Thistle Mission Band - 3, by Alta Flynt

The "Thistle Mission Band"

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#1 Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000

#1a - BORN, HANSON - At Victoria Public Hospital, Fredericton, N.B. on January 31st, 1934 to Mr. and Mrs. H. Ralph Hanson, Fredericton, a son, Ralph Hazen.

#1b - (October 1935 is handwritten on the clipping about Katherine Ann Pickard.)
BORN, PICKARD - At Fredericton, N.B. to Mr. and Mrs. David G. Pickard (nee Mardie Shaw) of this city, a daughter, Katherine Ann, weight seven pounds.

#1c - The 116th Anniversary.
        To-day is the 116th anniversary of the duel with fatal consequences which was fought early in the morning of October 2nd, 1821 on the farm of John Segee in New Maryland between George Frederick Street and George Ludlow Wetmore.  The principals were residents of Fredericton, related and barristers.  Words which passed between them and attempts at blows, while a legal action was in process, were the cause of the "affair of honor."  Pistols were used.  Wetmore being fatally wounded on the second discharge of the weapons.  Upon the death of Wetmore in Segee's farm-house, the surviving principal and the seconds fled on horseback to St. Andrews, N.B. and crossed to Robbinston, Maine, where they remained until December when they returned and gave themselves up to the law. Street was acquitted by a jury on the ground of lack of evidence.

#2 Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000

(Note: Handwritten at top of first entry - June 4, 1925.  The 1925 kind of looks like it might be 1935, but it might be an underline under the two.  The rest of the clippings on this page are hand dated 1928 and the next page is 1929.)

#2a - Died at New Maryland. (Handwritten at top - June 4, 1925. see note above)
        The death occurred at New Maryland last night after a long illness of Robert J. Shaw, one of the best known and most highly respected residents at the age of 65 years.  Deceased carried on farming operations at New Maryland and was a man whose word was as good as his bond.  He was a staunch Presbyterian, a member of the choir of St.
Andrew's Presbyterian church and had a host of warm personal friends who will regret his death.  He is survived by his widow, who was formerly Miss Annie Sinclair, of New Maryland; two sons, Ronald and Frederick; three daughters, Mrs. Edgar Everett of Marysville, Greta of Fredericton and Ethel at home; and two sisters, Misses Ethel and Ida Shaw of Marysville.  The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon with service at 2 o'clock by Rev. J. G. Berry and interment at Rural cemetery.

#2b - Many at Funeral Yesterday.
        Many from Fredericton, New Maryland and Nasonworth were present yesterday at the funeral of the late Robert Shaw, which took place from his late home in New Maryland.  Rev. J. G. Berry conducted the service and in the course of his remarks paid a fitting tribute to the sterling character and worth of deceased, his connection with the church and his life in general.  A quartet from St. Andrew's choir sang several hymns and there was a profusion of beautiful floral tributes.  The pall bearers were Major J. S. Scott, Major James Pringle, W. M. Clark and E. W. Elliott.  The chief mourners were Roland Shaw, Frederick Shaw, Edgar Everett, Harry Culligan, Roy Shaw, Irvine Shaw, Lloyd Shaw, Hazen Shaw, William Sinclair, A. C. Fleming, John A. Fleming, J. H. Fleming, Hazen McFarlane, Bruce McFarlane.  Interment was made in Rural cemetery extension.

        We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciaton of the many acts of kindness and expressions of sympathy extended to us during our recent sad bereavement, especially Mr. and Mrs. Harry Charters, Mrs. W. H. McKnight, John Fleming, Mrs. John Harvey, Hazen and Bruce McFarlane, Geo. H. Clark, F. C. Sanson and all those who so kindly loaned cars.

