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Digby Births Page 3

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
7149Mary E. McKAYF19 Jan 1865Sandy CoveEd. (Edward) McKAYMarinerAnn SAUNDERS1855 Sandy Cove
7150Sarah COSSABOOMF04 Aug 1865Digby NeckEd.(Edward) COSSABOOMFarmerSarah DENTON(1858 Digby Neck)
915Helen R. PETERSF24 Jun 1865WestportJohn PETERS Jr.MarinerOrinda POTTER1850 Westport
916Alfred LENTM04 Oct 1865Long IslandAbraham LENTMarinerElizabeth BROWN1854 Weymouth
917Alaburton HERSEYM19 Jan 1865Long IslandHarvey HERSEYMarinerSusan MULLEN1860 Long Island
918Bessie RINGF05 Jul 1865Long IslandEthel RINGFarmerZilpa SAXTON1856 St. Mary's Bay
919Ada Augusta PRIMEF24 Feb 1865Long IslandGeorge PRIMEFishermanElisabeth STEPHENS1860 Long Island
920Hannah Jessie PETERSF12 Jun 1865WestportJesse PETERSFishermanSarah POTTER1856 Westport
921Elisabeth HAINESF14 Jun 1865Long IslandRobt. HAINESTraderRebecca (PARRY)1857 Long Island
1022Charles Franklin McNEILLM03 Sep 1865WestportCharles M. McNEILLMarinerMary Louisa PAYSON1864 Westport
1150Vernon DAKINM02 Feb 1865DigbyR. (Randolph) DAKINPainterRosa Ann (CORD)Digby
1158Joseph JohnMprob. 1865BloomfieldNot namedMary DALYDigby Neck
1161Ann RYANFprob. 1865BloomfieldCharles RYANSeamanMargaret DALYDigby Neck
1163George C. PERRYM05 Oct 1865Long IslandJames PERRYMarinerEmeline DANIELS1864 Long Island
1264Mattie BROOKSM15 Sep 1865Long IslandCharles BROOKSShips carpenterMatilda CAMPBELL1864 Long Island
1265Bessie Morton COGGINSF12 Sep 1865Long IslandGeorge COGGINSMaster marinerAnn POTTER1864 Long Island
1266Albert M. HUMBERM30 Mar 1865Long IslandBenjamin HUMBER (THURBER)FishermanNancy BROOKS1861 Westport
1267William Edward Morse ELDRIDGEM07 Oct 1865Long IslandJs. E. ELDRIDGECordwainerPriscilla LENT1861 Long Island
1268Ernest Havelock COLLINSM22 Sep 1865Long IslandJohn COLLINSFishermanAgnes PORTER1863 Long Island
1269Samuel RICHARDSONM24 Sep 1865WestportSaml. RICHARDSONClergymanFlorence HAINES1864 Yarmouth
1270Alice J. B. TITUSF05 Nov 1865WestportCh. Thomas TITUSFishermanAbigail POTTER1855 Granville, Annapolis
1271Victoria Alberta PAYSONF18 Nov 1865WestportStephen PAYSONMaster marinerAnnie WELCH1838 Westport
1272Alice Amelia HICKSF02 Jun 1865WestportCharles HICKSFishermanAlmira UTLEY1852 Yarmouth
1273Margaret Farther MOSLEYF15 Oct 1865Petite PassageGeorge MOSLEYFishermanElis. STURK20 Dec 1854 Petite Passage
1274Jessie Agnes MOSLEYF15 Oct 1865Petite PassageGeorge MOSLEYFishermanElizabeth STURK20 Dec 1854 Petite Passage
1275Phylena POWELLF06 Nov 1865Petite PassageWm. H. POWELLFishermanMary POWELL17 Apr 1864 Long Island
1276Odie L. CANNF01 Oct 1865Long IslandJacob A. CANNFarmerHannah CORNWELL10 Nov 1864 Digby Neck
1277Josephine Melissa ADAMSF09 Nov 1865Petite PassageJohn Foster ADAMSMarinerPhoebe GREENLAND25 Apr 1861 Calais, Maine
1278Ernest COSSEBOOMM05 Dec 1865Petite PassageGeorge COSSEBOOMMarinerMargaret SMITH12 Jan 1865 Petite Passage
1279Adda Bell TITUSF23 Oct 1865Digby NeckLewis TITUSFarmerFrances MOREL1849 Digby Neck
1280Ainsley BUNKERM28 Jul 1865Digby NeckPorterfield BUNKERMarinerCatherine TEED1860 Little River
1281Adrin Alfred DAKINM10 Oct 1865Digby NeckSilas DAKINMarinerSusan MOREHOUSE1859 Digby Neck
1282Eliza Margaret URQUHARTF05 Oct 1865Digby NeckAlex. URQUHARTMerchantMary CARTY1862 Sandy Cove
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Extracted from LDS film # 1298667 by Theresa Mangnall

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