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Digby Births Page 5

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
18189Mary Ellen DENTONF24 Apr 1866Little RiverJoseph M. DENTONFarmerMary Ann MERRITT1855 Little River
18190Bernard H. HERSEYM10 Jun 1866Little RiverJessie HERSEYFishermanJerusha FROST1859 Little River
18191Harry Robertson LEARYM17 Apr 1866Sandy CoveCharles LEARYSeamanEmma McKAY1860 St. John, N.B.
18192Maggie G. MOREHOUSEF26 May 1866Sandy CoveMathew MOREHOUSEMaster marinerSarah SEELY1855 St. Mary's Bay
18193Amasa N. ELDRIDGEM04 Mar 1866Sandy CoveHarvey ELDRIDGEFarmerMary Ann MOREHOUSE1854 Digby Neck
19210William Peters McALPINEM25 Mar 1866New TusketGeorge McALPINEFarmerSar. A. JOHNSON25 Jul 1857 Sandy Cove
20238Alva Victoria BUCKMANF17 Mar 1866WestportEphraim BUCKMANMarinerElis. CANN1865 Westport
20239Ethel James PETERSM19 Mar 1866WestportOliver PETERSMarinerLucy WELCH1864 Yarmouth
20240Wilhelmina Dotera J. BISHOPF01 Apr 1866WestportWm. BISHOPCordwainerMartha RAPP1855 Rochester
20241Herbert Dean CAMPBELLM25 Apr 1866WestportBenj. R. CAMPBELLMarinerJulia TEED1864 Long Island
20242Thomas Annesley TITUSM06 Apr 1866WestportEdward TITUSMarinerAnn Maria SOLLOWS1865 Westport
20243Mary Albina HOWARDF07 Apr 1866WestportWm. H. HOWARDMariner(Charlotte) H. THOMAS1860 Westport
20244Nelson THURBERM28 Apr 1866WestportAmbrose THURBERMarinerAnabella POWELL1863 Long Island
20245Ella Endora Scott MORRELLF11 Apr 1866WestportJohn MORRELLMarinerAnn CANN1864 Long Island
20246Charles Edward STORYM16 Mar 1866WestportCharles STORYMarinerLydia WHITENECK1852 Long Island
21270Arthur Crawford OUTHOUSEM23 Jul 1866Petite PassageWesley OUTHOUSEFishermanAtta Linda (HAINES)1858 Petite Passage
22271Ruth OSINGERF30 Jul 1866Petite PassageThomas OSINGERJoinerElizabeth (McKAY)1856 Petite Passage
22272Alice A. ELLIOTTF02 Aug 1866Long IslandEdward ELLIOTTMary Eliza HUCKINGSNot married
22273Samondson OUTHOUSEM20 Sep 1866Petite PassageSamondson OUTHOUSESeamanL. OUTHOUSENov 1846 Long Island
22274John J. SHAWM23 Sep 1866Long IslandCharles SHAWSeamanEmeline (OUTHOUSE)Apr 1862 Petite Passage
22275Robert W. STANTONM23 Sep 1866Petite PassageWilliam STANTONSeamanMelissa (OUTHOUSE)Dec 1863 Petite Passage
22276Lemuel M. LEWISM17 Jun 1866CentrevilleLemuel MERRITTFarmerEliza LEWISNot married
22277James A. ROBBINSM14 Aug 1866RosswayJames H. ROBBINSFarmerHannah S. (TIMPANY)1854 Rossway
22278Hantford SWIFTM18 Aug 1866CentrevilleThomas SWIFTShoemakerMartha SWIFT1847 Sandy Cove
22279Lizzie J. DAKINF03 Sep 1866CentrevilleJacob W. DAKINMerchantAmelia J. (SMALL)1865 Sandy Cove
22280James HALLM14 Jul 1866CentervilleGeorge HALLFarmerEliza J. HALL1847 Digby Neck
22281Frederick MERRITTM31 Jul 1866Digby NeckGilbert MERRITTMarinerManetta (DENTON)1864 Digby
22282Charles D. GRAHAMM15 Jul 1866CentervilleDavid GRAHAMFarmerCaroline GRAHAM1843 Centreville
23299George Howard PRIMEM30 Jun 1866Long IslandGeorge PRIMEFishermanElizabeth (STEPHENS)1860 Long Island
23300George Whelan MOOREM27 Jul 1866Long IslandAsaph MOOREFishermanMary Jane (MULLEN)1858 Long Island
271Albert E. NICHOLESM01 Oct 1866Digby NeckCharles NICHOLESFarmerHannah NICHOLES1863 St. Mary's Bay
272Emeretta TRASKF25 Sep 1866Little RiverThomas TRASKFarmerChloe (WESTCOTT)1850 Little River
273Celestia J. GILLALANDF06 Oct 1866Digby NeckJacob GILLALANDFarmerEvalina (DENTON)1865 Little River
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