Thistle Mission Band - 1, by Alta Flynt

The "Thistle Mission Band"

Thus began the numerous entries submitted by Alta Flynt (Sun, 18 Jun 2000) to [email protected]

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The first section is items recorded as minutes in a book of that title. The next file, Thistle 2, will contain an index The newspaper clippings will begin in Thistle 2. They were pasted into this notebook, and some were just loose within it.

Alta began the series of messages by saying, "I bought a notebook last summer (1999) at an antique store near Belfast, Maine. It was used as the secretary's book for the "minutes" of the meetings of the "Thistle Mission Band." The last entry was dated September 25, 1897.  Many of the first pages of the book have been covered with  newspaper clippings pasted over the minutes. I can't find anything in any of the minutes to tell exactly where the Thistle Mission Band was located. A newspaper clipping of a picture of the United Church of Marysville has been pasted inside the front cover. There are many loose clippings between the pages of the book. The earliest date I've seen so far on the clippings is 1903, and the latest is 1943. They seem to be from New Brunswick newspapers - only a few have bits of the newspaper name showing at the top of the clipping, and part of a date. Many have the date hand written on the clipping. "Students MSS Book, McMurray & Co., Fredericton, N.B." is printed on the front cover. I feel sure it came from New Brunswick, and probably near Marysville."

"On the last two pages of the notebook are roll call lists for 1895 and 1896, and one undated list. Names that are included are Ella Shaw, Mrs. Greer, Annie Sinclair, Ida Shaw, Jennie Sinclair, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Sinclair, Delia Haining, Abbie Greer, Essie Greer, Minnie Haining, Ray Haining, Thomas Sinclair, and Annie McDoak."

"As I have time, I will copy the minutes that are legible in future messages and also the newspaper clippings. Many are obituaries or birth notices. I hope they will be a good clue to someone. Also, does anyone know anything about the "Thistle Mission Band?" Was it a church group?"

On the same day, from: "Rob Fisher" <[email protected]> came this note -

"Your notebook may have belonged to Ella Shaw, whose name appears in it. She was the daughter of William Shaw and Jane Wright Haining of New Maryland (south of Fredericton). Ella Mary Shaw was born about 1865. Many of the other names in the notebook appear to belong to the Presbyterian families of New Maryland. The Sinclairs, Shaws, Hainings, and Greers were all Presbyterian. This church later became the New Maryland United Church."

"Ella Shaw did not marry and later moved to Marysville, New Brunswick (north of Fredericton, now part of Fredericton) where she lived with her sister Ida. Their sister, Isabel (Shaw) Fisher, widow of William McKnight Fisher, came to live with them in Marysville in 1917 after falling sick. She died in 1919 in Marysville. I would be interested in learning about the obituaries and clippings since some of them may relate to families that I am interested in!"

Later that day, the entries began to come in from Alta - the first were minutes of the meetings that are left in the notebook. Although no year date is given in the early entries, the years 1895 and 1896 are given for some roll calls later in the book.  {"For what it's worth - Ella Shaw had beautiful, legible handwriting. Hope these submissions tell someone something new about their family."}

The Thistle Mission Band met at Mrs. Shaw's March 1st. Meeting opened by singing reading of Scripture and Prayer. Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted. The Treasurer reported that there was a balance of $2.06 on hand. Reading of a letter from Mrs. Bayne by the President. Mrs. Sinclair reported that she had visited Archie Charter's family and found them in better circumstances than reported. The Mission Band sent a parcel of clothing to them. It was moved and seconded that the Band get some yarn to do some knitting. Resolved that subject for next meeting be China. Resolved that Charity be the subject for roll call at next meeting. Reading entitled Work for Heathen Woman by Ida Shaw. Collection amounting to 37 cents. (Signed) Nell Shaw, Secty.

