Nineteenth Century Irish Families Who Appear Only Briefly in South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana Census, St Joseph Church, Sacred Heart Church and other Records: An Analysis of Their Migration from Ireland to South Bend, Indiana and Beyond

The South Bend, Indiana Irish community attended three churches: Sacred Heart Church at Notre Dame and St Joseph Church on the East Side, (primarily fourth ward) and St Patrick's Church on the west side (primarily the third ward). The University of Notre Dame employed many Irish immigrants from the Portage Township, fourth ward. The Singer Sewing Company employed Irish immigrants from both the east and west side. In analyzing the Irish community in the Portage Township fourth ward, I have traced a core of Irish families who I have been able to follow through South Bend and Church Census, Sacred Heart Church, St Joseph Church marriage, baptismal and burial records and City Directories over a number of decades. Many of them resided in their Notre Dame Avenue, East Sorin Street, St Peter Street etc homes until they died and were often buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery at Notre Dame; others however, only make a brief appearance in a census record, marriage record or church baptism and then just disappear, moving on.

This will most definitely be a work in progress and all findings I speculate on would have to be proven for accuracy with Ireland and U.S. marriage records, church baptismal records and death records among other genealogical resources. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate.

The objective of this page is to focus on the Irish families that only stay briefly in the South Bend area before continuing their migration to other places. I will present them alphabetically by the husband's surname. This page will be added to as I uncover these more elusive Irish families. Genealogists with South Bend roots such as Johanna (a Bannan, Moriarity) descendent and William (a Hilliard, Neenan) descendent have done extensive research on their Irish migration trails and graciously shared their information. Tracing Irish families that are just passing through such as the Bannons and Moriaritys would be extremely difficult if not for contributions made by generous genealogists. The fabric of the South Bend Indiana Irish community is gradually coming together when we all share our parts of the puzzle. It is beyond the scope of this page to trace these families beyond their children's generation, only to point researchers in the direction they took and hopefully to find out their origins in the process of sharing information!

Please contact me if you feel that you are descended from this family or another South Bend, Indiana Irish Family so that we can share information, see if there were common migration trails followed and delve further back into their origins in Ireland!

Other Irish surnames noted in the Section B Cedar Grove Cemetery, Notre Dame records: There was a burial plot at Cedar Grove, Notre Dame for a Flynn Family (Lot 240 and a Flynn-Tone family (219), a Sullivan Family (lot 220), McCreary Family (204), Connolly Family (225), Murphy Family (197,198), Quinlan Family (185,186), Kelley Family (181), Cooney (124), Gorman (127), Fitzpatrick (128), Reilley (131).

More Irish surnames noted in Cedar Grove Records: Agnes Murphy age 68 died on December 10, 1942 (interment record 397). Mary Molloy age 85 died on December 23, 1942 (interment record 398). Entry on a page entitled L.W. McGann (I believe a funeral home) for an O'Donnell- dig $10.00 on November 18, 1922, a McCartney Digg- $10.00 October 17, 1922, Costello vault October 13, 1922- $45.00 and a Keogan Vault $45.00 on June? 23, 1922. From 1921 L McGann- entries for the Malloy family from December 2 for G and Dig, D and B (Bury?) on Feb 8 x2. November 19, 1921 L W McGann an entry for Corcoran G andDig $12.00 and on December 15 G, D and B for the same surname (Grave, Dig, Bury?). There were lots listed for Quigley (50), Sullivan (54), McCarthy (55-57), Garrity (60 1/2), McErlain-Foy (6), Lahey (32), Cooney-Mulligan-Ritzer (22). Section B Lots: Cassiday (22), Freehan-Burns (26), Hartman (329), Hartman-Dewitte (45), McInerny (331,332), Joyce (339), Mullen (50).

