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Digby Births Page 9

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
5060F.H. WESCOTTM03 Oct 1867Digby NeckHandley C. WESCOTTCarpenterSarah A. (CORNWELL)1861 Digby Neck
5061Charles W. ELDRIDGEM25 Dec 1867Sandy CoveShubael ELDRIDGEMasonSophrenia ELDRIDGE1843 Sandy Cove
5062Henry W. MOREHOUSEM17 Oct 1867Sandy CoveHenry MOREHOUSEMaster marinerAzubah (SNOW)1866 Digby
5063Mathew DAKINM07 Nov 1867Sandy CoveWallis DAKINMaster marinerSophia (ELDRIDGE)1864 Sandy Cove
5164William R. CROWELLM28 Oct 1867Digby NeckWilliam CROWELLMarinerAmelia (SAUNDERS)1866 Sandy Cove
5165Melissa L. GLAVINF29 Jul 1867WestportObed H. GLAVINMarinerAmelia GLAVIN1865 Westport
5166James Auburn FINIGANM24 Jul 1867FreeportJames M. FINIGANMarinerHannah (McNEIL)1861 Freeport
5167Caroline Azuba DAVISF28 Apr 1867WestportJacob G. DAVISMarinerCecelia M. (PACK)1865 Westport
5168Arcema E. ISRAELF22 Sep 1867FreeportHolmes ISRAELSeamanHenrietta (ELDRIDGE)1863 Sandy Cove
5169Albert M. MELANSONM24 Sep 1867FreeportJohn MELANSONMarinerElizabeth (DELANY)1866 Meteghan
5170Sarah E. ISRAELF04 Nov 1867FreeportJoseph ISRAELFarmerSusanna (RISTEEN)1866 Freeport
5171Jeremiah BROOKSM22 Oct 1867FreeportCharles BROOKSMarinerMatilda (CAMPBELL)1864 Freeport
5172Charles Albert ISRAELM12 Dec 1867FreeportAlbert J. ISRAELSeamanMary (CAMPBELL)1867 Freeport
5173Frederick BROOKSM12 Dec 1867FreeportWilliam B. BROOKSSeamanPhoebe Ann BROOKS1860 Freeport
5174Mary H. ELDRIDGEF19 Dec 1867FreeportJames W. ELDRIDGEShoemakerPriscilla (LENT)1863 Freeport
5175Donna J. L. PETERSF06 Aug 1867WestportMaurice PETERSMarinerAlmira (CANN)1859 Yarmouth
5176Cora Lee F. COGGINSF09 Oct 1867WestportCharles H. COGGINSMarinerHarriett COGGINS1865 Westport
53122Alvaretta Peters WELCHF10 Dec 1867WestportGeorge WELCHMarinerRhoda FORSTER1866 Bridgetown
53123Marietta WELCHF25 Nov 1867WestportDaniel WELCHMarinerCaroline HAYCOCK1856 Westport
53124Illinois McLELLANF18 Nov 1867FreeportJohn C. McLELLANPhysicianEliza OUTHOUSE1858 Long Island
53125St.Clair M. LENTM17 Dec 1867FreeportManning LENTMarinerEmma ISRAEL1866 Freeport
53126Winford A. CAMPBELLF27 Dec 1867FreeportBenjamin CAMPBELLSeamanJulia A. TEED1863 Freeport
54146Effie McALPINEF10 Mar 1868New TusketGeorge M. McALPINEFarmerSarah Ann JOHNSON5 Jul 1857 Sandy Cove
55148Augusta FIELD (TEED)F08 Nov 1867Little RiverAnsley FIELD (TEED)FarmerMary G. MOREHOUSE1867 Little River
55149James F. LORDM29 Mar 1868Little RiverHosea LORDFishermanCynthia HERSEY1859 Little River
55150Flora E. BISHOPF25 Feb 1868Sandy CoveRobert BISHOPMaster marinerIsabel SAUNDERS1867 Sandy Cove
55151Beriah STANTONF08 Mar 1868Little RiverRaymond STANTONFarmerCatherine WAGGONER1858 Weymouth
55152Percia GUTHRIEM04 Dec 1867Little RiverNewton GUTHRIEFishermanChloe E. FIELD1866 Little River
55153Charles Philip COMEAUM24 Sep 1867Sea WallAmbrose COMEAUMarinerMargaret WHITE1866 St. Mary's Bay
55154J. Darncy RAYMONDF14 Nov 1867Sea WallGustin RAYMONDMarinerMargaret COMEAU1867 St. Mary's Bay
55155William Ashford HERSEYM11Mar 1868Little RiverGeorge HERSEYFishermanMelvina SAUNDERS1860 Sandy Cove
55156Edward H. McKAYM11 Feb 1868Sandy CoveEdward McKAYMaster marinerAnn SAUNDERS1857 Sandy Cove
55157Bertha SAUNDERSF12 Mar 1868Sandy CoveLorenzo SAUNDERSSeamanCatherine GIDNEY1860 Sandy Cove
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