Digby Births Page 4

Digby Births Page 4

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
1283Amaret Waters MOREHOUSEF18 Aug 1865Digby NeckCharles E. MOREHOUSEFarmerSarah Ann DAKIN1861 Digby Neck
1284Sarah Ester MELANSONF29 Oct 1865Digby NeckCecil MELANSONMarinerEllen WILSON1858 Digby
1389Thomas Philip DEVEAUM03 Mar 1866New EdinburghAug. DEVEAUSarah WESTCOTT1858 Weymouth
16148Frank Lorens GILLALANDM03 Jul 1865Digby NeckStephen GILLALANDFarmerHenrietta ARMSTRONG1865 Digby Neck
16149Charles N. PETERSM09 Jan 1866Digby NeckWilliam PETERSFarmerLindy WILLIAMS1857 Liverpool, N.S.
16150William A. HERSEYM08 Oct 1865Digby NeckRussell HERSEYFishermanEllen COSSABOOM1862 Digby Neck
16151Kenophon ? Alexander DAKINM17 Nov 1865Digby NeckZack. DAKINFarmerEliza WINCHESTER1852 Digby Neck
16152Magellan ELDRIDGEM13 Oct 1865Digby NeckFountain ELDRIDGEFarmerSarah Ann GILLALAND1857 Digby Neck
16153George Leonard ADDINGTONM17 Feb 1866Digby NeckReuben ADDINGTONFarmerMary E. WESTCOTT1861 Little River
16154William Hatfield SAUNDERSM18 Mar 1866Sandy CoveSaml. J. SAUNDERSMaster marinerAdelia ELDRIDGE1855 Sandy Cove
16155Mary Emma THOMASF08 Jan 1866Sandy CoveCharles P. THOMASMaster marinerIsabel BISHOP1853 Sandy Cove
16162Bessie ABBOTTF13 Feb 1866St. Mary's BayAlfred B. ABBOTTFarmerMary HUTCHISON1862 Digby Neck
17168Manetta Helen WARDF04 Dec 1865Petite PassageGeorge WARDShipwrightCatherine OUTHOUSEDec 1846 Petite Passage
17169Venus Esther McCORMICKF28 Dec 1865Petite PassageEdward McCORMICKMarinerRachel ELLIOTTDec 1859 Long Island
17170Hattie Lavinia OUTHOUSEF01 Jan 1866Petite PassageAlbert OUTHOUSEMarinerClementine ISRAELNot given
17171Joseph William STANTONM05 Jan 1866Petite PassageJohn STANTONFishermanLouisa OUTHOUSEJan 1860 Sandy Cove
17172William Havenor BLACKFORDM22 Feb 1866Petite PassageSimon BLACKFORDMarinerDeborah TRUNDEYOct 1850 Deer Island, U.S.
17173Percival TANELLM25 Jan 1866Petite PassageJohn M. TANELLFarmerHannah GASKILLNov 1840 Petite Passage
17174Janet Eliza DOTTYF08 Feb 1866Long IslandZech. DOTTYBlacksmithEliza HAINESApr 1858 Long Island
17175Ada Marnitha ROBBINSF01 Feb 1866Petite PassageCharles ROBBINSMarinerHannah OUTHOUSEJan 1864 Long Passage
17176Mervyn CLIFFORDM29 Mar 1866Long IslandJohn CLIFFORDMarinerMatilda BETHUNEJan 1861 Long Island
17177Anna Keziah MOOREF15 Mar 1866Long IslandWilliam H. MOOREFarmerSophronia BROWNApr 1863 Long Island
17178Walter Douglas THOMPSONM08 Jan 1866WestportMoses A. THOMPSONMaster marinerJane HISLOP1844 Westport
17179Richard Leslie PETERSM24 Sep 1865WestportMaurice PETERSMarinerElmira CANN1859 Yarmouth
17180Charles Freeman LEWISM20 Feb 1866Long IslandMarshall LEWISMarinerCaroline HAINES1863 Long Island
17181Janet Freeman DOTTYF24 Jan 1866Long IslandZachar. DOTTYBlacksmithEliza HAINES1858 Long Island
17182Mary Ellis FINNEGANF09 Oct 1865Long IslandJames M. FINNEGANMarinerHannah McNEIL1861 Long Island
17183Suzannah McLELLANF17 Apr 1866Long IslandJohn C. McLELLANSurgeonElis. Ann OUTHOUSEApr 1858 Petite Passage
17184Mary Eugene ROBBINSF20 May 1866Petite PassageCharles A. ROBBINSMarinerMary OUTHOUSEJan 1862 Petite Passage
17185Mannin(g) GREENLAWM14 Jun 1866Petite PassageWm. GREENLAWMarinerRachel OUTHOUSEMar 1866 Petite Passage
17186Inez Minerva HUCKINGSF27 Jun 1866Petite PassageWm. HUCKINGSMarinerLavinia (TIDD)Mar 1862 Long Island
17187Frances E. TITUSF16 Mar 1866CentrevilleGeo. TITUSFarmerMary DARCY1851 Digby Neck
17188Sarah A. STANTONF28 Mar 1866Little RiverRaymond STANTONFishermanCath. WAGNER1858 Weymouth
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