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Subject: Thistle Mission Newspaper Clippings
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 15:53:06 -0500
From: Alta Flynt <>

There is a picture of the United Church, Marysville and one of four year old Hazen Ralph Hanson in the collection of newspaper clippings in the Thistle Mission Band minutes book, as well as one of Bliss Carman (the poet), Col. A.E. Massie, William (Budd) Fisher, Rev. George E. Ross, and Isabel Carr.  I have scanned them and they are now online.  I believe the picture of the four year old was in a Saint John newspaper. This is loose in the book and there is part of an ad for a Saint John business on the back. The date 1938 is also on the back of the picture. The church picture is pasted inside the front cover with no way of finding a date or a newspaper name.  Both pictures are faded and beginning to yellow.  I did what I could to enhance them, but it will be a long process to do a really good job on them. The few other photos, are also linked to the actual newspaper clippings

(Corrections made to text to reflect later messages, by cbb.)


The index below was devised to retain the format of the original, which were over 60 some e-mail messages to <>. The entries will be divided into pages of ten messages, of approximately from 10 to 20 entries. The number and date of the message will top each entry, and the number with an alpha identification will proceed each entey -

    #1 Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 [The e-mail number and date it was sent to the list]
    #1a - [The first clipping entry]
    #1b - [The second clipping entry]

    The index will then be placed in alpha order. The number code will be linked to the actual entry.  Multi given names for one surname within a single clipping will be grouped together in the index,  and any extra surnames will be cross referenced, as follows -
    #1b - PICKARD - Mr. & Mrs. David G. (nee Mardie Shaw) & Katherine Ann
    #1b - SHAW - Mardie

    Many of the clippings have the date they were published either within the text, or hand written on the clip. The newspapers these clipping came from was more than likely "The Daily Gleaner", Fredericton, York Co., NB, with possibly a few from a Saint John newspaper - which would probably be the "Telegraph-Journal". (The Telegraph-Journal, being a morning paper, had a wide circulation throughout the province.)

Editorial comments by the transcriber have been left in, although at times not in the original location within the entry. If a comment were made about several entries, each comment has been moved to precede the entry spoken of. Some of these notes have undergone a few minor changes due to their altered locations.

This index is incomplete / it would be wise to use the search engine for the entire site until the index is completed. It is now part way through the "Thistle 9" file. Once this index is complete, it will be changed to a completely alphabetical index.

#1a - Mr. and Mrs. H. Ralph Hanson, & Ralph Hazen Hanson.
#1b - Mr. & Mrs. David G. Pickard (nee Mardie Shaw) & Katherine Ann Pickard
#1b - SHAW - Mardie
#1c - SEGEE - John
#1c - STREET - George Frederick
#1c - WETMORE - George Ludlow

#2a - SHAW - Robert J., & widow, Ronald and Frederick, Mrs. Edgar Everett (nee Shaw), Greta, Ethel, Ethel & Ida
#2a - SHAW (SINCLAIR) - Miss Annie, wid/o Robert J. Shaw
#2a - EVERETT - Mrs. Edgar Everett (nee Shaw)
#2a - BERRY - Rev. J. G.
#2b - SHAW - Robert J., Major J. S. Scott, Major James Pringle, W. M. Clark and E. W. Elliott, Roland Shaw, Frederick Shaw, Edgar Everett, Harry Culligan, Roy Shaw, Irvine Shaw, Lloyd Shaw, Hazen Shaw, William Sinclair, A. C. Fleming, John A. Fleming, J. H. Fleming, Hazen McFarlane, Bruce McFarlane
#2b - BERRY - Rev. J. G.
#2c - Mr. and Mrs. Harry Charters, Mrs. W. H. McKnight, John Fleming, Mrs. John Harvey, Hazen and Bruce McFarlane, Geo. H. Clark, F. C. Sanson

#3a Mrs. William R. Scott, Miss Abbie E. (Fox) Mrs. Roland Shaw, Ena, Laura, Bessie, Abbie and Shirley Scott; Chesley, Willie and John Scott, Grace Fox, Perley Fox, Charles Fox, Fred Fox Rev. Mr. King, Rev. Mr. Perkins. Joseph Rossborough, Charles Rossborough, Allen Rae, William Embleton.  W. R. Scott, Chesley Scott, Willie Scott, John Scott, Perley Fox, Charles Fox, Grant Fox, Roland Shaw, Howard Dow, W. E. Scott, John A. Scott, Robert Scott, Kenneth Simmons, Henry Rossborough, Randolph Claire, Fred Claire, James M. Scott, Charles Scott, David Patterson.
#3b Mrs. Harry M. Hanson, Odbur White. Miles White; Israel Grass; Mrs. John Contels, Mrs. Harry Hurder, Miss Clara Grass; Mrs. C. B. Morgan, Mrs. James Hallett, Otis Grass, Rev. D. J. Macpherson, Rev. J. M. Rice

#4a - James W. Lipsett, John and Harry Lipsett, Mrs. Ernest Clowater, Mrs. Elwood Boone, Miss Martha Lipsett, Miss Mary Lipsett, Gilbert Lipsett, David Lipsett, Miss Belle Lipsett, Rev. Mr. Turner.
#4b - James W. Horncastle , Henry Rankine Horncastle, Wm. C. Horncastle, Edwin S. Horncastle, J. Allan Horncastle, and Percy L. Horncastle, J. Hilton Horncastle, Mrs. Harry Charters, Mrs. Edward Simmonds, Mrs. Arthur Wetmore, Miss Margaret D. Horncastle, John Horncastle, Rev. A. F. Bate

#5a - Darrell Banks, Son of Mr. and Mrs. D W. Banks, Wallace, Vernon, Harry, Leonard and Herbert Banks, Phyllis and Alice Banks, Rev. J. M. Rice and Rev. D. J. MacPherson David W. Banks, Wallace Banks, Vernon Banks, Harry Banks, Leonard Banks, Herbert Banks, George Banks, Thomas Banks, Frank Banks, Vernon Banks, Eliphlet Banks, Wilmot Banks, Chester Brewer, Leonard Gibbs, Charles Gibbs, Ralph Gibbs, John Gibbs, Douglas Gibbs, Walter Gibbs, William Gibbs, Fred Tims, Douglas Tims, George Estey, Herman Estey, Ronald Estey, Trueman Steeves, Peter Pond, Garnet Pond, Douglas Pond, Maurice Pond and Cecil Pond.  Wm. Gibbs.