The page previous to this has half of the page covered with newspaper clippings. It was the meeting of February 6, and seems to run about the same as the one on March 1. The treasurer reported $1.79 on hand, postage 3. The letter "c" is all that shows - probably the word cents that was covered by the clipping because the next line is "balance of $1.70."  A letter was read by Ida Shaw. This is followed by the names Mrs. McKenzie and Annie Sinclair, but whatever they did is hidden under the clipping. Then there was mention of Mrs. Sinclair. It looks like she was appointed to make inquiries about the circumstances of the Archie Charter family. The collection was 25 cents. The minutes were signed by Ella Shaw, Sec'ty.

Mon, 19 Jun 2000 - There were so few pages of minutes left that I decided to send them all at once.  Next will come the newspaper clippings. (see: Index page for the clippings.)

The Thistle Mission Band met at Mrs. J. Greer's April 12th.  Meeting opened by singing, reading of Scripture and Prayer.  Officers absent Pres. And Sec'ty. Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted, Report of Treas - expended 20.00 for year 3cts postage balance on hand $2.20 Reading of a letter from Miss Upton by Ida Shaw. Reading of a letter from Mrs. Dodge by Ella Shaw. Collection 45 cts It was moved and seconded that the next meeting be held in the Church, Roll call responded to by a passage of Scripture, Resolved that the subject for next meeting roll-call be Faith A reading of Norton Church by Ida Shaw. Reading - China's Bitter cry by Ella Shaw. The Meeting closed by singing. E.M. Shaw Sec'ty

The Thistle Mission Society met in the church May 14th Meeting was opened by singing reading of Scripture and Prayer Officers absent Sectry. Minutes of previous meeting was read and adopted. The Treas reported $2.62 cts on hand. The following officers were then elected for the ensuing year. Annie Sinclair Pres. Mrs. Greer Vice Pres. Ella Shaw Sectry Ida Shaw Treas. The Mite boxes were then opened and found to contain $2.03. The Pres reported one blotter sold at 10 cts. Our garment finished for the Mission box. Resolved that we send two Deligates to the anual meeting at F'ton in July. The Pres & Ida Shaw were appointed to attend the meeting. The Pres then read a very interesting letter from Keroa and the work there. Trea's received 20 cts for the Message. The Collection was then taken up amounting to 32 cts. Resolved that hope be the Subject for the next meeting.  Roll call responded to by Scripture. Meeting closed by singing and Prayer.  Ella M. Shaw Secty

The Thistle Mission Society met at Mrs Shaw's June 19th Meeting opened by Singing, reading of Scripture and Prayer. Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted. Report of Treasurer Receipt $12.59. Expenditure $7.29 Balance $5.30. One more garment for the mission box Membership Fec. $1.80. Roll call responded to by passage of Scripture.
Resolved that Grace be the subject for the next meeting. Closed by singing & prayer.  E. M. Shaw Secty

The Thistle Mission Society met in the Church July 19th 1897 Meeting opened by singing reading of Scripture and Prayer. Annie Sinclair in the Presidents chair. Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted. Report of Tre's $6.60 on hand One new member enrolled, one blotter sold 10 cts. Collection 45 cts. Reading of letter from Mrs. Mathison by
Janie Sinclair. Resolved there be no meeting till September Roll Call responded to by passage of Script[ure]. Reading report of Convention by President Resolved that the members give two cts a week each to raise money to help Korea. Resolved that Truth be the subject for the next meeting. Meeting closed by Singing and Prayer.  E.M. Shaw Secty

The Thistle Mission Society met at Mrs. Sinclair's Sep. 25th 1897. Meeting opened by reading of Scripture and Prayer. Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted. Report of Treas $8.80 on hand. One blotter sold 8 cts. One pair of socks for the M. Box finished.  Reading of letter from Miss McKenny by Annie Sinclair.  Collection was then taken
amounting to 67 cts. Resolved that love be the subject for the next meeting. Roll Call responded to by passage of scripture. The meeting was then closed by reading Prayer. E.M. Shaw Secty.

Oct-Dec 2000