A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Leeds North Sub Registration Districts 1a-1g of Leeds Civil Parish in the 1851 Census, and Occupations held

Leeds Town Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District covers 89 Districts (1a-1x and 2a-2z) plus the Leeds Cavalry Barracks and the District Moral and Industrial Training School for the Pauper Children of the Township of Leeds in the 1851 census.

The following compilation includes the documented origins of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 1a-1g, Leeds Cavalry Barracks plus the District Moral and Industrial Training School for the Pauper Children of Leeds Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District of the 1851 Census.

The Irish-born in District 1a were living primarily on Back York Street followed by Cherry Tree Yard, York Street, Cadman Street and Kirkgate. There were no Townlands of origin in Ireland given. The largest concentration of Irish in this district were working in the Laboring field as Farm Laborers (Battle, Brennan, Brown, Burreen, Casey, Flanigan, Kirloghen, Linch-2, McMullen, Preston, Rogers and Tierney), General Laborers (Carroll, Cauly, Cuff and Enzie), Mechanics Laborer (Snee), Bricklayer's Laborer (Conway, Murray, Pritchard and Wright), Potter's Laborer (May) and a Railway Laborer (McCashan). The Irish were also employed in the Textile Industry with 2 Cloth Weavers (Barry and Burke), 5 Flax Dressers (Battle, Jackson, Larkin and Pritchard-2), a Flax Spinner (Kennedy), Doffer in the Mill (Cauly), Cloth Burler (Welsh), 3 Tailors (Enzie, Gleeson and Murray), a Pauper's Dyer (Pritchard), 3 Clothes Hawkers (Farrar, Lynn and McVale), 2 Clothes Dealers (Kilroy and Russell) and one Old Clothes Dealer (Mollan. There were several employed in trades or sales positions such as a Black Smith (Burns), 2 Sawyers (Brennan and Mollan), a Beerhouse Keeper (Luce), Hardware Hawker (O'Donnell) as well as a Tanner (Enzie). Some Irish women were employed in occupations such as a Charwoman (Rogers), Servant (Silk), Midwife (Jackson), Beggars (Larkin-2, Rogers, Snee-2), and as Paupers (Harter, Welch-2). Finally, the following 5 surnames did not list occupations (Connor, Kirloghen, Northorp, Rogers and Varley).

District 1b was dominated by the Irish-born. The vast majority were living in Goulden Buildings, Goulden Square, Court and Passage followed by York Street, Cellar, Back York Street and Passage and just a couple on Church Lane and Church Street in Goulden Buildings. The only Irish immigrant that identified a place of origin in Ireland was Michael Doyle, a 25 year old flax mill worker from Wicklow, Ireland. An Assortment of jobs in the textile industry and laborers were the most prevalent occupations. There were 31 Flax Mill workers including surnames Clines, Connelly, Dean, Denon, Doyle (Wicklow), Garroty (2), Graley (3), Higgins, Jordan, Mannion, McDermott, Meggis, Miguel, Mourn (3), Rider-2 families(3), Ross, Seary (2), Smith, and Sweeney (4); 36 Mill Workers including surnames Brannan, Brenman, Calalen, Carin, Convey, Fallan (2), Gerroughty (2), Griffin, Henry (3), Jarie, Jones (2), Kean, Kearns, Lofthe, Macey (3), McCleen, Meach, Meah, Moor, Morn, Nicholson, Norman, Sevill, Smith, Stanley, Sweeney (2), Ward and one Cloth Mill Worker (Miguel). There was 1 Flax Dresser (Connor), 3 Carders in the Mill (Wilkin), a Cloth Piecer (Keighley), a Reeler in the Mill (McDonnel), 2 Card Spinners (Conneff and Haley), a Spinner (Costello), 2 Flax Weavers (Hurley and Ross), 3 Card Spreaders (Nule and Ross-2), 2 Dyers (Meach and Murren), 2 Stay Stitchers (Calalan and Faley), 4 Cap Makers (Feeny, Homer, McGomery and Ward), 1 Seamstress (Bones) and 1 Dressmaker (Brannan) and there was 1 Tailor (Tarpy). There were 76 Laborers including surnames Brannan, Brennan, Cally, Carding, Cavenay, Cavin, Cawley, Clancey, Cocklen?, Collins (3)-3 families, Connelly, Conningan, Connor, Corcoran, Cosgrave, Costello, Dalton, Denon, Eagan (2), Fallan, Feeny, Graley, Grogan- 2 families, Hamer, Heaney (2), Higgins- 2 families, Hopkins, Hunt, Jarie, Kenney, Leach, Lofthouse, Lyons (2)- 2 families, Macey, Mallan, Mannion (2)-2 families, Manon, McClean, McGarty, McGomery, McGreggor, McMarna, Meach, Meashour, Miggie (2), Miguel, Milligan, Moseley, Mourn, Nowland, Robinson, Ross (3)- 2 families, Sevening (2), Sevill, Simpson, Smith (4)- 3 families, Tansey, Tarpy, Tooley (2), Waldron (2). Other Laborers included 2 Brick Layers (Faley and Gerroughtly), 2 Farm Laborers (Bones and McCleen), 2 Washers (Doney and Rooke), 3 Coal Gatherers (Dean), Rug Warehouse Worker (Hunt and Miguel), Rugger (Higgins), 1 Housekeeper (Grogan), 2 Foundry Workers (Kelly and McMorden) and 6 Servants (Gallagher, Mallan, Ross, Sweeney-2 and Ward). Eight Irish immigrants were employed in the Pottery industry (including surnames Carroll, Cawley, Gallagher, McGarty, Monaughan, Ryan and Tarpy-2 from 2 different families), There was a Whip Maker (Young), 3 Shoemakers (Dean and Rider-2), Toymaker (Scanlon 2 of 2 different families), 2 Matt Makers (Rider), one who takes lodgers (Mourn) and one who runs a day house? (McDermott), Besom Makers (Carroll-2, Higgins-2, Nicholson, Rotchford, Ruddy, Walsh-2, 1 Rope Maker (Carroll), 1 Old Clothes Dealer (Kennedy), a ? Cleaner (Rider), a Glazier (Hannan, Clerk (Bourk), 5 Joiners (Bourk-2, Bradley, Garroty, Norman- who is also a Cabinet Maker) and a Tinner (Banks). Among the lowliest occupations were those who Gathered Rags and Bones (Brennan and Evenend), 6 Raggers (Cavenay- 2 from 2 different families, Haley, Mayland, McDermott -2 from 2 different families), 1 Rag Sorter (Corcoran), 5 Rag Gatherers (Collins-2, Homer, Rider), 29 Hawkers (Appleyard, Brannan-2 of 2 different families, Brady, Cawley-2, Clyons-3, Corcoran-3, Dougherty, Flanagan, Jegle, Leach, McDermot, McManney-2, McNamara-2, Meach, Meagher, Morley-2, ONeal, Ross, Sherley and Waldron. Hawkers who sells chips (Meggis, Wilken-2), Besom Hawkers (Carroll, Moorn), Chip Hawkers (Collins), 11 Beggars (Brannan-3, Clark, Corcoran-2, Denon-2, Mergner, Norrety and Rider and finally 2 Pauper families (Burke and Dixon). The following Irish-born were listed without occupations: Burner, Cally, Cauley, Clines, Cockran, Collins, Connell, Costello, Cuniff, Fox, Frane, Hawley, Healey, Hopp, Mourn- several families, Noon, Nule, Reynolds, Ross, Seary, Welsh. Three orphans were also identified (Dorean and Hart-2).

