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We come bearing exciting news for those who have journeyed through the corridors of the old Provincial Saskatchewan GenWeb site hosted by Rootsweb and Ancestry. Fear not, for our webpages will not only endure but thrive in a new digital haven!

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Discover our revamped home at This transition marks the continuation of our unwavering commitment to document the rich history of Saskatchewan. The legacy of the one-room schoolhouses, cemetery headstones, historical maps, and the plethora of placenames will persist.

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As we weave through the diversity of Saskatchewan's past, these webpages serve as a compass, guiding you to the closest one-room schoolhouse, a church or cemetery, or the nearest town or Rural Municipality for your genealogical or historical quest.

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The heart of this journey lies in the support of our growing Patreon community. With their encouragement, we've secured a new domain and web hosting provider—ensuring that the flame of this service continues to burn bright.

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Libraries are a great place to start family research, as material is sorted by subject, making it fairly easy to find information by place, or military etc. Please use the online databases below, or
Saskatchewan Information & Library Services Consortium (SILS Consortium)--ENCORE-- an online searchable database of all Saskatchewan library books in the public library system

and search by subject such as surnames, clans, tartans, heraldry, passenger or by town name (search by the nearest existing town or place name would provide what local history/family biography books are available.)

The Regina Prairie History Room and Saskatoon Public Library Local History Room of the are excellent resources for starting your genealogy research here in Saskatchewan. These libraries have numerous books on surnames, clans, tartans, heraldry, passenger list indices, bibliographies, specific family and town histories and genealogical guidebooks. You will also find genealogical magazines which the library subscribes to. As well as books, pamphlets and magazines at the library, there are newspapers, passenger lists and various different census on microfilm. The Henderson's City Directories and an amazing amount of biographies and community histories have been collected and compiled in binders, name reference files, scrapbooks, pioneer reminiscences, photo albums. There is a wealth of information which the superb staff at the libraries have made available for researchers. Some items are reference material only, so they must be used in the department. The Saskatchewan local libraries in the rural communities stock information about their outlying communities. A trip to a Saskatchewan library is well worth your while!

  • Museums, archives, and genealogy societies in addition to libraries also have information and copies of local history books available, some complete books are online. Newspaper resources (ie to search obituaries / announcements) are also coming online. In the same manner, Directories such as the McPhillips Directory, and various years and locations for the Henderson's Directories are coming online

  • Saskatoon Public Library In-House Databases (online) will search for instance... Saskatoon Newspaper Index Saskatoon Obituary Index : 1946 onward Telephone Directories at the Library || How to request a copy of the obituary found at the aforementioned search page.

    The University of Saskatchewan Library has some books useful to get started such as:

    The Western Canadians 1600-1900
    Published by Genealogical Research Library
    20 Toronto St. 8th Floor
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5C 2B8
    ISBN 0-919941-31-1
    This book searches several Henderson's Directories, Gazeteers, and censeii and lists each name alphabetically from each source.

    Marriages Du Manitoba 3 volume set
    Paul J. Lareau, and Fr. Julien Hamein
    by Le Centre De Genealistic
    240Avenue Daly

    Indian History and Claims: A Research Handbook
    Bennett Ellen McCardle
    Ottawa 1982

    Their database is an online web page searchable program.
    The University of Saskatchewan library has a DOS based program to use in-person to find Metis Scrip Records which is a Surname database. It is also online at National Archives, Archivia Net

    They have several census from Nova Scotia and from other provinces and many other genealogy resources.
  • Libraries

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    Copyright, Public Domain and Fair Dealing in Canada

    According to Ryerson University, the AUCC (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada) offers some guidelines regarding Fair Dealing and usage of items in copyright. For the purposes of private study and research, use of one copy of an entire periodical article copyrighted within a book or periodical issue, a newspaper article, bibliography, encyclopaedia, or dictionary entry and a short essay or story from a book relating other works is constituted as fair dealing. This falls under section 29.29.1 and 29.2 of the Canadian Copyright Act according to Leger Robic Richard, Lawyers, Robic, Patent and Trademark Agents which states that any work used for research or private study does not constitute infringement. Fair dealing depends upon the length of the excerpted material, the relative importance to a journalist or critic, how the work will be used and in what nature. Private study in Canada oes not include classroom study use which is permitted in the U.S.A. under their "fair use" clause.

    As copyright and fair use pertains to Saskatchewan Libraries, they clarify that ideas and titles cannot by copyrighted, but may be protected by a patent or a trademark. "Fair dealing" or the making of one copy is allowed, and does not infringe upon the payment to authors of the books they have published. Usually under the library's Can Copy license, up to 10% of a publication or a book but only if it does not constitute the entire comic strip for instance. Music, commercial newsletters, advertisements, letters to the editors and works published by Her Majesty the Queen in the Right of Canada or any province or territory cannot be copied. Copyright begins from the date of publication even if a © is absent from the frontispiece. Re-publication of copyrighted works must be requested even if used in a non-monetary fashion.

    Public domain works, or works are released from copyright 50 years after the date of death of the author(s) and thereford they may be freely copied according to Mission Public Schools. Also any work can be freely copied with the permissions of the copyright owner. Mission Public Schools notes that the author and source (i.e. a bibliography) must appear on at least one page of the photocopies. The fair dealing license set out for photocopying works at a library applies to only certain countries. Digitizing works may be permitted to make a paper copy under the same allotments.

    Increase your knowledge about Copyright Laws. Implement a copyright policy advises Lelsley Ellen Harris. Copyright act and regulations at the Copyright Board of Canada. On wikipedia: Copyright Act of Canada, Canadian Copyright Law, public domain (out of copyright), length of copyright and Fair dealing in Canada

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