Some other Irish families in the St. Joseph Baptizmal and Church Death Records: Edward McDonough (of Marshall, Michigan)died (due to Paralysis) July 12, 1921 and was buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery on July 18, 1921. He died at the age of 66. Robert Humphrey (4 mos) of South Bend, Indiana died (due to complications?) December 25, 1921 and was buried on the 27th in Highland Cemetery. Mrs Ann Williams who was born in Ireland, lived in South Bend died at age 86 (of old age) August 31, 1921 and was buried September 2, 1921 in Cedar Grove Cemetery. Georgium Anthony Murphy born August 18, 1888 died January 30, 1891 (he was the son of Johannis Murphy and Margaretta Tomlinson).

Regarding Surname Bannon: Linking this South Bend Family's migration to Missouri would have been a Herculean task (especially with all the surname spelling variations) without the extensive research of Johanna, an East Coast descendent of this line and that of the Moriartys. She has traced Thomas Bannon, the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Tivnan Bannon, back to the Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland area. According to Johanna, Thomas worked on the Rail Road and moved on from South Bend mid 1860's to Illinois (where it appears John and Mary were born) to Franklin County, Missouri where they finally settled down.

Regarding the Mark Burn (Byrne) and Catherine Kelly Family:

Regarding the James Bresette/Mary Francis Johnston Family: There are quite a few variations on the Bresette surname through the census years. I am fairly certain that this family ends up in Shawnee, Topeka, Kansas, but the census continues to state that Mary Frances was born in Massachusetts and not New York. I have started pages on her brothers John and Edward, both were South Bend residents at one time or another.

Regarding the Peter Donahue and Bridget McCarty Family: I believe that this family was married at Sacred Heart Church at Notre Dame in 1860. Their daughter Catherina, born August 2, 1861 was baptized at Sacred Heart Church. There were several Donahue families living in Clay Township, St Joseph County in 1860, but I have yet to find a connection with this family and I have yet to find Peter and Bridget in census records after their marriage. They were not present in the St Joseph Church 1876 census nor other Sacred Heart records that I can find at this point. There was another Peter and Mary (Devine?) Donahue family living in nearby Plymouth, Indiana who appear to have moved to Laporte, Indiana (present there between 1870-1880), but I can't see any connection with them and the other Donahues. Peter and Mary's son Timothy appears to have married Elizabeth Black in 1914 at Jefferson, Clark, Indiana.

Regarding Surname Farrell: Cedar Grove Cemetery Section B, Lot 308.

Regarding Thomas Fogarty/Mary Purcell Family: Two of Thomas and Mary's children Catherine (who married Daniel Flynn) and Martin died in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Catherin Flynn died on September 7, 1935 at age 75 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois and Martin born June 22, 1858 in Valparaise died at age 62 on February 23, 1921. This information was gleaned from Illinois Cook County Illinois Deaths 1878-1922 (Martin) and Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths 1916-1947 for Catherine.

Regarding the Surname Flynn: There is a list of surnames owning plots in Cedar Grove Cemetery Section B that indicates that a Flynn owns lot 240 in Section B, as well as lot 304 and 306, and a Flynn-Tone family owns lot 219 in this same section. They may or may not be related to the Flynn family listed below. It is from Microfilm 1637531 item 3.

Regarding the James Burke and Mary Dowd Family: James Burke and Mary Dowd were present in the South Bend, Indiana area at least as early as January 4, 1859 and stayed through at least 1/26/1862 and probably longer (based on the baptism of their two children Michaelis (1859) and Richardi (1862) in the Sacred Heart Church Records. a James Burke married a Mary Reed in St Joseph County on June 22, 1881 that could very well be James the son of James and Mary Dowd.

I will present them alphabetically by the husband's surname. This page will be added to over time as I uncover these more elusive Irish families. To minimize download times, this page will only include South Bend, Indiana records as well as my findings in a brief summary on that particular family. A link will be created to a separate page for more extensive details. I welcome all corrections, suggestions and correspondence! These pages will be added to over time as I uncover more data from South Bend records and other resources.