#3 Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000

#3a - OBITUARY. (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - June 24, 1928)
Mrs. W. R. Scott.
        Dumfries, June 27 - The death occurred at Dumfries, Sunday June 24th of Mrs. William R. Scott, aged 48 years.  Deceased had been in poor health for some time, but death was hastened by complication of diseases.  Mrs. Scott was formerly Miss Abbie E. Fox of Southampton.  Besides her sorrowing husband she leaves to the loss of a loving mother six daughters, Mrs. Roland Shaw of New Maryland, Ena, Laura, Bessie, Abbie and Shirley at home; three sons, Chesley, Willie and John, all at home; one sister, Grace Fox of Wrentham, Mass., and three brothers, Perley Fox of Fredericton Junction, Charles Fox of Southampton, and Fred Fox of Flushing, Long Island.  Mrs. Scott had always led a Christian life, and by her quiet disposition had many friends who will learn of her death with deep regret. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. Mr. King with prayer at the house and service in the church at The Barony.  Rev. Mr. Perkins conducted the service at the grave.  The hymns were as follows; Does Jesus Care, Peace Perfect Peace, and Shall We Gather at the River.  Solo, The Home Land.  The pall bearers were Joseph Rossborough, Charles Rossborough, Allen Rae, William Embleton.  The mourners were W. R. Scott, Chesley Scott, Willie Scott, John Scott, Perley Fox, Charles Fox, Grant Fox, Roland Shaw, Howard Dow, W. E. Scott, John A. Scott, Robert Scott, Kenneth Simmons, Henry Rossborough, Randolph Claire, Fred Claire, James M. Scott, Charles Scott, David Patterson.

#3b - Died at Victoria Hospital. (Handwritten at the bottom of the clipping - Feb. 13, 1928.)
        The death occurred at Victoria Hospital at an early hour this morning of Mrs. Harry M. Hanson, of Marysville, following a serious operation at the age of 54 years.  The late Mrs. Hanson was known and respected by a large circle of friends and her death will be regretted.  She was twice married, her first husband being Odbur White.  She is survived by her husband, one son, Miles White; her father, Israel Grass; three sisters, Mrs. John Contels of Lawrence, Mass.; Mrs. Harry Hurder, of Saint John; Miss Clara Grass; two half sisters, Mrs. C. B. Morgan, of Fredericton,
at present in Florida, and Mrs. James Hallett, in British Columbia.  One brother, Otis Grass, also survives.  The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon, with service at the home at 2:30 o'clock by Rev. D. J. Macpherson assisted by Rev. J. M. Rice, and interment in the Baptist Cemetery.

#4 Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000

#4a NEW MARYLAND MAN DROPS DEAD AT WORK (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - June 12, 1928)
James W. Lipsett Was Working on Road When Death Claimed Him.
        Death came with startling suddenness late yesterday afternoon to James W. Lipsett, of New Maryland, as he was working on the New Maryland road near his home, at the age of 68 years.
        The late Mr. Lipsett was in his usual health all day and was working with other men when he was noticed to fall to the ground.  It was thought he had been seized with illness, but when picked up it was found he had died, apparently from heart disease.  He was known and respected by a large circle of friends, and his sudden death will be regretted.
He is survived by his widow, two sons, John and Harry of New Maryland; four daughters, Mrs. Ernest Clowater, of Nashwaak; Mrs. Elwood Boone, of Florenceville; Miss Martha Lipsett, of Boston, and Miss Mary Lipsett, at home; two brothers and one sister, Gilbert, of Roxbury; David, in Minnesotta, and Miss Belle Lipsett, of this city.
        The funeral will take place from his late home to-morrow afternoon with service at the United Church of Canada at 2.30 o'clock by Rev. Mr. Turner and interment at New Maryland.

#4b Late James W. Horncastle (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - Sept. 2, 1928)
        The death of James W. Horncastle occurred here Sunday noon at his home on Saunders Street, after some months' illness.  Deceased spent the greater part of his life farming at New Maryland, removing to this city some ten years ago.  His death will cause sincere regret among his many friends.  He passed away at the age of 79 years and is survived by his widow, six sons, Henry Rankine, Wm. C., Edwin S., J. Allan, and Percy L., all of this city, and J. Hilton of New Maryland; four daughter, Mrs. Harry Charters, of New Maryland, Mrs. Edward Simmonds, of New Maryland; Mrs. Arthur Wetmore, of Cardston, Alta., and Miss Margaret D. Horncastle, who is at present in the city.  One brother, John Horncastle, also survives.  Service was conducted at the late home at 2.30 this afternoon by Rev. A. F. Bate, and later at New Maryland, where interment was made in Church of England burial ground.  The six sons acted as pall-bearers.

