know that I have been able to help a little, sorry not to answer (illegible) but I have been trying to get the information you wanted about Edward Manning's family, his daughter* and I have been very friendly through the years although we don't live near each other and I sent her the paper you sent me and asked her to answer the questions but she didn't know all the answers, so she sent it to her mother (Edward Manning's wife) and so far she hasn't sent it back to me but I know she will and I will send it to you as soon as I get it.

    *Unsure if this is Helen or Lalia.

    I have the information I think you wanted about the Balsors or Baltzers as they spell it now, I got Mrs. Connors to send me that and if you have the time I would be pleased if you could just send her a note of thanks. She is very much interested in the Chute book and proud of her connection with the Chutes. Mrs. Vinton Connors, Berwick, King's County, Nova Scotia.

    Guilford D. is married but I don't believe they had any children, I'm not sure of that**, but I think so and if he's like he used to be you certainly won't have any trouble getting an answer from him, he probably can tell you all you want to know about John N. Also Douglas and Grace. Douglas is married and has children, but Grace has never married if you wanted to write to her. Her address is Berwick, too.

    **She was incorrect - they had at least one son.

    I would like very much to hear of Uncle Owen's family - my father knew nothing about him for years before he died and often spoke of him. I suppose he has passed on too and was surprised to know he had nine children.

    Certainly you may send my letter to Lois or use it any way you wish to.

    I will send you what I can find out about Edward Manning's family. I feel sure I'll get it soon.

    Let me know if there is anything I else I can do to help.

    As ever sincerely yours,

    Jennie L. Swindell

    March 30, 1951

    Dear Mr. Chute,

    Rec�d your letter and was very glad to know the information I sent was helpful.

    Thanks so much for telling me about Uncle Owen�s family � have you got in touch with any of Uncle Joseph�s family yet? I remember he had a large family. I also remember his two oldest children Roland and Edna, I believe their names were, and it also seems to me they were twins. 1 It�s been so many many years and I�m not sure.

    Mrs. Edward Manning C. lives with her daughter Frances of So. Berwick and Percy R. is divorced. Before he and his wife had trouble they lived at Wolfville. Now he�s working at Greenwood. I noticed they didn�t mention his divorce on that slip, so maybe they would rather not have it mentioned. I think he stays with his mother quite a lot so you could put his address as So Berwick, too. Lawrence W. Chute�s address is #217 East 33rd Street, New York City 16. Helen�s husband Clifford Crocker died Nov. the 12th 1942. Weston is three miles north east of Aylesford and Greenwood is two miles south of Kingston. Greenwood was too small to put on the map I guess but now its own big R.C.A.F. Station is one of our most important places.

    I knew about Raymond Chute but I was under the impression he was adopted and that Guilford D. never had any children. Probably I was wrong2.

    I am sending you one of our telephone directories � this is from Windsor to Yarmouth. Hope it will be useful. There aren�t many Chutes at Bear River now. You really should take a trip down here this summer and see the land of your ancestors. My husband and I would be very glad to have you visit us at any time.

    I would like to know about Alice Edwards � she and her husband visited us years ago but I haven�t heard from her for a long time.

    Did Mrs. John M. mention Goldie Chute to you? She married Fred Porter. I knew her a long time ago & wonder if she would be John M�s sister.

    Hope to hear from you again,

    Sincerely yours,

    Jennie L. Swindell

    1Roland Ladnier Chute and Elva (not Edna) Viola Chute were not twins; they were born in 1895 and 1896, respectively.
    2This comment about Raymond Croft Chute being adopted has not appeared anywhere else; probably she is wrong, or she is confusing him with someone else.

    April the 23rd/51

    Dear Mr. Chute:

    Glad to hear from you again.

    If I could get a chance to go over to Berwick and spend a day I would make some calls on the Chutes. I have tried telephoning but can�t seem to get much satisfaction that way.

    Perry Chute was the son of Thomas Ansley (page 95); he would be a brother to Grace�s father. I did not know that Grace had a sister. I�d known of Henry Banks but never knew his wife was a Chute, and also I have forgotten to tell you that Gertrude, daughter of Henry J. Chute, page 159, lives in Berwick. She is Mrs. S.C. Parker. She has one daughter Anne (Mrs. Lawrence Boyd) and lives in Montreal. I can�t tell you about Gertrude�s brothers, I believe they too live in Montreal, and I was talking with Helen Crocker and she mentioned that they forgot to tell you of her father�s half sister Annie. She is the daughter of Richardson and his 3rd wife. She is Mrs. Lawrence George Watt., 5287 Hunter Road, Langlie Prarie, B.C. She has no children.

    I was surprised to hear that my aunt in Mobile is still living. She must be very old.

    (?) Lois live in Michigan. It�s really interesting to me to learn of my cousins that I have heard nothing about for so many years. I would like to have known where Goldie is now; I haven�t heard from her for a long time. I know her daughter Olive too, where does she live?

    I should be glad to hear from you again.

    Sincerely yours,

    Jennie L. Swindell

    June the 12th/51

    Dear Mr. Chute:

    Your letter rec�d some time ago; glad to hear from you again, and have been waiting to get in touch with Helen Crocker about Annie�s birthday. Helen says she was born in Sept. 1896, but was unable to tell me what date in Sept, perhaps that much will help.

    I am sending you another obituary from my paper (not attached): Murray Chute, son of Jervis (page 168), who was the son of Thomas (page 105). I thought you might like to write to Mrs. Coggins of Barden, P.E.I. She could probably give you the data on that family.

    Trust you are getting along well gathering data on the Chutes and hope to hear more about it. Anytime I can get data that will will help I�ll send you.

    Hope to hear from you again soon,

    Sincerely yours,

    Jennie L. Swindell


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    Notes on Ralph Vernon Fullwiler and and Lois Gertrude Edwards Fullwiler:

    Correspondence between Lois Edwards Fullwiler and George M. Chute, Jr.

    Box 542
    Atascadero, Calif.
    August 8, 1950

    Dear Mr. Chute:

    Thru Elva Chute of Mobile, Ala. I received your address, so I am writing you to get some information and also to give you some if I am able, as I understand you are bringing the Chute Genealogy up to date. My mother was a Chute, wife of Frank Edwards.

    Are you a descendant of the Chute who wrote up the Chute Genealogy originally?

    My cousin Josephine Stotz of Provincetown, Mass. whose mother was Abbie Chute has the family bible, with some information in it.

    There have been several George Maynard Chutes in the family.

    Shall be pleased to hear from you,
    Yours very truly

    Lois Edwards Fullwiler
    (Mrs. Ralph V.)

    Atascadero, Calif.
    Sept. 13, 1950

    Dear Mr. Chute:

    I shall try to give you what information you have need of on my branch of the Chute family now, and may be able to furnish you more when I get back from Florida. I am leaving in the morning to visit my brother Walter Edwards in Micco, Florida, and also my sister on the West Coast and will try to find out some more information while there.

    Amanda M. did not leave any descendents. After Ross she married a Mr. Bert Smith, North Hartland, Vt. and lived there many years. My sister and I visited her there once.

    Abba R.: You can get the exact dates of her children and grandchildren by contacting Mrs. Josephine Stotz, Tenerife House Apts., 26 Tremont St, Provincetown, Mass.

    David Prior: His wife's name was Lila Wotton (misspelled in the Chute book). They had no legitimate descendents. David Prior had a son by a woman by the name of Perry in Nova Scotia and the son went by the name of Kit Perry, and lived at 12 Walnut Road, Somerville, Mass. He has a nice daughter by the name of Lila Perry who is so far as I know still at that address.

    Then David and Lila brought up a child who goes by the name of Edward Chute and who the last time I knew anything about him worked in the Shawmut National Bank in Boston, there is no Chute blood in him, being the son of one of Lila Wotton's brothers and a girl by the name of Elizabeth McDonough. I'm telling you this in case it might go in the list of allied families.

    Anna Lavena: Just heard from her daughter Alice Dorman, and she will give you all their data by writing to Mrs. William Dorman, P.O. Box 62, Rants County, Hantsport, Nova Scotia.

    Eliza Annes: My family lived in first South Stoughton where my brother Walter Frederick and my sister Alice Eliza were born. I was born while my mother was on a visit to her grandmother in Nova Scotia. My brother's birthdate is Nov. 16, 1885, my sister's Dec. 19, 1888 and mine Sept. 14, 1892. From So. Stoughton, Mass. we moved to North Stoughton and then Stoughton, where we all went to school, and lived until grown. My father passed away Nov. 17, 1928, and my mother on Dec. 16, 1943. Neither my sister nor I have any descendents. She is married to George E. Cooley and lives in New Port, Richey, Florida. My brother has two daughters. The first one Margaret Louise born in Melrose, Mass. I'll have to get the exact date when I see him.

    She now lives at 101 Harvard St., Newton, Mass. and is still unmarried. Her mother was Ethel Wales, postmaster's daughter of Stoughton, Mass. Divorced and death about six years ago. Then he married Eloise Breed (Breed's of Bunker Hill) and they have one daughter Alice Jane born Nov. 24, 1937.

    Capt. Joseph N.: Will go thru Mobile on our way back and will try to see them, and will prod her along to give you the information you need there. I know their names but no dates so it would be more satisfactory for you to get all the information from Elva.

    Edward F.: Ellen Moody and he had one daughter who lives still in Harborville Nova Scotia, and you can find out about her by writing to George Spicer, Harborville, Nova Scotia. My second cousin on the Spicer side lives in Los Angeles, sister to this George, and in case George does not know about Uncle Ed's daughter I will ask this cousin in Los Angeles. I will make it a point to see her when we get back from Florida.

    Owen L: His widow lived in New Rochelle, N. Y. and you can get their data by writing to Miss Louise Chute, 27 Dogwood Lane, Larchmont, New York, that is the last address I have and got it from Alice Dorman. Louise must be one of the youngest as Jack was the baby when I was there, and I heard he was killed in this last war. I will appreciate it very much if you will pass on to me any information you get about Uncle Owen's family.*

    [*Jackie's Note: Family records have daughter Louise Theresa residing in Schenectady in upstate New York and daughter Jane Lois Estelle residing in New Rochelle - very close to Larchmont, in Westchester County, New York. Lois Fullwiler may be confusing the two daughters.]

    That seems to take care of all my family.

    Enclosed find clipping I happened to see in the Los Angeles Examiner lately, the fact that the man's middle name is Prior struck me as interesting, might be good to write him. Also there is an authoress by the name of Marchette Chute from around Wisconsin. Have vou ever contacted her?

    Sincerely yours,

    Lois E. Fullwiler

    Atascadero, Calif.
    Nov. 18, 1950

    Dear Mr. Chute:

    Have just returned from our 9000-mile trip and it was wonderful. Didn't find any further information about the New York Chutes, Uncle Owen's family. Possibly Marchette Chute could help you in that. I was much interested in hearing about those three sisters.

    We visited the three Chute girls in Mobile and they are wonderful. Elva will write you one of these days.