#6a - John M. O'Leary Mrs. John Patterson, William, Edward, Frank, Charles, Robert,
Victor, Burton, Irvine, Mrs. Robert Johnston, Mrs. Sherman Phillips, and Mrs. Ancel Moore, Bessie
and Margaret O'Leary, Thomas, Charles, Hugh O'Leary, Mrs. John Fletcher, Rev. Mr. Hoyt,

#7a - Mrs. Cynthia D. Ross, George W. Ross, Mrs. Donald F. Cameron, James Duffy Frederick Ross, Mrs. Charles E. McLean Mrs. D. H. Melvin, Rev. J. G. Berry
#7b - Mrs. Annie A. Sacre, Walter R. Sacre, Ive Sacre, Laurence Sacre, Mrs. W. J. White, Mrs. Wm. Flinn, Miss Grace Sacre, Corporal Walter B. Sacre, Rev. J. M. Rice

#8aMrs. Elizabeth A. Fisher, widow of the late Charles F. Fisher, Rev. John Magee and Mrs. Magee, Harold F. Fisher, John E. Fisher, C. R. Fisher, Herbert M. Fisher, Mrs. Horace B. Sloat, Miss Harriet C. Magee, Mrs. James Camber, Mrs. Reigh, Corporal George A. Fisher,
#8b - Andrew S. McMurtrie, John McMurtrie, William McMurtrie, Henry McMurtrie, Earl McMurtrie, Mrs. Ralph Green, Mrs. B. J. Griffiths, Mrs. Robert Sinclair, Mrs. Mary Horncastle, Rev. J. G. Berry.

#9aWilliam Charters Haining Mr. and Mrs. Peter Haining, H.A. Estey. George E. and Lee R. Haining; Mrs. Woodford Coy, Miss Blanch Haining, Mrs. William Rossborough, Rev. Dr. G. C. Warren
#9bMrs. Annie Sinclair, David Sinclair, Miss Annie MacKay, David Sinclair, William Sinclair, Robert Sinclair, Mrs. Robert Shaw, Mrs. A. C. Fleming , Rev. J. G. Berry
#9cMr. and Mrs. Hazen A. Shaw, Betty Jean Shaw

#10aMrs. Ruth Noble, wife of W. J. Noble, Miss Ruth Smith, Arthur Noble, F.L. Noble, Clarence L. Noble, Randolph S. Noble, Mrs. T. D. Bell, Rev. Mr. Bell, Mrs. H. F. McMurtrie, Miss Annie Smith Rev. David Patterson Randolph Noble,
#10bRobert H. Fleming - Rev. J. G. Berry, Charles A. Burchill, Thomas Fraser, C. D. Holder, Donald F. Cameron, George H. Clark, J. Fred Ryan.  J. H. Fleming, A. C. Fleming, John F. Harvey, John A. Fleming, John Emery, Carleton Fisher, W.A. Adam, Fred Segee, George H. Jewett, Richard Gremley, Roland Shaw, Frederick Shaw, George Ross, John Haines, Robert Gay, Henry Anderson, W. A. Lindsay, John Green, Thomas Niles, Dominic Goodine, Joseph Walker, T. C. Burpee, Charles Biggs, Edward O'Connor, T. Amos Wilson, Charles Welsh, George Sinclair, S. H. McFarlane, Roland Murray and Wm. J. Lawson

#11aMr. and Mrs. Lawson Hiltz, Myra Hiltz, W.L. Harding, Dr. A. F. Emery
#11bEstella Blanch Brown, George M. Brown, Rev. F.H. Holmes, M.A.
#11c Thomas J. Flanagan, Rev. Father Donahoe
#11d Jane Hanning Bird, James Bird, Mrs. James Pringle, Rev. J.G. Berry
#11e Irvine Moore, Rev. Mr. Killam, Robert, Hartley, Edgar, Leaverett, Ansel, Winston, Philip and Chauncey Moore.  Allan Boyle, Austin Boyle, Zopher Phillips.

#12aJohn A. Fletcher, Fred McLaggan Wesley E. Fletcher, Medley E. Fletcher, Mrs. Bessie Dougherty, Mrs. Everett Nason
#12bMrs. McGinnes (or McGinnis)
#12c Mrs. Sarah Charters, Harry C. Charters, Robert Charters, DanielCharters, William Charters, Joseph Charters,; Mrs. Harry McNeill, Miss Margaret Charters, Mrs. James Horncastle, Rankine Horncastle, Edwin Horncastle, William Horncastle, Allen Horncastle, Percy, Horncastle, Hilton Horncastle, Miss Margaret Horncastle, R. N.  Mrs. Edward Simmons, Mrs. Arthur Wetmore, Rev. A. F. Bate

#13aHarry Hatch, Rev. J. D. MacPherson,
#13b Harry H. Hatch Mr. Rotheray, Mr. Fogh and Mr. Parsons, Miss Mabel Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Chapman, Archie, Kenneth, Donald and Stewart MacDougall;Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bailey; Della and Percy; Mr. and Mrs. George Morgan and family; Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Morris; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence White;Mr. and Mrs. Allen Tracy and Mr. and Mrs. James R. Howie; Mrs. Ramey and Mrs. Wilby; Uncle Will, Aunt Nell and family; Mina, Ruby, Dorothy, Lois, Daisy, Fannie, Grace and Mabel; Mr. and Mrs. Redvere Scott,  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Robinson and Charles Stephenson, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Whitebone, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Yeomans, J. Edwin Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Hiltz and family,  Mr. and Mrs. James Trainor, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Dunlap and family.
#13cIsabelle H. Lipsett, David Lipsett, Gilbert Lipsett, Alex. Forbes, Rev. George Telford