#5 Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000

#5a DIED AT MARYSVILLE (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - Oct. 20, 1928) (Special to the Daily Gleaner)
Darrell Banks, Son of Mr. and Mrs. D W. Banks Dies After a Long Illness.
        Marysville, N. B.  Oct. 22 - The death of Darrell Banks, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. David W. Banks occurred Saturday afternoon about 4.30.  The deceased had been ill since early in the summer with rheumatism and heart trouble, and although he was a great sufferer he bore it with patience and fortitude.  He was a very bright and manly little fellow and a general favorite with his playmates and all who knew him.  He was twelve years of age and, besides his sorrowing parents, is survived by five brothers and two sisters, Wallace, Vernon, Harry, Leonard and Herbert Banks, Phyllis and Alice Banks, all of Marysville.
        The funeral took place this afternoon from the home of his parents and was largely attended by friends of the family from in and out of town. The service at the home and at the grave was conducted by Rev. J. M. Rice and Rev. D. J. MacPherson and interment was made in the Baptist cemetery.  A united choir was present and sang favorite hymns.  The mourners were David W. Banks, Wallace Banks, Vernon Banks, Harry Banks, Leonard Banks, Herbert Banks, George Banks, Thomas Banks, Frank Banks, Vernon Banks, Devon; Eliphlet Banks, Wilmot Banks, Chester Brewer, Leonard Gibbs, Charles Gibbs, Ralph Gibbs, John Gibbs, Douglas Gibbs, Walter Gibbs, William Gibbs, Fred Tims, Douglas Tims, George Estey, Herman Estey, Ronald Estey, Trueman Steeves, Peter Pond, Garnet Pond, Douglas Pond, Maurice Pond and Cecil Pond.  The pall-bearers were the five brothers of the deceased and his cousin, Wm. Gibbs.
        There was a profusion of beautiful floral tributes, which testified to the love and esteem in which the little fellow was held, and sympathy for the bereaved family.

#6 Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000

#6a (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - Aug. 12, 1928)
Died Almost Instantly at Lincoln Where He Was Haying.
Belonged to Beaver Dam and a Respected Farmer - Funeral To-morrow,
        Falling from a load of hay about 6.15 (? - my best guess -clipping torn just a little bit here) o'clock last evening John M. O'Leary of Beaver Dam, broke his neck and died almost instantly in the hay field.
        Mr. O'Leary with two sons and a nephew were haying yesterday for Mrs. John Patterson at Lincoln.  About six o'clock he was on top of a load which was being taken to the barn, when without any warning he fell from
the load to the ground and broke his neck.  He was picked up and a doctor called from Fredericton, but in a few moments he passed away.  He was sixty-four years of age and a well known resident of Beaver Dam where he had resided all his life.  He is survived by his widow, eight sons and five daughters, William, Edward, Frank, Charles, Robert, Victor, Burton, Irvine, all at home; Mrs. Robert Johnston, of Beaver Dam; Mrs. Sherman Phillips, and Mrs. Ancel Moore, of Russigornis; Bessie and Margaret at home.  Three brothers and one sister also survive, Thomas of Beaver Dam; Charles, in Idaho; Hugh of this city, and Mrs. John Fletcher, of New Maryland.
        The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at two o'clock from his late home.  Service will be conducted by rev. Mr. Hoyt, of Oromocto after which the remains will be taken to  the Church of England at New
Maryland where service will be held at three o'clock and interment made in the adjacent cemetery.

#7 Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000

#7a (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - June 21, 1928)
        Taken Ill While Automobiling and Died After Being Taken into a Friend's Home - Death came last night with startling suddenness to Mrs. Cynthia D. Ross, wife of George W. Ross, of this city at the age of 79 years.
        Mrs. Ross was out automobiling with her daughter, Mrs. Donald F. Cameron, when she was taken suddenly ill.  She was taken from the automobile to the home of James Duffy at South Devon where she passed away almost immediately, death being due apparently to a heart attack. Mrs. Ross was in her usual health yesterday and seemed perfectly all right when she started for the drive, early in the evening.  When in South Devon, she was taken ill and it was thought if she was lying down she might feel better.  However, after being taken into Mr. Duffy's home she passed away.
        Deceased was a woman of kindly habits, a lover of her home and family, a staunch Presbyterian, being a member of St. Andrew's Church, and although of a retiring nature had a host of warm personal friends who
will regret her sudden passing.  She is survived by her husband, one son, Frederick, in Viking, Alberta; two daughters, Mrs. Donald F. Cameron, wife of the postmaster, and Mrs. Charles E. McLean of this
city, and a sister, Mrs. D. H. Melvin, of Saint John.
        The funeral will take place from her late home, corner York and Charlotte Streets, on Sunday afternoon, with service at the house at 1.15 o'clock by Rev. J. G. Berry, and interment at Rural cemetery.