The Irish-born in District 1c were living on Harper Street, Yard and Cellar, York Street and Cellar, Moxam's Yard, Achambin, Sykes Street and Yard and York Tavern Yard. The only Irish immigrants with documented places of origin in Ireland were Mary Barden and her three kids who were born in Templemore, Ireland (Templemore is a Town in Tipperary and also a Civil Parish in County Mayo) and Daniel Hughes a Printer from Westmeath. Although the Textile Industry represents a significant portion of Irish-held jobs, Laborers are the most prevalent workers including surnames Barnum, Bingham, Boland, Boyce, Boyle, Bruce, Caffrey, Cawley, Dun (2), Evans, Farrell, Fiblin, Fitzgibbons, Flannigan, Flynn, Fox, Gamble, Gorman, Hunt, Hoban, Keinan (2), Kelly, Lyons, Maguire, McBride, McCue, McGarrey (2), McHale, McNamara, Meath (2), Morley, Neasy, O'Niel, Pagin, Rook (2), Rabbit, Sullivan, Swords, Travers, Walder, Welsh and White. There were other Laborers including a Farmer's Laborer (Connelly), Dyer's Laborer (Matland), Plasterer Laborer (Wlader), Builder's Laborer (Cunningham), Slater's Laborer (Kelly), Mason's Laborer (McAvoy), 5 Brick Layer's Laborers (Casey, Cawley, Corsey, Maguire, Morley), a Foundry Laborer (Hamilton) and a Railway Foundry Worker (Lalor)and (Kelly) a Miner. The Textile Industry included 14 Millworkers (Cawley-2, Craley-cloth mill, Cunningham-4, Fiblin-2, Fox-2, McManus, Roddy and Rook), 5 Flax Mill Workers (Carson, Connelly-2 and Cox-2), 1 Cloth Weaver (Hinsy), 2 Oil Cloth Makers (Bryan and Clayhin), 1 Staystitcher (Carey), 1 Piecer in the Mill (Rodgers), 2 Spinners (Dasey and Mannix), 1 Card Bear? Maker (Somers) and 5 Woolen Cloth Dressers (Altea, Bolton, Gilty, Horan and Wilson). There were 12 Tailors (Boyer, Callaghan, Connor, Gilroy, Heager, Kelly, Lowley, McCardia, McDermot, McGrale, Regan and Scarell), 1 Tailoress (Canthem), 2 Dressmakers (Craley and Somers), 1 Milliner (Fiblin) and 4 Clothes Dealer's (Downes, Kilroy, McManus and Murray). Other occupations held by Irish women were Servant (Green, Marr and McMcManus), 7 Charwomen (Green, Hargrave, McCondra, McNamara, Roach and Smith) 1 Clothe's Cleaner (Hawkings), Hawker of Women's Caps (Kern, Riley and Rogers), Hawker (Meath, Riley), Midwife (Clark), 1 Comb Shop Worker (Kilroy) and 4 Lodging Housekeepers (Barden, McDonald, Murray and Towey). There were 2 male Irish-born Hawkers (Cranston and Welsh), 1 Hawker of Books and Shoes (Fitzgibbon), 1 Shoe Maker (Tracy), an Apprentice (Callaghan), 2 Glaziers (Dyer and McNulty), 5 Joiners (Brady, Burke, Butter, Cunlan and Duff), 1 Mechanic (Roach), a Rug Dealer (Holrins), 1 Screwmaker (Fiblin), 1 Brushmaker (Swift), 1 Com Traveller (Mannix), 2 Performers (husband and wife Sheridan), Printer (Westmeath), 4 Lodging Housekeepers (Fox, Mahon, McKerr and Regan and 1 Hackler (Cain). Finally, there were 8 Irish-born listed without occupations including surnames Athnvey, Burn, Kearney, Kelly, Magreal, Murrey, Thorns and Tully).