Surname Griffin and Fitzpatrick: Chas L Griffin (Carolo Laurentiu) was born September 12, 1896 to David F Griffin adn maria R Fitzpatrick and baptized October 11, 1896 at Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame.

Regarding surnames Hickey and Flynn: Ruth Marie Hickey, daughter of L.A. Hickey and Sarah Flynn married ROss Avery (who was baptized at St Patrick's Church in So Bend in 1889), the son of DR AVery adn Mattie Johnson) on June 16, 1915 at St Joseph Church of South Bend (microfilm 1617236)

Regarding Surname McCaffrey: Clarence Edwardum McCaffrey was born August 20, 1903 to Jacob McCaffrey and Maria Megan? in St Joseph Church. He married Helen Klingman? June 28, 1927.

Surnames MCartney and McFadden: Margaret Mary McCartney was born September 19, 1914 to James McCartney and Marjorie McFadden and baptized in St Joseph's Church on October 4, 1914 (microfilm 1617236 item 4).

Regarding Surname O'Brien: There is a confirmation record at Sacred Heart Church in 1868 for a Joannes Gulielmus O'Brien (microfilm 1617238 item 10). There is also an entry in the Cedar Grove Cemetery records on a page for L.W. McGann (I believe a funeral home) for an O'Brien, Dig October 21, 1922 (microfilm 1637531). a F.T. O'Brien died on November 29, 1944 and was interred in Cedar Grove Cemetery on December 1, 1944 in Section B (Hickey Brothers- undertaker).

Regarding the Patrick Feeney and his first marriage to Hannah O'Shea and second to Margaret Feeney: See records below. I believe that after his first wife Hannah died in 1865, that Patrick remarried Margaret Feeney in 1868 in St Joseph County, Indiana. I believe they went west at some point after this (have yet to find them in the 1870 US census, but I have not found them in either the St Joseph Church or Sacred Heart Church records beyond this point. I believe that in 1880 Patrick Feeney 48, a farmer born in Ireland (as were his parents) and wife Margaret (born in Ireland as were her parents) were living in Marian, South River Missouri with sons James (19, born in Indiana), Thomas (16, born in Indiana), Margaret (11), Edward (7) and Katie (3) all born in Missouri. I believe that James (RR Lab born Feb 1861 IN) may marry a Lora and appear with her and daughter Mary C in the 1900 Census for Marion County, Hannibal, Missouri. This all needs to be proven with more records!

