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First Nations pre-historical history and First Nations History

The first week of February is Archives week. In Celebration of this week, the provincial archives is hosts a number of events. In honour of Archives week, Historical photo blog and Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists - (SCAA)- Why an archives week" SCAA- Public Awareness - the previous year's Archive Week and plans for next year.
The SCAA archive week.
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Saskatchewan Celebrates Archival Treasures Archives week in February
Museums Association of Saskatchewan - Museum Events,
Archives week will be followed by Heritage week, the second week of February

Present-day Saskatchewan named Rupert's Land
Many of the early settlers in the 1800's came as traders or hunters. The North West Company was of French-Canadian extraction and traders arrived out west in Saskatchewan from EasternCanada via inland routes. The British (in 1670) had given Rupert's Land to the Hudson Bay Company whichgave the company dominion over lands where there was water passageway from the Hudson Bay. These traders arrived to the Saskatchewan area via Hudson Bay and then travelling westward. In 1774the first inland trading post (Cumberland House) was built in Saskatchewan. At this time northern Saskatchewan was settled as southern Saskatchewan had experienced drought like conditions duringearly explorer expeditions, and was considered a part of the US desert. This area is north of the tree line in the geo-physical shield area.

Saskatchewan part of the North West Territories
Canada became a nation in 1867. Saskatchewan didn't become a province of Canada until 1905, before this it was a part of the NorthWest Territories. The first Capital of the North West Territories was Fort Garry, Manitoba (1870 - 1876), followed by Fort Livingstone, Northwest Territories (1876 - 1877). The nearest community to Fort Livingstone is Pelly, Saskatchewan, and is also named Fort Pelly or Swan River. The next capital of the Northwest Territories wasFort Battleford, (1877 - 1883).The North West Territories was divided into provisional territories on May 8, 1882. The south provisional district was named Assiniboia (currently south Saskatchewan),The provisional district in central present-day Saskatchewan was named Saskatchewan andAthabaska was the provisional district of the North West Territories for the northern portionof present day Saskatchewan. Maps

Saskatchewan becoming a province of Canada.
In the late 1800's and early 1900's the railway and the Dominion Government of Canada wanted more settlers out west to unite Upper and Lower Canada -the eastern provinces of Canada with British Columbia. The rail lines didn't want to lay track over land with no settlement as it wasn'teconomically feasible. The demand for furs declined, the buffalo population declined, Saskatchewanstarted noticing the agricultural land capabilities in the middle and southern portions of the province, the drought was over. The population in Saskatchewan evolved from a trapping community a farming community. Settlement, towns and rail lines developed the plains, or prairies, south of the tree line. The site of Pile O' Bones or was chosen as the capital of the North West Territories in August 23, 1882, 1883. Regina remained the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan, the area now known as Saskatchewan joined Canada on September 1,1905.Immigrants were attracted to Saskatchewan by the Homestead Act which granted a quarter section or 160 acres to homesteaders if they could 'prove' the land in three years. The immigration pattern resulted in ethnic bloc settlements which are seen on these maps in the Atlas of Saskatchewan. This has been a short history of Saskatchewan, for a longer Saskatchewan Historical Timeline

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Saskatchewan History - Timelines

Alexander Henry the Younger fonds : H-1955 at Canada Library and Archives LAC
From wikipedia; "Alexander Henry 'The Younger' (1765-22 May 1814), was an early Canadian fur trader, explorer and diarist. From 1799 until his premature death in 1814 he kept an extensive diary which is the most complete record ever printed of the daily life of a fur trader in the north. These journals cover everything that happened to him in a most matter-of-fact manner and have yielded much material for historians and other researchers of that time period in North American history. In 1792, with his well-known uncle of the same name, Henry became a partner in the North West Company and he was later a wintering partner of the XY Company and the Pacific Fur Company. His diaries record his travels from Lake Superior to the Pacific Ocean. In Canada, he travelled through Ontario, Manitoba, Assiniboia, Keewatin, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. " Saskatchewan Centennial - Saskatchewan's story Timeline

Charles Napier Bell Fonds H1016 326 pages scanned by from Canadian National Library and Archives. Bell went on the Wolseley Expeidtion to explore along the Saskatchewan River, reporting on wild game and bison while out west. Acres of Dreams: Canadian Prairie Timeline

Evolution of Education in Saskatchewan, One Room School House.
Saskatchewan One Room School House Project

Genealogy Time line - prepared by David Pickering.

RCMP Centennial Museum - RCMP Historical Timeline

Saskatchewan History Centennial Timeline 1905-2005:
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Timeline and Maps- Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

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Further papers relative to the exploration by the expedition under Captain Palliser in that portion of British North America...Palliser, John 1860

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Introduction to Folk-life Resources in Canada

Letters from Cannington Manor - Backstairs Gossip from Saskatchewan 1892 - 1893 submitted by John Palmer.

Life as a Factor in the Early Fur Trade

Life as a student 100 years ago


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Looking At The Past. Diaries and Accounts from the 1900's

Many Faces of a Province: Or, Yes, Virginia, We Do Have Some History

Merle Massie - A place in history The 100 Mile History Diet: Pursuing Local, Community, and Provincial History - "When You"re Not from the Prairie: Place History in the Forest Fringe of Saskatchewan"

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Our Roots, Canada's Local Histories Online - Title: Footprints in time : a source book in the history of SaskatchewanAuthor: Archer, John Hall , Koester, Charles Beverly

Our Roots, Canada's Local Histories Online - The Prairie Provinces: a short history of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and AlbertaDuncan, David M.,

Our Roots, Canada's Local Histories Online - The prairie provinces : a short history of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and AlbertaDuncan, D. M.

Our Roots, Canada's Local Histories Online - Saskatchewan : a historyArcher, John H., Saskatchewan Archives Board, Paul

Our Roots, Canada's Local Histories Online -The Saskatchewan country of the North-West of the Dominion of Canada [microform] : presented to the world as a new and inviting field of enterprise for the emigrant and capitalist : its comparison as such with the western states and territories of AmericaSpence, Thomas

Our Roots, Canada's Local Histories Online -Title: The story of Saskachewan and its people. Volume 1Author: Hawkes, John

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Our Roots, Canada's Local Histories Online -Title: The story of Saskatchewan and its people. Volume 3Author: Hawkes, John

Our Roots, Canada's Local Histories Online -West of yesterday Shepherd, George 1965

Peel's Prairie Provinces

The PICTURE GALLERY of CANADIAN HISTORY VOL 2 1765 TO 1830: Saskatchewan Pictures.

Prairie Gold Sports Heroes from Saskatchewan

Prime Minister John George Diefenbaker, 1957-1963 / Premier ministre John George Diefenbaker,...[In 1903, when John Diefenbaker was eight years old, the family moved to the North-West Territories where his father taught school at Tiefengrund One Room Schoolhouse near Fort Carlton, John Diefenbaker remained in Saskatchewan taking up schooling, becoming a lawyer, and entering politics.

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Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame Salute to Saskatchewan Agricultural Farm Leaders

Saskatchewan And Its People By John Hawkes Volumes I, II, III

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Stanier Family fonds 451 pages scanned by from the Canadian National Library and Archives microfilm H1229. The digitization includes Stanier family correspondence, 1885-1953 concerning Cannington Manor in Saskatchewan

The Canoe: Portraits of the Great Fur Trade Canoes

Tracing Immigrant Origins

Virtual Exhibits and Digital Projects (Many links to historical online displays around Saskatchewan) Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists (SCAA)

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Wheat and Woman- Georgina Binnie-Clark

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