The Edward Johnston and Elizabeth Stacksman (Stegman) Family of South Bend, Indiana: An Analysis of this Family's Journey from South Bend, Indiana to Kalamazoo, Michigan and the Johnston Family Origins in Ireland

Edward Johnston was the son of Patrick Johnston and Elizabeth Clifford. Mary Seed Forsell, a descendent of this family has evidence of Patrick Johnston's origins in Ireland from his naturalization record. She states he came to the US in 1828, was naturalized in 1850 and hailed originally from County Sligo, Ireland. Additional family lore suggests Ballymote, County Sligo. Ballymote is a Townland in Emlaghfad Civil Parish, that appears to be part of Ballymote Roman Catholic Parish. Part of this Civil Parish may be covered in neighboring Keash Roman Catholic Parish records as well. Ballymote was only a small town of only 38 acres in the mid 19th century. It is relatively close to the Mayo/Roscommon border area. He was born on October 20, 1853 in Lockport, New York (his parents in Ireland), journeyed to South Bend, Indiana (likely following the path of Sister Mary and brother John) where he married Elizabeth Stacksman who was born July 1861 in Indiana (her parents were born in Germany). They appear to have had at least four children who were born in Indiana: Maria (who died in 1882), Nellie, Frank and Edward, and Mary, Harold, Clement and Robert who were born in Michigan. They remained in Kalamazoo, Michigan until Edward's death on September 20, 1940. He was buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery.

This page was inspired by Mary Seed Forsell, a descendent of this family who has generously shared information on the Johnstons, Devines, Sinnots and Frains, all of which had family members in the South Bend, Indiana Irish Community. Mary's contribution to the pool of information on the South Bend Irish Community is greatly appreciated and will benefit us all! This page would have had a million gaps without her contribution!

This is a work in progress and will be added to over time! Please contact me if you feel you are a descendent of this Irish family or others in the South Bend, Portage Township, St Joseph County, Indiana area.

