Scenes from the Past

Scenes from the Past

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Digby Looking North from the South Mountain 1907
Digby Tourists 1917
Fish Drying, Digby
Start of a Tour
The Keith Cann
A yard of Digby Chicken
Bluenose (train arriving in Digby) Digby Post Office, early 1900s
Digby Pines Hotel Aerial,1950
Scallop Boats,1956
The Cannon Banks
SS Prince Rupert,1906
Baptist Church, Digby, 1918
New Pines Hotel,1929

Oxmobile, Digby, 1910

Pines Hotel and Mount Beaman

Hotel Manhattan, 1913

Digby at Night, 1906

Eaton's Hotel, Digby

Courthouse & Jail, Digby

Schooner Phrynne 1912

Lour Lodge Brochure Cover, Digby

Steamer Empress, Digby - 1906

War Memorial, Digby

Digby Public School

At the MicMac Camp Digby

Old Digby Hospital

SS Prince Rupert

SS Princess Helene

Trinity Church 1907




Wreck of the SS Cobequid
Captain J Edgar MacKinnon
Wreck of the Schooner 'Attainment'
Hurrying home before the storm



Central House -- Westport
The Digby Neck Bus Service
The Rex II
The Waterfront at Freeport
Tiverton After the Storm- Feb 28 1952
Government Landing Pier, Freeport
School House & Temperance Hall, Pleasant St. Freeport, N.S.
Glimpse of Freeport, N.S. 1907
View from the West Head, SandyCove1950
Tiverton waterfront view,1916

Little River 1910
Westport Aerial
Tiverton, early 1900s
Early View, Sandy Cove
Sandy Cove, 1908
Christian Church, Tiverton, 1916
Tiverton, N.S., ca 1910

Baptist Church, Westport, 1908

Westport, Brier Island, 1918

Westport, 1906

Freeport 1910

Little River 1943

Sandy Cove Camp Champlain

Sandy Cove Camp Arcadie

Tiverton Vessels 1906

Trinity Sandy Cove

Westport Irishtown




Weymouth North at the bottom of Cosman's Hill
George Sack's Wharf
Weymouth's First Motorized Fire Engine
After the 1959 Fire
Goodwin Hotel -Weymouth-1908
Goodwin Hotel, Royal Bank, Ryan's Drug Store
Weymouth Harbour
The Mill Pond Weymouth North
G.D. Campbell & Co Still in operation today as 'Weymouth Supplies'

View at Lower Weymouth, Schooner, 1909
Weymouth Bridge Schooners
Catholic Church, Weymouth

Weymouth House

Glimpse of Weymouth


Ships and Commerce at Weymouth


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4



Downtown Digby
Lour Lodge
A view from the Pines Hotel
At the Cannon Field
Digby from across the basin 1903
The Basin
Digby, Looking North, 1905
Digby. N.S.
Sunset Scene at Digby,1905
View from Lour Lodge
Waterfront Digby, early 1900s
Acacia Valley,1913
Water St., Digby
Queen Street, Digby
Scene near Baptist Church
Rattling Beach, Digby
Looking across Racquette towards Digby
Racquette Bridge
Water Street, Digby, ca.1930

Upper part of Water Street

Racquette View

Water Street, Digby,1910

Birch Street, 1903

Water Street looking South, Digby, 1913

Digby aerial view circa 1940

High tide Digby

Digby Aerial - circa 1958

1908 View toward Queen St from Racquette

Water Street

Digby at Night, 1906

Street View Digby 1918

Water Street looking south 1913

Racquette Wharf




B.N. Melanson Store - AKA Capt. Bernie's
The Schooner Melanson Bros




Bear River Main Street
"The Bluenose" Bear River Bridge, N.S.
Beautiful Bear River 1909
Bear River Aerial
Road to Depot
Bear River Village
Pulp Mills, Bear River

Pipeline Bear River




Meteghan River,1903
Saulnierville, 1906

Saulnierville, cobblestone street
Saulnierville, looking north, 1910
Riverside Inn Meteghan

Cape St. Mary's Wharf and Village, Salmon River

Salmon River Bridge, 1906

Beaver River Scene

Beaver River Corner

Ancient Convent, Meteghan, 1906

Mavilette 1912

Meteghan poorhouse

Meteghan Riverside Inn

Meteghan School

Meteghan Village

Salmon River Church & Glebe House

Meteghan River





Smith's Cove

Photos and postcards have been supplied by Paul Weaver, S Nelson, Louis Melanson and James Outhouse, John Thurber, Neil Boodoosingh, Paul Denton.



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