The was a huge concentration of Irish-born living in District 1D. The heaviest numbers were living on Wellington Yard, followed by Old Post Office Yard, East Lane, Harper Street and Kirkgate. Unfortunately no place names or origin in Ireland were documented. The largest numbers of Irish were employed as Laborers (Beacroft, Bourk-2, Brown, Calilran, Calligan, Carty, Clancy, Connell, Connor-2 from 2 families, Conry, Cook, Corkran-5, Corkron, Crosby, Dempsey, Doherty, Douglas, Driskell, Feeny, Fenaughton, Finegan, Flanagan, Flyn, Foley-3 from 3 families, Gavican, Green, Haley, Hawker, Hawkin, Healy, Hefran, Holleran, Hyde, Hyland, Kelly-2 from 2 families, Kieth, Lane, Maley, Mannion, Marren, Marrin -3 from 2 different families, McAsiroidMcCarthy, McDermott-5 several families, McDonough, McGowen, McGown, McGrail-4 from 2 families, McGuire- 4 from 2 different families, McHale-2 families, McLaughlin, McMans, McNamara, Melia, Moren, Mourn, Mulroy-2, Murphy -3 from 3 families, Murray, Naylor, Norris, O'Hora, Philban, Philbon, Preston, Quin, Rowley, Ruane-2, Slute, Terny, Trainer, Walsh-3 from 2 different families, Welsh-2, Will-2. General Laborers included Buckin, Callin, Devitt, McLaughlin-2, and McManany; Agricultural Laborers including Surnames Allan, Byron, Carty, Duffy, Huges, Kilbride, McManus and Robinson; Bricklayers including Gordon and Lamb; Bricklayers Laborer (Curley) and a Stone Cutter (Murry). The Textile industry supported a large contingent of Irish workers with 29 Mill Workers (Byron, Conry-3, Driskell, Dwyer, Feeny-4, Fenaughton-3, Flyn-2, Foley, Gibbons, Holeran, Hyde, Kearagan, Kilbride, Lamb, McAndrew, McHale-3, McManus-2, McNeal, Moran, Mulroy, Murphy, Nollers, Realy-4, Rither, Smith, Terny-2, Wills), 7 Flax Mill Workers (Boyne, Doud, McAndrew-5, Healy, McHale), Cloth Mill Workers (Gaugham, Lynch, Mullarky-4), Factory (Gibbons), Flax Factory (Gibbons, Lough, Tozo, McLaughlin-3)Cotton Factory (Shannon), Card Spreader (Feeny-3 from 2 different families), Cloth Dressers (Camel, Fowler), Flax Dresser (Walsh and Wills-2), Piecer in the Mill (Murphy), Bleacher of Woolens (Flynn), Server in the Cloth Mill (Mulroy), Dyer (Allan), Stuff Weaver (Kinsale), Silk Dresser (Wills), Flax Spinner (Philbin), Bobbin Maker (McNamara), Heckler of Flax (Cummins), Reeler (Walsh), Doffers (Dempsey, McCale, Tomish), a Warehouse Worker (Mourn), Dress Makers (Denohre, Dixin, Green, Marrin, McMane, Murphy), Seamstress (Camel), Staymaker (Kavane), Linen Draper (Lynch), Porters (Colwell and Murry), Tailors (Brown, Deigon, Mulany, O'Brien and Walsh), Thread Manufacture (Kilbride), Filler? (Camel) and 2 Cap Makers (Gill and Lamb). Lodging Housekeepers included a mix of men and women (Dorington, Grealy, Heanly, Holleran, Linch, McAndrew, McGreal, McGuinnefs, McGuire, McMans, Moran, Mullarky, Preston, Terny, Weldon and Wills) and 2 Hawker and Lodging Housekeepers (Cummins and Quinn). Women also held roles as Charwomen (Carrol, Dacy, Feeny, Green, Kenny and Ward), Servants (Flanigan, Foley, Logan, Macle, Mealey, Moren and one male Gone), Fish Monger (McCann) and a Shoe Binder (Robson). Both men and women were employed as Hawkers (including surnames Bern, Boil, Callaghan, Corkran, English, Farrell, Flanigan, Foody, Gaugham-2, Green, Hefran, Logan, Marren, May, McDonell, McGown, McGrael, McHale, Moren, Ramsy, Reary, Smith- 