    My niece Margaret Louise Edwards was born Dec. 10, 1915.

    If I receive any further information, will let you know.


    Lois Fullwiler

    Atascadero, Calif.
    Feb. 6, 1951

    Dear Mr. Chute:

    Your letter of Jan. 17 received after being missent to Alvarado.

    I'm sure you will hear from Elva in Mobile before long. I just wrote to her and jogged her memory again. The three sisters are Elva, Alexandria and Alice. There are also two brothers in St. Louis, and two brothers passed away. If by any chance you don't hear from her within a month, let me know and I will try to get the data for you. They all three work and also have an 82 year old mother to look after.

    I was certainly pleased to know Aunt Theresa is still living, and intend to write to her without delay. Thanks for the information on Uncle Owen's family.

    I did contact my second cousin during Christmas in Los Angeles and she told me to tell you to write to Mrs. Boyd Swindel, Harborville, Nova Scotia, and she can put you straight on her family. I gather she is the daughter of Uncle Ed and Aunt Ellen Chute. Also, if you don't get the information you need there, I will try to get it thru my second cousin's brother who lives in Harborville.

    My middle name is Gertrude.

    I'm glad someone had interest enough to go to all the work you are doing on behalf of the Chutes, and please feel free to call on me any time I can help.

    With best wishes,

    Lois Fullwiler

    Atascadero, Calif.
    May 19, 1957

    Dear Mr. Chute:

    I have just received a letter from Elva Chute telling me of her mother's passing, clipping enclosed. I am writing her today and urging her to send you the data you need while it is still fresh in her memory especially now that her mother is gone. They all have had their hands full as their mother was bed-ridden for a long time, in fact was in bed when we were there in 1950, but was up again and down again as time went on, until the end.

    If you don't get the information you need say in a couple of months please let me know and I will prod her some more. What little I know would be so sketchy and probably inaccurate that it would be far better to get it from her direct. Her address is 562 Michigan. I am wondering if by any chance you were using her old address.

    Goodspeed's catalog1, Boston, lists the Chute Genealogy now at $17.50, used to be $10.00. It is in their new issue.

    If there is anything else I can help you with please feel free to write.

    Yours very truly,

    Lois E. Fullwiler
    (Mrs. Ralph V. Fullwiler)

    1Goodspeed's was a well-known antique book and paper (i.e., letters, autographs, etc.) seller in Boston. Due to rising rent costs, the store went out of businss in 1973. The closing was considered such a loss to the city of Boston it made the local news.

    Atascadero, Calif.
    Dec. 9, 1957

    Dear Mr. Chute:

    I wrote Mr. Raymond M. Chute in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and he promised to cooperate in getting Elva Chute to write the information you desire, so unless Christmas or something else sidetracks her mind again you should be getting a letter from her before very long. I gathered from Raymond's letter that it was the mother who was uncooperative and of course Elva would do as she said.* However, Raymond was very nice about the matter and I am sure he will be helpful. He will purchase one of the books when they are ready, as also will I. He is a very nice person and I hope you have the pleasure of meeting him soon.

    He plans to stop off and see you in early 1958 and also my mother's cousin in Los Angeles.

    He is secretary of the Sheet Metal Workers' Union and travels around the country. So when he comes I will find out all I can and will also ask him if Elva has written you. If not, we will do some more prodding.

    Wishing you and your wife a pleasant Christmas.

    Yours sincerely,

    Lois Fullwiler

    * [Jackie's note: Elvia Viola and Raymond Mark's mother - Rose Virginia Ladnier Chute - had died earlier this same year, in March. I'm not sure what this reference to her lack of cooperation meant.]


    Note    N80-1410         Back to Index        Back to David Prior Chute, Jr., and Lydia Deliliah ("Lilly") or ("Lila") Wotton Chute.

    Notes on David Prior Chute, Jr. and Lydia Deliliah ("Lilly") or ("Lila") Wotton Chute:

    From a note dated July 23, 1938, written by Alice Church of the Naples Maine Church family, to either James Cleveland Chute or his son Philip Conrad Chute, relating a story told to her by either Mary Lila Chute, daughter of James Thurston Chute, or Lydia Deliliah ("Lilly") or ("Lila") Wotton Chute. The note was forwarded to George M. Chute, Jr. by Philip Conrad Chute on May 4, 1958: "Lila Chute of Pasadena told me today (she is 86 yr) that "Willie Young Chute"'s wife first name was Mollie and that she was a nurse from England. Was in San Francisco at the time of the great quake in 1906 and was called to Los Gatos, California, on a case in the family of Grace Fairchild Jacobs, where she met Willie Young Chute who was visiting his sister after delivering one or more carloads of flour to the quake sufferers, sent from Minnesota in his charge. They fell in love and were married some [time] later." Edith May Pickburn Chute, may have gone by the nickname "Mollie" - would like confirmation of any of the details of this story.

    Taken from a letter written by Lois E. Fullwiler to George M. Chute, Jr., 13 SEP 1950:

    "David Prior: His wife's name was Lila Wotton (misspelled in the Chute book). They had no legitimate descendents. David Prior had a son by a woman by the name of Perry in Nova Scotia and the son went by the name of Kit Perry, and lived at 12 Walnut Road, Somerville, Mass. He has a nice daughter by the name of Lila Perry who is so far as I know still at that address.

    Then David and Lila brought up a child who goes by the name of Edward Chute and who the last time I knew anything about him worked in the Shawmut National Bank in Boston, there is no Chute blood in him, being the son of one of Lila Wotton's brothers and a girl by the name of Elizabeth McDonough. I'm telling you this in case it might go in the list of allied families."


    Note    N80-1411          Index
    Notes on Raymond Theodore Lavoine and Athalia Mae Chute Lavoine:

    Both Raymond and Athalia Mae were previously married: Raymond to Grace Elizabeth Howe and Athalia to Albert McNamara, Sr.

    In the 1930 U.S. Federal Census, Raymond Lavoine stated that he was 20 years old at the time of his first marriage; granddaughter Debra Scott records the marriage between Raymond Theodore Lavoine and Athalia Mae Chute as Dec 1, 1924.

    He stated in 1930 that he was a veteran of WWI, and was the proprietor of a battery repair shop.

    Included in the family at the time was 6 year old Alfred McNamara, identified as a "boarder", but actually Athalia's son by her first marriage. Raymond's son by his first marriage, Raymond Jr., was not with the family at this time; according to Debra Scott, he was being raised by his maternal grandmother, Lillian Barber Howe.

    From granddaughter Debra Scott:

    "Both my maternal grandparents were married previously. My grandmother was married to an Alfred McNamara, Sr. and my grandfather was married to a woman whose name was Grace (she died giving birth to Raymond T. Lavoine, Jr. who was raised by Grace's mother for most of his life.) Alfred Jr. was my mother's half brother. He was raised by Athalia and Raymond Lavoine Sr. When the two of them married, they had my mother.

    My grandfather, Raymond, moved down to Virginia to live with my mother where she took care of him until he passed away in January 1980 from cancer.

    My uncle (my mother's half brother, Raymond T. Lavoine, Jr.) lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his youngest son, Walter."

    Debra Scott, via e-mail, Thursday, January 09, 2003


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    Notes on Morley Cecil Chute and Vera May Trask Chute:

    ii. Thomas A., b. Feb. 24, 1855; m. Sarah Louise Mulholland, a school teacher, Feb. 10, 1886, and lives on his father's place with the old folks and have (1), Morley Cecil, b. June 16, 1889; (2), Wilfred Hiram, b. Aug. 17, 1892.

    Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page 111.

    Obituary, source unknown

    Chute, Mrs. Vera, 71 of 262 (282?) John St. S., Aylmer, yesterday at Memorial Hospital, St. Thomas.

    Former Vera Trask, widow of Morely Chute. Practiced nursing in Toronto and New York. Also lived in Grovesend. Survivors: Sons Gerald (Lambeth), Kenneth (at home), daughters, Mrs. Clarence (Maureen) Mitchell (Strathroy), Miss Louise (Simcoe); foster children, Mrs. Edward (Amy) Pole (Simcoe), Louis e Quimette (Tillsonburg). Service: Monday 2:30 p.m.; Barnum & Kebbel Funeral Home, Aylmer. Burial: Aylmer Cemetery.

    Brian Slough's Genealogy,


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    Notes on Carl Douglas Chute and Marion S. Owen Chute:

    Correspondence, Carl Douglas Chute and George M. Chute, Jr.

    June, 1966
    Boylston, Mass.

    Dear George -

    I am indeed sorry that time has flown so rapidly as to necessitate a reminder from you, but I am happy that you were willing to prod my negligent hand. Part of the delay was due to validating some of the information you wanted, but I am afraid most was due to sheer procrastination, for which I apologize.

    I started to write another letter to you with the information, as this sheet had been been misplaced during the lapse of two months, but at the last moment it turned up, so I shall use it instead.

    If I can give you any further help, I shall be glad to do so, and will earnestly try to respond more quickly the next time.

    Good luck and best wishes in your endeavor.

    Sincerely yours,

    Carl D. Chute

    "Carl Chute died July 14th 1995 in Punt Gorda, FL. Marion Chute died Feb 4th 1996. All three children David, Brian and Carole are still living.

    Brian married Roxanna Clair and had a daughter Dawn ... Roxanna died about 6 months later. He then married Lynda Frum (now Moberg). They had three children. Brenda Sheirly was adopted out at birth but my mother has since been in contact with her, Donna Lynn Chute/Smith and me, Deana Lee Chute/Aaron.

    They divorced and he remarried Charline (I don't know her maiden name). They have had two sons Jeremiah and Charles."

    Source: Chute Message Board Post, Deana Chute-Aaron, 29 DEC 2002

    Obituary, Marion S. or L. Owen Chute

    PUNTA GORDA, Fla. - Marion L. (Owen) Chute, 79, of 7905 Hillman Ave., formerly of Boylston, Mass., a licensed practical nurse for many years, died Feb. 4 in Bon Secours-St. Joseph's Hospital, Port Charlotte, Fla., after a short illness. Her husband of 58 years, Carl D. Chute, died last July. She leaves two sons, David L. and Brian S. Chute; a daughter, Carole S. Baughn; her father, Llewellyn S. Owen; a brother, Robert Owen; a sister, Priscilla Nakamura; nine grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren; nephews and nieces. She was born in East Orange, N.J., daughter of Marion S. (Stewart) Owen, and was raised in West Harwich, Mass. She lived 35 years in Boylston before moving to Florida in 1980. She graduated from a high school on Cape Cod and attended Worcester Hahnemann Hospital School of Nursing. She later graduated from Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester and Northeastern University in Boston. Mrs. Chute was a licensed practical nurse in the Worcester area and in Florida for many years, retiring about 1981. She was a longtime member of First Congregational Church in Boylston.

    Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA) - Sunday, February 11, 1996


    Note    N80-1414          Index
    Notes on John Harding Chute and wife Etta L. Chute (maiden name unknown):

    Social Security records conflict with State of Washington death records for Etta L. Chute: she died either on the 15th or the 25th of October, 1970, in Spokane, Washington. Need family verification and confirmation.