Father/ Husband Mother/ Wife Census/ Church or other South Bend Record Child Date Born, Baptized, Married, Buried etc Occupation; Misc.
Bannon, Thomam Moriarty, Catharinam Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, Marriage Record   April 12, 1858 Witnesses Thomas Witty? and Elizabeth Banon (this is Johanna's line- extensively traced)
Benan?, Thomas, 35 born in Ireland Benan?, Maryetta age 19 (is this his wife ?) born in Ireland 1860 US Census for South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana Benan, Patrick, age 1 born in Indiana June 13, 1860 Cenus taken Thomas is a Laborer with $300 value Real Estate and $500 Personal Estate;Thomas is a Laborer
      Benan, Edward, age 1 born in Indiana "  
Beenan, Thomas Moriarty, Catharin Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Baptizmal Record Elizabeth January 10, 1861 Birth and January 20, 1861 Baptism Couple from Hibernia;
Brannan, Dominick Hughes, Margaret Indiana Marriage Collection 1800-1911 St Joseph County Marriage   December 12, 1865  
Brannan, Dominicum of South Bend Hughes, Margaritam of South Bend Sacred Heart Church Marriage Record, Notre Dame, South Bend, IN   December 12, 1865 Adam Barmann and Sara -roughe? sp; A Granger CSS
Bresett, Jed Johnson, Mary F Indiana Marriage Collection 1800-1941   Married September 24, 1874, St Joseph County, IN  
Bresett, Edwardum Johnston, Mariam Franciscum St Joseph Church, South Bend, IN Marriage Records   Married September 24, 1874 St Joseph Church, South Bend, IN Edward is the son of Ludvici Bresett and Maria Chandonai; Mariam Franciscum is the daughter of Patritius Johnston and Eliza Clifford; witnesses Georgius Henry? and Susanna Henry
Burk, James, 36 born in Ireland Burk, Mary 30 born in Ireland Sacred Heart Church, South Bend, Indiana Baptismal Records Burk, James 2 born in Indiana Census conducted June 15, 1860 James was a Laborer (I believe that Mary's maiden name was Dowd based on two Sacred Heart Baptismal Records- see note above)
" " " Burk, Michael 11/12 born in Indiana "  
Burn, Mark age 40 Kelly, Kate age 29 St Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana Census for 1880 Burn, Willie age 10 1880  
      Burn, Mark age 7    
      Burn, Frank age 6    
      Burn, Peter, age 2    
      Burn, Marguerite Jane age a few months    
Carney, Raymondum son of Frederici Carney and Eliz Carrey Culbert, Cara Aliciana of Michigan City, IN daughter of Uria Culbert and Marie Noble, Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Marriage Record from August 21, 1900   August 21, 1900; by 1910, Alexander R Carney and wife Kittie A were living in Tulare, Exeter, California. According to the California Death index, Kitty Culbert born July 12, 1876 in MI, died November 12, 1948 in Alameda, CA; father Culbert, mother Noble. Clara A (Kittie A) Culbert Carney appears to be of at least 3nd generation Irish as her father Uriah was born in New York according to the 1900 Michigan City Laporte, IN census but the 1850 census from Shiawasse, Burns Michigan indicates that Uriah's father Thomas was born in Ireland.
Carney, Alexander R Culbert, Clara A Indiana Marriage Collection 1800-1941 St Joseph County, IN   August 21, 1901  
Donahue, Peter McCarty, Bridget Indiana Marriage Collection 1800-1941 St Joseph County, IN   Married August 30, 1860  
Donahue, Petrus (Patricii Petrum) McCarty, A.B. Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, South Bend, IN Marriage Record   September 20, 1860 A Adams and A M Gorman Witnesses; Thos Carrol CSC
Feeny, Patritius O'Shea, Hannah Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Marriage Record, St Joseph County, IN   Married January 14, 1860 Joanne? Kelly and Margarita Duffy Witness; J Carroll CSC
Feeny, Patrick O'Shay, Hannah IN Marriage Collection 1800-1941   Married January 15, 1860 in St Joseph County, IN  
Finny, Patricio Shaen?, Hanora Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Baptismal Record Finny, Thoma? Born and Baptized on April 25, 1858 Gulielmus Fitzpatrick and Mary Wittey Sp?
Feeny, Patrick age 24 born in Ireland Feeny, Hannah age 26 born in Ireland 1860 US Census for St Joseph County, IN Greene Township     Indexed incorrectly as Funny; Patrick has $120 in Personal estate
Finny, Patritius (her spouse) Shea, Anna (wife of Patritius) died at age 29 Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Burial Record for Anna   Died and was Buried May 17, 1865 **** there is a Marriage record for a Patrick Feeny to a Margaret Feeney on August 16, 1868 in St Joseph County, IN- did he remarry?
Feeny, Patrick Feeny, Margaret IN Marriage Collection 1800-1941   May 20, 1860 St Joseph County, IN This may or may not be the same Patrick Feeny- did he remarry after Anna Shea died?
Flood, Thomas 50 born in Ireland; parents born in Ireland Flood, Catherine 47 Wife born in Scotland, parents born in Scotland 1880 US Census for South Bend, St Joseph County Indiana Ward 4; Ennumeration District 162; St Louis Street Flood, Agnes 18 daughter born in Glasgow Scotland, dad born in Ireland, mom in Scotland 1880 Thomas worked for the Singer Sewing Factory; Agnes is a Home Servant
" " " Flood, Margaret 15 daughter born in Canada, dad born in Ireland, mom in Scotland " Margaret is a Home Servant
" " " Flood, John 17 yr old son born in Canada, dad born in Ireland, mom born in Scotland " John works at the Singer Sewing Factory
" " " Flood, Thomas 10 yr old son born in Canada; dad born in Ireland, mom born in Scotland " Home