#14aMrs. John McKnight, John McKnight, Ivan McKnight, Milton D. McKnight, Locksley McKnight. Mrs. Douglas Conrod, C. Herbert Kilpatrick, Basil M. Kilpatrick and Fred W. Kilpatrick, Mrs. Harvey Kinney, Mrs. C. Charles Connell, Mrs. George Tweedle Mrs. Andrew Kinney, Rev. George Telford
#14b Mrs. Sarah Lee Edgar, William Edgar, John A. Campbell, ex-M.L.A., Miss Annie Campbell, Rev. J.G. Berry,
#14c Dr. Aulder L. Gerow and Mrs. Gerow, Aulder Addison Gerow

#15a Bert Allen Lipsett, Allen Lipsett, Mr. and Mrs. John B. Lipsett; Margaret Lipsett; Mary Lipsett; Doris, Helen, Martha, Ivan and Earl Lipsett; Rev. J. F. Rowley
#15b Mr. and Mrs. Oliver T. Smith, Lois Butland, Mr. and Mrs. Esmond Butland, L.T. Blackwell, Rev. W.McN. Matthews

#16a James S. Inch, Rev. M.H. Manael, S.J. Hallett, William Cameron, John McInnis, Howard Dunbar, Frank Collings, Henry Pickard, G. Leonard Inch, James Inch, Jack Inch, Millen Christenson, G. C. Torrens, William Hawkins, Edward Inch, Walter Hoyt, Fred Hoyt, John Inch, Harold Inch, Howard Burtt, Harley Burtt, Roy W. Smith, Vernon Matthews, George Pugh, Jarvis Morehouse, Sylvester Jones, Albert Estey, Emerson Hawkins.  Mrs. James Radcliffe
#16b John A. Campbell, Rev. J.A. Corey, Rev. H.T. Buckland
#16c TRACY - Ruth M., Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge Tracy, Rev. J.H. Westrup
#16d COCHRANE - Ethel M., Norman C. Cochrane, Rev. L.T. Sabine

#17a Miss Isabella Edgar, John and Isabella Edgar, Mrs. John C. Gilman, John Edgar, Mrs. Frank Pickard,
#17b Mrs. E. J. Barass, Rev. E. J. Barass,
#17c Mrs. David Rice /Mrs. Jessie M. Rice, David H. Rice, Rev. A.F. Bate, Richard Hartlin, John and James Hartlin and William Hartlin, Mrs. H.M. Green, Mrs. William Wilson,
#17d Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Bunker, Sherman Bunker, Zellan Bunker, Rev. D. C. Kaine.  Rev. Mr. Killiam

#18 Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000

#18a Miss Elizabeth A. Gallimore, Rev. C. LeRoi Mooera, William Collett, Thomas McDowell, Harry Preese, Henry Pickard, John Pickard, Richard Hodges.  William Harris, Mr. And Mrs. Herbert Harris, Miss Clegg, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunbar, Ronald Burke, Edwin Burke.
#18b William L. McFarlane, Leslie McFarlane, Stuart McFarlane, G. Harold McFarlane, Rev. George Telford
#18c Laura M. Fletcher, Clifford O. Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Charters, Barbara D., Charles, John, James and Preston Charters, Mrs. Arthur Stewart, Effie and Grace Charters, Rev. Mr. Corey
#18d LOVE - Margaret Beulah, Charles F. Love, Rev. W.S. Smith 
#19a Amos Allen Pond, Archie and Howard Pond; Mrs. Wilmot Lyons, John H., and Ludlow Pond, Hazen and Charles Pond, Mrs. John McMorris, Mrs. J. Darling,  Mrs. Morrell, Rev. Mr. McWilliams
#19b Mrs. Grace Eva Jones, wife of Randolph Jones, John Steeves, Russell, Stanley, Constance and Margaret Jones; Mrs. John Steeves; James O. Steeves, Stella, Bessie and Pearl Steeves, Mrs. J. S. Mavor, Rev. L.T. Sabine
#19e James Gibson, Alexander Gibson, Rev. M.H. Manuel

#20a Mrs. Charles Forbes, Rev. George Telford and Rev. Mr. Burns, Rev. Mr. Fytche, Solomon Greer, William Horncastle, Robert Willett, T. W. Sansom, Harry Greer, Daniel Charters. Alex. Forbes, James Forbes, John Forbes, Roy Forbes, Malcom Tait, Donald Tait, Charles Forbes, Perry Forbes, Ralph Forbes, Ivan Forbes, Ronald Forbes, Harry Greer, Archie Greer, Edward Horncastle, R. Bedford Green, James Greer, Donald Horncastle, Solomon Greer, Hedley Forbes, Robert Forbes, Angus Forbes, Robert Forbes,  William Horncastle, Andrew Perry, John Perry. James Fraser.
#20b Mrs. Elizabeth (Bessie) Doherty, Henry Doherty, Wesley Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. John Fletcher, [Margaret Doherty], Wesley Fletcher, Medley Fletcher, Mrs. Everett Nason
#20c Israel Smith, Edward E. Smith.  Rev. Mr. Ricker

#21a Mrs. Rachael Young Horncastle, John M. Horncastle, Mr. and Mrs. John McKnight, Frank and Martin C. Horncastle, Guy Horncastle, Roy Horncastle, Ven. Archdeacon Bate
#21b Wilfred M. Coveney, C.J. Coveney, James Coveney, Mrs. Fred Mazerall, Mrs. A.C. Johnston, Mrs. W. Garahan, Mrs. John Mazerall,

#22a McLEAN - Eunice Leanna, Watson G. McLean, Lemuel McLean, Rev. M.H. Manuel
#22b Charles Robert Chappelle, Mr. and Mrs. William Chappelle, Mrs. Frances Chappelle,
#22c Mrs. Cora Stewart, Nicholas Stewart, Mrs. B. Boudreau, Rev. W. S. Smith
#23a Fred A. Collings, Rev. W.S. Smith
#23b John M. Horncastle, Ven. Archdeacon A.F. Bate
#23c WARD - Ellen M., George W. Ward, Rev. W.A. Burge, Rev. Dr. F.A. Wightman
#23d GREEN - Laura Lawson, George J. Green, (Ruth) Mrs. Vincent Price, (Helen) Mrs. Kenneth Travis
#23e GRAHAM - Ellen F., Thomas and Rebecca (Fletcher) Graham, Ven. Archdeacon A. F. Bate, Rev. W. J. Bate.
#23f John A. Young, Rev. Dr. G. E. Ross, Rev. W. W. Ferguson and Rev. W. A. Burge.
#23g Stephenson - Alice Fay, Harry H. Stephenson, Rev. W. Steadman Smith