2 from 2 families, They, Quigley, Walsh, and Wills-2), Pot Hawker (Mulroy), Brush Hawker (Jones), Stone Hawker (Flin and McHale), Oyster Hawkers (Kelley, Kenny-2, Ruane-2), Oyster Dealer (Dacy), Print Hawker (Ruane) and Hardware Hawker (Walsh). There were Tradesmen like Printers (Smith), Painter/Glazier (Fitzmorise), Glaziers (Quin and McNulty), Potter (Carty-3), Shoemakers (Clony, Duffy-2, Ganner, Keelty, McMane, Rodgers, Robson), Ostlers (that care for horses including McManany) and a House Painter (Preston). There were 4 Shopkeepers (Lester, Mannex, McGuire and Nugent), 2 Dealers in Spices (Cummins and Manging) a Traveller (Dunadin) and an Irish Salesman (Burk). There were 34 listed without occupations (surnames Almond, Clark-2, Coyle, Cummins, Dacy, Donly, Dowd, Duffy, Durkan, Farmer, Fernaughty, Gallagher, Gartleton, Hinegan, Hokeran, Kearagan, Kelly, Kenny, Kilroy, Macanna, McGavan -2 from 2 different families, Milhan, Munley, Nollin, O'Hara, Patterson, Preston, Ratchford, Rigely, Rowan, Quinlan and Waterhouse), one pauper lodging housekeeper (Mourn), a Mat Maker (Brenford), 3 Paupers (McGrail, Murray and Murphy), a Rag Gatherer (Meany), Rag Sorter (James) and a Beggar (Dowd) to complete the compilation.

The vast majority of Irish-born in District 1E were living on East Lane, followed by Hemingway's Yard, George's Street, Prince's Yard, Wood's Court, Barr's Court, Roayal Oak Yard and Kirkgate. The Textile industry provided the largest concentration of Irish-held jobs including four Cloth Weavers (Conley, Dry, Freeman and Lawler), a Linen Weaver (McManus), Woolen Weaver (Lawler), three Doffers in the Flax Mill (McDermott, Noonan-2), a Spreader in the Flax Mill (Lilley), Power Loom Weaver (Divine), Hand Loom Weaver of Cloth (Salmon), two Cloth Dressers (McDermott and Collins), a Bobbin Sorter in the Flax Mill (Dailey) and a Spinner in the Flax Mill (Dorrin).There were also Clothes Dealers (Murray and Gibney), six Tailors (Kelley, and journeymen Caufield, Kelly, Sherman-2 and McLezert), Hatters (Devine-2 from 2 different families, and Duncan who was also a Clothes Dresser) and six Shoemakers (Barrin, Dunn, Mathews, McAunthy, McKown-2). Of interest is that there was a larger than usual cluster of 9 Rail Laborers (Divine, Foaly, Gilholey, Hynes, McCanstead, McGrath-2, Moley and O'Kieffe). The Irish women held some of the above-mentioned textile industry jobs as well as being House Servants (Dolan and Langan), Lodging Housekeepers (Conley and Lilley), Comb Maker (Dodd), Laborer- Liles? (Sharkey), Hawkers of Small Wares (Collins, Divine-2, and Moloy), Housekeeper (McAunthy) and Charwomen (Hughes). The remaining Irish-held occupations were as follows: Stone Masons (Bryon and Hadlock), Laborer Bricklayer (Dorrin, Dorrier, Dunn, Meegan-2 from 2 different families, McDermott and Morifs), Farm Laborer (McDermott), Laborer Liles? (Sharkey), Band Lyer? (Dorrin), Laborer Gardener (Noonan), Nail Maker (McGee and Sharkey), Comb Maker (Dodd-2, Sharkey), General Porter (Freeman), Painter/Glazier (Flannagan), Licensed Hawker (McAunthy), Rag Dealer (Conly), Baker (Welsh), Fruit Dealer (Ripingham), Errand Boy (McDermott) and finally a Tramp (Carol).