    Note    N80-1415          Index
    Notes on Dr. Cheryl Chute-Miller:

    An associate professor in the Mathematics Depart at SUNY Potsdam.


    Note    N80-1416          Index
    Notes on James Albion Chute and Mary Teresa Smith Chute:

    Mary Teresa Smith [Carleton] and her first husband Captain John Emery Carleton lived in Malden and West Sommerville, Massachusetts. Their children: a daughter - died at birth, Dana P., Clarence Eddy. Captain Carleton followed the sea for a number of years and was a Master Mariner. Later he went into the Commission Market Business - produce - with his brother Eddy in Boston. He had attended school in Brooksville, Maine. Mary had attended school in Orrington, Maine.

    After her second marriage, Mary and James Albion Chute lived in Saco, Maine and Hyannis, Massachusetts. James attended school in Leighton's Corner, New Hampshire. He was a farmer and a painter.

    Source: "Children of Kimball Carleton and Nancy Tapley Carleton", by Worrall D. Prescott, New Rochelle, New York, 17 MAY 1968

    An "Albion Chute" appears in the 1849 Biddeford & Saco, Maine city directory. His address: Birch Street. Occupation: Operative. This is probably James Albion Chute. However, although there is no record of him living in Saco, this may also be the Albion Chute who is the son of Daniel Merrill Chute and Bathsheba Mayberry, who was also alive at the time of publication. No wife's name appeared in the directory.


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    Notes on Dr. James Lemuel Chute, M.D. and Eunice Hale Niles Chute:

    Death Notification

    CHUTE � in Falmouth, Mass., October 1, James L. Chute, M.D., 75, of Osterville, Mass., husband of Eunice H. (Niles) Chute and father of Rosanna N., David A., of Osterville and James A., of Brunswick, Maine. Also survived by four grandchildren. Funeral service, conducted by Rev. Richard G. Colby, will be Monday, October 4, at 10:00 a.m. from the United Methodist Church, Osterville, Mass. Internment will be private. Relatives and friends may call at the Doane, Beal and Ames Funeral Home, Hyannis, Mass. Saturday from 7-9 and Sunday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. In lieu of flowers, contributions in his memory may be made to the United Methodist Church, Osterville, or the Cape Cod Hospital, Hyannis, Mass.

    Source: Boston Herald
    October 1, 1971

    "1 Dead, 1 Lost, 3 Safe in Sinking off Cape"

    WOODS HOLE � One man died, another is missing and three persons including two Cape Cod doctors, were rescued yesterday when their 34-foot cabin cruiser sank after striking a submerged wreck eight miles southwest of Hyannis Harbor in Nantucket Sound.

    The rescued trio said the missing man, identified as John J. Ohrn, 32, of 62 Pine Tree Drive, Centerville was last seen swimming to a buoy in an attempt to hail passing boats.

    Coast Guard officials identified the dead man as Harlan Matthews, 78, of High Street, Cotuit. They said he succumbed in the water after the five abandoned the pleasure craft At Lib II.

    In Falmouth Hospital, for treatment of injuries is Dr. James L. Chute, 75, of Osterville.

    Also treated at the hospital for immersion and minor injuries were Dr. Robert L. Baxter, 71, and his wife, 69, of 20 Harbor St., Hyannis.

    Dr. Baxter, identified as the owner of the sunken craft, told Coast Guardsmen of the Cutter Point Turner that they struck the submerged wreck at approximately 12:30 p.m. and that the boat sank immediately. All five wearing life-jackets jumped into the water.

    Coast Guard spokesmen said there is a charted wreck, marked with a buoy, in the vicinity of Horseshoe Shoal where the incident occurred.

    Ohrn, according to those rescued, swam toward the buoy, which they said he thought he could climb to attract the attention of passing boats.

    Nearly four hours later, between 4:15 and 4:30 p.m., persons aboard the pleasure boat, Joannie B, attracted by floating wreckage, rescued the trio and recovered the dead man�s body.

    Three Coast Guard helicopters from the Otis Air Station searched until mid-evening in an attempt to locate the missing man.

    Authorities at the Boston Search and Rescue headquarters said the airborne search for Ohrn will resume at dawn with the aid of surface ships that remained in the area over night.

    Source: Boston Herald
    October 1, 1971, page 95
    1 Dead, 1 Lost, 3 Safe in Sinking off Cape
    by Jack Gallant

    "Boatman Survives 15 Hours in Sea"

    Hyannis � a 32-year old Centerville man, missing since a cabin cruiser sinking Thursday afternoon that resulted in the death of two men, was rescued yesterday morning after spending nearly 15 hours afloat in a life jacket.

    John J. Ohrn, of 62 Pine Tree Dr., who was one of five persons aboard the 34-foot cruiser Ad Lib II, was pulled from Nantucket Sound, four miles from Hyannis Harbor, by the crew of a passing tugboat.

    He was taken to Cape Cod Hospital and released after treatment for exposure. Last night, Ohrn�s wife said he was sleeping soundly and unavailable for comment. Doctors prescribed total bed rest until he recovers from the ordeal.

    Shortly after Ohrn�s rescue, Dr. James L. Chute, 75, of 53 Pine Ln., Osterville, died at Falmouth Hospital of exposure. Another passenger of the boat, Harlan Matthews, 78, of High St., Cotuit, died a short time after the accident.

    The owner of the craft, Dr. Robert L. Baxter of 20 Harbor St., Hyannis, and his 69-year old wife, were rescued after the accident and released after treatment at Falmouth Hospital.

    Ohrn was found in the pre-dawn hours by the Hyannis-based tug, Virtue, skippered by Captain Robert Pierce. The craft was one of the several Coast Guard vessels searching the area.

    Pierce said he was attracted to Ohrn after hearing cries for help.

    Dr. Baxter later told Coast Guard officials that the Ad Lib II struck a submerged wreck at about 12:30 p.m. Thursday and sank immediately. All five on board jumped into the sea wearing life jackets.

    Four hours later, the pleasure craft Joanie B., attracted to the area by floating wreckage, pulled the Baxters, Chute and Matthews� body from the water.

    At the time, Ohrn reportedly had started swimming to a buoy, eight miles southwest of Hyannis, in an attempt to attract passing boats.

    Dr. Chute, who died shortly before noon yesterday, had been a prominent surgeon at Cape Cod Hospital for many years. He was a graduate of the University of Maine and Tufts Medical School. He leaves his wife, Eunice H. (Niles); a daughter Rosanna N. Chute of Osterville, and two sons, James A. of Brunswick, Me., and David A. of Osterville.

    Funeral Services will be held Monday at 10:00 a.m. in the United Methodist Church, Osterville.

    Source: Boston Herald
    October 2, 1971

    Eunice attended public schools in Hallowell and the University of Maine.

    Dr. Chute is a medical doctor and surgeon -- now (1968) retired. He attended Thornton Academy, Saco, Maine; University of Maine for 2 years; graduated from Tufts Medical School in 1923. Retired Chief of Surgeons, Cape Cod Hospital, 1961. He divides his time between Florida and Cape Cod. He is an ardent fisherman.

    In World War I, Dr. Chute served as Ensign in the United States Naval Reserves - Naval Aviation - and in World War II was Commander - Medical Corps, United States Naval Reserve.

    Source: "Children of Kimball Carleton and Nancy Tapley Carleton", by Worrall D. Prescott, New Rochelle, New York, 17 MAY 1968

    The family is recorded in the 1930 U.S. Federal Census, residing in Barnstable, Massachusetts. They owned their own home, estimated at about $20,000:

    Chute, James L., 33
    Chute, Eunice H., 37
    Chute, James A., 7
    Chute, Rosanna N., 5
    Chute, David A., 8/12
    Occupation: surgeon, private practice


    Note    N80-1418          Index
    Notes on Rosanna Niles Chute:

    Rosanna Niles Chute was engaged in cancer research at New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston. She apparently contracted tuburculosis from working with rats in the laboratory, although it is unknown whether or not she died from the disease.

    Source: "Children of Kimball Carleton and Nancy Tapley Carleton", by Worrall D. Prescott, New Rochelle, New York, 17 MAY 1968


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    Notes on Robert Samuel Brown and Meribah Elizabeth Keefe Brown:

    Letter from Meribah Elizabeth Keefe Brown to George M. Chute, Jr.

    Springfield, Mass
    June 11, 1956

    Dear Mr. Chute:

    Until I looked up the date of your last letter, October 22, 1952, I could hardly believe that so much time has elapsed. It was good to hear from you again and catch up a bit. I can readily understand how busy you are at the University of Detroit � but how splendid!

    Of course many things have happened here, although none of the younger generation have been too prolific. The only birth I can report is that of Arthur Russell Nersesian, born [Private] to Grace Russell and Arthur Nersesian, living in Delaware.

    No more children in the Dr. James L. Chute family. I am sure I reported the marriage of his elder son, James Allen, born [Private] to Claire Arleen Rochford on August 14, 1952. They spent the following 3 years in Japan and are now living in San Diego, California. Dr. & Mrs. Chute have just returned from a visit with them and a tour into Mexico.

    Rosanna has never married, She contracted T.B. from handling rats. (You remember she works in a cancer research laboratory � in fact has many articles in medical journals). She spent the past year in a Sanitarium on the Cape. Her recovery is complete and right now she is on a trip to Florida.

    Ruth and David still have just the two beautiful children and our little Mark William is a beautiful sturdy child.

    My sister Luella Keefe Bengle lost her husband, Eugene Louis, July 7, 1953. Heart � very sudden and tragic. She is still Supervisor of Children�s Work with the Springfield City Library.

    My mother, too, is quite well. She and my sister live together. She is 83. Isn�t it wonderful to still be able to say we have our mothers?

    Marchette is certainly a brilliant young woman. I do admire her writing and recognize the terrific research involved.

    Beatrice Joy has a new book just off the Dutton Press � Greenwillow � a charming novel. I am reading it right now.

    We also have Charles Lionel Chute�s �Crime, Courts and Probation�, published in 1956.

    The new Branch Library of which I have charge was completed in September, 1955. A patron left us a cool million � and what an experience it has been to form plans, build, and purchase 30,000 brand new books working with a wonderful administration. Besides that to train a staff of 10 assistants and 6 pages. The year of 1955 was certainly fateful � but we are rolling along and circulate an average of 1000 books a day. I enclosed a bulletin which tells a bit about it.

    My husband is with the New England Telephone and Telegraph Company and in their Telephone Topics for January 1956 was the enclosed picture and write up of one of their employees, Elizabeth Anne Chute. Do you suppose she is one of our clan? A letter to the Providence office of the N.E. Tel. & Tel Co would reach her if you wish to pursue this.

    Another funny coincidence is that we have moved from 892 Worthington Street to 125 Garfield Street, Springfield.

    This brings us up-to-date, and will send along any news items as they occur.

    Most sincerely yours.