#24a James Byron Wood, Charles & Mrs. Wood. Viola M. (Smith) Wood, Carol and Merilyn Dawn Wood; Charles Wood; John R. Wood, Mrs. R. S. Gregg, Mrs. Haviland Hovey, Mrs. Earl Fraser, Mrs. Harold Foster, Burton Wood, Rev. Mr. Ricker
#24b James Robinson, Mrs. Mabel Mackie
#24c HIGGINS - Elizabeth, Hugh Higgins, Rev. W. S. Smith
#24d MacDOWELL - Helen Mae, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. MacDowell, Mrs. Alice Meahan, Rev. M. H. Mason

#25a Oliver Thomas Smith, Moses and Elizabeth (Cook) Smith, Mrs. Maurice Perley, Mrs. Esmond Butland, Mrs. Lewis Murdock, Frank Smith, Mrs. A. Agnes Kerr, Mrs. Edward McGinn, Mrs. John Bonnar, Miss Evelyn Smith, Mrs. Fannie Brown, Mrs. Sadie Weldon, Mr. Telford
#25b John R. Pond, Rev. E. R. MacWilliam

#26a Dr. William Gerrard, Hamilton Gerrard, Mrs. James E. Rogers, Misses Vallerie and Enid Gerrard, Mrs. Grace Turner and Mrs. Joshua Wood, Rev. W. J. Bate
#26b STAPLES - Annie C., Moses Staples, Rev. E. R. MacWilliams, Rev. Mr. Sabine, Rev. Mr. Manuel
#26c George W. Stafford, Rev. M. H. Manuel
#26d Ralph Hanson, Rev. M. H. Manuel

#27a Thomas H. O'Leary, Craleba O'Leary; Guy and Harry, Allen O'Leary, Mrs. Fred Nesbitt; Mrs. Wesley Fletcher, Mrs. George Ball, Mrs. Ernest Corning, Mrs. Donald Mazerall, Mrs. Thomas Legassie, Charles D. O'Leary, Hugh I. O'Leary, Mrs. John Fletcher, Ven. Archdeacon Bate
#27b Mrs. John Noble. Rev. H.F. Rigby, Mr. S.L. Pollard.  William and Eugene Noble
#27c John Andrews, John V. Andrews, Carrie L. [Andrews]; Mrs. Agnes Miller, Rev. G.W. Fisher

#28a Hazen A. Shaw, Rev. D. Cunningham-Munroe, Rev. W. J. Bate. Gregory Rowan, Douglas McLaggan, Walter Niles, Lloyd Baxter, Donald Yerxa and Jack Fraser.
#28b Hazen Shaw,
#28c PICKARD - Kathryn Ann, Mr. and Mrs. David G. Pickard, Venerable Archdeacon A. F. Bate #28d CLOWATER - Margaret May, Ernest W. Clowater, Harry Lipsett, Rev. George Telford, B. D., M.A.
#28e William Harris Morgan, Rev. Mr. Ricker

#29a Ida Jane Shaw, William and Jane (Haining) Shaw, Rev. Dr. George E. Ross, Rev. W. Steadman Smith
#29b Miss Ida Jane Shaw, William and Jane (Haining) Shaw.  Miss Ellen M. Shaw, Rev. Dr. George E. Ross, Rev. W. Steadman Smith
#29c Miss Ida J. Shaw Rev. Dr. G. E. Ross, Rev. W. Steadman Smith, Roy Shaw, Irvine Shaw, Roland Shaw, Frederick Shaw, Lloyd Shaw, Edgar T. Everett, Ralph Hanson, David Pickard, Harry Harris, Robert Charters, Roy Charters, Alex. Brewer, Burton Brewer, Lee Haining, George Haining, Robert Rossborough, Fred Bailey, George Morgan, Frank Gereau.  Fred Bailey, George Morgan, George A. Papley, Arthur Watts, John Stephenson, Frank Collings.
#29d GRIFFITHS - Annie Mary, Benjamin J. Griffiths, Rev. Dr. Bartlett

#30a Mrs. Frances Louise Smith, Albert E. Smith, Fraser Smith, Roy E. Smith, Herbert Smith, Mrs. James Mellen, Holden, Mass.; Miss Jennie Smith, R. N., Mrs. J. B. Armstrong, Mrs. Arthur Tait, Rev. W. Steadman Smith
#30b Mrs. Catherine Smith, Cornelius A. Smith, Mrs. Harold F. Fisher, Rev. W. Steadman Smith #30c Mrs. Lavina A. Charters, James Charters, Mrs. Clara Hudson, Rev. W. Steadman Smith #30d Charles Charters, Rev. Charles Foote 
#31a Mrs. H. Burton Brewer Margaret Brewer Irvine Brewer, Mrs. Leo Furlong, Frank White, Rev. E.D. McQueen, Dow Price, Charles Hanson, Frank Merrithew and Raymond Brewer.
#31b Frank Pettigrove. Rev. W. Steadman Smith, Horace Pettigrove, James MacDowell, Sr., William Cain, Robert Cain, William Cameron, Fred White, William Rideout, Norman Neild, Don Cain, Gerald Cain, Henry White, Allan White, Phillip Desaulniers, His Worship Mayor Walker, Harry Osborne, Percy Long, George A. Tapley, Thomas MacDowell, Irvine Wade, Byron Moore, Ernest Logan, Newton Stafford, William J. Markey, Fred Taylor, Ford Bailey, Fred Gamble