Flynn, Michael

(from County Tipperary according to his death record)

Galvin, Anna Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana Marriage Record   Married February 16, 1868 Michael Flynn of Niles, Michigan and Anna Glavin of this parish; Joanne and Joanna Nenan Witnesses; A Granger CSC
Flynn, Michael Galvin, Ann Indiana Marriage Collection 1800-1941   February 16, 1868 St Joseph County, IN  
Fogarty, Thomas Purcell, Mary Indiana Marriages 1811-1959 (this record was initially identified by Irvin Morse a So Bend Genealogical Society Volunteer, in the St Joseph County Early Marriages)   Marriage License obtained November 5, 1852, Clerk of St Joseph County IN circuit court; Nov 13? marriage certificate filed. Rev. Rich'd Shortis Catholic Priest married them  
Gannan, Joannus Morisey, Maria Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Marriage Record   July ?, 1859 Joannum was the son of Patricii of Tera Coupee and Maria daughter of Joseph of this parish; Witnesses: Martini Brennan (my 2nd ggf) and Catharina Gorgiou?
Gannan, Joanne of Hibernia Murisee?, Sara of Hibernia Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Baptismal Record Sylvestri April 20, 1859 Birth and May 3, 1859 Baptism (year is clear) Martinus Brennen (my 2nd ggf) and Patsy? Shaw? of Hibernia sp
Gorman, Ed, age 50 born in Ireland Gorman, Margarett, age 42 born in Ireland 1860 US Census for South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana Gorman, Mary, age 18 born in Ireland   Ed is a Laborer with $200 in real estate; Daughter Mary is a Domestic
" " " Gorman, Patrick, age 16 born in Ireland   Laborer
" " " Gorman, Joseph, age 12 born in Ireland    
" " " Gorman, Anna, age 5 born in Indiana    
Mrs Margaret Horan of South Bend, IN   St Joseph Church of South Bend, IN Death Records   Margaret died on January 18, 1922 and was buried January 21, 1922 Margaret was born in Ireland, died at the age of 88 and was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery Notre Dame. I am unsure of her maiden name or the length of time she lived in South Bend so I have included her in this short term category to keep the record visible.
Johnston, Edward Stacksman, Eliza Indiana Marriage Collection 1800-1941, St Joseph County, IN   Married September 1880 in St Joseph County, IN database (I believe that this is the brother of John Johnston who also moved to South Bend, IN).
Johnston, Edwardi Stacknun, Elisabetha St Joseph Church, South Bend, IN Burial record Johnston, Mariam Elisabetham Born May 29, 1881; Died January 12, 1882; Burial January 16, 1882 P Fallize officiated at the burial
Kennedy, Laurentii ?, Cathari? Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Baptismal Record Kennedy, Maria Elizabeth Born June 6, 1858, baptized June 20, 1858 Georgine? Kennedy and Helene Gavan Sp; Letourneau CSC
Kennedy, Laurentii (spouse) Drake, Catharine (dtr of Joannum and spouse of Laurentii Kenedy) Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, Burial Record for Catharina   Catharine died at the age of 35?on January 23, 1860, burial January 25, 1860  
Kennedy, Laurentium (son of Michaeli of South Bend) Goodwinn, Maria (dtr of Hugonis) Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Marriage record   Married on May 20, 1860 Thoma Kenny and Margarita McG--man Witnesses; A Granger CSC
Kennedy, Lawrence Goodwin, Mary IN Marriage Collection 1800-1941 ( Database)   Married on May 20, 1860 St Joseph County, IN  
Maloney, Danielem of Elgin, Illinois Miller, Maria (local resident) Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, South Bend, IN Marriage Record   Married September 8, 1879 Indiana Marriage Collection Book 8, Page 136 confirms this marriage in St Joseph Co, IN
Maloney, D.E. age 26 born in Vermont, parents born in Ireland Maloney, Mary A, 27 wife born in Elgin, Illinois, parents born in Prussia (her death record appears to indicate father's birth in Bavaria and mother in Hessen Durnstaat, Germany) 1880 US Census for Elgin, Kane, Illinois; Residence on Prospect Street     D.E. was a Sawyer; Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths Index on seems to indicate that Mary A Maloney, wife of Daniel E died July 28, 1936 in Elgin, Illinois at age 83; she was born in
O'Brien, James age 36 O'Brien, Johanna age 35 1876 St. Joseph Church Census, South Bend, Indiana O'Brien, Ellen, age 11   This family is present in the 1874 census but absent from the 1880 St Joseph Church Census. There is a James and Johanna O'Brien family with 6 children in Greely County Nebraska in 1880 which may be this family. They then appear to migrate onward to San Francisco- according to the 1900 Census. James is a Foreman on the RR. There are several O'Brien families noted in the early Sacred Heart Church records suck as Moses O'Brien and Brigitt Brady from Kalamazoo and Gulielmi O'Brien and Sara Slavry (other records it looks like Sara Flower) from Niles Michigan. James o'Brien, wife Catherine and their 8 children Edward, Mary, Anna, John, Helen, James, Tilla and Eliz J are living in Cass County, Howard Twp Michigan in 1870. His widowed wife- Catherine O'Brien appears to be living with her 5 children (teenagers and older) in Berrien, Niles Michigan when the 1880 Census was conducted.
" " " O'Brien, Mary age 5    
" " " O'Brien, Jno age 3    
" " " O'Brien, James age 1    

