The Mark Thomas Byrne and Catherine Kelly Family and Their Brief Appearance in South Bend, Indiana Records: An Analysis of This Family's Migration from Ireland (Dublin for Mark) to South Bend, Indiana and on to Chicago, Cook County Illinois in South Bend St Joseph Church and Census, Cook County, Illinois Records and Other Resources

Mark Thomas Byrne and Catherine Kelly appear to have married some time before the 1870 birth of their son Willie J. They only spent a brief time in the South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana area, appearing in the St Joseph Church 1880 Census, the South Bend, Ward 4 1880 Census and for the baptism of their daughter Margarita M in June 1880. They then appear to move on to Chicago, Cook County, Illinois to settle down.

The objective of this compilation is to try to establish the earliest possible evidence of this family in the United States through all available resources.

This will most definitely be a work in progress and all findings I speculate on would have to be proven for accuracy with Ireland and U.S. marriage records, church baptismal records and death records among other genealogical resources. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate. Please contact me if you feel that you are descended from this family or another South Bend, Indiana Irish Family so that we can share information, see if there were common migration trails followed and delve further back into their origins in Ireland!

Research Observations and Analysis: Tracing this families has posed some interesting challenges. I am fairly confident that the Mark Burn (Byrne) and Catherine (Kate) Kelly in the South Bend, Indiana and St Joseph Church Census is the same family in the Chicago, Cook County, Illinois census; however, there are some discrepancies that need to be cleared up by more extensive research to be sure. Why would they go from Cook County Illinois (present there according to two baptismal records from 1873 and 1878) back to South Bend (as evidenced in the 1880 St Joseph Church and South Bend US Census? Is the male child born January 28, 1873 in Cook County, Illinois Mark? Did the female child born in 1878 died before the 1880 censuses were taken in South Bend?

Special kudos go out to Genealogist Karen Froats, descendent of this family who has graciously shared extensive information on them with me! Their family history lore suggests that Mark Thomas Byrne came to South Bend, Indiana from Cook County, Illinois to assist with the reconstruction of the Main Building (destroyed by fire). This structure would be home to the "Golden Dome" at the University of Notre Dame. That notion helps clear up my quandry (as noted above) over what brought them to South Bend for such a short period of time.

The main building (that would eventually house the Golden Dome) was destroyed by a fire in 1879 and rebuilt that same year. A Chicago Architect designed the building that took its place and Father Sorin had the dome gilded in 1886. Hundreds of workmen and over 50 bricklayers (my 2nd great grandfather among them) were involved in its construction. Mark Thomas Byrne and wife Catherine Kelly had at least 6 children born in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois on or before 1878,at least one female child born in South Bend, Indiana in May of 1880 and subsequent children in Cook County, Illinois in 1882, 1885,1886 and 1893. Based on the births of his children it appears he was in South Bend just before 1880 until late 1881, to work on the construction of the new main building, but unlikely the gilding of the dome (done later in 1886).

