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Share Your Saskatchewan One Room School Knowledge, ancedotes. Saskatchewan One Room School Project provides an online history for current generations to enjoy, preserve, and experience, our historical educational, architectural, and cultural, heritage.

This project is greatly appreciative of digital submissions. Please submit any additional information electronically (digitally) when possible. Send any e-mail additions, submissions, corrections, or questions to, One Room School Project Web master. If you are interested in preservation of a paper photograph or memorabilia, please contact the current School Unit, the library, Saskatchewan museum or the Saskatchewan provincial archives, however -first- It would be wonderful if these could be photo-copied, digitally scanned, digitally photographed with a camera or I-phone, and the electronic version submitted by e-mail to the SK One Room Schoolhouse Project. A Saskatoon address can be given if you prefer contact in person or by postal mail. It would be a pleasure to add stories, photographs, historical notes, etc. for the Saskatchewan one room schools.

There were nearly 5,000 one room schools in Saskatchewan in the early 1900's. The Alphabetical Listing One Room Schools, 1850 - 1950. represents still only some of these. If you have any information that could be added to this site; A school name, location, district number would be awesome to have included.

If you own or can obtain from a library - a Saskatchewan local history / family biography book which were compiled for the provincial anniversaries in 1955, 1980 or 2000, or a school yearbook, or another source of information about school houses, dates and locations, it would be appreciated if information about it could be added to the Footnotes page. This footnotes page is a compilation of bibliographies with notes wherein further information can be obtained about the schoolhouses noted on this web page. By compiling this footnotes page, WWW visitors how to follow up on teacher or pupil lists, etc. Please help us to grow the bibliography index of schools in Saskatchewan.

The submissions to the SK One Room Schoolhouse Project vary. Sometimes it is in the form of an email stating the school house location or the addition of a school house missed in the listing, at other times, it is a biography of a teacher or principal. Along the way there have been submitters who wish to present an historical essay or story bearing the reminiscence of a pupil. Historical letters, and the correspondence between students, or teachers provide a unique insight into the era. Report cards, school inspector reports, and other incidentals all provide a rich heritage into the one room school era. Memories and history help the one room Schools and school districts come alive. Students, teachers, principals, school house builders, school trustees, and community members which helped create the one room school house community are remembered here on the SK One Room Schoolhouse Project.

An interest has been shown in the teacher education process in the early days of Saskatchewan. Some photo essays have been placed online regarding the "Normal Schools" and "Training Schools" of the pioneer days. The one room schoolhouse project has been pleased to include history, class photos from yearbooks, and evoluton of the various teacher training institutions. If you have further information on these "Normal Schools", the "Training Schools" or the various "Union Schools", it would be greatly appreciated to provide a rounded heritage.

Some folks have contemporary pictures of what the school house looks like now-a-days, or a picture of the commemorative school house monument or marker. Contributors may indeed still have historical images of classes and schoolhouse, and others have letters. Some folk have in their possession heritage photos of schools which no longer exist. Some local residents or former pupils know the location of a school which is still standing which they have taken a current photo of to add to the Gallery of Pictures.

Some submissions to date: Notice. This project is operated by volunteers, is not for profit, and the submissions are all from volunteers, excited to preserve the heritage and history of the Saskatchewan One Room School Houses. Thank you kindly.

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