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Digby Births Page 8

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
38250William SMITHM18 Jun 1867Sandy CoveRoss SMITHSeamanMary A. SMITH1862 Sandy Cove
38251James W. McKAYM13 Apr 1867Sandy CoveGeorge McKAYFarmerCynthia McKAY1857 Westport
40294Earnest E. HAYCOCKM29 May 1867WestportMaurice HAYCOCKMarinerEliza HAYCOCK1855 Westport
41295Anna Florence RAYMONDF28 Aug 1867FreeportJames F. RAYMONDSeamanLydia RAYMOND1857 Long Island
41296George Arnold CROCKERM22 Nov 1867FreeportGeorge C. CROCKERMaster marinerEliza A. (PERRY)1854 Long Island
41297David WELCHM11 Aug 1867WestportWillam Wallace WELCHMarinerAnnie (ROONEY)1853 Westport
41298Timothy S. PARRYM05 Aug 1867FreeportJacob PARRYMarinerSarah E. (POWELL)1855 Westport
41299Mary Beatrice DAVISF09 Jun 1867WestportSamuel B. DAVISMaster marinerAlice J. H. DAVIS1866 Westport
41300Augustus Harris WESCOTTM29 Mar 1867Little RiverHiram WESCOTTFarmerSarah DENTON1854 Little River
41300Emeline S. RUGLESF02 Sep 1867WestportCharles F. RUGLESMerchantNellie B. RUGLES1866 St. John, N.B.
41301Carrie C. HERSEYF30 May 1867Little RiverGeorge HERSEYFishermanMelvinia (SAUNDERS)1860 Sandy Cove
41302Wm. A. ALBRIGHTM01 Apr 1867Sandy CoveGeorge ALBRIGHTFishermanCatherine ALBRIGHT1853 Yarmouth
41303Adelie P. MOREHOUSEF05 Jun 1867Sandy CoveJacob E. MOREHOUSEFarmerElizabeth (SAUNDERS)1860 Sandy Cove
41304Frederick C. FROSTM31 Aug 1867Little RiverWm. Alfred FROSTFishermanMartha FROST1861 Little River
41305George B. FROSTM19 Sep 1867Little RiverPeter W. FROSTFishermanLucinda (DENTON)1855 Little River
41306Lyman Morse DENTONM09 Sep 1867Little RiverKelsey DENTONFarmerMary E. (BROOKS)1852 Little River
41307Alfred E. JOHNSONM24 Sep 1867Sandy CoveCollins JOHNSONCarpenterCaroline A. (RICE)1859 Westport
41308George C. FARROWM15 Jul 1867Sandy CoveJohn FARROWMarinerMary (COSSABOOM)1867 Sandy Cove
41309Adah W. CARTYF11 Sep 1867Sandy CoveDavid CARTYFarmerElizabeth CARTY1852 Digby
41310____ SMALLIEF22 Jul 1867DigbyDaniel SMALLIEMaster marinerEliza Jane FANNINGNot given
41314(Annie Victoria) FROSTF24 Aug 1867WestportW. (William) S. FROST(Merchant)Eunice EVANSNot given
42329James Howard FINEGANM04 Jul 1867Long IslandMichael FINEGANSeamanHannah FINEGANJun 1861 Long Island
42330Frederick M. COSSABOOMM09 Jul 1867Petite PassageJames COSSABOOMSeamanOlive (SMITH)Feb 1865 Digby Neck
42331Herbert OUTHOUSEM09 Aug 1867Petite PassageH. OUTHOUSESeamanMary ElizabethNov 1866 Long Island
42332Coleman L. POWELLM12 Aug 1867Long IslandWilliam E. POWELLSeamanLucinda POWELLDec 1844 Long Island
42333Byron GREENLAWM17 Aug 1867Petite PassageWilliam GREENLAWMarinerRachel OUTHOUSEMar 1866 Petite Passage
42334Sevilla POWELLF26 Sep 1867Long IslandBenjamin POWELLSeamanElvira POWELLMar 1864 St. Mary's Bay
42335Sarah COSSABOOMF07 Sep 1867Petite PassageGeorge COSSABOOMMarinerMargt. (SMITH)Jan 1865 Petite Passage
4942Ethel Ring PRIMEF09 Aug 1867WeymouthRobert C. PRIMEMillwrightRuth RING1854 Westport
5056Charlotte Melanson COBUAF06 Nov 1867Little RiverThomas COBUASeamanNattall COBUA1866 Boston
5057Charles E. TIMPANYM12 Oct 1867Digby NeckEdward R. TIMPANYFarmerMargaret TIMPANY1866 Digby Neck
5058John J. GIDNEYM25 Oct 1867Mink CoveJoseph D. GIDNEYSeamanMargaret GIDNEY1860 Ireland
5059Mary ROBICHEAUF29 Mar 1867Digby NeckJarvis ROBICHEAUFarmerEllen ROBICHEAU1840 St. Mary's Bay
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