    Meribah Brown

    Attachment: Regarding Further Marriages and Births in Family of:

    X. Elizabeth Ella Chute m. Benjamin Franklin Russell
      XI. Gordon H. Russell b. [Private] m. Beatrice Mae Johnson April 6, 1947. Children: (1) Gordon Warren (2) Linda Jean (3) Janice Lee. All in Danvers, Mass. Birthdates [Private].
      XI. Grace H. Russell b. [Private] m. Arthur Nessasian December 21, 1946. Children: (1) Arthur Russell (2) Deborah Lynn (3) Richard Nelson. Birthdates [Private].
      XI. Richard Boynton Russell b. [Private] m. Patricia Lee September 21, 1952. Children: (1) Michael Lee (2) Sandra Ann Birthdates [Private].
      XI. Jean Marilyn Russell b. [Private] m. Lorne Reid Hersey August 29, 1952. Children: (1) Dana Scott, b. Danvers, Mass. Birthdate [Private].
      XI. Mildred Louise Russell b. July 24, 1912 m. Ray E. Nutting November 1, 1960. No children.
    X. Dr. James Lemuel Chute m. Eunice Hale Niles
      XI. James Allen Chute b. [Private] m. Claire Arlene Rocheford August 14, 1952. Children: (1) James Joseph, b. [Private], living in Brunswick, Maine - still connected with the Navy.
      XI. David Augustus Chute b. [Private] m. Ruth Frances Morin June 17, 1950. Children: (1) Jaye Hilary, b. [Private], (2) Mark William, b. [Private], (3) Matthew David b. [Private].
      XI. David Augustus Chute b. [Private] m. Ruth Frances Morin June 17, 1950. Children: (1) Jaye Hilary, b. [Private], (2) Mark William, b. [Private], (3) Matthew David b. [Private].
      XI. Rosanna Niles Chute. In cancer research, works at the Deaconness Hospital, Boston, Mass.
    X. Meribah Elizabeth Keefe m. Robert Samuel Brown, b. July 10, 1895, So. Hadley, Mass. d. June 23, 1961, Springfield, Mass.
    X. Edward Pratt, b. July 16, 1890. He and daughter Alma Reis now live in Quincy, Mass., where Mrs. Reis teaches school.

    Letter from Meribah Elizabeth Keefe Brown to Rosanna Niles Chute

    Springfield, Mass
    April 8, 1981
    Dear Rosanna:

    Enclosed find a copy of the New England Chute genealogy brought up to date by me through your generation (See XI).

    I worked on this after a request back in 1950 by a Mr. George M. Chute, 546 Garfield Street, Plymouth, Michigan to gather as much information as possible about the descendants of Albion Chute (your great grandfather). You see there is a fine Chute genealogy (we have one here in the Springfield City Library. Published by a William Chute in 1894). This volume brings the family tree down to Albion, marrying Meribah Doe Roberts and their children, which includes: Ella, Mark, James (your grandfather) and Grace (my mother).

    This Mr. George M. Chute descends from a Lionel Chute, which is another branch entirely, but makes us sixth cousins.*

    *Note: she seems not to be aware that she is of the same Lionel Chute line.

    To make a long story short, Mr. George died suddenly, thus ending his research and so putting off any publication, altho' I understand he had a great deal of material. Someone sometime may pick up the threads and continue (who knows), so I am sending a copy of my research to you, Alma Pratt, Grace L. Chute in Danvers, in case you are ever contacted.

    There are a few items in your family which you can add and perhaps send on to me to add to my master list while I am living -

    1) Date and place of your mother's death
    2) City where your brother Jimmy was born (I think it was Chelsea, Mass, but not sure)
    3) Date and place of Ruthie's birth
    4) Date and place of Claire's birth
    5) Date and place of James Joseph's birth

    It would be great if you would begin to keep a record of the next generation (XII), that is, Mark and Matthew, as they are the only ones now to continue the name of Chute. (James Joseph also).

    Hope all is well with you and perhaps you are beginning to think of retiring?

    All is well here and not too bad a winter.



    Extract of Letter from George M. Chute, Jr. to Meribah Elizabeth Keefe Brown

    [Extracted by Meribah Brown]:
    Plymouth, Michigan
    28 Oct 1950

    "... you ask about Marchette and Beatrice Joy Chute. I visited them in New York last January and have their complete data. They, you and I are all 6th cousins. We are representatives of the tree branches known as the Canada Chutes, the Minnesota Chutes and the Maine Chutes.

    In Chicago last week I contacted Walter H. Chute (page 186) who is director of the Shedd Aquarium; also Oscar M. Chute (son of Ira Moody, page 127), who is Supt. of Schools in Evanston, Illinois. I presume you know of the Chutes listed in various "Who's Who" books. I visited Charles Lionel Chute who is in Who's Who in America. My older brother Aaron Hamilton Chute also is in its latest edition. I have the data on Dr. Richard Chute, listed in Who's Who in the East; his father Arthur L. was in the big Who's Who before his death. Also Dr. Andrew Lawrence Chute of Toronto listed in the World Biography.

    Since James Allen Chute of Osterville is in the Navy, he may be interested to know that Laurence Robert Chute (32 years old, son of Rainsford K., p. 177) of Boston is Lt. Commander in the Navy ..."


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    Notes on Reverend Roger Allan Chute and Veda LaDoris Barton Chute:

    Letter from Rev Roger Allan Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

    July 1, 1957
    Mr. George M. Chute

    Dear "Cousin":

    It is rather unusual for me to be writing another "Chute", for there are so few of them. I must beg your pardon for the lengthy delay in answering your letter for information. We are right in the midst of a building program here, and the attendant duties and responsibilities falling on me are tremendous. Hence the letter slipped my mind. In fact, I cannot recall what information you asked for. If, therefore, you will permit, I will supply whatever information I think you would want for such purposes and trust it will be satisfactory.

    Grandfather on my mother's side was John A. McDonald, Alvinston, Ontario, Canada. Grandmother on my mother's side, Mary Jane Murray.

    Grandparents on Father's side rather vague, as they died when I was small. My brother, Ralph M. Chute (8061 Robindale RR3, Dearborn, please forward) could perhaps supply this. Failing this, try Murray Chute, a cousin, living in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

    Father's name: Frank Merley Chute, born St. Thomas, Ontario. Mother's name: Mary Jane McDonald, born Alvinston, Ontario.

    My wife's name: Veda LaDoris Barton, born Belleville, Illinois 12/30/25.
    My name: Roger Allan Chute, born Toronto, Ontario, 8/30/20.

    Three sons: Robben Mark (East St. Louis, Illinois), Jerry Douglas (Alton, Illinois) and Michael Scott (Coffeyville, Kansas).

    I trust this will fill in some of the details you may be missing. Hoping to meet you sometime,

    Roger Allan Chute

    In the interim, George Chute had apparently written about other Chutes in the area that he wished to contact, mentioned an unidentified Chute relation* in St. Joseph, Illinois, and had provided Roger with details on his father's family.

    *Update: The 'unidentified Chute relation' was subsequently identified when one of her letters was transcribed. This was Selesta Ann/Anna Selesta ("Lessie") Chute and her sister Hazel B;aine Chute.

    Letter from Reverend Roger Allan Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

    July 19, 1957
    Mr. George Chute

    Dear George:

    Guess second cousins just as well be second cousins! So glad to find some more relations. I well remember the "ladies in St. Joseph. I was holding a meeting in central Illinois many years ago, and a lady came to me one night for help. It appears her mother was a Chute, though dead many years. She knew no relations at all. I put her in contact with the Chute reunion at Mt. Sterling, Illinois, every year, and she attended. Reported later she found umpteen cousins, an aunt or two, and was generally thrilled pink. So.

    No, the point of this is to tell you not to write to anybody at 2121 Lincoln or whatever that number was. I should know, for that was me. I stayed at the motel at that address for about a month, while getting into my house here. I stopped by there to check for you for sure, and I am the only Chute they have had at any time. So your directory is crossed up someplace along the line.

    I am keeping busy with the above building. [He is referring to the stationery letterhead, which includes a sketch of the First Baptist Church of Santa Monica.] It will, when completed, contain space for 900 in Church and 1200 in Sunday School. We are building it so that it can transform into a day school quite easily, if so desired.

    Well, here is a picture of the tribe out here. [Note: photo not in file; may have been returned.] This is almost two years old, a relic from Christmas cards of 1955. The boys have grown considerably since then. If you ever get out this way stop and visit. If you do find time to write again, enlarge please, on your university career. I am interested in the field.

    Well, thanks again for your letters. Glad to hear about Dad. I had knowledge of some of his family, but who can remember all 18 children?


    Roger Allan Chute


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    Notes on Ernest Yorke Chute and Dorothy Maude Bruce Chute:

    Chute Family Data Worksheet and Correspondence with George M. Chute, Jr.

    1327 Franklin Street
    Malden, Mass
    Aug 20, 1956

    Dear Mr. Chute:

    I rec'd your very interesting letter, and as I am the Ernest Chute that you are seeking, I will answer your questions to the best of my ability. We were a large family and have drifted apart, but I will give you as much information as I can at the present time.

    I have heard of the Chute Book that you mentioned, and would like to read it very much. If you know where I can obtain a copy or what Library it is in, I would appreciate it very much if you would let me know. I hope the answers I have given you will help you in your work on this book.

    I remain,
    Very Sincerely Yours,

    E. Y. Chute

    Brothers and Sisters
    Herbert W. Chute - deceased. 2 sons: Aubrey - deceased, Vernon lives in Prince Edward Island
    Hanley Chute. Died at age 9, diptheria.
    Ernest Y. Chute
    Irving J. Chute - deceased. Died at 14 years of age - blood poisoning.
    Orbin Chute - deceased. Large family - Eleanor, Vinson, Alliston, David
    Ella L. Chute
    Josephine Chute
    Lawrence R. Chute. Never married, 238 Middle Street, Braintree, Mass.
    Simeon S. Chute - deceased. Died in his forties - electrocuted.
    Sadie Chute
    Florence M. ("Flossie") Chute
    Dorothy ("Dollie") S. Chute
    Grace E. Chute
    Children and addresses mostly unknown

    Children of Ernest Yorke Chute and Dorothy Maude Bruce Chute:
    Lorraine married Paul Bezanson, had Carole Elaine, Paul Clifford, Diane Marie, Cathy Louise.
    Darrell married Marcia Doyle 12/27/58
    Phillip married Billy Boyd (Edinborough, Scotland) in England on 4/4/60.

    64 Linden Avenue
    Malden, Mass

    Mr. G. George
    Plymouth, Mich
    Dear Sir:

    Please find enclosed the information you asked for. As you will note, Mr. E. Chute died last Jan. of a sudden heart attack.

    Will you phone and let me know when your book is completed. I will be at the address below.

    I remain,
    Sincerely yours,

    Dorothy B. Chute

    4119 Rio Hondo
    Rosemead, California*
    [*This may be the address of her son Philip Bruce Chute.]

    Where does Phillip Bruce live?
    Rosemead, California

    His children's complete names?
    Brian Richard Chute, born [Private].
    Elaine Chute, born [Private].