O'Brien, Joannes son of Joannem OBrien of Cass County, MI

A Michigan Death and Burial Record for John E O'Brien died February 27, 1924 Howard, Cass Co, MI . His parents were John O'Brien and Elizabeth Larkin.

Loshbough, Arvillam daughter of Joanna Baptized Ludovica Chirhart this parish Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Marriage Record   May 19, 1866 In the 1870 Census, John O'Brien age 40 is a RR Lab born in Ireland (he lives with other RR laborers in Cass County, Penn Twp, MI)- I believe this may be John's Father John. 1880 US Agricultural Schedule for Cass County, Howard, Michigan shows John O'Brien; 1900 US Census Howard Twp, Cass Co, MI shows John born in MI, parents born in Ireland with wife Arvilla, Alberta, Clara E, Genevieve, Frank and Harry all born in MI. In 1910, 1920 John and Family are in Howard Twp. In 1930 Shiawassee, Co Vernon, MI, John is a Widowed RR Agent Steam RR and son Harry J and his wife Edna M live with him.
Slocum, Leroy son of Benjamin Slocum and Joanem Right ( I haven't seen any Irish ancestry in his family at this point) Harrigan, Helena daughter of Walter Harrigan and Catharina Casey; Helena (Nellie) Harrigan appears to be of Irish descent. Her grandparents on her father's side were born in Ireland as were the grandparents on her mother Catharine Casey's side according to the 1880 South Bend, IN census. Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Marriage Record   June 9, 1903; record also seen in IN Marriage Collection 1840-1941 Leroy Slocum married Nellie Harrigan St Joseph County, IN on June 11, 1902 In 1903 after their marriage in South Bend, Leroy (Singer Mfg Co) and Nellie lived at 527 N Cottage Grove in So Bend. They remained in South Bend Ward 1 in 1910 with kids Thelma, Leroy and Melvin, but by 1920 they were in Wayne, Detroit Ward 4 with children Thelma, Leroy and Martin. Leroy was an auto mechanic. Son Leroy died 1937 in Detroit, MI. Son Marvin married Audrey Dow September 7, 1937 in Steuben Co, IN