#32a Mrs. Elizabeth Moffitt. Charles E. Scott, Charles E. Moffitt, John and Mary (Edgar) Kirk, Myrtle L. Moffitt, Councillor William E. Kirk, Mrs. Joseph P. McPeake, Mrs. Dell McKnight, James Tait, Miss Emily Tait, Rev. George Telford
#32b James H. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Nehemiah Smith. John C. Smith, Israel Smith, Nehemiah Smith, Alfred Smith, Mrs. L.A. Charters, Mrs. Wm. H. Jud__?, Roy C. Robertson, Rev. M. H. Mason, #32c Moses Staples, Rev. M. H. Manuel, Rev. F. A. Dunlap, Rev. J. A. Sabine 
#33a Mrs. Marven Minue, Rev. Mr. Sabine, Frederick Robinson, Norman Cochrane, David Saunders, Thomas Mitchell. Marven Minue, Fraser Minue, Percy W. Minue, Peter Haines, Ernest Haines, William Jamieson, Thomas Mitchell, Marvin Mitchell, Percy Hughes, Zellan Bunker, Harry Elder, William Seymour, Miles Jones, Harding Jones, J. B. McInnis, Fred Day, George Smith, Michael Blair.
#33b Mrs. Ludlow Hodgson (Miss Bertha McKnight). Myrtle {Hodgson], Chester and Guy Hodgson, Mrs. Walter Fisher, Dell McKnight.
#33c George W. Titus, Hugh C. and Mary Titus, Rev. M. D. Oliver
#33d Bessie B. Weddall, Charles H. Weddall, Rev. J. W. Bartlett and

#34a Mrs. Mary Ann Tribe, Timothy Tribe, Rev. M. D. Oliver
#34b Mrs. Catherine Muir Eddington, William J. Eddington, Rev. George Telford
#34c James Alexander Estabrooks, Rev. W. S. Smith
#34d Annie E. Daley, W. Cameron Daley, Rev. W. S. Smith
#34e Mrs. Annie E. Daley, W. Cameron Daley, David and Ann (Thompson) Lockard, Loring and Cecil Daley, Milton Daley, Mrs. Gordon Lowe, Mrs. Irma Gordon, Mrs. John Arnold, Miss Josephine Daley, at home, Mrs. Martha B. Travis, Rev. W. S. Smith
#34f Ella M. Nason, Azor Nason, Rev. John Linton

#35a Henry (Harry) A. B. Culligan. Henry B. (Uncle Henry) Braithwaite Greta M. Shaw, Bertram and Frances Culligan, Mrs. Harriet Culligan; Mrs. Guy Matthews, Mrs. Albert Ashford, Rev. J. W. Bartlett.
#35b Frederick Gilman, Ven. Archdeacon A. F. Bate, Rev. H.T. Buckland,
#35c Myrtle Maxine Estabrooks, Mr. and Mrs. Wendall Estabrooks, Rev. W. S. Smith

#36a Mrs. Annie C. Shaw, Robert J. Shaw, Mrs. A. C. Fleming, Rev. Dr. George E. Ross
#36b Mrs. Robert Shaw. (Mrs. Annie C.) Robert J. Shaw, David and Anne (McKay) Sinclair. Roland B. Shaw, Frederick W. Shaw, Mrs. E. P. Everett, Mrs. Greta Culligan, Miss Ethel Shaw, David Sinclair, Wm. Sinclair, Robert Sinclair, Mrs. A. C. Fleming, Rev. Dr. Geo. E. Ross
#36c Elbridge B. Staples, Rev. W. Steadman Smith
#36d Alice Gibson, John Gibson, Rev. Mr. Oliver

#37a Mrs. Mary A. Lovett, James A. Lovett, Rev. M. D. Oliver
#37b Frederick Dawson Hersey, Frank and Ernest Hersey, Rev. W. S. Smith and Rev. D. R. Chowen
#37c Mrs. Ruth McMurtrie Boyle, beloved  daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. McMurtrie, Rev. Dr. J. W. Bartlett
#37d Helen Mary Wibberley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles William Wibberley, Venerable Archdeacon S. C. Gray
#37e Mrs. Eliza H. Elder, Nathaniel Elder, Rev. M. D. Oliver, Rev. W. S. Smith,
#37f Mrs. Grace Gilmore, Gordon Gilmore, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robinson, Rev. W. Steadman Smith and Rev. F. A. Dunlap

#38a Miss Rose Ann Flowers, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Flowers, Mrs. John Hughes, Rev. W. Steadman Smith.
#38b J. W. Cameron Daley, Rev. W. Steadman Smith
#38c Julia Margaret Pond, Sanford Pond, Rev. Steadman Smith.
#38d Della Maude Stewart, Lawrence Stewart, Rev. F. A. Watson and Rev. G. W. Guiou
#38e Mrs. Augusta A. Stephenson, David Stephenson, John Stephenson, Rev. M. D. Oliver
#38f Mrs. Jane Collings, William Collings. Rev. M. D. Oliver.
#38g Samuel Clayton, Ben Fullerton, Rev. W. B. Smith
#38h Matilda R. Peterson, Thomas A. Peterson, Rev. W. Steadman Smith

#39a Mrs. Emma Morgan Tracy, Mrs. Charles Nason, Rev. Hugh G. Westrup H. E. Tracy, Elman Webb, Willard Thomas, Ernest Nason.
#39b Max Stewart, Rev. W. Steadman Smith.
#39c Fannie McLean, Lemuel W. McLean, Rev. M. H. Manuel
#39d Mrs. Lucy Amelia Everett, H. P. Everett, Rev. W. Steadman Smith
#39e Mrs. Charlotte Morrell MacPherson, Andrew D. MacPherson, Rev. M. D. Oliver
#39f Mr. and Mrs. J. Osborne McNally (Edith M. Jones), a son.
#39g George W. Ross, Mrs. C. E. MacLean, Rev. Dr. G. E. Ross,
#39h Jeremiah Charters, Rev. W. J. Bate

#40a Helen Fern MacDowell, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MacDowell, Rev. W. Steadman Smith
#40b Wilfrid Young,
#40c Wilfrid Young, Rev. W. Steadman Smith
#40d Christina Moore, Joseph Moore, Rev. J. W. Bartlett
#40e Emma B. Stafford, Samuel J. Stafford, Rev. M. H. Manuel
#40f Dr. William Caldwell Crocket, Rev. Dr. George E. Ross
#40g Mrs. Lydia Allen, Joseph L. Allen, G. Fred Pond, Rev. D. L. Kennedy
#40h Howard Peterson, Clarence and Nora (Higgins) Peterson, Rev. W. Steadman Smith

#41a Miss Victoria E. Haining, Miss Delia Haining, Mrs. Murray Brewer, Rev. G. E. Ross
#41b Victoria E. Haining
#41c Amasa Brewer, Herman Brewer, Burton and Alexander Brewer, Samuel Staples Rev. E. D. McQueen Amasa and Sheldon Staples, William and Eugene Noble
#41d Chester A. Brewer. Rev. George Telford, B. D., M. A.