    Where does Darrell live?
    New Whiteland, Indiana

    His children's complete names?
    Darrell Edward Chute, Jr., born [Private].
    James Michael Chute, born [Private].

    Has Lorraine children younger than Cathy?
    Is Elaine Single?
    Deceased, July 25, 1928
    Ernest Y. Chute?
    Deceased, Jan. 15, 1966

    801 Hurricane St.
    Franklin, Indiana
    Jan 17.67

    Mr. George Chute, Plymouth, Michigan

    Dear Sir:

    I rec'd your letter recently and was pleased to hear from you. I am returning our page that you sent me with a little more information that you do not have. I would like to have a copy of your work if possible. There is a Chute book on sale in Boston for $15.00, but it is an old book, and I would prefer the latest one. I hope you will let me know when and where it will be available.

    May I tell you of an interesting coincidence concerning the Chute and Bruce ancestors. They were closely connected in early English and French history. The Chutes came from France, fought in Scotland* and were lords in the House of Commons, the family coat of arms are quite similar having the Lion on each and other similar details. Robert Bruce of Scotland fought the same wars, so it is quite interesting to us that after all these hundreds of years they got together over here in America! My father (Robert Bruce) came from a long line of Scots people, and my husband's father, William B. Chute, also came from the same long line of ancestry in England.

    My sons Darrell and Philip Chute are quite proud of their ancestors and want to obtain all the information available.

    Hoping I shall hear from you again, I remain,
    Very sincerely,

    Dorothy Bruce Chute

    PS: My former address was (illegible)


    Josephine Chute died July, 1966.
    Sadie Chute married Howard Porter, 1 daughter
    Dollie Chute married Arthur Jenkins, 2 sons>
    Grace E. Chute married Jean (Gene?) Thorndyke, daughter Phyllis.

    [*Jackie's Note: There is no historical documentation that suggests the Chutes ever fought in Scotland during the period of Robert the Bruce (1274-1329). However, I'm not certain where Dorothy Bruce Chute obtained this detail, unless she had heard the as yet unverifyable family legend of the "Chevalier le Chute", who supposedly arrived in Ireland directly from Normandy (time frame unknown), without having ever passed through England - Robert the Bruce had numerous connections through Ireland. However, it ought to be noted that Bruce was a direct descendant of both William the Conquerer and of Rollo, the Danish viking who was the first Duke of Normandy. The Chute who had the Lion on his Coat of Arms was Philip of Appledore and the Chute who was a lord in the House of Commons was, of course, Chaloner Chute the Speaker. If a Chute from the line descended from Alexander Chute of Taunton ever fought in Scotland alongside Robert the Bruce, there is no known record of it.]

    My grandfather, William Burkitt Fowler Chute, was born near Hampton Bay, Nova Scotia on Dec 24, 1851. In December, 1879 he married Sophia Oikle who was born at a Mic Mac Indian reservation. My father, Ernest Yorke Chute, was born on October 11, 1886 at Phinney Cove, Annapolis County Nova Scotia. The family farm is still at this address on the bay. I would like to locate the Indian reservation and tribe where my grandmother was born. She would have been about the same age as my grandfather who married at 18, or perhaps younger. The above is all I have to go by and am not sure where further records would be maintained. My mother's [Dorothy Bruce] father was Robert Bruce and emigrated directly from Scotland before the turn of the century. That family still lives about the Bruce farm in Truro or Greenwood. My father and mother moved to Massachusetts during the Depression.

    Message Board Post, Philip Bruce Chute, Q27 22, Mar 2001, Subject: Sophia Oikle

    "My father's occupation [Ernest Chute] was a factory maintenance foreman and union steward. He could build anything with his hands, from a house to a machine. He received only four years education in the tiny one-room schoolhouse and was a functional illiterate. Because he was left-handed, they forced him to write with his right so that even his signature was crudely drawn.

    My grandfather, Robert Bruce in Nova Scotia, had a farm and on the farm he had an orchard and there was a cider mill inside his barn and in the cellar of the barn was a hard cider distillery. He had a bad habit of selling the cider business to people who couldn't make any money because they weren't involved with the liquor business. Then he would buy it back, cheaper. My grandmother's maiden name was Dore, not the famous painter but a French horse trader father. Back to the story. That's how my mother met her husband, he had bought and sold the old business back to my grandfather. Grandfather was a clever man and once, according to my mother, a tractor salesman came to town demonstrating a piece of farm equipment. The salesman got caught in the machine and Robert took the machine apart to get him out. He patented many farm equipment impliments but was behind times because the country was converting to industry. The best parts of his career were trading hard liquor for everything; such as leaving a jug by the railroad tracks and finding a pile of coal there the next day.

    When my mother, Dorothy Bruce, was about 12-years old she lived on the farm which was near the Truro air base in Nova Scotia. One day she saw an old biplane with two people in it come down near her and crash into a tree killing the pilot and passenger."

    Philip Bruce Chute, Wednesday, January 15, 2003, to Jacqueline Chute


    Note    N80-1422          Index
    Notes on Dr. James Rupert Chute, M.D. and Elmira Rhind Chute:

    "During the early days, according to the book "My Pioneer Ancestors" by Dr. Matthew Burris, Dr. Lynds of Truro paid occasional visits from 1811 to 1830. Dr. Smith also called frequently around 1834. In 1830 Dr. William Harrison came to Halifax and settled in Middle Musquodoboit, where he practised until 1845. He was the first resident physician. This is the order in which they practised according to available records:

    Dr. Harrison 1830-1864 ...
    Dr. J. Rupert Chute 1896-1936 ...

    Dr. J. Rupert Chute was the son of the Rev. Obed Chute, Stewiacke, who, after short periods at Sheet Harbour and Sherbrooke, in 1896 "hung out his shingle" at Elderbank and remained until his death Dec. 27, 1936. Dr. Chute built the house owned and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Keddy, 1980. Dr. Chute was a graduate of Horton and Halifax Medical College. He married Elmira Rhind, May 25, 1910.

    "Musquodoboit Pioneers: A Record of Seventy Families, Their Homesteads and Genealogies, 1780 - 1980", original text by Jennie Reid, Volume II



    Note    N80-1423          Index
    Notes on John Henry Chute:

    Appears to be a prosecuting attorney representing the Northern Territory of Australia. Two cases were found where he appears to be representing the state against a defendant. There is no further data on this individual or family at this time.

    No. SCC 20 and 21/1992
    Number of pages - 7
    Criminal law and procedure
    (1992) 107 FLR 413


    No. unavailable
    Number of pages - 5
    Appeal - sentence
    (1993) 111 FLR 420


    #DATE 29:1:1993
    Appearances not available

    Appeal dismissed.


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    Notes on Mark Henry Chute and Edith Marie (or Myrtle) Pierce Chute:

    "When Edith got her birth certificate, she found out that she was Edith Myrtle Pierce. However, she felt that she was supposed to have been named Edith Marie and she continued with this name."


    Obituary, Edith Marie (or Murial/Myrtle) Pierce Chute

    Mrs. Mark Chute

    Melvern Square, Annapolis County - Mrs. Mark Chute, 72, of Melvern Square died Wednesday at home. Born in Greenwood, she was the former Edith Muriel Pierce, a daughter of the late Frank and Annie (Woodworth) Pierce. Surviving are a daughter Deborah (Mrs. Michael Sweet), Lower Sackville; a son Roy, Tremont; three sisters, Mrs. Ruth Avery, Kingston; Mrs. Lucille Ward, Tremont, and Mrs. K. Freeman, Greenwood Village; a brother, Paul, and two grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband and a brother. The body is in Warren T. Roop�s Funeral Home, Middleton. Funeral will be 2 p.m. Saturday in Bible Baptist Church, Greenwood Village, Dr. William Moorehead officiating, with burial in Tremont Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to any charity.

    Source: Chronicle Herald, Thursday, 17 December 1981, Page 36

    Obituary, Mark Henry Chute

    Middleton - Mark Henry Chute, 79, of Melvern Square, died Tuesday in Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Middleton. Born in Hampton, he was the son of the late Henry and Maude (Poole) Chute. He was a retired farmer and a member of the Masonic Lodge and the federation of agriculture. Surviving are his wife, the former Edith Pierce; one daughter, Deborah (Mrs. Michael Sweet), Lower Sackville; one son, Roy, Tremont; five sisters, Mrs. Annie Thorne, Port Royal; Mrs. Donald Bent, Phinneys Cove; Mrs. Frank Cropley, Hampton; Mrs. Joe Hall, New Germany; Addie, Bridgetown; one brother, Reginald, Hampton, and two grandchildren. The body is in the Warren T. Roop Funeral Home, Middleton, where funeral service will be Thursday at 2 p.m., Dr. William Moorehead officiating. Burial will be in the Tremont Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Soldiers Memorial Hospital.

    Source: Chronicle Herald, Wednesday, 09 July 1980, Page 28


    Note    N80-1425          Index
    Notes on Roy Rupert Chute:

    "Roy Rupert Chute resided (1998) in Tremont, Kings Co, NS. Roy has an apple orchard on his farm and works as a spare school bus driver. For years, he celebrated his birthday on Feb 2nd, until he received his new birth certificate and found that he was born on the 12th of Feb."



    Note    N80-1426          Index
    Notes on Deborah Susan Chute:

    "Deborah Susan Chute, born in New Glasgow, NS. She does a lot of volunteer work at schools, as a Brownie leader, and at the library. She resides 1998, Lr Sackville, NS. She was married at Bible Baptist Church, by Rev. Morehead."



    Note    N80-1427          Index
    Notes on Mark Warren Chute and Hattie Amelia Coleman Chute:

    There is an individual by the name of Mark W. Chute listed in 1880 U.S. Federal Census, in Parsonfield, York, Maine. Household:

    William K. Doe, 59, Farmer
    Pamelia J. Doe, 59, wife
    Mark W. Chute, 17, laborer, born in Maine & both parents born in Maine (born ~1863)
    Lula E. Duston, 15, Born New Hampshire, housekeeper, both parents born in New Hampshire.

    Given the similarity in names and birthdates, may be Warren Mark Chute.


    Note    N80-1428          Index
    Notes on Dennis Rodney Chute and Barbara Jean Udell Chute:

    Dennis attended Surgical Technology school, and is a certified surgical technologist. He worked for Timex in the 1970's, then did some professional ambulance work until 1980 when he joined the Air Force. He was in aviation electronics for the F-15 aircraft. He left active duty in 1990 when the family moved to Maine, and joined the Air National Guard, of which he is still a member. He is a surgical technologist and enjoys boating, camping and collecting Boy Scout memorabilia.

    Barbara grew up in a family of four girls, of which she is the eldest. Her family moved frequently, from Massachusetts to Maine, to Connecticut, where she met Dennis. After their marriage, Barb went to school at Waterbury Hospital to become an LPN. She was an LPN for 13 years and became an RN in 1990. She and Dennis both work in surgical services at Parkview Hospital in Brunswick, Maine. She enjoys camping, singing, boating and scrapbooking.


