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Off Highway 7 North
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

The cemetery is on private property and permission must be obtained to visit the cemetery.

Directions: Take Park Avenue (Highway 5/7) out of Hot Springs, turn north on Highway 7; turn right on Brookhill Ranch Road and drive about a mile. It is before Glazier Peau Baptist Church and is on the north side of the road. It may not be visible from the road.

Grisham, Mary J.    1852-1922
    Grisham, William T.    1845-1906

The following came from Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Records Eastern Volume I compiled by Inez E. Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane with supplemental information provided by Debra Garner. The reading was performed by Pat Brown, Mrs. Rex Clump and Inez Cline on October 17, 1968. At the time of the reading, the cemetery was located on the property of Rex Cline.

Geurin, F. M.   Jan. 9, 1837     Feb. 7, 1913
(Gross Funeral Home Records 18 April 1874 to 30 May 1921; 6759 Records, compiled by Lewis Stephens, show Mariam Geurin d. Feb. 7, 1913 casket ordered by sons, at the cost of $35.)

Radford, Mariah     July 6, 1878   Aug. 29, 1903

Taylor, Elizabeth   Mar. 17, 1840       May 26, 1907

Geurin, Elsey   June 18, 1841       Nov. 7, 1910

Geurin, Mary     Oct. 8, 1854     Nov. 18, 1898   age 44-1-16

Rogers, Charles   Dec. 2, 1938   (Gross Funeral home marker)
(Gross Funeral Home Records Hot Springs, Ar 12,362 Records from June 1, 1921 to December 31, 1957, compiled by Lewis Stephens, shows a Charles Rogers, age 70, died Dec. 7, 1939, and buried in Geurin Cemetery.)