Census, Church or other Record Date Born, Baptized, Married or other record date Father/ Husband Mother/ Wife Child Occupation; Misc.
New York Passenger Lists 1820-1891 Ship Vandalia arrival January 17, 1850 from Liverpool to New York   Byrnes, Mary 29 born in Ireland Byrnes, Mark 8 born in Ireland Mary is listed as a Nurse: Karen believes that Luke the father came on an earlier ship.
" "   " Byrnes, Ellen, 5 child born in Ireland  
" "   " Byrnes, Catharine, infant born in England  
1850 US Census for New York County, New York, Ward 18, District 2 ennumerated on August 12, 1850 Burns, Luke 40 born in Ireland (this family was incorrectly indexed as Binns) Burns, Mary 30 born in Ireland Burns, Marke 9 born in Ireland Luke is a Carpenter
" " " " Burns, Elen, 7 born in Ireland  
" " " " Burns, Catharine 1 born in England  
1860 US Census for Chicago, Cook County, Illinois; Ward 5 Ennumerated July 12, 1860 Byrne, Luke 43 born in Ireland Byrne, Catherine 33, born in Ireland (I believe this is Mark Thomas' step mom) Byrne, Mark, 19 born in Ireland (I believe this the son of Luke and his first wife who later married Catherine Kelly) Luke is a Carpenter; $500 Value personal estate; Mark is an Apprentice Carpenter
" " " " Byrne, Ellen, 17 born in Ireland Apprentice Milliner
" " " " Byrne, Catherine, age 11 born in England  
" " " " Byrne, John, 6 born in New York (these next four chidlren appear to be the kids of Luke and his 2nd wife Catherine
" " " " Byrne, Paul, 5 born in New York "
" " " " Byrne, Jane 3 born in Illinois "
" " " " Byrne, Luke born 6/19? Illinois  
Illinois Cook County Birth Registers 1871-1915 Index (possible birth record for a son of Mark and Catherine) January 28, 1873 Byrne, Mark T Kelly, Catharine male child Microfilm 128770
Illinois Cook County Birth Registers 1871-1918 (possible female child of Mark and Catherine?) February 12, 1878 Birth Chicago Cook County Illinois Byrne, Mark Thomas Kelly, Catherine Female Child Microfilm 1287723
St Joseph Church, South Bend Indiana Census 1880 1880 Burn, Mark age 40 Kelly, Kate age 29 Burn, Willie 10  
" "     Burn, Mark, 7  
" "     Burn, Frank, 6  
" "     Burn, Peter, 2  
" "     Burn, Marguerite Jane, a few months  
1880 US Census for South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana District 161: residence on Notre Dame Avenue June 1, 1880 Census conducted Byrne, Mark T, age 39 born in Ireland Byrne, Kate, 29, wife born in Ireland; Byrne, Willie J, son age 10 born in Indiana Mark is a Carpenter and Joiner; Willie J is Home
" "     Byrne, Mark F, son age 8 born in Indiana Home
" "     Byrne, Luke J, son age 7 born in Indiana Home
" "     Byrne, James F, Son age 5 born in Indiana Home
" "     Byrne, Peter, son age 2 born in Indiana Home
" "     Byrne, Maria, Daughter, age 1/30? born in Indiana Home
St Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana Baptismal Record May 30, 1880 Birth and June 20, 1880 Baptism Burns, Marci? Kelly, Catharine Burns, Margaritam Marbrium Josephus Tansay and Margarita Fran Sp
Illlinois Births and Christenings 1824-1940 (possible female child of Mark Byrne and Catherine Kelly) February 14, 1882 Birth Byrne, Mark T Kelly, Kate Female child Microfilm 1287820 (same info on Illinois Cook County Birth Certificates 1878-1972) there is also a female birth to this couple in Illinois Cook County Birth Registers 1871-1915 but date if Feb 18, 1882
Illinois Cook County Birth Registers 1871-1915 Index July 31, 1886 Birth Burns, Mark Kelly, Kate female child Microfilm 1287731
1900 US Census for the Town of Lake, Cook County, City of Chicago, Illinois Residence at 3805 Lasalle June 11, 1900 Byrnne?, Mark, Head age 59 born August 1846 Ireland, parents born in Ireland; married 30 yrs Byrnne?, Kate, Wife, 48 born April 1852 Ireland, parents born in Ireland; married 30 yrs; 12 children, 9 living Byrnne?, Mark T, Jr, 28 yr old single son born August 1871 in Illinois, parents born in Ireland Both Mark and Son Mark Jr.are Carpenters. Father Mark came to the US in 1844, here 56 yrs, naturalized
" "     Byrnne?, Luke J, 27 yr old single son born February 1873 in Illinois, parents born in Ireland Plumber
" "     Byrnne?, James F, 25 yr old single son born October 1874 born in Illinois, parents born in Ireland Grocery Clerk
" "     Byrnne, Peter D, 22 yr old single son born February 1878 in Illinois, parents born in Ireland Grocery Clerk
" "     Byrnne?, Ella C, 17 yr old single daughter born February 1883 in Illinois, parents born in Ireland  
" "     Byrnne?, Josephine J, 15 yr old single Daughter born March 1885 in Illinois, parents born in Ireland  
" "     Byrnne?, Catharine D, 13 yr old single daughter born July 1884 in Illinois, parents born in Ireland  
" "     Byrnne, Cecile A, 8 yr old single daughter born November 1891 Illinois, parents born in Ireland  
Michigan Marriages 1868-1925 (Possible marriage record for James Byrne son of Mark and Katherine Kelly? and Addie Zuggenbukler Long) October 4, 1909     Byrne, James married Addie Zuggenbukler Long in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan. Groom was 28 yrs old born in Chicago, Illinois; Bride was 28 yrs old born 1881 Iowa
Cook County, Illinois Deaths Index, 1878-1922 about Mark T Byrne January 22, 1915 Death and January 24, 1915 Burial at Calvary Cemetery Byrne, Mark T born August 24, 1844 in Ireland (he was married at the time of his death)   Mark T Byrne died in Chicago, Cook, Illinois at the age of 73; he was a Carpenter residing in Chicago, Cook, Illinois; His parents were Luke Byrne and Mary Heffe? both born in Ireland; FHL Film # 1287540
US WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918 (Possible Draft card for Luke J son of Mark and Catherine) September 12, 1918   Mrs Katherine Byrne (Mother) residence 5769 Lasalle, N Chicago, Illinois Byrne, Luke Joseph born February 28, 1873 of 5769 Lasalle, Chicago, Illinois age 45 occupation Pipe Fitter Aetna? Explosives Company, Newton Hamilton, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania (he may be back in Chicago, Ward 3 District 126 in the 1920 census- on 4126 Calumet? Ave. he is a plumber, both parents born in Ireland)
US WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918 (I think this is Peter D, son of Mark and Catherine) September 12, 1918     Byrne, Peter Doogan age 39 born February 18, 1878. Residence 4114 Calumet Avenue, Chicago, Cook, Illinois He is a Salesman for the Sawyer Biscuit Company Harrison adn Miller St Chicago, Illinois. His wife is Mary Byrne.
Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1922 database (death record for Mark T Byrne, son of Mark) November 12, 1922 death of Mark T Byrne Byrne, Mark T of Dublin, Ireland (I believe that this is the father of Mark T Byrne Jr) Kelly, Catherine of Ireland Bryne, Mark T died at the age of 51, 2 mos, 19 days in Chicago, Cook County Illinois where he was born on August 23, 1871; His spouse was Bartha Byrne Film 1378972; Mark T Bryne was a Carpenter and lived at 5021 Lake Park Avenue; He was buried at Calvary November 14, 1922