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Gibbins Trail
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Directions: Take 270 West from Hot Springs, Arkansas, past Treasure Isle Road, turn left on Lodge Rd. Stay south and turn right on Gibbins Trail. This ends coming into cemetery. This is also the site of the old Gibbins Ferry across the Ouachita River.

Gibbins Cemetery was transcribed by Debra Garner September 18, 1996, and has been supplemented by obituaries and by tombstones that were previously illegible. The comments are made by Debra.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Details on Marker Comments
Black, Calvin Adam Jr. 12/09/1924 03/25/1992 Cpl US Army WWII  
Black, Sarah Elizabeth       no date of death shown
Braswell, Freeman C. 1894 1963   son of Walter and Mary Mayberry Braswell
Comstock, Mary J. 09/19/1859 12/24/1867    
Duvall, A       no dates
Duvall, G.   12/18/1920    
Duvall, Lucy   12/18/1929   wife of Gilbert Duvall
Duvall, Miss Mattie       dates illegible
Duvall, Nathaniel 08/10/1900 03/20/1971    
Gibbins, Agneth       no dates
Gibbins, James       no dates
Gibbins, Lillie E. 1877 1957 Mother
dtr of Robert and Martha McGrew
Gibbins, Lizzie       no dates
Gibbins, Louise       no dates
Gibbins, Martha McGrew 04/13/1841 04/28/1917   dtr of David McGrew
married Robert Gibbins 03/10/1861
Gibbins, Robert W. Sr. 11/11/1822 05/03/1890   an older marker reads:
R. W. Gibbins Sen.
died in Hot Springs
May 4, 1890, aged 69 yrs
Gibbins, Robert W. Jr. 09/06/1881 10/06/1889   an older marker reads:
R. W. Gibbins Jun.
died in Hot Springs
Oct. 6, 1889, aged 9 yrs
King, Dr. Charles A. 08/14/1842 03/31/1913   married Mary Gibbins 11/29/1888
King, Mary Gibbins 01/16/1868 05/23/1935   dtr of Robert W. and Martha McGrew Gibbins
King, Robert Gibbins Sr. 01/04/1923 03/20/1986   son of Jacob G. and Annie E. Williamson King
King, Sarah Grace 07/18/1892 07/1897   dtr of Dr. C. A. and Mary Gibbins King
Likins, Lavonia King 01/19/1903 03/13/1986   dtr of Dr. C. A. and Mary Gibbins King
Martin, Mrs. Crissie   01/02/1958 age 70 Page Funeral Home marker
Martin, Gilbert Sr. 11/06/1924 11/23/2000   added per obituary; husband of Edith Mae
Martin, Isaac   1918 age 39 Harris Funeral Home marker
married Crissie Duvall 04/20/1913
Martin, Vanessa Ann 07/07/1963 05/23/2012   added by pvh from Gross Funeral Home online obituary
Mayberry, David   09/07/1879 age 34 son of David and Rowena Gibbins Mayberry
Mayberry, David Miles   06/29/1880 Infant Son son of David and Sarah Skief Mayberry
Mayberry, Sarah Saline   11/04/1887 age 42 yrs 8 mos 17 days  
Pepper, Hattie Mae 1915 12/21/1936   dtr of Isaac and Crissie Duvall Martin
married Roy Peppers 12/20/1935
Skief, Jeremiah W. 02/11/1832 06/07/1908   son of John and Isabell Skief
husband of Mary E. McGrew Skief Comstock
Goodspeed Biography
Skief, Mary E. 03/10/1840 01/10/1903   dtr of David Miles McGrew
Skief, Sarah I. 01/19/1867 01/24/1868   dtr of Jeremiah Skief
Ward, Albert F. 1 1894 1962   son of Frederick and Sarah Gibbins Ward
Ward, Frederick D. 1861 1940   son of Albert and Mary Peters Ward
Ward, Mary Katharine 1892 1911   dtr of Frederick and Sarah Gibbins Ward
Ward, Ruby Hoyt 1901 1947   dtr of F. C. and Pearl Keller Hoyt
Ward, Sarah Gibbins 1870 1956   dtr of Robert W. and Martha McGrew Gibbins
wife of Frederick Ward

1  The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has the obituary archived. You may go here to find out how to request an obituary. After reading the instructions on requesting, please be sure to find the obituary in the listings so that you may copy and paste the entire line in your e-mail.