    Note    N80-1429          Index
    Notes on Christopher Lee Chute:

    Chris graduated from Mt Ararat HS in Topsham, Maine in 1999 and currently attends the University of Southern Maine part-time while working full time as a Credit Union teller. His interests include movies, computers, sports, videogames and his car. He is single and lives with his parents in his own apartment.


    Note    N80-1430          Index
    Notes on Meghan Elizabeth Chute:

    Megan wrote a beautiful tribute to her grandfather, Rodney Cecil Chute, as a high school project.

    She graduated from Mt. Ararat HS in Topsham, Maine in 2002. She is currently a freshman at the University of Maine at Orono. Her interests include drawing, writing, singing and playing guitar.


    Note    N80-1431         Back to Index        Back to Thomas Adam Slater, Sr. and Nancy Buchanan Slater       and Cassie Mae Dora Black Slater.
    Notes on Thomas Adam Slater, Sr., Nancy Buchanan Slater and Cassie Mae Dora Black Slater:

    Rodney Cecil Chute: "There were five Slater sisters and a brother, Thomas Graham Slater, that my mother had."
    Rodney Cecil Chute to Jacqueline Chute, January 2003, filed GP4755-5

    According to researcher and descendant Wendy (Mrs. Michael) Craighead, there is a census record as follows:

    1901 Richmond Parish, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada
    Thomas Slater, born April 15, 1826, Ireland
    Dora Black, born March 10, 1871, New Brunswick
    James William (Slater), lodger
    John Henry (Slater), lodger
    Albert Thomas (Slater), lodger
    Ada Mabel (Slater), lodger
    Minnie May (Slater), lodger
    The surname of Slater is implied, although not stated. I am unable to locate the census record she is describing.

    "I know that my great grandparents both passed away in 1899 and it looks like the kids went to live with Thomas & Dora, but that is about all I know. My father did not get along very well with his father and the family history is really sketchy."
    Source: Wendy Craighead, e-mail to Rodney Cecil Chute, 10 Sep 2002
    Filed: GP4755-5

    "It is quite an interesting story. It seems that Thomas was 70 years old when he married Dora. She was in her 20's or early 30's. So he died when my Mom Helen was only 5 or 6 years old. So some things she told me were incorrect. Not sure where she got it from. My Grandmother Dora Black Slater Graham, I have reached a dead end on as yet. My mom said she and her sister were born in Toppsfield, Maine, but on searching those town records there is no record of any Blacks ever existing in that town. So I will continue to search. Lots of material on the Fowlers, but is not sorted yet."

    Source: Rodney Cecil ("Rod") Chute, with Chute Family Data Worksheet, Spring 2006
    Filed: GP4755-9


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    Notes on Denis Scanlan and Josephine Chute Scanlan:

    The limited information on this family was originally obtained from an Internet posting on a Scanlan or Scanlan family message board, and was later revised (see below):

    Submitter: Gina Scanlan
    Subject: Hi ScanlAN

    Message: Hi! I am a Scanlan by marriage but I have the history of this branch. My husbands' grandfather came to America in the 1920s his name was Charles P. Scanlan. He had 2 children, Charles, Jr. and Margaret. His wife was Josephine Chute from Lestole (forgive my spelling!) My husband has been back to Ireland to visit some family he still has there, and I was wondering if you are related possibly?? Not too many ScanlANs around!

    Take Care
    Date: 21 Aug 2000 12:02 AM

    "I was navigating the Chute Family index and noticed I believe an error with my great grandfather. The child Charles of Roland Chute II and Margaret Enright, I believe is my great grandfather and he married Bridget Horgan (not Mary Francis Fitzsimons). They had at least 3 children that I know the names of, but almost positive there were more. Their 3 children were Josephine (born 11/3/1901) who is my grandmother, Roland Patrick (born 3/13/1904) and Timothy Francis (born 9/20/1905). My grandmother married Denis Scanlan of Listowel on October 26, 1926 at St. Mary's in Listowel. They moved to the US and settled in Chicago and had 3 children. Margaret ("Peggy"), Charles Patrick (my father) and another son who died very young and whom I can not recall the name at this time ... this adds my grandmother to the family index. She left Listowel right after marrying and settled in Chicago.

    According to a distant cousin, Elizabeth Chute, that I recently came in contact with, the best we could figure is that Mary Francis Fitzsimons was the wife of Trevor Chute who was another son of Roland II. Elizabeth is the granddaughter of Frederick and daughter of Arthur. She is still in contact with Jed Chute who is the son of Trevor who confirms the errors."

    Thank you,
    Eileen Scanlan
    Date: 1/20/2008 9:39:51 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

    Note    N80-1433          Index
    Notes on George Hanford Trask and Mary Amelia Marshall:

    "Mary Amelia Marshall's family emigrated from England in 1844, she was born in Charlotteville in 1853, went with her husband Abel Slough to California in 1879, he died in 1881 and by 1883 she was back in Canada. The obituary was on an obituary card (funeral):

    "In the SIMCOE REFORMER, 8 Oct, 1936, was the following:
    Mrs. Leonard Doan

    Word was received yesterday by Mr. Joseph Bowden of the death on Tuesday of his aunt Mrs. Leonard Doan, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Morely Schute, near Port Burwell. She was in her 85th year. Born in Charlotteville the deceased was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marshall. She is survived by one son, John Slough, of Memphis, Tenn.; three daughters, Mrs. Harry Schwab, of Detroit; Mrs. Morely Schute, Port Burwell; and Mrs. Archie Snively, of Dunnville, and one brother, Joseph Marshall of Hagersville. The funeral will be held on Friday afternoon at two o'clock from the home of her daughter, Mrs. Schute, interment will be made in Langton Baptist Church."

    Here is a quote from the Snively genealogy book: "Very married Morley Cecil Chute, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Ensley Chute, of Townsend. Date of marriage: August 30, 1916 at Annette Street Baptist Church, Toronto, Ont. They lived at Aylmer, Ont. They had 2 boys Gerald and Kenneth and 2 girls. When Florence was 15 she did housework for Vera and took care of Gerald. Vera was a registered nurse."

    All data provided by Brian Slough, Date: 1/10/2003 12:55:22 PM Eastern Standard Time


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    Notes on Albion Chute, Dorinda Philbrick Chute and Meribah Doe Roberts Chute:

    "Born June 29, 1828; married Dorinda Philbrick8 (Joseph7, Simon6, James5, Joseph4, James3, James2, Thomas1), March 15, 1854; she died Oct. 4, 1859, aged twenty-nine; he married 2nd, Merebah D., daughter of Mark Roberts, Jan. 29, 1860, and lived in Ossipee, Carroll Co., N. H.; died Sept. 8, 1892"

    Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Pages 147-148.

    Albion's first wife, Dorinda Philbrick Chute died on 4 OCT 1859, when son Alphonse Blackmer Chute was a little over four and a half years old; Albion quickly remarried within three months to Meribah Doe Roberts, on 29 JAN 1860. The 1860 United States Census, taken in June of 1860, shows the family living in Effingham, Carroll County, New Hampshire, with a much older 84 year old woman - a Sarah E. Tuoth (?) - whose position in the household is unclear.

    By 1862, the family was in York County, Maine, with Alphonse and his infant half-sister, Ella Augusta. Albion, at the age of 34, enlisted for military service in the Union Army, mustering out in Portland in 1863. His service record is below, and in the History section of the website.

    The 1870 census has the family farming in Newfield, York County, Maine; by the time of the 1880 United States Federal Census, they had returned to Ossipee, Carroll County, New Hampshire, which is also where they were living for the 1890 New Hampshire Veteren's census.

    Union Army Records
    Name: Albion Chute
    Residence: Acton, Maine
    Enlistment Date: 30 September 1862
    Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
    Side Served: Union
    State Served: Maine
    Unit Numbers: 1044
    1044 Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 30 September 1862 at the age of 34
    Enlisted in Company H, 27th Infantry Regiment Maine on 30 September 1862.
    Mustered out Company H, 27th Infantry Regiment Maine on 17 July 1863 in Portland, ME

    Regiment Statistics:
    Regiment: 27th Infantry Regiment ME
    Date Mustered: 17 July 1863
    Regiment Type: Infantry
    Enlisted Died of Disease or Accident: 0
    Officers Died of Disease or Accident: 0
    Enlisted Killed or Mortally Wounded: 1

    Regimental History:
    Cols., Rufus P. Tapley, Mark F. Wentworth
    Lieut.- Cols., Mark F. Wentworth, James M. Stone
    Majs., James M. Stone, John D. Hill.

    Most of the members of this regiment came from York county and were rendezvoused at Portland, where the regiment was mustered into service Sept. 30, 1862, to serve for nine months. They left on Oct. 20 for Washington, arriving there on the 22nd. On the 26th it marched to Arlington Heights, where it remained doing picket duty until Dec. 12th, when it was ordered to the south of Hunting Creek. Here it relieved a Vermont brigade in the duty of guarding a picket line 8 miles long, extending from the Potomac near Mount Vernon to the Orange & Alexandria railroad, and remained here in the performance of that duty throughout a severe winter until March 24, 1863. It then moved to Chantilly, Va., doing picket duty on the outermost line of infantry in the defenses of Washington. On June 25 it returned to Arlington Heights. The term of service of the regiment had already expired, but 315 of the officers and men volunteered to remain and if necessary assist in the defense of the capital against the forces of Gen. Lee, who had then commenced his great invasion of Pennsylvania. On July 4, after the result of the battle of Gettysburg was announced, the regiment left for Maine and arrived at Portland on the 6th, where the men were mustered out on the 17th. The 27th left the state with 949 men, and lost 82 men by death, discharge and resignation.

    Source: The Union Army, Vol. 1

    An "Albion Chute" appears in the 1849 Biddeford & Saco, Maine city directory. His address: Birch Street. Occupation: Operative. This is probably James Albion Chute. However, although there is no record of him living in Saco, this may also be the Albion Chute who is the son of Daniel Merrill Chute and Bathsheba Mayberry, who was also alive at the time of publication. No wife's name appeared in the directory.


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    Notes on Howard Allen Chute, Pauline Hays Chute and Eula E. Opperman Chute:

    Howard Allen Chute: "Buried at Shawnee Cemetery. He was a funeral director at New Lexington, Corning and Nelsonville but had gone out of that business several years ago and became a self employed tax and bookkeeping accountant. He was a member of New Lexington Baptist Church and Board of Deacons. In 1957 he lived in Shawnee."

    Eula E. Opperman Chute: "Died Friday morning, Dec 6, 1991, at her home. She had been a bookkeeper by trade, and was a member of the New Lexington Baptist Chruch. She was the daughter of Frank and Kathryn A. Forsbach Opperman. Buried at Shawnee Cemetery."

