The Families of James Shelton

The Families of James Shelton


McMinn County, Tennessee

and His Father

Roderick Shelton

of Buncombe County, North Carolina

and Their Antecedents




Arthur Paul Shelton

August 1987


(Permission for use of this genealogical research book granted by the estate of and son of Arthur Paul Shelton, A. Paul Shelton, Jr., March 4, 2003) 

"Permission is granted to reproduce the work for educational and non-commercial research purposes, so long as appropriate attribution is made."


A. Paul Shelton, Jr.

P.O. Box 30044

Knoxville, Tn   37930

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The above coat of arms is in accordance with the blazon for the Shelton family in England in 1600.

Arms:  Azure on a cross of amulet gules.

Crest:  A sheldrake proper.

Motto:  Optimum pati (It is best to suffer).


This book is dedicated to the memory of Grover H. Shelton late of Abingdon, Virginia (1915 - 1987) and Colonel Lee M. Shelton late of Poulsbo, Washington (1917 - 1985) each for his exemplary character, for their extensive research in family history and for their dedication to having our family's genealogy accurately recorded.

JAMES A. SHELTON  1791 -1879

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Index of Names Link, Page 411 - 572

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I  Lineage, Page 1 - 2

II  Authentication, Page 3 - 12

III James Shelton (8), Page 13 - 150

Chapter 3 is 137 pages, of which many are pictures and documents.  Most of these are scanned into .jpeg files so they may be clearly viewed.  By doing this, the files are, naturally larger.  For this reason each picture or document is placed in a separate file and linked from its position in Chapter 3.  The census data will also be loaded into a separate file with links to it.

IV  Roderick Shelton (7), Page 151 - 241

Chapter IV is fairly large so please allow time for download

V   John Shelton (6), Page 242 - 248

VI  Ralph Shelton (5), Page 249 - 297

VII  Ralph Shelton (4), Page 298 - 334 

VIII   Peter Shelton (3), Page 335 - 336

IX   Ralph Shelton (2), Page 337  

X  James Shelton (1),  Page 338 - 357

XI  Miscellaneous addenda, Page 358




 A Guide to Pictures and Documents

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Census Data Page 122-144



Connecticut, Page  375








Reid and Carolyn Walker, 1966, Page 34




Many, many thanks to all who helped with this project.  Sheila "Spirithawk" Gibson, Theresa Hutchins, Delores Davis, Myrna Lazenby, Vickie Cannon, Sally Baughn, Charles Sisk and Patricia Shelton are the folks who edited all 572+ pages.  Mr. Ray Shelton who spent weeks scanning the pages and the pictures...God bless his dedication....God bless you all.  All are members of the great Shelton family.

Joyce Gaston Reece, May 2003