A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Leeds North Sub Registration Districts 1q-1x of Leeds Civil Parish in the 1851 Census, and the Occupations they Held

Leeds Town Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District covers 89 Districts (1a-1x and 2a-2z) plus the Leeds Cavalry Barracks and the District Moral and Industrial Training School for the Pauper Children of the Township of Leeds in the 1851 census. Districts 1a-1g are covered on this first page of this compilation and districts 1h-1p on the 2nd page

The following compilation includes the locations of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 1q-1x, Leeds Cavalry Barracks plus the District Moral and Industrial Training School for the Pauper Children of Leeds Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District of the 1851 Census.

The Irish-born in District 1q were living on Hope Street, Trafalagar Street and Bridge Street. Ann Welshman (House Servant) was born in Tipperary, Ireland and Lawrence O'Brien (Stay Manufacturer) was documented as being born in Ballonaslo British Island (Qu-y?, Ireland) is written above. His wife Sarah and son were born in Leeds (there is a Ballinasilloge in Wexford and Wicklow and a Ballinasloe in Galway/Roscommon that are possibilities). The only other Irish immigrants in this district were Bridget Baldwinson, Mary Bywater a Governess and Elizabeth Baxter a Dressmaker.

The Irish-born in District 1r were living on Back Nile Street, Nile Street and Trafalgar Street. James Callaghan (Shoemaker), wife Mary Ann (Boot Binder) were born in Armagh, Ireland and son John (Boot Closer) was born in Forkshill, Armagh, Ireland (3 daughters and 3 sons were born in Manchester, England). William Leahy (Shoemaker) was born in Cork, Ireland. Elizabeth Smith was born in Dublin as was her son John (Cloth Dresser) and daughter Agnes. Her husband Phillip a Land Surveyor was born in Ireland and son William was born in Manchester. June Towers was born in Dublin (husband John a Shoemaker was born in Yorkshire, Wakefield and four kids in Leeds). The other Irish immigrants were Hawkers (Howe-2), a House Servant (Whalin) and one without an occupation (Sunderland).

The Irish immigrants in District 1s were living on Mason Street, Cloth Street, Byron Street, North Street and Saint Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given for this district. The Irish held the following occupations: Annuitant (Walker), Shoemaker (Fagan-2, Hendrick), Wheelwright (Cheevers), Trowser Maker (Cheevers), Draper's Assistant (Wilson) and four without occupations (Atkinson, Henry, Knowland and Goodale).

The Irish-born in District 1t were living on Concord Street, Bushfield Street and Cannon Street. They held the following occupations: Servant (Mithchell), Warehouseman (Devitt) and Surname Brown, listed without an occupation.

The only Irish immigrants in District 1u were James Laughton (Shoemaker) who was born in Limerick, Ireland (wife Hannah and 5 kids were born in Leeds) and lived on Vandyke Street and Ada Bishop (Domestic) who was born in Ireland and lived on Bousfield Street.

The Irish-born in District 1v were living on Darby (or Darley?) Street, Concord Street and Imperial Street. The include the following occupations: Warehouseman and Manager of a Woolen House (Gilston), Clerk in an Office (Fitzgerald), General Dealer (Egan), Cloth Cap Maker (Landsdale), House Servant (Connal and Murray), Former House Servant (Bottomley) and Shirtmaker (Peniston) who has parents from Leeds, one sibling born in Iowa and four others in Ireland.

There was only one Irish immigrant in District 1w: Harriet Lawson who lived with her husband Thomas, daughter Alice and sister Jane on Skinner Lane.

The Irish-born in District 1x were living on Whitelock Street, No. W. North Street and Barclay Street. Ellen Brown (House Proprietor) was born in Dublin, Ireland (son and two daughters born in Yorkshire). The remaining Irish immigrants were employed as a Schoolmaster (O'Connell), Annuitant (Smith), Linen Draper (Jefreys), Commercial Traveler (Ardlow) and one (Bell) without an occupation.

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