    Colborn Family Database,, Notes prepared by Shearl Campbell


    Note    N80-1436          Index
    Notes on Lane Chute and Dora Belle Colborn Chute:

    "Mrs. Dora Chute, 78, passed away this morning at her home on Water Street at 1:30 following an illness of several days due to a heart attack. Mrs Chute had been in good health until last Monday when she suffered the attack. She had been the hostess at a Thanksgiving dinner attended by her children and grandchildren last Thursday and was in good spirits. Though she had been very ill earlier this week her death was a sudden unexpected shock. One of her sons, C. L. Chute, local funeral director, is gone on a hunting trip in Pennsylvania. Mrs Chute has been a life long resident of New Lex."

    Newspaper obit. Buried New Lex Cem.

    Colborn Family Database,, Notes prepared by Shearl Campbell


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    Notes on Andrew Hossom Chute, Sr., Almira B. Phillips Chute and Louisa Jane Robinson Chute:

    Obituary, Andrew Hossom Chute, Sr.

    We are passing away. We again realize this fact as we record the death of Andrew H Chute, who died the morning of the 30th of November, 1893, at his home in Carbon Hill, O., aged 81 years and 11 days. He was confined to his bed one week. Ague and �La Grippe� were the cause of his death.

    He was one of the pioneers of the county, having lived in the home where he died, over forty years. He was born in Kenebec Co. Maine, Nov 19th?, 1812, as the oldest son in a family of 12 children; of these, a sister and a brother survive him.

    His mother died at his home 7 yrs ago, at the advanced age of 95 yrs. He moved with his parents, in 1816 to Zanesville. He was married to Miss Almira Phillips, April 22, 1836 at Amesville O. To them were born six children, three of these survive their father, three gallant sons went into the late war of the rebellion, and but one returned, one other child dying in infancy. His wife died Oct 20th, 1854.

    He married Miss Louisa J Robison, July 28th, 1858. To them were born twelve children, 7 of whom with their mother survive him to mourn the loss of a kind husband and father. The deceased was the father of 18 children and the grandfather of thirty.

    Mr Chute was a lifelong democrat and subscriber of the Sentinel, since a resident of the county.

    Firm in his political principles, he adhered strictly to his party. He was baptised by Elder John Ashley, Oct. 1840, united with the Christian Church at Amesville O. He was a man staunch in his religious principles, and to him was due in a great measure the Christian church that was built at this place a few years ago. His funeral took place from the church, conducted by Elder Roush, attended by the people with whom he (illeigible) for nearly half a century.

    On the green hillside, by the side of his aged mother and children who preceded him, in sight of the home he has occupied, so many years, Father Chute is sleeping. He had lived more than the allotted years for man but we shall miss him.

    Source newspaper unknown. Probably the Hocking Sentinel as he was listed as a longtime subscriber to the �Sentinel�.

    There has been some indication that Almira Phillips originated in Connecticut, but this has not been confirmed.

    There are two Land Ownership records for this family, one dated 2 SEP 1839 and the other dated 1 MAR 1843, in the Ohio Land Records archives. They also appear in the 1880 Census:

    Database: Ohio Land Records
    Land Office: MARIETTA
    Sequence #:
    Document Number: 5458
    Total Acres: 40
    Misc. Doc. Nr.:
    Signature: Yes
    Canceled Document: No
    Issue Date: September 2, 1839
    Mineral Rights Reserved:
    Metes and Bounds: No
    Survey Date:
    Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
    Multiple Warantee Names: No
    Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
    Multiple Patentee Names: No
    Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
    Legal Land Description:
    # Aliquot Parts Block # Base Line Fractional Section Township Range Section #

    Land Office: MARIETTA
    Sequence #:
    Document Number: 596
    Total Acres: 40
    Misc. Doc. Nr.:
    Signature: Yes
    Canceled Document: No
    Issue Date: March 1, 1843
    Mineral Rights Reserved:
    Metes and Bounds: No
    Survey Date:
    Statutory Reference: 3
    Stat. 566
    Multiple Warantee Names: No
    Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
    Multiple Patentee Names: No
    Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
    Legal Land Description:
    # Aliquot Parts Block # Base Line Fractional Section Township Range Section #

    Lost brother Abraham G. in 1861 and two of his sons to the Civil War in the same year, 1863.

    1880 Census
    Head of Household:
    A.H. Chute, male, married, 68, born Maine, farmer, mother and father both born Maine.
    Louisa Chute, Wife, 42, Born Ohio, both parents born Ohio.
    Eva May Chute, daughter, 20, at home, born Ohio
    Frank S. Chute, son, 19. born Ohio, occupation: mines coal
    Dora A. Chute, daughter, 17, born Ohio
    Sylva B., daughter 12, born Ohio
    Loran A., son, 10, born Ohio
    Isorra L. Chute, son, 7, born Ohio
    Lena A. Chute, daughter, 1, born Ohio
    Census Placer: Ward, Hocking, Ohio
    Family History Library Film 1255034
    NA Film No. T9-1034
    Page Number 170B

    "One of his sons was in the Civil War and being a sleep-walker, one night while on the Tennessee River, he walked in his sleep and right into the river and drowned." Emigrated to Ohio and took a claim in "Carbon Hill". He picked it because of the creek running through it and the coal in the hills."

    Frances Ida Chute

    "He [Andrew Hossom Chute] was considered to be quite affluent in the little town in Southeastern Ohio of Carbon Hill. He owned the coal mine, went to Ellis Island to recruit his miners who were mostly German, gave the cemetary to the town, gave land and money to build the Christian Church, had the only brick home for miles around and had a victorian grand piano brought in for the two girls. He had many children from his first marriage, twelve, I think. Several sons went off to the Civil war. My grandmother [Philena Alvena Chute] married Cyrus Lincoln Thorne. He lived in Carbon Hill and his father and he with his brother worked in Mr. Chute's mine. My mother told me that her mother, who was sixteen at the time, was considered wild and that Mrs. Thorne and Mrs. Chute engineered the marriage. Grandad was seven or so years older."

    "The Christian Church in Carbon Hill was built on land he gave and materials he financed. Each of his daughters was given a house in the churchyard. My mother, Alice Philena Thorne, was born in the house. Grandmother married Cyrus Lincoln Thorne. His family lived in Carbon Hill and the men worked in the Chute mines. This marriage produced twelve children. Nine grew to maturity. I have traced the Thorne family and their various connections. I forgot another gift he gave the little town. Across the creek form the site of the brick house lies he local cemetary. This, too, he gave. He and Louisa are buried there."

    Adaline Thorne Buchanan, daughter of Philena Alvena Chute, via e-mail, 9 FEB 2003


    Note    N80-1438          Index
    Notes on Andrew Sauerdine Chute and Harriet A. Spurbeck Chute:

    Burial Record
    Chute Andrew S.
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Date of Death: 21 JAN 1905
    Cemetery: Dayton National Cemetery, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio, USA
    Date Recorded: 25 FEB 2000
    Service Record: SGT, INFANTRY


    Note    N80-1439          Index
    Notes on Kate Chute and family (1880):

    Appeared in the 1880 United States Census (New York, New York):

    Kate Chute, 55, widowed, born Ireland, keeps house, both parents Irish
    Philip Chute, son, 25, born Ireland, truck driver, both parents Irish
    Anne Chute, daughter, 22, born Ireland, tailoress in shop
    John Chute, son, 21, born Ireland, without occupation
    Mary Chute, daughter, 19, born Ireland, Bookfolder in shop
    Joseph Chute, son, 16, born New York, "Plummer apprentice"
    Kate Chute, daughter, 11, born New York, at school

    Based on 1880 census information, this family emigrated between 1861 and 1864 from Ireland to the United States.

    Kate was a widow in 1880, but as the two younger children were born in New York, she was widowed after the family's emigration, at some point between ~1869 and 1880.


    Note    N80-1440          Index
    Notes on James Chute and Ann (Surname unknown), 1880 in Utica, Oneida County, New York:

    The suspicion is that this is the James Chute and Anna Kerwin family. However, the names of the children and their ages are different enough from previous information on this family that until confirmation is received, I am keeping them separate.

    1880 United States Census
    Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Estimated Birthdate Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
    James Chute Self M Male W 53 ~1827 Ireland Laborer Ireland Ireland
    Ann Chute Wife M Female W 40 ~1840 Ireland Keeping House Ireland Ireland
    Mary Chute Dau Female W 19 ~1861 New York Coat Maker Ireland Ireland
    Nellie Chute Dau Female W 15 ~1865 New York At school Ireland Ireland
    Katie Chute Dau S Female W 11 ~1869 New York At school Ireland Ireland
    Theresa Chute Dau S Female W 9 ~1871 New York At school Ireland Ireland

    Census Source Information
    Census Place: Utica, Oneida, New York
    Family History Library Film: 1254905
    NA Film Number: T9-0905
    Page Number: 357B

    Utica, New York City Directory Entries
    James Chute laborer 82 Seymour avenue Utica NY 1887
    James Chute laborer 82 Seymour avenue Utica NY 1888
    James Chute laborer 82 Seymour avenue Utica NY 1889
    James Chute laborer 82 Seymour avenue Utica NY 1890
    James Chute laborer 82 Seymour avenue Utica NY 1891


    Note    N80-1442          Index
    Notes on Alfred Edwin Hawes and Clarissa Prentiss Partridge Hawes:

    �Alfred Hawes was born in Holliston, Mass. On April 2, 1818. He received the degree of Bachelor of Arts from Brown University in 1841. He then attended and graduated from Andover Theological Seminary in 1844. The record does not reveal whether or not he received a formal degree from that institution. Although recorded as a Congregational Clergyman, he served as a home missionary beginning in 1844 and as a pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Marion, Indiana from then until the time of his death in 1854. You stated the year of his decease as 1853, although our record shows the date as August 31, 1854.

    At the time of Mr. Hawes' graduation from Brown he was twenty-three years of age and at his death was only thirty-six years old�.

