Mount Hope Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery

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Bear River, Digby County, N.S. 

DUNN'S, extracted by Mr. Harold Hopkins, Bear River, N.S.


Given Name


Birth Date

Death Date

Marriage Date



DUKESHIRE Marjorie Jane March 1, 2005 age 86





Saturday, June 17, 1911




WENTZELL Augustus June 3, 1921


YARRIGLE Charles Friday, March 21, 1924


Stone located in the NW corner of cemetery: 
Dunn Mamie E. wife of A Dunn 1849 1922
side of same stone
Jefferson Emma Evelyn wife of Alonzo Jefferson 1853 1901
Back of stone
Wheelwright Jessie A 1856 1918
Dunn Harold E. 1921
Alice his wife 1922 1966




Charles Herbert Dunn died 22 Jun 1916 aged 76 years 
his wife, Sethlah J Dunn 1854-1937

same stone (east side)

 Israel Judson Dunn died Jan 2,1917 aged 77 years

Mary Jane Dunn died Feb. 10 1934

(center) west side)

*Israel Dunn  Born Feb. 10 1807 died Jun 24 1895 aged 88 years and 4 mos.

*Mary H. wife of Israel Dunn Born Oct. 20 1813 died Jan. 17 1898 Aged 84 years and 2 mos.

same stone (north side) James E. Dunn 1845-1925 Emma J. Dunn 1853-1951

same stone, east side 

Elizabeth P. Wife of C. Dunn died Sp 23 1908 aged 64 years

same stone 

*Archelaus C. Dunn died July 8 1915 aged 80 years.

Frank B. Dunn 1817-1968 

his wives

 Jennie M. Dunn 1881-1938 

Ina M. Rice 1884-1943 

Back of stone 

Thomas E. Spurr 1839-1918

 Ruth, his wife 1840-1921 

Their children 

Emma F. 1864-1885 

Susie A. 1866-1878 

Edwin F. 1870-1877 

Carrie B. 1872-1895

(one of four stones in plot)

Charles E. Dunn  Oct 21 1886 aged 37 years 7.

(second stone) 

In memory of Mary Ann wife of Richard Dunn 25 Dec, 1874, aged 67 years 

In memory of Cynthia Dunn May 10, 1896, aged 58 years

(3rd stone) 

Florence M. 

Daughter of William and Annie Dunn

 aged 5 years and 2 months died Feb 30 1900 (not a typo)

(4th stone in plot) Note: on the reverse side of the @9, 4th in the plot of William and Annie are three other names. Rose E. Dunn 1882-1926 Cervante F. Dunn 1880-1965 Myrtle W. 1889- 1978.

William E. Dunn died April 2 1916 aged 71 years

Annie S. Dunn died Apr. 18 1927 aged 73 years. (reverse side)

Rose E Dunn 1880-1965 

Cervante F. Dunn 1880-1965

Myrtle W. 1889-1978

Henry F. Dunn Born Feb 21 1839 died Aug 31 1908 

his wife Laleah M born Oct 18 1851 died Sept 20 1942.

Ralph L. Dunn 1892-1920 

his wife Alice V. Mason 1897-1959 

Gertrude O 1873-1956

 John C. Dunn died June 15 1880 aged 5 years 

Harry L. Dunn 1875-1950

 James M. Dunn 1880-1951

James M. Dunn born 16 Jan 1810 died Oct 14 1888. 

aged 78 years, 8 months, and 28 days.

William Edward Dunn 1832-1921 

His wife Jennet Crouse 1841-1913

The old Loyalist Cemetery on the Digby County Side is John C  Dunn died Mar 22 1872 aged 28 years.


Given to Barbara Logan , with the generosity of Mr. Harold Hopkins of Bear River, N.S , 25 October 1988.

* star denotes my own line of Dunn's.

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Marquerite Louella Hardwick see obituaries post







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