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Digby Births Page 10

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
55158Nancy R. TITUSF26 Nov 1867Sandy CoveJoseph TITUSFarmerEllenor STANTON1864 Trout Cove
56182Ada Martha SCOTTF05 Nov 1867Petite PassageDavid SCOTTMarinerJuly THERIOFeb 1860 Clair
56183Ermina Ellen ROBBINSF08 Dec 1867Petite PassageCharles ROBBINSMarinerHannah OUTHOUSEFeb 1864 Petite Passage
56184Agnes GERMANF23 Dec 1867Petite PassageJohn GERMANShipwrightSusan ASINGERDec 1865 Petite Passage
56185Morgan PYNEM15 Jan 1868Long IslandCharles PYNEMarinerRachel POWELLJan 1849 Long Island
56186Hellen Louise RUGGLESF01 Feb 1868Bars HeadHenry M. RUGGLESLightkeeperLaleah GRANTDec 1860 Weymouth
56187Mary Esther ASINGERF01 Mar 1868Petite PassageThomas ASINGERJoinerElizabeth McKAYApr 1854 Petite Passage
56188John Wade VAN BLARCOMM03 Mar 1868Petite PassageBenj. VAN BLARCOMMerchantCatherine NICKERSONDec 1847 Long Island
56189Norman Atwell ROBBINSM19 Mar 1868Petite PassageGeorge Atwell ROBBINSMarinerMary Ellenor OUTHOUSEDec 1864 Petite Passage
58222____ DAKINF06 Jan 1868DigbyRandolf DAKINPainterRosa CORD(1865 Digby)
58223____ CORNWELLF11 Feb 1868Digby NeckEdmund CORNWELLFarmerMatilda BURNSNot given
59246(Merity) GILLALANDF24 Apr 1868Digby NeckJacob GILLALANDFarmer(Evaline DENTON)(1865 Little River)
59247____ ROSSM09 Feb 1868Digby NeckChristopher ROSSFarmerElizabeth ROSSNot given
59249____ MARSHALLF21 May 1868Digby NeckCharles E. MARSHALLFarmer____ MARSHALLNot given
61275Lydia Hellen COSSEBOOMF03 May 1868North RangeCornelius COSSEBOOMAceam VANEMBURGH1 Jan 1861 Sandy Cove
61288Janet Maud PETERSF16 Feb 1868WestportOliver PETERSFishermanLucy (WELCH)1864 Yarmouth
61289Blanche Helena PACKF13 Feb 1868WestportThomas PACKMaster marinerHelen (WELCH)1866 Westport
61290Clayton Wiswell COLLINSM31 Oct 1867WestportJohn COLLINSFarmerAgnes J. (PORTER)1864 Yarmouth
61291Elisha James BUCKMANM25 Apr 1867WestportGeorge BUCKMANFishermanMary E. (RICE)1865 Westport
61292Robert LAFFOLEYM04 Apr 1868WestportGeorge LAFFOLEYMarinerElizabeth LAFFOLEY1857 Westport
61293Edward LAFFOLEYM04 Apr 1868WestportGeorge LAFFOLEYMarinerElizabeth LAFFOLEY1857 Westport
61294Idella May PRIMEF15 Mar 1868FreeportWm. H. PRIMEMarinerMarcy PRIME1857 Freeport
62295Wealthy Ann TRAHANF28 Mar 1868FreeportAlexander TRAHANFishermanMary Anne DELANEY1858 Meteghan
62296Zilpha Rebecca THURBERF18 Apr 1868FreeportIsaac B. THURBERSeamanAdelaide WINCHESTER1860 Digby
62297Jessie May LENTF25 Mar 1868FreeportAbraham LENTMarinerElizabeth BROWN1855 Weymouth
62298Jane RINGF14 Apr 1868FreeportEthel RINGFarmerZilpha (SAXTON)1856 St. Mary's Bay
63316Joseph E. NICHOLSM30 Mar 1868Digby NeckWilliam NICHOLSFarmerMartha (DENTON)1866 Digby Neck
63317Eugenia M. MOREHOUSEF13 Apr 1868Sandy CoveJoseph MOREHOUSEMarinerLeafy (SAUNDERS)1862 Digby
63318Margaret A. HERSEYF10 May 1868Little RiverCharles HERSEYMarinerCharlotte HERSEY1855 Digby
63319Lizzie May TRASKF20 Mar 1868Not givenElkanah TRASKFarmerEliza (DENTON)1847 Digby Neck
63320John H. THERIOM10 May 1868Digby NeckNot namedMatilda Helena THERIONot married
63321Mary E. THERIOF10 May 1868Digby NeckNot namedMatilda Helena THERIONot married
63333Jenny CLIFFORDF03 Apr 1868Long IslandJohn CLIFFORDMarinerMatilda (BETHUNE)Jan 1862 Long Island
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Extracted from LDS film # 1298667 by Theresa Mangnall

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