#42a Mrs. Daniel C. Manzer (Lila Craig), Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Craig, Edwin, six years, Phyllis, two years and Olive, nine months; Miss Ella Craig, T. Kay and William Craig, Rev. Alexander MacKay, Rev. J. Hugh MacLean Miss Elda Robison Mrs. George Speedy, Mrs. Edgar Coburn, Robert V. Dorcas and G. Wesley Coburn Arthur and James Craig, Frank, John and Willis Moffitt and Willis Wilson
#42b Mrs. Mary L. Horncastle, James Horncastle, Venerable Archdeacon S. C. Cray

#43a Joycelyn Dorothy O'Leary, Mr. and Mrs. George F. O'Leary, Rev. Douglas T. Haviland
#43b George A. McInnis, Mrs. H. O. Wilson, Rev. W. S. Smith
#43c Mrs. Mary Eliza Lipsett, James W. Lipsett, Rev. Mr. Sulston and Rev. George Telford
#43d Miss Mary M. Pickard, Rev. M. D. Oliver
#43e Isabel E. Bailey, George R. Bailey, Rev. George Telford, M. A., B. D.
#43f Mabel C. Wallace, Frank H. Wallace, Rev. W. A. Burge
#43g Edwin S. Horncastle, Rev. A. F. Bate
#43h Freeman Gilbert Rev. W. Steadman Smith

#44a Donald McClure Jamer, George H. Jamer, Rev. George Telford.
#44b Mary Maude Harrison, Hugh Harrison, Rev. Steadman Smith
#44c Rev. Myron Donald Oliver, Rev. W. A. Burge Rev. Dr. G. E. Ross, Rev. G. S. Fraser
#44d Ernest Bamford, Major Kimmins
#44e Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Long, John H. Long, Charles Finnamore, Rev. W. S. Smith and Rev. M. D. Oliver
#44f William John Noble, Rev. Mr. Hutt and Rev. J. A. Corey
#44g Catherine Louise Fletcher, John Fletcher, Rev. W. J. Bate
#44h John Finnamore, Wm. T. Finnamore, Rev. W. S. Smith

#45a Mrs. Mary Eno, George Eno, Rev. M. H. Manuel
#45b Mrs. Viola May Morgan, Henry B. Morgan, Rev. Mr. Ricker
#45c Susie A. Brewer, Herbert B. Brewer, Rev. M. H. Manuel
#45d Henry Fisher, Rev. W. J. Bate
#45e Henry A. B. (Harry) Culligan, Rev. J. W. Bartlett
#45f Alfred Ballard, Rev. M. H. Manuel
#45g Marvin W. Minue, Rev. W. Steadman Smith and Rev. F. A. Dunlap
#45h John Flinn, Mrs. John Flinn, Rev. Mr. Oliver

#46a Lemuel W. McLean, Rev. W. Steadman Smith
#46b Annie (Donaldson) McClary, Harry A. McClary, Rev. Dr. George E. Ross
#46c Hazen Alexander Shaw, William Shaw, Mrs. Margaret Shaw, Rev. George Knight, Rev. W. J. Bate
#46d Annie Harvey, John and Sarah (Rutherford) Harvey, Miss Bertha Harvey, Rev. George Telford and Rev. Dr. G. E. Ross
#46e Laura M. Armstrong, Alfred Armstrong, Rev. M. D. Oliver assisted by Rev. J. W. Bartlett
#46f Mrs. Charlotte Fisher, Charles Fisher, Rev. W. Steadman Smith
#46g Mrs. Rachael Elizabeth Fletcher, Joseph Fletcher. Rev. M. D. Oliver
#46h Alfred E. Smith, Rev. W. Steadman Smith

#47a Thomas Henderson Segee.
#47b Martha Harvey, John Harvey, Rev. Dr. George E. Ross
#47c Elijah B. Young, Rev. George Ross, Rev. J. W. Bartlett
#47d Ethel Irene Scott, William J. Scott. Rev. George Telford, Rev. G. W. Guiou, and Rev. S. J. Macarthur
#47e Herbert Pemberton Lint, Rev. D. C. Kaine
#47f Mrs. Harriet Titus, Randoph Titus, Rev. M. H. Manuel
#47g Alexander Forbes. Rev. George Telford
#47h Andrew Perry, Rev. H. E. Dysart

#48a Alfred Gorst
#48b Ada Snow McKinght, Ivan McKnight, Rev. George Telford
#48c Elspeth Ann Jamer, George A. Jamer,
#48d Elizar Hartley Boone, Mrs. Reginald A. Murray, Rev. Mr. Westrup, Rev. John Linton, Rev. George Telford
#48e William Henry McKnight, Rev. W. J. Bate
#48f Mrs. Martha Dunbar, John Dunbar. Rev. M. D. Oliver
#48g Councilor William E. Nason, Rev. S. D. Ricker

#49a Mr. and Mrs. John M. B. Edgar, a daughter, Nancy Elizabeth,
#49b Mrs. Elizabeth Rossborough, William Rossborough, Rev. A. Frank MacLean
#49c Dr. George Clowes VanWart, Rev. John Linton
#49d Mrs. Ella May Grass, Charles Grass, Rev. C. H. Atkinson, Rev. S. D. Ricker
#49e Mrs. Lottie DeLong, Frederick DeLong, Rev. Mr. Gibson
#49f Nehemiah D. Smith, Rev. S. D. Ricker
#49g William P. Wilson, Rev. Steadman Smith
#49h Harry A. Burtt, Rev. John Linton, Major Kimmins
#49i Mrs. Alma Sarah Staples, Elbridge E. Staples, Rev. W. Steadman Smith Rev. C. Harry Atkinson
#49j [By LOGAN CLENDENING, M.D.] Samantha Proctor,

