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Saskatchewan Archives Board
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Saskatchewan Archives Board
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Saskatchewan Archives Board
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Saskatchewan Archives Board
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Saskatchewan Archives Board
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Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists SCAA Saskatoon Geo-Cache archives Puzzle A geocache you can do without driving your vehicle!

Saskatchewan Archives Board > Land Records > Search for a Pre-1930 Homestead File is a transcription of homestead record holdings at the Provincial Archives. Saskatoon office has the paper original documents and Regina office the microfilm images. The Provincial Government of Saskatchewan managed the land titles offices, and the correspondence and forms that transpired between homesteader and the provincial land titles office are available from Saskatchewan Provincial Offices. Provincial Archives may have a file on the homesteader even if the land was not proved successfully and title not granted, or if the land was a pre-emption. The Hudson's Bay Company transferred Rupert's Land and the Northwest Territories to the Dominion Goverment in 1868. Even though Saskatchewan became a province in 1905, the lands and natural resources were not transferred to provincial authority until 1930. Another search engine which finds the same records is The Saskatchewan Homestead Index Project (SHIP)

Any homestead records held by the Provincial Archives are also on microfilm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. At the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints there are Saskatchewan homestead records, 1870-1930, and index Canada. Department of the Interior. Dominion Lands Branch (Main Author) Notes Microfilm of originals at the Saskatchewan Archives, Saskatoon. The index gives name of homesteader, location of land (section, town- ship and range) and file number. Please go to the online LDS site; "Library", and "Family History Library Catalog" for the microfilm reel numbers. Provincial archives have limited research services, and it is best to start your research at a library or by doing an online search at Land Grants of Western Canada, 1870-1930 (Those homesteaders who successfully proved their land and were awarded land patents) , or come to Saskatchewan Provincial Offices land records (land record applications by all who tried to homestead)in person and receive help from the archivist to direct you in your research.

Saskatchewan Provincial Records, 1879-1987 Images from Saskatchewan Archives such as homesteads, voter lists, pioneer questionnaires, biographies, military and municipal records, teacher registries, township registers, and Henderson Directories. Family History Centre Resources

Pioneers questionnaires taken circa 1950, has listing searchable of all the names for those who took part in answering this early survey of the pioneer lifestyles.

First Nations and Métis Records

Family Search Historical Record Collections.
  • Saskatchewan Cemetery Transcripts, ca. 1850-1994
    • Saskatchewan Provincial Records, 1879-1987 (Browse Images)
    • Saskatchewan, Catholic Church Records, 1846-1957 Browse Images)
    • Saskatchewan, Judicial District Court Records, 1891-1954 Browse Images)
    • Saskatchewan, Probate Estate Files, 1887-1931 (coming online)

    Saskatchewan Archives - Estevan Riot

    Main Street Saskatchewan

    Saskatchewan Archives Board
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    Contact The Archives of Saskatchewan
    Saskatchewan Archives Board
    C/o University of Regina
    Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 0A2
    Phone (306) 787-4066
    Fax(306) 787-1975
    Saskatchewan Archives Board
    University of Saskatchewan
    3 Campus Drive
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 5A4
    Phone (306) 933-5833
    Fax(306) 933-7305
    Métis Scrip Our Legacy - University of Saskatchewan Archives, University of Saskatchewan Library, and Pahkisimon Nuye"ah Library System

    Northern Saskatchewan ArchivesBy Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists on facebook

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    Saskatchewan Archival Information Network (SAIN) and the Manitoba Archival Information Network (MAIN)

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    Canada Gen Web Archives
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    Directory of Archives:database of Canadian repositories (Search for 'Saskatchewan')
    Glenbow Archives--Museum Art Gallery Archives Alberta
    Hudson Bay Company Archives
    Manitoba Archives
    Provincial Archives of Manitoba - Family History Research
    N.W.T. Archives
    Saskatchewan Council of Archives
    Sask Gen Web Archives
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    City Archives

    City of Regina Archives Explore the City of Regina Historical Collections

    City of Regina Virtual Archives. ( 6,000,000 documents of legal, historical, administrative or financial value online)