#7b (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - Mar. 25.)
Died at Marysville To-day.
        The death occurred at Marysville at an early hour this morning of Mrs. Annie A. Sacre, wife of Walter R. Sacre, after a lengthy illness, at the age of 62 years.  Deceased was a native of Devonshire, Eng., and with
her husband and family came to Marysville about 17 years ago.  She was a Past Chief of Peace Temple, Pythian Sisters, prominent in the work of the church and order, and a woman respected by all who had the pleasure
of her acquaintance.  She is survived by her husband, two sons, Ive of Moncton and Laurence of Marysville; three daughters, Mrs. W. J. White, of Moncton, Mrs. Wm. Flinn, and Miss Grace Sacre, of Marysville; eight
grandchildren and one great grandchild.  A son, Corporal Walter B. Sacre, was among those lost on the hospital ship Llandovery Castle, which was sunk during the war.  The funeral will take place on Sunday afternoon under the auspices of the Pythian Sisters.  Service will be conducted at her late home at 2.30 o'clock by Rev. J. M. Rice and interment made in the United Church of - - (The clipping is cut off here, but I can make out what looks like
"Canada" on the line cut off - so possibly the interment was made in the United Church of Canada cemetery.)

#8 Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000

#8a (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - Nov. 21st, 1928)
Well Known Woman Passes Away This Morning After Long Illness.
        Marysville, Nov. 21 - The death occurred this morning at 11 o'clock after a lingering illness, of Mrs. Elizabeth A. Fisher, widow of the late Charles F. Fisher, aged 78 years.
        Deceased was the daughter of the late Rev. John Magee and Mrs. Magee, who were for many years in charge of the Nashwaak Baptist church, and was predeceased by her husband ten years ago.  She was a woman beloved and respected by a large circle of friends, of a sincere Christian spirit, a lover of her home and family, a friend to all who associated with her and her passing, although not unexpected, will be learned of with sorrow.  She is survived by four sons, Harold F. Fisher, Marysville; John E. Fisher, Devon; C. R. Fisher, Boston, and Herbert M. Fisher, Marysville; one daughter, Mrs. Horace B. Sloat, Hartford, Conn., and three sisters, Miss Harriet C. Magee and Mrs. James Camber, Worcester, Mass., and Mrs. Reigh, Chicago.  A son, the late Corporal George A. Fisher, made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War, being killed in the Battle of the Somme.
        The funeral arrangements have not been completed and will be announced later.

#8b (Handwritten on side of the clipping - March 2nd, 1929)
New Maryland Resident's Death.
        New Maryland lost one of its oldest residents, and a man well-liked by all who knew him, in the death of Andrew S. McMurtrie early this morning.  Mr. McMurtrie was in his eighty-fifth year.  He is survived by his wife, four sons, three daughters and one sister.  The sons are John, of this city; William of Auburn, Me.; Henry, of Springhill, and Earl, at home, and the daughters are Mrs. Ralph Green, of Lewiston, Me.; Mrs. B. J. Griffiths, of Fredericton, and Mrs. Robert Sinclair, of Dorchester. The surviving sister is Mrs. Mary Horncastle, of Fredericton.  The funeral will take place on Monday afternoon, with prayers at the home at 2.30 p. m. and service at the Presbyterian Church there at 3 p.m., conducted by Rev. J. G. Berry.  Interment will be in the cemetery
adjoining the church.

#9 Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000

#9a (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - Feb. 7, 1928)
Death of Aged Resident.
        The death occurred this morning at his home on Smythe Street of William Charters Haining after several months' illness, at the age of 84 years. Deceased was born at New Maryland, being a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Peter Haining.  He had resided practically all his life in Fredericton where he was employed for many years with the late H. A. Estey.  For some years he carried on a general trucking business until the infirmities of old age forced him to retire.  He was a man of kindly habits, a lover of his home and family, respected by all who knew him, and his death, while not unexpected, will be learned of with sincere regret.  He is survived by two sons, George E. and Lee R. Haining; two daughters, Mrs. Woodford Coy and Miss Blanch Haining, and one sister,
Mrs. William Rossborough, all of this city.  The funeral will take place on Thursday afternoon with service at his late home at 2.30 o'clock by Rev. Dr. G. C. Warren and interment in the family plot in Rural Cemetery.