#50a Mr. and Mrs. H. Watson Jamer, a son, Donald Murray
#50b Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Phillips (nee Tillie Bailey), a son, George Raymond
#50c William Henry Hodgson, Venerable Archdeacon S. C. Gray, Rev. Karl Fairweather
#50d Annie C. Coulthard, G. E. Coulthard, M. D.
#50e Mrs. Henrietta E. Culligan, John Culligan, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hall, Rev. W. Fraser Munroe, Henry Braithwaite, Mrs. Alfred Ashford, Bertram and Frances Cullisgan, Mrs. Guy Matthews, Ward Culligan, Harry Culligan,
#50f Solomon F. Greer, Rev. A. Frank MacLean

#51a Solomon F. Greer, John and Caroline Estabrooks Greer. Dr. J. G. Turner Dr. Charles MacKay, Jean Greer; William Greer, James Greer, Mrs. Fred Wilson, Mrs. Nathaniel Beal, Mrs. Hayward McCain, Mrs. Edwin Horncastle, Mrs. D B. Green, Mrs. William Girdwood, Rev. A. Frank MacLean

#52a Sgt.-Pilot Niall Burnett, J.R. Burnett,
#52b Late Sgt. Pilot Niall Burnett, George Burnett, G.D. and T.L. Fitzgerald.
#52c William Herman Segee, Minnie Irene Teeling, Ernest Segee, Mrs. E.H. Lingley, Mrs. S. L. Tracy,

#53a (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - July 29, 1920.)

Lieut. John V.Andrews and Miss Bertha Smith, Rev. J. S. Sutherland, Mrs. B. J. Morris and Mrs. J. Andrews. Miss Annie M. Brown, Clarence Wade.
#53b Miss Charlotte Bernice Grier,  Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Grier, John Lemuel Sinclair, Rev. J. S. Sutherland, Miss Florence Grier, Barker Sinclair
#53c Leona Minerva Wade to George Ross Stafford, Mrs. May and the late Edward Wade, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel , Jr., Rev. W. Steadman Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Burton McKinley. Mrs. Edward Stafford, Mrs. George Stafford, Mrs. Osborne Gereau and Mrs. Walter Robinson. Mrs. Roy Robertson and Mrs. Howard McMinniman of Fredericton.
#53dMrs. Clara Hodgson, Mrs. Howard McMinniman

#54a Miss Hazel G. Dunphy, Hugh Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. Manasseh Dunphy, Paul Fleming, Rev. G. C. Warren, Donald McKeen, Marguerite McKeen, Mrs. G. C. Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith, Mr and Mrs. Fred Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Dunphy, Miss Prudence Dunphy, Miss Josephine [Mur__]
#54b Miss Jennie V. Gereau, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gereau, Harry Hugh Hatch, Mrs. Annie Hatch, Rev. D. J. MacPherson, Miss Della Gereau, Percy Goodspeed, Osmand and Ray Gereau, Miss Mina White, Miss Etta Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Hatch
#54c Mrs. Jane Rebecca Allen, Elwood H. Allen, Rev. W. S. Loring

#55a Samuel McKnight, Coun. H. Clair McKnight, Harry Waugh, Roderick McKnight, Selina [McKnight]
#55b Miss Ella M. Shaw
#55c Miss Delia G. Haining, Miss Ella Shaw, Rev. A.G. Crowe, Mrs. Belle Ferris, Mr. and Mrs. George Dennison, Miss Marion Brewer, R.N., Mrs. Chester Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tims, Alexander Brewer, Herman Brewer, Burton Brewer, Lea Haining, George Haining, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Shaw, Frederick Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Everett, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Manzer, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. George Ball, David Rice. David Rice, Wesley fletcher, William Sinclair, Roland Shaw.
#55d Mrs. Irene Maude MacLean, Charles E. MacLean, Rev. A. B. Gibson, Rev. P.J. Trafton and Rev. D.C. Kaine
#55e Mrs. Irene Maude MacLean, Chales E. MacLean.  Mr. and Mrs. George Ross Mrs. Donald F. Cameron, Fred Ross, Rev. A.B. Gibson, Rev. P.J. Trafton and Rev. D.C. Kaine

#56a Frances Margaret Bruce, John Watt, Mr. and Mrs. David Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watt. Misses Mary Evelyn Bruce, Christina Watt, Clarence Bruce Miss Mina White. Miss Daisy Boyce. Mrs. Thomas Henderson, Earl Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Dow, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. MacNelly and daughter, Frances, Mrs. George Adams, Mrs. Percy Goodspeed, Miss Ethel Burnett and Arthur Burnett,
#56b James W. Sullivan, Cpl. Clifford Sullivan, Pte. Enery Sullivan, Sgt. Theo Sullivan, Pte. Leonard Sullivan, Miss Glorena Sullivan and Miss Ida Sullivan, Mrs. Raymond Charters, Mrs. Cecil Gorman, Thomas S. Sullivan, Robert Sullivan, Rev. A. G. Crowe
#56c Mrs. L.L. Rye, L.L. Rye, Margaret Kelly Rye, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kelly, 
#57a John B. Lipsett, Rev. A. F. MacLean, Rev. A. F. MacLean. Norman Phillips, Elwood Boone, Ernest Clowater, Wesley Fletcher, Wesley Price and Clair Charters. Mrs. John Lipsett, Martha Lipsett, Helen Lipsett, Doris Lipsett, Earl, Ivan and Leonard Lipsett, Mr. and Mrs. Manford Booker, Mr. and Mrs. Dona Charters, Harry Lipsett, Martha Lipsett, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Boone, Mrs. Douglas Hodgson, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Clowater, Harold Humes, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Charters, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Harrision, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Hall, Miss Helen Boone, Miss Iris Boone, Mrs. Wm. McKnight, Miss Winifred McKnight, Clair McKnight, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Greer, Mr. and Mrs. George Greer, Archie Greer, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nason, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Underwood, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Brandoline, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rice, Theodore Rice, Willard Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rice, Mr. and Mrs. George LeGassie, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Le Gassie, Mrs. Lulu Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Price, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rynax, Mr. and Mrs. Clair Charters, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Charters, Charles Greer, Harley Greer, David Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Segee, Mr. and Mrs. Merton Morgan, Murray Segee, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Charters, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sinclair, Harry Charters, Ralph Sinclair.
#57b Ronald Bremmer Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. William W. Sinclair, Rev. A.S. Coster
#57c Samatha E. Charters, S. J. Stafford. Rev. A. G. Crowe
#57d Mrs. Margaret Maud Segee, George W. Segee, W.F. Munro.
#57e Mrs. Elizabeth Gilman, John E. Gilman, John W. Edgar, Rev. A. Frank McLean