There were only three Irish-born individuals residing in District 1F: Bridget Murphy a 23 year old servant living on Vicar Lane who was born in Mayo, Ireland; Mary Walker a 31 year old Dealer in Brushes who was born in Dublin, Ireland (her husband Thos and kids were from Leeds and lived on Sidney Street) and Hathron Flanigan an 18 year old House Servant who was living on Sidney Street and born in Roscommon, Ireland.

The majority of the Irish-born in District 1G were living on Back George Street followed by Ebenezer Street, Court and Beverly Court on Ebenezer Street, Clarkson's Street, Turner's Court, Warwick Court, Eden Court, Shepherd's Court, Mill Garth Street, George's Street and Patterson Court on George Street. There were no placenames of origin in Ireland given. The largest concentration of Irish were employed as laborers including surnames: Battle, Bohan, Burk-2 people from 2 families, Callaghan, Conby, Costello, Creed - families-2 people, Davy, Dent, Dolan, Dyar, Early, Forry, Jordon-3, Kennedy-2 from 2 families, Kinnan, Leonard - 2 from 2 families, Mc Dermot, McNamara, Morris-2, Mulligan, Nilan, Nonnaghan, Preston, Reynolds- 3 families 4 laborers, Royan, Sulivan and one General Laborer, Cavanagh. The Textile industry employed many Irish-born including a Cloth Burler (Swift), Flax Mill Workers (Dunn, Early, Ganley and Timony), Flax Spinners (Farley and Gillon), Mill Workers (McGlinn and McMorris), Mill Lad (McGreal), Weavers (Hogan, Sheran), Woolen Weaver (Freeman-2), Block Sorter (McIntyre), Cloth Dressers (Harris, Leonard and Freeman), Dyers (Freeman and Kelly), Cordwainer (Dobson, McCammon),Draper (Donovan), Millner (Early), Dressmakers (Costelloe, Facklar), Seamstress (McDonald), Tailors (Connor, Courtney, Hogan, Loman, O'Rourke) and Hatter (Duker). There were 20 Shoemakers (Boylan, Burke, Conner, Dempsey, Dillon, Finneran, Fitzpatrick, Gang -3, Gavins, Kenny, McDermot, McGavon, McGlinn, McManus, Mcmorris-2, Reynolds, White), a Shoe Binder (McManus) and a Boot Binder (Sharry). There were 12 Servants (Boyle, Brenan, Carey, Dargin, Early, Flanagan, Hart, McGreal, Murray, O'Hara, Reynolds, Tinker), 4 Lodging Housekeepers (Griffins, McCarty, McGreal and Wynn), 1 Laundress (Cafsidy) and 27 Hawkers (Bradley, Brenan, Cavanagh, Clark, Clifford, Cunningham, Dunn, Forry, Jones- 2 from 2 families, Jordon, Grant, Haley, Kelly, Logan, McCormick, McGarry, McGlinn, Morgan, Morris, Oxberry, Reid, Reynolds, Senior, Shaughnefsy, Stanton and Wynn). There were an assortment of other occupations employing Irish including 2 Painters (Gorman and Murray), an Artist (Brady), a Sadler (McDonald), General Dealers (Kay and Laverny), China and Glass Dealer (Taylor), Shopman (Morgan), Curriers (Dawson and Swift), Nurse (Roddy), Cartwright (Tracey), Whipmaker (McDonall), Rag Sorters (Clinton, Cosgrove and McIntyre), Warehouse Employee (Creed), Brickmaker (Hyland), Spectacle Maker (Brennan) and those listed without occupations (Butler, Deanan, Drury-2, Fitzsimons, Jackson, Jones, McDonagh, McGraw, McGreal, McNary, Murray, Rush, Ward and Waugh).

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