#9b (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - Mar. 14, 1929)
Death of Well Known Woman.
        The death occurred this morning at New Maryland of Mrs. Annie Sinclair, widow of the late David Sinclair, in the eighty-seventh year of her age.  The late Mrs. Sinclair was born in the Shetland Islands, being before her marriage Miss Annie MacKay.  Some fifty years or more ago she and her husband came to Canada, locating at Kingsclear for a few years before going to New Maryland where they became known for their thrift and integrity.  Mr. Sinclair passed away in 1902 and for some years Mrs. Sinclair resided with their son, William.  She was a staunch Presbyterian and until her health failed about a year ago was a faithful attendant at service.  Since the establishment of St. Andrew's Church she frequently drove in on Sunday and took part in the service.  Of a kind, motherly disposition, she was known to all her friends as "Grannie" and many a dark hour was brightened by her kindly help and assurance.  She is survived by three sons and two daughters, David Sinclair, Edmundston; William of New Maryland; Robert Sinclair, of Dorchester; Mrs. Robert Shaw, of New Maryland, and Mrs. A. C. Fleming , of this city.  She also leaves thirteen grandchildren and one great grandchild.  The funeral will take place on Saturday afternoon with service at her late home at 2.30 o'clock by Rev. J. G. Berry and interment at New Maryland.

#9c BORN.
SHAW - At Penniac, N. B., on August 17th, 1932 to Mr. and Mrs. Hazen A. Shaw, a daughter, Betty Jean.

#10 Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2000

#10a (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - September 16, 1929)
Died at Nasonworth
        The death occurred at Nasonworth yesterday of Mrs. Ruth Noble, wife of W. J. Noble, the well known lumberman, after an illness of eight weeks, at the age of 82 years.  Deceased was before her marriage Miss Ruth Smith, of Russiagornis, and during all her married life had resided at Nasonworth, where she was held to high esteem by all who knew her.  She is survived by her husband, four sons, Arthur Noble in West Palm Beach, Fla., F. L. Noble, of Springhill, Clarence L. Noble, at home, and Randolph S. Noble, of the head office of the Royal Bank of Canada, Montreal; two daughters, Mrs. T. D. Bell, wife of Rev. Mr. Bell, of Jacksonville, and Mrs. H. F. McMurtrie, of Springhill; and a sister, Miss Annie Smith of Regina, Sask.  The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, with service at the United Baptist church at Russiagornis by Rev. David Patterson and interment at Russiagornis. Randolph Noble, who has been spending a few days in Atlantic City on account of poor health, will arrive here to-morrow at noon to attend the funeral.

#10b (Handwritten at the top of the clipping - Jany 26, 1929)
Many at Funeral This Afternoon of Late Robert H. Fleming - A Profusion of Beautiful Flowers.
        The funeral of the late Robert H. Fleming took place this afternoon from his late home in York Street and was a large and representative one, people in all walks of life being present to pay a last tribute of respect to deceased and sympathy for the family.  Rev. J. G. Berry, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church conducted an impressive service while the Devon Quartette sang several hymns.  There was a profusion of beautiful floral tributes from friends and relatives in different parts of Canada and the United States and many telegrams of sympathy.
        The pall bearers were Charles A. Burchill, Thomas Fraser, C. D. Holder, Donald F. Cameron, George H. Clark, J. Fred Ryan.  The chief mourners were J. H. Fleming, A. C. Fleming, John F. Harvey, John A. Fleming, John Emery, Carleton Fisher, W. A. Adam, Fred Segee, George H. Jewett, Richard Gremley, Roland Shaw, Frederick Shaw, George Ross, John Haines, Robert Gay, Henry Anderson, W. A. Lindsay, John Green, Thomas Niles, Dominic Goodine, Joseph Walker, T. C. Burpee, Charles Biggs, Edward O'Connor, T. Amos Wilson, Charles Welsh, George Sinclair, S. H. McFarlane, Roland Murray and Wm. J. Lawson.  Interment was made in the family plot in the Old Burial Ground.

Oct-Dec 2000