    City of Saskatoon Archives

    City of Saskatoon Search, Discover Your Home (Property) History FAQ

    City of Saskatoon Archives - City of Saskatoon DEPARTMENTS City Clerk's Office City Archives

    Saskatchewan Municipal Records ~ Learn ~

    Name Rural municipality Year
    date (village)
    date (town)
    date (city)
    Estevan Estevan No. 5 1892 November 2, 1899 01-Mar-06 01-Mar-57
    Flin Flon
    (part ~ straddles Manitoba - Saskatchewan border)
    Municipal District of Flin Flon (Mb) 13 April 1946 (Mb) 26 June 1970 (Mb)
    Humboldt Humboldt No. 370 1875 30-Jun-05 01-Apr-07 07-Nov-00
    Lloydminster / history / Regional
    (part ~ straddles Alberta - Saskatchewan border)
    Britannia No. 502 1903 25-Nov-03 01-Apr-07 01-Jan-58
    Martensville Corman Park No. 344 1939 01-Sep-66 01-Jan-69 03-Nov-09
    Meadow Lake Meadow Lake No. 588 1889 24-Aug-31 01-Feb-36 09-Nov-09
    Melfort Star City No. 428 1884 04-Nov-03 01-Jul-07 02-Sep-80
    Melville Cana No. 214 1908 21-Dec-08 01-Nov-09 01-Aug-60
    Moose Jaw Moose Jaw No. 161 1881 January 19, 1884 20-Nov-03
    North Battleford / facbook North Battleford No. 437 1905 21-Mar-06 18-Jul-06 01-May-13
    Prince Albert / Historical Society / SK Sports Hall of Fame / (pdf) Prince Albert No. 461 1866 October 8, 1885 08-Oct-04
    Regina Sherwood No. 159 1882 December 1, 1883 19-Jun-03
    Saskatoon Corman Park No. 344 1883 16-Nov-01 01-Jul-03 26-May-06
    Swift Current / By Decade Swift Current No. 137 1882 04-Feb-04 15-Mar-07 15-Jan-14
    Warman Corman Park No. 344 1904 15-May-05 19-May-05 27-Oct-12
    Weyburn Weyburn No. 67 1899 22-Oct-00 05-Aug-03 01-Sep-13
    Yorkton Orkney No. 244 1882 July 11, 1894 16-Apr-00 01-Feb-28
    "In Saskatchewan, towns must have a population above 5,000 in order to be granted city status. In Saskatchewan, towns are formed from villages or resort villages with a population of at least 500 people. The people of an organized hamlet may request that the hamlet be incorporated as a village or resort village. In order to qualify, the hamlet must have been an organized hamlet for at least 3 years, have a population of at least 100 in the most recent census, and contain at least 50 separate dwelling units or business premises.

    Types of incorporated municipalities include urban municipalities, rural municipalities and northern municipalities. Urban municipalities are further classified into four sub-types – cities, towns, villages and resort villages. Northern municipalities, which are located in the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District (NSAD), are further classified into three sub-types – northern towns, northern villages and northern hamlets. Rural municipalities are not classified into sub-types.

    Types of unincorporated communities include hamlets and organized hamlets within rural municipalities and northern settlements within the NSAD.

    The administration of rural municipalities, towns, villages, resort villages, organized hamlets, and hamlets is regulated by The Municipalities Act, while the administration of cities is regulated by The Cities Act. Administration of northern towns, northern villages, northern hamlets, and northern settlements (those within the NSAD) is regulated by The Northern Municipalities Act."source

    Biggar Encyclopedia - an online "virtual town archives" undertaken by genealogist Rae Chamberlain working with the Biggar and Distrtict Heritage Museum

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    University Archives

    University of Regina Archives
    --***Use this Archives if you wish information about faculty, staff or historical information at the University of Regina ***
    Mandate--Preservation of University records
    University of Saskatchewan Archives
    --***Use this Archives if you wish information about faculty, staff or historical information at the University of Saskatchewan.
    Mandate--Preservation of University records

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