#58a E. L. Murphy, Miss Alice (Hendry) Murphy, Rev. H. E. Ashmore, John Jeffries, Miss Rheta Mitchell. F. Mitchell, H. Boyd, J. Kershan, E. Gregg, F. Dunbar, F. Wagar and C. Fowler. Gnr. J. A. Murphy, Pte. E. L. Murphy, AC2 K. S. Murphy, Doreen Murphy, Melissa Murphy, Lena Murphy, R. N., Melvin Murphy, Calvin Murphy, Newton Murphy
#58b Major Archie MacNaughton, Mrs. J. A. MacNaughton (Grace MacNaughton), John W. and the late Mrs. MacNaughton, Francis MacNaughton, Margaret MacNaughton, Mrs. Charles Neilson and Miss Catherine MacNaughton, Miss Helen MacNaughton
#58c John P. Barry, John J. Duffy, J. Murray Tweedie,

#59a William Carr, Rev. Mr. Blakeney
#59b William Carr, Rev. Mr. Blakeney, Donald Noble, John Noble, Delbert Noble, Norman Phillips, Ralph Fletcher and Clarence Phillips.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunphy, Mr. and Mrs. Otis DeWitt, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fletcher, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. George DeWitt, Mr. and Mrs. Leland Phillips, Mrs. George Brown, Blanche DeWitt, Mildred DeWitt, Dorothy DeWitt and Clair McKnight.
#59c John Balfour Cunningham, Rev. Mr. Howson
#59d John Balfour Cunningham, Rev. Mr. Howson, Roy Cunningham, John Cunningham, Jr., Lawrence Morgan, Frederick Shaw, William Cunningham, Harvey Cunningham, David Essensa, Mrs. Lawrence Morgan, Mrs. Frederick Shaw, Mrs. Roy Cunningham, Mrs. Walter Welch, Mrs. Joseph Robison, and Miss Muriel Robison, and Mrs. Cora Lehr

#60a Edna Annie Kathleen Cunningham, Mr. John B. Cunningham, to Frederick Willard Shaw, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Shaw
#60b Miss Edna Kathleen Cunningham, John Cunningham Mrs. Cunningham, Frederick Willard Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shaw, Rev. Charles Foote, Miss Elizabeth (Betty) Malloy, Niall Burnett, Thomas Galbraith and Ralph Sinclair, Mrs. Louis Rutherford, Mrs. R. Cunningham, Mrs. L. Morgan, Mrs. Arthur Cunningham, Mrs. Thomas Galbraith, Mrs. Edgar Everett, Miss Ethel Shaw, Miss Jean Gay, Miss Isobel Dorian, Miss Lena Ganong and Miss Emma Cunningham. Mr. and Mrs. David Staples, Mrs. E. W. Elliot and Mrs. J. Mavor, Miss Mary McIntosh, Mrs. Edgar Everett and Joyce Everett, Miss Ethel Shaw, Miss E. Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. William Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sinclair; Mrs. A. C. Fleming, Mrs. Arthur McF. Limerick, Mrs. Ralph Limerick, Mrs. Jack Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. G. Gay, Miss Jean Gay, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rutherford, Mrs. Annie Nesbitt. David Essensa, Mrs. L. Robinson, Miss Muriel Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cunningham William Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Manzer

#61a Mildred Elizabeth Fletcher, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Fletcher, and Clarence William Daniel, s/o Mr. and Mrs. William A. Daniel, Mrs. Hilton Horncastle. Mrs. Stewart Kirk, Rev. A. S. Coster
#61b James Lee, Anson Lee, Alexander Gibson, Anson and Joseph Lee, Mrs. Harry Carpenter
#61c Miss Esther Violet Pond Bride of Eldred D. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Pond, William T. Bailey, Rev. E. R. MacWilliam. Guy Pond. Mrs. E. M. Lyons, E. M. Lyons,
#61d Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gorman, Samuel Gorman, Rev. W. S. Loring
#61e David A. Rockwell, Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Rockwell, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Rockwell, Rev. W. F. Munro

#62a William Herman Segee, Rev. D. C. MacLennan Ernest Segee, Mrs. E. A. Lingley, Mrs. S. L. Tracy, Walter Segee, Donald and Howard Segee
#62b John Boyce
#62c Frank Moffitt, Rev. Allison MacLean, Rev. Robert U. MacLean Manzer and William Moffitt, Lewis Moffitt, Roy, George and Russell Moffitt,
#62d Miss Ida Shaw, William and Jane (Haining) Shaw. Miss Ellen M. Shaw, Rev. Dr. George E. Ross, Rev. W. Steadman Smith
#62e Mrs. Timothy MacDonald. DMiss Velma Sloat, Mr. and Charles Sloat,

#63a Mrs. Annie Donaldson McClary, Harry A. McClary, Robert and Annie (Howie) Donaldson, Mrs. Weymss Grant, Miss Agnes WhartonRev. Dr. George E. Ross
#63b Mrs. Herbert R. Norsworthy, Miss Mitchell Rev. P. J. Trafton
#63c Fred Gilman Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jamieson, Rev. A. G. Crowe
#63d Dr. Aulder L. Gerow, Rev. Dr. W. C. Kierstead and Rev. J. D. L. Howson

Oct-Dec 2000