Census, Church or other Record Date Born, Baptized, Married or Census conducted Father/ Husband/ Head of Household Mother/ Wife Child; other Occupation; Misc. Info gathered
1860 US Census for Town of Lockport, Niagara County, New York Census taken June 30, 1860 Johnston, Patrick 50 born in Ireland Johnston, Ellen, 45 born In Ireland Johnston, Robert, age 15 born in New York (Edward's Family)
" " " " Johnston, John, age 16 born in New York John is a Stone Cutter's Apprentice
" " " " Johnston, William, 14 born in New York Stone Cutter's Apprentice
" " " " Johnston, Mary, 11 born in New York (Married Edward Bresett St Joseph Church South Bend, IN September 24, 1874)
" " " " Johnston, Henry 9 born in New York  
" " " " Johnston, Ellen 5 born in New York  
" " " " Johnston, Edward 2 born in New York (he married Elizabeth Stackman? in South Bend, IN in September 1880, moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan where he raised his family and died at age 86 on September 20, 1940)
1875 Census for Lockport, New York First Ward #6 Corinthia Street 1875 Johnson, Patrick age 61 widower born in Ireland (this is Edward's Father) (Henry and Mary Butler Family are boarders living with them). (wife was Elizabeth Clifford) Johnson, John, 27 son born in Niagara, NY I have not found this actual census it is from a research report Mary's mother Mane received ont his family!); Patrick is a Laborer and john is a Cabinet Maker
" " "   Johnson, Henry, 23 son born in Niagara Moulder
" " "   Johnson, Edward, 16 son born in Niagara, NY  
" " "   Johnson, Frank, 15 son born in Niagara, NY  
1880 US Census for South Bend, St Joseph County, IN District 161; Bourrough Street Census conducted on June 5, 1880 Johnston, Edward, 22 Single Boarder born in New York (Parents born in Ireland) He is living with the William Messenger Family from Ohio     Furniture Finisher
Indiana Marriages September 1880 Johnston, Edward Stacksman, Eliza    
St Joseph Church, South Bend, IN Baptismal Records May 29, 1881 Birth; January 12, 1882 Death and January 16, 1882 Burial Johnston, Edwardi Stacknun, Maria Elizabethi Mariam Elizabetham P Fallize CSC officiated at the burial
St Joseph Church, South Bend, IN Baptismal Records September 26, 1884 Birth and October 12, 1884 Baptism Johnston, Ed. Stackman, Elizae Patricium Franciscum Guilielmo Brennan and (Mrs) Julia Stackman; Fallize CSC
St Joseph Church Baptismal Record, South Bend, IN January 30, 1887 Birth and March 20, 1887 Baptismal Record Johnston, Edwardi Stegman, Elizabethai Edwardus Guilielmo Mauritius Doyle and Etta mannion? Sponsors; Fallize CSC
1900 U.S. Census for Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Ward 2 Twp, Ennumeration District 0113 1013 North Park Street Census conduct on June 9, 1900 Johnston, Edward, Head born October 1857 New York; parents born in Ireland Johnston, Elizabeth, Wife born July 1861 Indiana (parents born in Germany) Johnston, Nellie, 18 yr old daughter born in Indiana December 1882; Dad in NY, mom In IN Edward is a Cabinet Maker; Owns home with Mortgage; Nellie is a Lab. French Gar.?
" " " " Johnston, Frank, 15 yr old son born September 1884 in IN, dad in NY, Mom in IN Lab. Food Company
" " " " Johnston, Edward, 13 yr old son born January 1887 IN, dad in NY, mom in IN School
" " " " Johnston, Mary, 11 yr old daughter born January 1889 Michigan, dad inNY, mom in IN School
" " " " Johnston, Harold, 9 born December 1890 MI, dad in NY, mom in IN  
" " " " Johnston, Clement, 7 born November 1892 MI, dad in NY, mom in IN  
" " " " Johnston, Robert, 3 born February 1897 MI, dad in NY, mom in IN  
1910 U.S. Census for Kalamazoo, Ward 2 Ennumeration District 0134 Michigan Census Taken on April 23, 1910 Johnston, Edward, Head 54 born in NY, parents in IR; first marriage- married 30 yrs Johnston, Elizabeth 48 born in IN, parents in Germany first marriage 9 children, 8 living Johnston, Harold, 19 yr old single son born in Michigan, dad in NY, mom in IN Edward is a Cabinet Maker in a Casket Factory- they were married 30 yrs; Harold is a Cigar Maker- own home- emp.
" " " " Johnston, Clemens, 17 yr old son born in Michigan, dad in NY, mom in IN Machinist in a Repair Shop
" " " " Johnston, Robert, 13 born in Michigan, dad in NY, mom in IN None
" " " " Johnston, Leo, 9 born in Michigan, dad in NY, mom in IN None
" " " " Johnston, Mary, 22 born in Michigan, dad in NY, Mom in IN Sales Woman in Books
1920 U.S. Census for Kalamazoo City, Precinct 8, Kalamazoo County, Michigan; residence at 1013 Park Street Census conducted on January 5, 1920 Johnston, Edward, Head 61 born in NY, parents born in IR Johnston, Elizabeth, wife 58 born in IN, parents born in Germany Johnston, Mildred, 8 grand daughter born in Michigan, dad in IN, mom in Michigan Edward is a Cabinet Maker for a Lumber Company
1930 U.S. Census for Kalamazoo City, Michigan, Kalamazoo County, MI Census Conducted on April 12, 1930 Johnston, Edward, Head; 72 born in NY, parents born in Irish Free State Johnston, Elizabeth, 68; born in IN; parents born in Germany   Neither have occupations; Edward married at age 22, Elizabeth at age 19; Own home with value of $2500
1940 US Census for Kalmazoo City, Kalamazoo, Michigan 1013 North Park Street Census conducted on April 7, 1940 Johnston, Edward H, Head 83 born in New York Johnston, Elizabeth 78 born in Indiana   no occupation listed for either...
Michigan, Deaths and Burials Index 1867-1995 Death on September 20, 1940, Burial September 24, 1940 Mt Olivet Johnston Edward E died at the age of 86; he was married at the time of his death     He was born October 20, 1853 in Lockport, New York, died in Kalamazoo, Michigan and was buried there in Mt Olivet. He was a Cabinet Maker who resided at 1015 N Park Street; His parents were Patrick Johnston and Elizabeth Clifford who were born in Ireland; FHL Film Number 2075051