    From letter of William McCormick (Alumni Secretary of Brown University) to Helen Lightner, dated April 10, 1950

    �His nature had much simplicity and openess, and was easy to be read by those who knew him. Blessed with an elastic, vigorous constitution, and with good health, her threw a large measure of physical energy and activity into his movements. He was a very persevering man, pursuing his plans with a straight -forward decision and independence, which sometimes looked almost like a self-willed pertinacity, but which was with him the impulsion of a conviction of duty. There was in him a valuable amount of common sense and practical judiciousness, in coming to conclusions of conduct; and withal a nice conscientiousness, which gave him confidence in those conclusions, and carried him promptly and firmly to their accomplishment. Hence his life shows very little time wasted in vacillating between opposing counsels. This was manifest in his embarking upon the missionary work. Many considerations would have kept him in New England, and not few or feeble were the wishes of those whom he greatly regarded to induce that determination. But he had calmly and deliberately settled the question otherwise, and he was not to be shaken in his purpose. He was a man of integrity; exact in his ideas of justice and honor in his business connections with others; punctilious to meet the claims of all upon him, and expecting an equal honesty from them. He cultivated a spirit of self-denying benevolence. This had a marked illustration throughout his whole public career. With some inherited property, he could have advantageously given himself to secular pursuits, and even in the ministry could have secularized himself, in that new region of country, into a money-making speculator. �I could have been rich,� he writes to a friend. But he desired only a decent maintenance. And this, to a considerable extent, was supplied from his own moderate resources. His nominal salary at Marion was $300.00 a year; actually it was less. The remainder of the expense of supporting a quite numerous family came cheerfully form his own purse. Besides, he contributed efficiently to the completion of his house of worship; and among his papers I find the rule adopted to devote a tenth of his income to Christian benevolence. He regarded himself as the steward of the Lord, and was �faithful in that which is least.�

    �Mrs. Hawes was a person of decidedly superior endowments and acquirements. From youth she was marked as a talented and ready scholar. Her literary abilities were much above the average grade. Her manners were winning; her disposition was energetic yet truly feminine. She aided her husband with efficiency in his official sphere; but not to the neglect of her home, which she made habitually a home of soothing ministrations and of devoted love. Her husband�s brief and unstudied memoranda are full of the expressions of thankful pleasure for the uninterrupted happiness of his domestic life. Mrs. H was also associated with him for several years in conducting a weekly school, for the benefit of their own children and the people among whom they resided, which, when suspended by her death, had strongly established itself in the public confidence and esteem. Well fitted to shine in a far more conspicuous position, she cheerfully gave herself to the humble and hard service of a Western missionary�s wife, and like many another of that noble sisterhood, patiently and gladly died at her post of labor and of suffering. That wide valley entombs much precious dust. Its heroes are not all of the stronger and more noticed sex. Young wives and mothers lie there in sacred repose, whose records of quiet, holy endurance, even to the grave, are on high, and are treasured there, as they should be here, among the choicest, costliest offerings which the church has ever laid on the altar of missionary toil and love.�

    From �Discourse in memory of the Reverend Alfred Hawes�, J.T. Tucker, Pastor of the First Church, November 1854.

    Submitted by Lionel Chute, 2002


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    Notes on Anthony Chute of Kent and unnamed daughters of Gee and/or Girling/Gyrlinge Chute:

    Occupation: Gunner of King Henry VIII.

    From the British Library Department of Manuscripts, Add MS 33376, folio 40:

    English Translation of Latin text, translated by Lionel Chute (Latin text follows)

    Master of the Ordinance of the King and also clerks, yeomen and gunners of the same

    Folio 43v,

    "Anthony Chute one gunner of the lord king to whom the now lord king Henry the eighth by his letters patent bearing date 19th day of February in the 21st year of his reign [1530] granted to him for the exercise of the office aforesaid the wages and fee of 18� 5s by the year for the term of his life. In money to him paid as a result of this thing aforesaid for his fee owed for the feast of St Michael the Archangel in the 23rd year [September 29, 1531] and Easter in the 24th year of the reign [March 31, 1532] of the now king begun, received the money of Henry Everard one of the tellers of the Exchequer of receipt by his proper hands by an individual writ of the king of the great seal of payment of current money both the order of Michaelmas term in the 23rd year and Easter term in the 24th year of the reign of now king begun, 18� 5s"


    Magro ordinacoun� r[eg]is necno� clicis valect� et vibrellat� ea[run]nd�

    Antonio Chute u[nu]m vibrellat� d[omi]ni r[eg]is cui dns� rex nu[n]c Henricus octavus p[er] lrs� suas paten� gerenet� dat� xix die Februarij anno regni sui xxj concessit sibi p[ro] exercitio officij p[re] dic[ti] vad� et feod� xviijli vs p[er] annu[m] p[ro] termino vite sue In denar� sibi lib[er]atis ex causa p[re]dicta p[ro] feodo suo debit p[ro] festis Michis� anno xxiij et pasche anno xxiiij r[eg]is nu[n]c incipient� recipient� denar� de Henrico Everard uno num[er]at[orum] rete p[er] man[us] suas p[ro]prias p[er] sep[er]alia bria� R[eg]is de libate� [curr�] de mango sigillo int� mandat� de termis Michis anno xxiij et Pasche anno xxiiij r[eg]is nu[n]c inc[ipient] xviijli vs"

    "As promised, please find attached the Latin transcription and translation of the payment record for Anthony Chute's service as gunner at the Tower of London. The translation was accomplished by Duncan Harrington, a professional Latinist and genealogist. The document refers to "terms" - you may be very familiar with these, but I wasn't until I found this online:

    "The practice of dividing the legal year into various "terms" can be traced back at least to the Middle Ages. See /A Handbook of Dates For Students of English History /, Edited by C. R. Cheney and Michael Jones, 2nd Edition, April 2000, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0521770955, pages 98-99 (reproduced here with the kind permission of the Royal Historical Society ):

    "The Common bench at Westminster, from the time of its separation from the Exchequer in the mid-1190s, seems to have heard and dealt with business on an almost continuous, day-by-day basis during four distinct periods of the year, the law terms, and separate plea rolls were compiled to record the business heard during each of these terms. The terms were so constituted as to avoid the major ecclesiastical festivals (Christmas and Easter, though not Whitsun) and the periods immediately preceding and succeeding them and so as to ensure that the court did not sit during Lent or harvest-time. The longest of the terms, *Michaelmas*, began one week after Michaelmas, at the end of the first week of October, a week later than the Exchequer. Prior to 1230, Michaelmas term commonly continued past Advent Sunday to end as late as 7 December (1200 and 1223) or even 9 December (in 1195) but thereafter it normally finished on about 1 December. After a break for Christmas and the feast of the Epiphany, *Hilary* term began one week after the feast of St Hilary (20 January) and always continued for at least two weeks, usually continued for at least three weeks and occasionally lasted for as many as four or five weeks (as in 1200, 1224, 1229, 1243 and 1278). The term regularly ran on past Septuagesima but ended before the beginning of Lent, perhaps because of the ecclesiastical prohibition on the taking of oaths during Lent: the differing lengths of the term were determined by the different dates for the beginning of Lent. *Easter* term always began two weeks (and a day) after Easter Sunday, again a week later than the Exchequer, and regularly continued past the feast of the Ascension to end one week after Ascensiontide. *Trinity* term was also of variable length. It always began a week and a day after Trinity Sunday and normally ended three weeks after the feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist (14 July): its length depended on when Trinity Sunday fell in the year concerned. When the court of King's Bench was reconstituted on a permanent basis c.1234 it too adopted a similar pattern of hearing business in termly sessions and its terms were of similar length to those of the Common Bench."

    Source: E-Mail, Lionel Chute to Francis Chute, Subject: Re: WESTON'S RECORD OF EXCHEQUER PAYMENTS, Date: 7/15/2006 9:39:24 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

    [Jackie's Note: If anyone is interested, his salary would equate to �6,346.44 per year (for life) today. There's an easy conversion website, "How Much Is That Worth Today?" that helps you convert past dollars or pounds into current values. How Much is That Worth Today?.]

    Update on Lionel's annotated letter from the College of Arms: The 2nd to 4th lines of the 1.3 paragraph, ("A Visitation of London in 1633/4 by Henry St. George (Richmond Herald) records a five-generation pedigree headed by Anthony Chute [there is a cross-reference to Norfolk 11/79 - see below] of Kent and his wife, the daughter of Girling.") took everyone back and ultimately sent Francis to the British Library for a second look at the Visitation Record. According to our family records, Anthony had married a daughter of "Gee", not a daughter of "Girling"; Philip was the Chute who had married the daughter of "Girling". Francis reported, after seeing the Visitation Record:

    "Yes - as I have recently been discussing with Steve, and have confirmed this week from the Visitation record in the British Library (which I had not opened because the recent re-binding omitted the title of contents on the spine (of all stupid reasons)! - it appears that Anthony and brother Philip did both marry ladies n�e Girling. This looks odd and is probably the reason why the BCHR scribe wrote Gee as the name of Anthony's wife (when See was the surname of his son Arthur's wife.)" - Francis Chute

    Raising the new questions: did Anthony marry a "Gee" and a Girling, or only a Girling? Same family? Different families? More importantly, is this going to give the search for Anthony of Kent records an important shot of adrenalin? In any event, the records for Anthony of Kent have been changed to reflect Francis's discovery - which might never have been discovered at all were it not for Lionel's annotated letter.

    Charles13 (1580) had issue; Anthony14 m. the dau. of William Gee.

    Source: The Heraldic Register Recording the Armorial Bearings and Genealogies of American Families, page 142


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    Notes on George Chute and Elizabeth Gilbert Chute:

    The exact date of George's arrival in the American Colonies is not known, but he was in the Shrewsbury area of New Jersey at the same time that Lionel was in Ipswich.

    His signature appears on the "Oath of Allegeance Taken by the Inhabitants of Navesink", which was taken in November of 1665. This was an oath of allegiance to the King of England; "Navesink" was the name of the Shrewsbury area, so named by the Delaware Indians. It is noteworthy that the name of "John Slocum" - the bondsman named in his will - also appears on the Oath of Allegiance.

    Edwin Salter, who wrote a history of Monmouth and Ocean counties in 1890, claims that George and Elizabeth originally settled in Rhode Island and then resettled in New Jersey. Of particular interest, he claims that George descended from Alexander Chute of Somerset, and although this supposition is unsubstantiated, if true, it would link the two distinct branches of the Chute Family:

    "Chute � George Chute, of Rhode Island, was among original purchasers 1667; took oath of allegiance 1668; was commissioned as captain of a foot company same year and juror 1676. It is said the family descended from Alexander Chute of Somerset, England, 1268."

    Source: Salter, Edwin. A History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties: embracing a genealogical record of earliest settlers in Monmouth and Ocean counties and their descendants. The Indians: Their Language, Manners and Customs. Important Historical Events., Published Bayonne, New Jersey, 1890, F. Gardner & Sons, Publishers. Page xvii.

    Record of his birth date and place is another "record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church" and therefore questionable, but his Last Will and Testament is indeed recorded by the State of New Jersey:

    Page: 92
    Name: George Chute
    Date: 31 Mar 1679
    Location: the County of Middleton & Shrewsbury
    Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. I 1670-1730. Part I
    Calendar of New Jersey Wills.
    Administration on the estate of, granted to John Slocum.

    Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. I 1670-1730. Part I
    Calendar of New Jersey Wills.
    N. J. Archives, XXI., p. 43

    Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. I 1670-1730. Part I
    Calendar of New Jersey Wills.

    31 Mar 1679 Bond of John Slocum as administrator of the estate. Richard Hartshorne, bondsman.

    Further research on this Last Will and Testamant is being conducted.

    This may be the same George Chute with wife unknown who is identified as the father of an Elizabeth recorded born in London in 1623. Further information is needed on both families.


    Note    N80-1445          Index
    Notes on George Chute and daughter Elizabeth Chute:

    Note also that George, who was the son of Lyonnell Chute, Sr. also fits into this time period, although the age difference between the two would have been considerable.

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